Multivitamin supplements are needed for everybody, no matter what kind of diet we practise. In this regard, it is clear that high quality multivitamin supplements are way more superior in the sense of providing benefit to our health. However, standard, most common, popular multivitamins may be financially more appealing than those.

In this article I’ll look from a financial perspective at some of the most popular choices of multivitamins out there versus some of the best multivitamin supplements. And this will be done to ultimately provide you with all the tools needed to decide for yourself, whether the best multivitamin supplements are financially more favorable than the popular ones.

The Framework For Unbiased Evaluation

First things first, we need to establish a framework within which we will be able to as objectively, impartially and in an unbiased manner evaluate, which type of multivitamin supplements are financially more appealing.

We Need To Find A Single Trusted Seller To Assess Financial Reasons As Objectively As PossibleTo do this we need preferably to find a single, trusted seller or seller network, which sells all of the multivitamin supplements that we are going to compare. This is because a single, trusted seller or seller network will have them already in a sense aligned in comparison to each other. And this will be the most objective way to do this as various sellers have various markup.

And, therefore, there is a large possibility of error and biased conclusions that may arise, if we were to use many sellers. Furthermore, choosing various sellers would mean that we would need a different ground-point (for example, the cheapest). But there is no 100% guarantee that I would be able to find the cheapest sources, where to purchase from.

But before we determine, which seller to choose, we need to determine, which will be the supplements that we will compare. I do think that one of each group won’t be enough, on the other hand a number of five from each group would make this article way too long. Therefore, I do think that the kind of midway of 3 would be great.

Three For The Best Multivitamin Supplements And Three For The Popular Multivitamin SupplementsOn the side of the best multivitamin supplements, I do believe that using ProThera MultiThera 1 Capsule Formula Plus Vitamin K, Douglas Laboratories Ultra Preventive X and Nature’s Way Alive! Max6 Daily would be ideal. This is because they basically cover all of the price ranges starting with low and ending with high.

As for standard, the most common multivitamin supplements I do believe that Vitafusion Multivites, One A Day Men’s Health Formula and Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus would be great. This is because these are some very popular multivitamins that many people use and they are also some of the best selling multivitamins on Amazon.

Now coming back to the seller – although, there are many, many various options, I do believe that in this case Amazon would be the best choice. It’s well known, it’s trusted, it’s good stuff.

So, here are the prices for these multivitamin supplements on Amazon.

Prices On Amazon For The Best Multivitamin Supplements And Popular Multivitamin SupplementsThe tricky part is, however, that many of them have various supply sizes. Therefore, for us to be able to efficiently compare them, we have to have an equal number of supply and the corresponding cost to that.

A great approach here would be to convert them all into a single month supply. Thus, we get the prices listed below.

Prices On Amazon For The Best Multivitamin Supplements And Popular Multivitamin Supplements Converted To A Single Month Supply

Vitafusion Multivitates In Regards To The Best Multivitamin Supplements

Vitafusion Multivitates In Regards To The Best Multivitamin Supplements – VitaminsSo, what do we get, if we strictly compare the numbers?

The monthly price for Vitafusion Multivites is about 3.88 USD, which is 5.8, 9.3 and 18.9 times cheaper than Alive!, MultiThera and Ultra Preventive, respectively.

We can also see that the amounts of Vitamin B6 that Vitafusion Multivites has is 12.5, 6.3 and 25 times less than what Alive!, MultiThera and Ultra Preventive have, respectively. We can see also that the amounts of Vitamin B12 that Vitafusion Multivites has is 16.7, 16.7 and 20.8 times less than what Alive!, MultiThera and Ultra Preventive have, respectively. Similar with other vitamin values.

Vitafusion Multivitates In Regards To The Best Multivitamin Supplements – MineralsWe see that Vitafusion Multivites does not offer any Vitamin B1. On the other hand Alive!, MultiThera and Ultra Preventive offers plenty – 25, 50 and 100 mg.

Vitafusion Multivites does not offer any Calcium, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc and some other minerals. Whereas, Alive!, MultiThera and Ultra Preventive offer plenty of these and other minerals.

Vitafusion Multivites, however, has Inositol. But it is still 16.7, 16.7 and 20.8 times less than what Alive!, MultiThera and Ultra Preventive have, respectively.

All in all, Vitafusion Multivites offers much less value at a much lower price.

One A Day Men’s Health Formula In Regards To The Best Multivitamin Supplements

One A Day Men's Health Formula In Regards To The Best Multivitamin Supplements – VitaminsOkay, so we’ve seen Vitafusion Multivites numbers. What about One A Day Men’s Health Formula in comparison to the best kinds of multivitamins?

The monthly price for Men’s Health Formula is slightly less than the price of Vitafusion Multivites – 3.50 USD. And that is 6.5, 10.3 and 21 times cheaper than Alive!, MultiThera and Ultra Preventive, respectively.

From the chart to the right we can see that Men’s Health Formula has 1.7 mg of Vitamin B2, which is 14.7, 14.7 and 29.4 times less that what the best multivitamin supplements has.

One A Day Men's Health Formula In Regards To The Best Multivitamin Supplements – MineralsWe can also see that One A Day supplement does not offer any Choline, while the three compared supplements do.

Men’s Health Formula also lacks many of the minerals and Inositol that Alive!, MultiThera and Ultra Preventive do offer.

All in all, similarly as the Vitafusion Multivites also this particular One A Day supplement offers much less value for a much lower price.

Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus In Regards To The Best Multivitamin Supplements

Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus In Regards To The Best Multivitamin Supplements – Vitamins UpdatedCentrum Silver Men 50 Plus essentially is no different than the supplements we already took a look at.

The price of it is at 2.22 USD monthly, while the cost of Alive!, MultiThera and Ultra Preventive monthly is 10.2, 16.2 and 33.1 times higher, respectively.

Vitamin B3 of the Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus is in amounts that are 6.3, 5.0 and 9.5 times lower than those in Alive!, MultiThera and Ultra Preventive, respectively. On the other hand, for example, we see that Vitamin B12 is only 2.0, 2.0 and 2.5 times lower in Alive!, MultiThera and Ultra Preventive than the Centrum supplement.

Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus In Regards To The Best Multivitamin Supplements – Minerals UpdatedThen again, Centrum does not have Choline or Inositol, however, it does also provide most of the minerals.

We see that Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus pretty much offers the same amount of Iodine and Zinc that the best multivitamin supplements offer. It does, however, offer much less Selenium than the best ones do.

Ultimately, Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus offers much less value for a much lower price.

So, Are The Best Multivitamin Supplements Not Worth The Money?

If you took a good look at the tables we briefly went over, there is a common trend going on. This common trend might even be a surprising one for some.

The Trend – There is no correlation between the amounts of money you have to pay more with the amounts of nutrients you get.

For example, you have an Ultra Preventive, which is 33.1 times more expensive than Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus. Yet, it only rarely offers nutrients in amounts that are about 33 times higher than what Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus has.

Similar point can be assessed, if we took a look at Alive! and MultiThera in regards to the popular multivitamins.

Consequently, does it mean that Alive!, MultiThera and Ultra Preventive are not worth the money?

Well, no. And there are few reasons for that.

Not Every Nutrient Can Be Multiplied Like That

The first reason resolves around the actual values of nutrients that we need daily for optimal health or, in other words, Prime Daily Values.

You see, if we really would need every nutrient to be at least the number of times more than is the equal to the number of times more a supplement costs, some supplements would be deadly. Literally.

Let’s look at the example we already touched upon. We see that Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus costs 2.22 USD. At the same time it has Calcium in amounts of 210 mg. On the other hand, we have Douglas Laboratories Ultra Preventive, which costs 33.1 times more and has 2.4 times higher amount of Calcium (500 mg).

Almost 7000 Mg Of Calcium Daily Will Be DeadlyIf we were to say that is has to have 33.1 times more Calcium than the Centrum supplement, then Ultra Preventive had to have 33.1 times 210 mg of Calcium. This would mean that it must have had almost 7000 mg of Calcium within it. Whereas, if one were to consume such amount of Calcium daily, a soon and inevitable death will occur.

This is just one example,  but it is exactly like that with many other nutrients. However, this is not the only reason.

Additives Do Have An Impact On The Overall Price

It is cheaper to use harmful additives than it is to use safe ones.

The best multivitamin supplements (Alive!, MultiThera and Ultra Preventive) typically have no more than 3-4 additives. From these all are undoubtedly harmless and sometimes some of those are in fact beneficial to one’s health. Essentially – some high quality additives.

Harmful Additives Are Very Much Like Poison To Our OrganismsOn the other hand, we have additives that the popular multivitamin supplements use. Some of them are harmless, some – maybe harmless, others – harmful. The harmful ones essentially work like a poison undermining many of the benefits that vitamins and minerals in these supplements might have had, if weren’t for the harmful additives. A nice example is Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus, which has 19 different additives – everything starting from artificial colours to trans-fat.

Ultimately, the benefit to the health is little to none in these kind of supplements.

Vitamin Forms Have A Great Impact On How Good The Supplement Is

The third reason is that most of the time in the popular supplements you’ll find either average or poor nutrient forms for efficient absorption. On the other hand, in the best kind of multivitamin supplements you will most of the time find the best possible forms for those same nutrients.

Here’s a little example to clarify.

Vitamin B5 in supplements most of the time comes in a form of Calcium-D-Pantothenate or Calcium-L-Pantothenate (the last also referred to as Calcium Pantothenate). Let’s say we have two supplements that supposedly contain 100 mg of Vitamin B5. But one of them has the form of Calcium-D-Pantothenate for the vitamin, and the other has the form of Calcium-L-Pantothenate.

Vitamin Forms Have A Great Impact On How Good The Supplement IsAlthough, both of the supplement labels will assert that both supplements contain 100 mg, the amount that our bodies will actually acquire is quite different. Meaning, in the supplement that has the form of Calcium-D-Pantothenate, the actual absorbable amount will be somewhat close to those 100 mg. However, in the supplement that has the form of Calcium-L-Pantothenate, the actual absorbable amount that the body is able to acquire will be more like 50 mg.

Therefore, on the surface it will seem like there is no difference. But in essence there will be a huge one. Watch out for that.

Additional Beneficial Substances Also Do Their Part

The last reason I wanted to discuss is directly connected with the additional beneficial substances that any particular multivitamin supplement has.

List Of Additional Beneficial Substances Of Popular Multivitamin Supplements And The Best Multivitamin Supplements

The popular multivitamin supplements pretty much only give you the vitamins and minerals. Rarely do they have meaningful amounts of additional beneficial substances.

For example, Vitafusion Multivites has none. One A Day Men’s Health Formula and Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus has Lycopene.

ProThera MultiThera 1 Capsule Formula Plus Vitamin K, on the other hand has two beneficial substances other than Inositol. And Nature’s Way Alive! Max6 Daily and Douglas Laboratories Ultra Preventive has quite a list of them.

Ultimately, I do not think that having many additional beneficial substances is as necessary as having the right amounts of vitamins and minerals in the right forms, however, having them is nice. And if you’re not sensitive to any of the ingredients within the supplement, it can be extremely beneficial.

One other thing I wanted to mention is that you should watch out for marketing tricks like Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus displays. Meaning, as to the addition to the minerals it also has Phosphorus, Chloride, Silicon and Nickel.

It is quite likely that a person can guide oneself based on how many various nutrients a supplement has. As for nutrient amounts and forms many don’t bother to watch at those, because they assume that the manufacturers know better.

In the perfect world that would surely be the case, but in the world of ours, where many multivitamin manufacturers are purely profit oriented companies, that is not the case. I feel that very few manufacturers put their consumer health first and then their financial interest.

So, to come back to, why displaying Phosphorus, Chloride, Silicon and Nickel is a marketing trick – it is because all of these you don’t need to have in a supplement, your diet will be enough. Furthermore, the fourth in a supplement is way more likely to harm you than to benefit you.

Don’t Cut Corners On Your Health – It Does Not Pay Off

Multivitamins are beneficial and they are something that absolutely everyone needs for great health. This does also apply to those, who practice healthy diet. And this does especially apply to those, who do not.

Too Often Do We Find Ourselves Grabbing A Bite At Fast FoodNowadays too often do we find ourselves grabbing a bite in a fast food restaurant. Too less do we devote to making healthy meal. Too much do we have stress on our day to day lives. As well as there are way too many toxins around us that do affect our body’s biochemistry. Also fruits and vegetables don’t have as much nutrients as they used to and pesticides take their own toll on our immune systems.

Furthermore, not having enough nutrients for optimal health (best health) over a long period of time is likely to cause heart disease, depression, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, cancer and other hardcore major diseases.[1] Diseases that traditional medicine does not really know how to cure efficiently.

Essentially cutting corners on your health now, can turn out to be very detrimental in the future having you to give out hundreds and possibly thousands and maybe even bigger amounts of money just to try to better your condition. Because traditional medicine does not have an answer for these hardcore major diseases and it is able only to cure some of the symptoms, but not the disease itself.[2]

And although, functional medicine on the most part is able to cure such diseases, it is not possible without effort and decent enough funding.

Enjoy Life – Be Happy And FulfilledHaving the best kind of multivitamin supplements as your nutritional support can potentially help to avoid all of that. And trust me when I say that it is way more pleasant and way, way, way more affordable to prevent it ahead of time and enjoy life. Furthermore, it can help not only to prevent these kind of diseases, but it can also improve your health. And, therefore, live a happier, longer and more fulfilled life.

The Take Away Message

From a raw and superficial stand point it may not seem that having a proper multivitamin is worth the extra money over some of the popular multivitamin supplements.

However, researching that more deeply unveils a completely different picture. Ultimately, popular multivitamins are not meant to actually improve your health as the nutrient amounts are way too small, nutrient forms are way too inefficient and hard to absorb for the body, additional beneficial substances are completely negligible or non-existent and additives are way too taxing on your health and provides additional burden on their own.

Thus, buying those well advertised, popular multivitamin supplements isn’t really beneficial for your health. In fact, taking into account what we discussed, they aren’t beneficial at all and by buying them you are literally throwing away your money for nothing.

Opt for high quality multivitamins – they’re way, way, way better.

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A note, a question or your personal view on the matter – all are truly welcome. And sharing will always be sincerely appreciated.

Have An Awesome Day!

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  • Jeff

    May 10, 2018 - 10:26

    I often wondered how vitamins that contained the “same” nutrients could be priced so differently. This has really opened up my eyes as to what to look for when I get my next supply of multivitamins.
    If you don’t have your health, you have nothing.
    That’s why this is so important. I feel like I have been fooled, believing that what I have been doing has actually been helping me. Thank you for going in depth to show me the difference.
    Your comparison charts were very helpful.
    This information will help lots of people. Thank you for posting, I will share this article with others so they can benefit from it.

    • Matiss Dzelve

      May 14, 2018 - 06:58

      Hey, Jeff!

      I’m glad that you found the article helpful, means a lot. Further sharing is always welcome and I do appreciate it. 🙂

      And I couldn’t agree with you more – if you don’t have your health, you have nothing. (Just remember those times of being seriously ill, where you able to help anyone or even yourself and do your best work?)

      Cheers And Have A Great One!

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