Life Extension Curcumin Elite Review – Most Capable Around?

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This Life Extension Curcumin Elite review is devoted to exploring and learning all that there is to learn about this particular supplement.

And in order to properly do that, we will first, discuss the claims. After that, we’ll examine the beneficial ingredients and how capable they are and thus, a section after that – all about the potential benefits. Finally, we’ll also look into the most overlooked aspect of any supplement – additives. As well as we’ll look at the global success rates and compare them to their most viable rivals.

Claims & Initial Thoughts For Life Extension Curcumin Elite

According to the manufacturer, Life Extension Curcumin Elite is a non-GMO, vegetarian supplement that “delivers over 5 times more highly-bioavailable free curcuminoids (and 270 times better absorption of total curcuminoids) than standard curcuminoids”, thus making it as they put it “our best ever” [R].

Life Extension Curcumin Elite ReviewOverall, the description page they offer for this supplement is a very characteristic one to the others of Life Extension (like we’ve already seen with something like the Super Bio-Curcumin).

They don’t overhype anything, they don’t make bizarre and controversial claims. Neither are they trying very hard to sell the supplement (and in that use shady selling tactics). Instead, they provide the most core information necessary for anyone that is considering the supplement.

Moreover, they do what most other manufacturers don’t.

They provide solid references for every single claim they make (which we will explore further throughout this Life Extension Curcumin Elite review).

As for the structure of the description page, right off the bat, you’re given the product image and some highlights of the product, this is followed by a section of frequently bought together, overview, benefits, why Life Extension, product details, references, supplement facts, reviews, and Q&A.

Life Extension Curcumin Elite Reviews

In this regard, most of the sections are as straight forward as their respective names. Of these, reviews seem to not be rigged or modified to make the manufacturer look better like we have seen for brands like Vimerson Health or Bio Schwartz. Whereas in the Q&A you get to ask questions that will get answered by the manufacturer itself.

As far as the claims go, the product is promised to help reduce inflammation, promote brain and immune system health, improve digestion, joint, as well as pancreatic health while also being an amazing support for your cells in fighting off free radicals.

But arguably the most iconic claim about the supplement (which I kind of mentioned in the very first paragraph of this section) is that of it being 45.5 times more capable, bioavailable, beneficial than your typical standard curcumin supplement.

Thus, as far as I’m concerned, the Life Extension Curcumin Elite checks every single box to be an amazing Turmeric Curcumin supplement.

But is that truly the case also when we look far beyond just the promotional materials?

Is The Supplement Truly 45.5 Times More Capable Than Standard?

When we look at the core ingredients of the Life Extension Curcumin Elite, it’s said to contain 500 milligrams of Curcumin Elite™ Proprietary CGM Blend. Not something you’ll probably ever see in other brands.

life-extension-curcumin-elite-ingredientsSo, what does that entail?

As they note, the Curcumin Elite™ Proprietary CGM Blend consists of 40% Curcuminoids, 3% Turmerones, and 30% Galactomannans.

So, what about that remaining 27%? Well, those are likely some additional ingredients that they do not disclose, hence, making sure their essentially patented blend can’t be easily copied by other manufacturers.

But be that as it may, what they essentially attribute this 45.5-fold improved absorption is the Fenugreek. Or rather some isolated Fenugreek fibers, meaning, it’s not the whole herb with its respective Saponins, Alkaloids, Flavonoids, and other compounds. As they note it, it’s only the Galactomannans that get added from it [R].

So, is this Curcumin formulation truly as capable as they claim it to be?

As far as I can tell, relevant research does support this fact [R, R].

Which to me is fascinating.

Especially because as it seems they have found a way to improve Curcuminoid absorption over the rather similar Curcumin formulation called CurQfen (15.8 times better than standard curcumin) [R, R].

It is also a Curcumin form that improves Curcuminoid absorption through Fenugreek and does do it also through soluble fibers composed out of galactose and mannose units. Thus, the same herb and compounds but different technology (ratios). And the difference in their capability and improved absorption is almost 3 times in favor of the Curcumin Elite™ Proprietary CGM Blend [R, R, R].

The Benefits Are Numerous; Plus, Turmerones & Fenugreek

So, it’s pretty clear that the Life Extension Curcumin Elite should be an extremely beneficial one. But in what ways are these benefits likely to manifest themselves?

Truly, in very many ways.

Proper Turmeric Curcumin supplementation can improve heart, brain, liver, joint, and digestive health, it has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, it can help in battling diabetes, obesity, depression, Arthritis, high “bad” cholesterol levels, aging, and free radicals, as well as heal pain, aid detoxification, improve the immune system’s function and have a ton of other remarkable benefits [RRRRRRRR].

Fenugreek Is Framed As The Secret Ingredient Of The Supplement

So, essentially everything that the manufacturer claims in its promotional materials and beyond [R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R].

But that’s not all.

Due to the fact that the Curcumin Elite™ Proprietary CGM Blend is a combination of an additional two highly beneficial ingredients, we might be looking at the extra benefits of those as well.

In this regard, Turmerones may not only help with Curcuminoid absorption but also with fighting off a huge range of cancers, help prevent such devastating conditions as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, as well as help in many other ways through their natural inflammatory properties [RRRRRRRR].

Whereas the aspect of Galactomannans through Fenugreek may additionally help in battling diabetes and metabolic syndrome, reducing “bad” cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels, as well as potentially a tool for helping lose abdominal fat [R, R, R].

So, I guess it goes without saying that there are truly many benefits (and complimenting ones) to be had through the Curcumin Elite of Life Extension.

Four Additives That Pose No Risk Or Health Concern

So, the beneficial ingredients are all great… But in most supplements they are.

What, however, can’t be said about every single supplement is the aspect of harmless additives (‘the other ingredients’).

Vegetable Cellulose Is One Of The Additives Present In This Supplement

Many are absolutely ignorant about the additional ingredients added to the supplement to make the supplementation forms (or the adding of various qualities) possible. Nevertheless, often this particular aspect is the exact one which ultimately determines whether or not a supplement is a great one, a good one, a mediocre one, or even a terrible one.

And they can cause havoc on your health (mostly in long-term) if you choose supplements with the wrong kind ones.

But when it comes to the Life Extension Curcumin Elite, it’s not that kind of supplement.

It uses 4 different additives – microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable cellulose (capsule), vegetable stearate, silica – all of which are essentially as harmless as they come and should never cause any trouble.

Thus, not only the supplement is likely to be truly beneficial but also it employs none such additives that are to compromise that.

A mark of a great supplement.

The Success Rates Show A Trend Of It Being Highly Beneficial

That said let’s look at what the people who have actually bought and tried the Life Extension Curcumin Elite says about it.

Supposedly it’s a supplement that hasn’t been around for too long. Still, going through every single real customer review online I managed to find at least 562 reviews (at the time of writing this article).

Of these, 41 were negative ones (1- and 2-star), which leaves us at about 92.7% global success rate.

Which is a remarkably good one. Moreover, in reality, it’s likely to be even higher than that, given that people are usually more prone to reporting negative experiences than positive ones.

But how well does this stack against other viable Turmeric Curcumin supplements out there?

In this statistic, it’s similar to the ones by Youtheory (above 93% global success rate) and the Super Bio-Curcumin of Life Extension (above 93%). But losses to Turmeric Curcumin supplements of Gaia (above 94%) and Smarter Nutrition (above 96%).

All that said, however, I do feel that at the end of the day Life Extension Curcumin Elite is a very viable option. Moreover, given its unique Curcumin formulation – probably even the most capable one (despite what the success rates are implying).

Life Extension Curcumin Elite Is An Amazing Turmeric Curcumin Choice

Life Extension Curcumin Elite as a Turmeric Curcumin supplement has everything going for it.

It offers a solid Curcumin form that through research has been found to be significantly better than just standardized Turmeric and even that with added Piperine or Black Pepper. Furthermore, it only uses harmless additives and has a very solid success rate.

I mean, on that note, sure, in terms of that success rate, it seems that this particular supplement might not be the better version. But all that aside, research on this subject does confidently suggest otherwise.

Thus, I do believe that the supplement of this review is likely the better alternative. Whereas if you’re interested in the absolute best, I’ve done the research. Here’s what I strongly believe is the most powerful option (full review) both in terms of ingredients and price to date.

Other than that, I hope this Life Extension Curcumin Elite review helped you find the information you were looking for. What are you making of this one? Is it something you’re up for trying? Is it something maybe you’ve had some success with? Let me know below.

This article was last updated on October 25, 2020.

18 thoughts on “Life Extension Curcumin Elite Review – Most Capable Around?”

  1. Hi Matiss, do you think this is the best form of curcumin?
    I have to place an order from LEF soon.

    In my search I found two more types, one accompanied by liposomes and the other micronized made water soluble. I do not know the brands.

    • Hey, Telstar!

      It’s definitely a pretty capable one. However, I wouldn’t call it even remotely the best.

      There’s a ton I’ve been learning about Turmeric Curcumin while not writing about them (Collagen was my distraction, haha). If you’re after the most capable, viable, arguably best Curcumin formulations go with supplements that provide either LongVida or CurcuWin formulations.

      I hope to clear all this up in an upcoming best-of list for Turmeric Curcumin supplements.

      Cheers, and have a Great One!

      • Matiss,

        I just re-read this review for Life Extension Curcumin Elite and I had a question. I’m trying to get a handle on all of these bio-enhancements and absorbability factors that supposedly help out in the absorption rate of the curcuminoids in the supplement. As in my comment on Qunol, I’m trying to mathematically compare prices, mg of curcuminoids per gelcap and your efficiency factor. On that note, in this review you ask “Is the supplement truly 45.5 times more capable than standard” …then later down you state “they essentially attribute this 45.5-fold improved absorption is the Fenugreek”. However, on their web-site it states “Our formula offers over 45X more bioavailable free curcuminoids than standard curcumin” … and also “Provides 270 times better absorption of total curcuminoids than standard curcumin”.

        So my question I guess is about semantics. You refer to the 45.5X as both “more capable” and “improved absorption”, however their web-site refers to the 45.5X as “more bioavailable free curcuminoids” and refers to 270X as “better absorption of total curcuminoids”.
        You suggest both LongVida & CurcuWin as better options since they have 100X & 136.3X better “absorption” per one of the tables in one of your references that list 11 different types of absorption formulas and their supposed absorption rates. However, their web-site refers to 270X as the better “absorption” which is more than double both LongVida & CurcuWin rates.

        So what exactly is the difference in their web-sites meaning of “45.5X more bioavailable free curcuminoids” and “270X better absorption of total curcuminoids”? Or better yet, what is your meaning between what you state as “more capable” and “improved absorption”, referring both to the 45.5X factor? I’m just trying to understand it all. It seems the company thinks this formula is 270X better absorption which, according to that table of 11 different formulas in one of your references, is the best one for absorption rates except for that NovaSol one that the table and your Solgar review refers to as 185X more absorbable.



        • Hey, Don!

          I think that’s a valid point. I did look into that.

          But I’m not really sure how the math checks out for that 270x absorption. There are no studies that show even remotely kindred types of absorption to that. What I’m trying to say is that the 45.5x is what you should be looking at. That’s how it approximately (!!) checks versus the other ones. That’s the number that they reference to when compared to unformulated standard curcumin. Or in other words, the same reference point that studies showing 136x and 185x increase use.

          Is the 270x pure marketing or some other BS? Not necessarily but, the way I see it, it’s definitely not the number we should compare to what the other formulations are putting out.

          That said, if you do manage to figure how that number fits into the bigger picture, let me know. I would love to know. I mean, I will probably look into it myself more thoroughly at some point, however, for now, I don’t feel it’s relevant for me. I mean, I feel I can’t really burn time on that right now.

          Cheers, and have a Great One!

          • Hi Matiss,

            Very well! I am putting together a spread sheet that computes my $/mgX numbers. I will forward that to you very soon as soon as I get more products in it. This number will simply compute use the price, #mg curcuminoids per capsule or serving (in case of liquids), # capsules or servings per bottle, and the bio-factor. This will be irregardless of the validity of the bio-factor claim or the quality claim. I will leave that up to you! Perhaps this spreadsheet can help you in some way. Also, you can double check the bio-factor I use in each product. I’m trying to use what is on the products web-site, your information and some of your references, but I may still get it wrong. Also, I’m using the price I find on Amazon as I have found that to normally be the best price and usually can get without shipping fees. Sometimes I can find a slightly better price on the manufacture’s web-site, but once you add in shipping it’s usually more anyway. On the Life Extension line of my worksheet, I included both 45.5X & 270X just to compare but sorted it using 45.5X. Even using that one, this appears very competitive using my $/mgX numbers. Please let me know what you think of my worksheet. I will e-mail it to within a few days after I add a few more products to it. Thanks again for your work and answers…this all help me very much! Take care!


          • Hey, Don!

            Uuu-uu. I would love that! If that’s not too much trouble, you’re very welcome to do that. I believe it may come in handy, indeed.

            I mean, I think I could potentially fuse it together with the spreadsheet I’m currently creating. It would give me another facet/perspective of looking at them. Yeah, looking forward to it. :)

            Cheers, and have a Great One!

        • Hey Don (and Matiss),

          To put it simply, “absorption” is the ability for a compound to cross (be absorbed) by your gastrointestinal-tract; this gets the compound into your bloodstream, where it can be pumped through your body. The ability of your body to uptake/use the compounds available in your bloodstream (overtime) is the compound’s “bioavailability”. The bioavailability gets disrupted by metabolism, and a couple other bodily reactions, main location for this happening is in your liver (“free/active curcuminoids” get conjugated/combined and this makes them inactive due; this usually happens very quickly in the body, decreasing the potential medicinal or health benefits [unless protected])

          Absorption is usually calculated at a specific time, where as bioavailability accounts for the total amount absorbed over a set time period (usually over a range of 6 to 24 hours, with multiple data points, and sometimes continuing until no more is detectable).

          The things change when comparing compounds (drugs, supplements, etc.) that have different amounts/concentrations/compounds, or even the difference between the same compound that just has a different weight or concentration, we need to look at the “Relative Bioavailability” between the two (or more) that you’re looking at in these cases; as this method also takes into account the varying amounts used, and how they are, or can be, affected by consumption.

          There is also something to be wary about setting up a spreadsheet to compare all the different curcumin formulations out there, when using this sort of research data: Relative Bioavailability changes based upon the dosage*, as well as time frame/length of analysis, and individual calculations* used for the comparison(s). When just taking into account differences of dosage(s), you can calculate:

          “Relative Bioavailability” = (AUCf x Du) / (AUCu x Df)

          AUCf = Area Under the Curve for formulated;
          Df = Dosage of formulated;
          AUCu = Area Under the Curve for unformulated;
          Du = Dosage of unformulated

          Just remember that these will be estimates (it’s hard to estimate how differences in time would effect the results). So unless you have the data for matching amounts of curcumin in each compound/formulation, that where also measured over the same time frame, it will be hard to directly compare them; there is limited data for some formulations.

          On top of this, as briefly stated, “Relative Bioavailability “, although the best, or most practical way to judge and compare compounds, can be hard to work with, as it can be sensitive to delivery methods into the body (for example, sometimes you need a high enough concentration to produce a reaction, or on the other side, the concentration is to high, here it kind of stops being worth it [the relative bioavailability (RB) at this, and higher concentrations, begins to decrease because the body is becoming saturated with the compound]).

          *For example, this paper: , that is used for CurQfen relative bioavailability in the paper: , shows how calculations don’t take into account differences in dosage size; it shows the RB = 15.8 (or 8.1 [mg h/g] / 0.51 [mg h/g] = 15.8, but this doesn’t take into account the change in curcumin dosage used (as it should, especially when accounting for money); seen easier on the second paper; Df = 600 [mg curcumin], Du = 1000 [mg curcumin], AUCf = 8.10 [mg h/g], and AUCu = 0.51 [mg h/g]). Taking the difference of dosage into account shows that the RB = (8.1 x 1000) / (0.51 x 600) = 26.5 fold-increase.

          To add to this example above, lets return to the first of the two papers. Here they also tested a lower dose of CurQfen/CGM (that was not show on the second paper), an equivalent of 100 [mg curcumin] (250 [mg of CGM]), instead of 1,500 [mg of CGM] (600 [mg curcumin]). Here, AUCf = 6.587 [mg h/g] and Df = 100 [mg], while AUCu and Du are the same as before. This produces a RB = (6.587 x 1000) / (0.51 X 100) = 129.2 fold-increase.

          To sum up the above, depending on the reference/unformulated dosage (as well as the formulated dosage) you can have varying increased levels of “Relative Bioavailability” between 26.5x to 129.2x when consuming the CurQfen/CGM formulated curcumin between doses of 1,500 [mg CGM] to 250 [mg CGM], when compared to an unformulated 1,000 [mg curcumin] supplement, over a 24 [hr] timespan.

          To show one more quick example (where you get the 45.5x from for Life Extension Curcumin Elite/CGM/CurQfen [they’re the same blend with very minor differences in chemical composition due to human error, the same production procedure is used to produce CGM]),; the dosages were the same for the dosage levels given (391 [mg curcuminoids] for high-dose comparison, and 97.7 [mg curcuminoids] for the low-dose) so you only had to compare the AUC:
          RB (high dose) = (2.274 [μg/mL.h] / 0.04987 [μg/mL.h]) = 45.6x ; and RB (low-dose) = (0.963 [μg/mL.h] / 0.0388 [μg/mL.h]) = 24.8x. This goes to show how dosage size can influence the “Relative Bioavailability”. At the same time, this study was only looking at the first 12 [hr] after consumption. This means there is potential for the RB to increase for both of these dosages (as seen from the [curcumin] vs. time graphs, Fig. 3), if there was more time allowed for the study.

          You truly need the same reference dosage of curcumin, that you can match with an equivalent curcumin dosage using a formulated blend/compound. I hope this helps sort out some misunderstandings.

          P.S. Matiss, I get concerned when I see someone reporting/sharing information without first having a good understanding (as you stated in the comments above,) of the basics of the topic at hand… try doing a bit more research before sharing something like this

          • Uuu-uu, Christopher, I loved that. This was awesome. Thank you! <3 <3 <3

            And man... It must have taken quite some time to write that out. I genuinely appreciate every second you spend on this.

            And just to let you know, you have my utmost gratitude for all the teachings. Thank you for caring enough to help me get better. :)))

      • Thank you very much.
        I went with Longvida which is widely available and comparably cheaper, with free Amazon prime shipping which I’m addicted to.
        If I like it I’ll find an even better deal. This one was 22€ for 30x 500mg caps. I want to take at least 1g daily so I need something cheaper, which probably exists.

        I do not want to take the paractin at the same time otherwise i cannot evaluate this curcumin effectiveness.

        • Hey, again, Telstar, my man!

          A great choice. If you get the chance, let me know how it goes. And yeah, I feel you. Hard to test if stuff works if there’s more than one thing we’re changing. :)

          While definitely Amazon might be the comparably cheaper option, there is one somewhat concerning trend emerging with buying supplements on Amazon. Still can’t say for sure and I’m not fully aware how big this might be and how exactly that works, but… Yeah, fakes.

          For now, seems to be a real problem with Collagen supplements (Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides was the first time I really recognized this trend) but I reckon they’re just easier to spot than with other supplements. The problem might be a much broader one.

          I’m not saying to necessarily avoid Amazon when it comes to supplements. You be the judge of that. I’m just saying there might be something there. Ideally, source them from the manufacturer or reputable retailers. Anyone can sell anything on Amazon.

          Cheers, and have a Great One!

      • I think I lost my reply. I wanted to thank you. I ordered a 500mg Longvida formula which I will take 2/day. Then I’ll decide to stick with it or try something else.
        Also, I decided to not take Paractin at the same time so I can evaluate the effect of curcumin.

        PS. How can I send you an email? I have some info about curcumin that I want to share with you before you publish the best-of list.

        • Hey, again, haha! Last one? Haha.

          No, no, you didn’t lose that one. I do filter spam so it might have just not shown at the time.

          That would be awesome. Send it to You can also always find it at the very bottom right of every page (that mail icon), as well as it should be on the about me page.

          Cheers, and have yet another Great One!

  2. I’ve read a lot about the possible benefits of turmeric, and currently consume it as a flavourful addition to my food, and sometimes in the form of tea, but I hadn’t considered taking it in the form of a supplement. This particular supplement does appear to have a lot of beneficial properties over and above the way I’m currently consuming turmeric so I will definitely think about adding it to my diet.

    • Hey, Drinkteahub!

      I’m happy to hear this was insightful in some way.
      Yeah, it definitely does.
      Other than that, if you do at the end decide on it and if you get a chance to, let me know how it goes.

      Cheers, and have a Great One!
      Carpe minutam/Seize the moment,

  3. Hi Matiss Dzelve, thank you very much for this great review on the Life Extension Curcumin Elite. An awesome supplement then… Good to know.
    My brother had bought it. He’s now using it for a little bit more than a month and was swearing that I must get one for myself as well. Being the careful type that I am, I figured I need a comprehensive review to look at. Yours was amazing. Again, thank you!
    Hope to find other great reviews here when I need them. All the best.

    • Hey, Abul!

      I’m really glad you enjoyed the review. :)
      And thank you for the kind words, as well as for sharing that bit of experience your brother is having with the supplement!

      Cheers, and have a Great One!
      Carpe minutam/Seize the moment,

  4. Thank you for this review. It sounds pretty interesting, I’m a person who is into all health-improving stuff and use various nutritional supplements. However, I have never made use of any turmeric-based products yet. I know turmeric same as ginger and cinnamon are very healthy and they also speed up metabolism. Do you think there is a big difference (benefits) using this product compared to using turmeric powder in food? 

    • Hey, Lenka!

      I actually do believe there’s a huge, just massive difference when it comes to Turmeric in food versus Turmeric from a supplement.

      Here’s why.

      So, what you need are Curcuminoids. Because these are the main compounds responsible for the benefits of Turmeric. Thus, to not make it too complicated, the more Curcuminoids the better.

      In this regard, when it comes to consuming Turmeric powder (or by any other means raw Turmeric), you’re only getting about 2-5% of Curcuminoids. That’s out of all the amount you consume. Whereas when you do it through viable supplements, they typically not only contain standardized extracts but also they typically use some sort of bioavailability improving mediums.

      In these standardized extracts (it varies) but the most popular is 95% Curcuminoids. Or in other words, instead of getting only 2-5% of Curcuminoids out of the whole amount of Turmeric you consume, you get 95%. Which needless to say is a massive difference.

      Plus, the additional efficiency improving aspect (for example, through Black Pepper or Piperine), and you get massively more out of a supplement than you ever realistically could out of the raw stuff. Hence, without a doubt, the extremely more beneficial option.

      Other than that, when cooking, do make sure that you always consume that Turmeric with some added Black Pepper. You’ll get much more out of it.

      Cheers, and have a Great One!
      Carpe minutam/Seize the moment,


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