In this article, we will be taking a really in-depth look into yet another multivitamin supplement.

The Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men Review will be much about its various nutrients, beneficial substances, additives and everything else you might need to know about the supplement.

I plan on covering it all, so you wouldn’t have to keep looking at different reviews out there for more information.

At any time if you feel that there’s anything I haven’t covered but you would like to know about regarding the supplement, just let me know in the comments. I will add a relevant section in the review.

So, let us dive right in.

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men Review – Overview

According to the manufacturer Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men (also referred to as Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men’s Multivitamin) is a supplement “specifically formulated to meet the unique needs of active men, providing the nourishment the body craves to maintain optimal health and well-being” [R].

Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Men Review – Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men's Multivitamin Review

But at the end of the page, you can find an even more precise and down to point definition of the supplement’s very essence.

“Vitamin Code Men—comprehensive RAW whole food multi-nutrient formula to meet the needs of active men.”

Other than that, on the description page, you can find insights about their RAW Whole Food technology and exactly what is understood with it (we’ll cover that in one of the next sections).

You also get a list of benefits that you’re likely to encounter when using the supplement. It claims to support mental and physical energy, heart and prostate health, healthy stress response, as well as healthy digestion.

They also emphasize the fact that there’s the 23 fruits and vegetable blend added to all the nutrients (vitamins and minerals). Furthermore, it’s said that the supplement does not contain any binders or fillers.

On top of that, it’s also mentioned that the supplement has been approved by the NON-GMO project, as well as it’s said to be Kosher, Vegetarian, and Gluten-Free.

is a very solid looking supplement, supposedly geared towards improving men’s health and well-being.

So far so good.

A Unique Set Of Nutrient Forms – Likely Very Beneficial

Whenever we’re talking about multivitamin supplements, the very first (on one of the first) things to consider is that of the nutrient forms.

Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Men Review – Ingredients (Supplement Facts)

This is important because not all nutrient forms are absorbed equally well. What I mean is that a specific amount of Zinc Citrate will be way more beneficial than the same amount of Zinc Oxide found in a different supplement [RRR].

This is a nuance overlooked by many. Or maybe they’re just completely unaware of it because it’s not like manufacturers with the bad nutrient forms give you heads up that nutrient forms they use are cheap and ineffective (like the example with Zinc Oxide).

That said, Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men is a different kind of supplement. If you’ve examined the label (or supplement facts findable on their website) you might have seen that it doesn’t exactly list the nutrient forms there. All you get is a star next to them.

So, a typical question you may have on top of your head is what exactly do they stand for.

These stars behind the nutrients represent that the technology of RAW Food-Created Nutrients is at play. Or in other words, all of these vitamins and minerals are derived directly from whole foods together with their natural co-factors.

Hence, making the supplement, in truth, as natural as a supplement can ever actually be. Furthermore, given that the co-factors are also there, in its chemical essence this should be identical to what you would get if you were to consume the nutrients straight up from food.

So, at the end of the day, I feel it’s fair to say that this is without a doubt one of the best ways to ensure that the supplement will be beneficial to your health.

That said, there is one aspect of this that I’m not so fond of.

Due to all this RAW-tech-ness, the only vitamin A form that they can really offer is one of Beta-Carotene. I mean, while this may cause some confusion, it must be pointed out that there is two kinds of components when speaking of vitamin A.

There’s the Carotenoid form (alpha-, beta-carotene, etc.) and then there’s the Retinoid form, which is the one that is also referred as the preformed form of vitamin A [R, R, R, R, R, R].

Both of these are extremely crucial and one can’t really replace the other despite the moonshine we got taught in school. So, it’s definitely a drawback for the supplement at hand [R, R, R, R, R, R].

Luckily though it is a drawback easily fixable through a proper preformed vitamin A supplement. That said, it’s not an absolute must. You’ll still get amazing value out of this thing.

There’s Plenty Of What You Need To Make Things Better

While the nutrient diversity is at its finest with everything of the 13 crucial vitamins (apart from that vitamin A in its preformed form) and 11 minerals, plus a bunch of antioxidants, there’s one other crucially important aspect to discuss.

It’s the aspect of vitamin and mineral amounts. But speaking of these amounts, there are at least two different approaches you can take.

First, there’s the conventional approach which relies upon making sure that you get all those nutrients in amounts that are no less than or reasonably above 100% of the Daily Value (where it is appropriate).

Second, there’s the unconventional approach, which focuses strictly on what is regarded as the best practices when it comes to vitamin and mineral amounts. And given that it’s not your typical mainstream thing, not everyone will agree with it.