Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength Review – Real Scam?

This Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength review is all about dissecting and learning about every single aspect there is to know about the supplement.

In this one, we will start off with the promotional materials and the claims they make for the thing. That we will continue with an exhaustive look at the beneficial ingredients and how those can help us. Then we will turn to the additives, ingredients added for the making of the supplement. And finally, it will be all about customer reviews and global success rates.

Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength Review – Initial Thoughts & Overview

According to the manufacturer, Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength is the answer “for Extra Powerful Relief.” As they put it, it embodies “even more of the effective ingredients you’ve come to rely on for pain relief.” It’s kind of the big brother of Terry Naturally Curamin (Pain Relief) [R].

Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength Review

But to really portray the whole essence of it, they note that “Curamin Extra Strength combines clinically proven curcumin and boswellia with DLPA and nattokinase to create an award-winning product for pain relief.† When pain is the problem, Curamin is the answer” [R].

Then there’s a very brief explanation of each of the ingredients, a very brief video, supplement facts, FAQ section, and testimonials instead of a review section we typically get an have seen it with so many supplements including Curcumin2K and Finest Nutrition Turmeric. And, of course, there are some supplement rewards present as well which are quite similar in kind to their CuraMed thing.

Hence, the whole description page feels very straight to the point, no fluff. Much like we’ve seen with supplements like Life Extension Curcumin Elite or Doctor’s Best Curcumin. They also offer a money-back guarantee which is not limited to any number days. Still, probably should be used within a reasonable timeframe [R].

The main claim? Yeah, as I feel is very clear, it’s all about pain relief. Or “Experience Safe and Effective Pain Relief,” as they put it.

But can it truly deliver exactly that?

The Core Ingredients In This One Uses Look Quite Promising Overall

So, the Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength uses four different ingredients to achieve that pain relief. Have to admit, reminds me terribly of something like the Nature Made TripleFlex and Research Verified Joint Relief in the sense that it uses multiple different substances to really get that main effect across. From what I can tell it looks quite promising.

The supplement of this review uses 2,706 milligrams of a Proprietary Complex consisting of BCM-95, Boswellia, DLPA, and Nattokinase. The exact amounts of each they do not, however, disclose. And it’s terribly questionable whether they would disclose them if I was to drop them an email about it. But without that, it’s as good of a guess as any. So, we’re really only left with theoretical speculations about the potential of the ingredients (at least until the section on global success rates).

Or are we?

The way I see it, we do have some room for speculations based on what we do actually know. And so, I believe ultimately we can assess very well what the potential of each ingredient might be here.

It starts with 2,706 milligrams of DLPA, Boswellia (BosPure), BCM-95, and Nattokinase. I list them here in this order because that’s how they are listed on the label. And on labels, according to the existing regulations, ingredients must be listed in sequence starting with the largest one by dry amounts [R].

So, here the total DLPA amounts will be higher than that of Boswellia, total Boswellia amounts will be higher than BCM-95, and BCM-95’s amounts will be higher than those of Nattokinase. Or all of them, can be of the exact same amount. And I think that’s the perfect place to start.

So, let’s assume that each of these four contains 676.5 milligrams.

Now, for a Nattokinase, that’s a terribly high amount. It’s more like a 100-200 milligrams being the ideal amount. Similarly, with BCM-95 and BosPure. For both of these, it’s more like 500 milligrams and, then, the more the better. Whereas with DLPA, it seems to be the case of 750-1000 milligrams or more. (All rough estimates [R, R, R, R].)

So, if we were to sum all of those values together, that leaves us at approximate total amounts of 1850-2200 milligrams. But the Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength is about 2,706 milligrams. Hence, at least 506 milligrams more than what we estimated (given the roughly viable dosages).

Or in other words, an extra 506 milligrams that contribute to either of those substances, 506 milligrams of a safety net for our imperfect estimations. So, which of those substances do this surplus contribute exactly to, it doesn’t matter that much. What matters is that there’s a very, very high chance for each of these four being in those highly viable, beneficial, significant amounts. And thus, the supplement truly living up to that title “Extra Strength.”

Now, this is not as safe as the banks of Switzerland. It’s just an educated assumption. There’s still a fair chance for the ratios between those ingredients to be totally different.

However, what I meant to show with this is that the total amount of the Proprietary Blend has more than enough juice to make every single of its constituents truly matter. And so, I believe its worth discussing the potential benefits of each of those substances with the perspective of they’re all likely possible.

The Likely Benefits Are Many, BCM-95 & BosPure Leading The Charge

So, for all I can say, this Extra Strength Curamin seems like a truly promising one. Now, let’s discuss each of its active ingredients.

BCM-95 is a patented curcumin formulation shown to have a 27-fold increase in absorbability when compared to simple 95% standardized Curcuminoids. That’s 1.35 times the absorbability we get from so widely available options with 95% Curcuminoids plus Black Pepper or Piperine like we’ve seen in supplements like Me First Living Turmeric Curcumin and GNC Turmeric Curcumin Extra Strength.

This particular formulation is one of the most studied ones. It’s very safe and very effective. And through that, it has the capacity to heal joint pain, improve brain function, aid liver health and detoxification, help combat Arthritis, depression, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, slow down aging, help manage cholesterol levels and offer other gains.[RRRRRRRRR].

Then there’s the Boswellia, also known as Indian Frankincense, which in this one also comes in a patented formulation known as BOS-10 or BosPure. Apart from working really well versus Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis, it can also be a great help in lover inflammation, fostering hormone balance, combat autoimmune diseases, fight off viruses, infections, and even cancer, as well as improve digestion among other benefits [RRRRR]

Then there’s the DLPA which stands for DL-Phenylalanine. It basically is a form of painkiller. How it works is it blocks the breaking down of enzymes that work as natural pain-killers in our bodies, thus, improving our tolerance to pain and reducing it. It can also help battle depression, as well as a variety of other health conditions like Vitiligo, Parkinson’s, and other [R, R, R, R, R, R].

Finally, there’s also Nattokinase which is an enzyme extracted from Natto, a popular Japanese food. It’s main undertaking in its beneficialness seems to be heart and vascular health. But it can potentially do well also against other conditions. Still, I don’t quite see how exactly is it contributing to pain relief. Maybe only through this notion of it being capable of averting thrombosis [R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R].

So, at the end of the day, all in all, I feel that with the Curamin Extra Strength of Terry Naturally pain relief is just one thing. Effectively we’ll likely be getting much more out of this one. At least that’s as far as I can tell.

The Added Other Ingredients Are What This One Cares About

I’ve encoutered my fair share of not optimal supplements in terms of additives. They’re very common among multivitamins (Centrum Silver Men and its equivalent Women supplement are just some of the very many examples). But there are also a fair share of those when it comes to Turmeric Curcumin ones.

A great example to illustrate is the Qunol Liquid Turmeric. It uses Potassium Sorbate which can be responsible for creating proper allergic reactions, DNA damage, nutrient deficiencies, cancer, and tons of other problems. Then there’s also stuff like Solgar Curcumin and a few others [RRRRRRRRRR].

But what about this Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength?

It uses six different ones. Cellulose powder, Stearic acid, Silica, Vegetable Source Magnesium Stearate, Croscarmellose Sodium, Ethylcellulose.

Of this list, the first, third, and last are all fine, typically very harmless stuff. The second and fourth are hugely misrepresented across the whole internet. The ultimate truth, though, is that they’re probably even more harmless than that first group. Whereas as far as Croscarmellose Sodium, that one’s great as long as it’s Non-GMO which with this supplement it is [RRRRR].

Hence, no real dangers as far as the added extra ingredients for the making of the supplement go.

I Have To Admit, The Global Success Rate Was Not As Good As I Expected

Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength is not like most supplements. No, this one does not use a customer review section on its product page. Instead of those customer reviews, it uses testimonials.

From a pure marketing perspective, I do believe that that’s the better option. However, when it comes to assessing the global success rates and just customer reviews in general, just the good isn’t enough. We must also learn about the bad.

And so, I did some researching. All in efforts to try to collect all of the customer reviews available online. Definitely got most of them. And let me just say that there are so many people that absolutely swear by it. So, here’s what I found.

In total I found 1687 Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength reviews. They were dispersed like this: 136 one-star, 78 two-star, 95 three-star, 168 four-star, and 1210 five-star. Thus, a total of 1473 positive reviews vs 214 negative ones. Hence, 87.3% global success rate.

Which despite being likely higher than that (because people tend to report negative experiences far often than positive ones), does not look too hot, so to say.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s a great success rate. However, it does supposedly pale a little bit when compared to it’s viable Turmeric Curcumin competition. Nutrigold Turmeric Curcumin Gold has an above 89%, Youtheory Turmeric Extra Strength has an above 93%, and Gaia Turmeric Supreme clocks in at above 94%.

Yeah, yeah… I know. This is more than just a Turmeric Curcumin supplement but still. The primary benefit for pain relief does still apply. And within that realm, it seems to be performing a bit lower than the others. However, I would never say that this makes it a somewhat obsolete option. Quite the contrary.

Something Definitely Worth Shortlisting, Maybe Even Prefering

The thing about this Curamin Extra Strength of Terry Naturally and why it’s, in my opinion, a choice you should absolutely shortlist is that it attacks pain relief from multiple directions. It embodies more than one substance that is geared towards removing that problem. And so, it feels that it can help a lot more people than just Turmeric Curcumin supplements can.

I mean, think about it.

Global success rates haven’t really been a too accurate means of assessing value a supplement provides. It gives an overall idea, yes. But many signicantly worse supplements in terms of the ingredients they use like NatureWise Curcumin or Angry Supplements Ultra Pure Turmeric have had incredibly high success rates. Much, much higher than any actually good (what I call viable) supplements typically have.

Still, that alone doesn’t make them a great product.

Whereas in this case, everything’s there. As far as I can tell, Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength is a marvelous piece of supplementation. The only kind of stone in its garden may be considered the fact that they don’t do third-party testing on the end-product. Which is a shame. But if you can live with that, this is arguably one of the best pain relievers out there. At least that’s the way I see it.

And, yes, it might not work for every single one of you. But isn’t that the story of any supplement you’ll ever find? Or, frankly, any product ever (not just supplements)?

Above all, I hope this Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength review helped you find the information you were looking for. Do you enjoy what this thing brings to the table? Do you look forward to picking it up? Let me know below.

10 thoughts on “Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength Review – Real Scam?”

  1. I have been dealing with chronic lyme for a decade. I use Terry Naturally for pain relief – headaches, neurological pain in many parts of the body. It works better than Metagenics Inflavanoid Intensive Care and Bodyhealth Inflammarrest, which are the two other brands I used through the years. Terry Naturally is also the best value of these three. Many other turmeric based supps are just a waste of money, presumably they are missing key ingredients to give them real pain killing power. I never take OTC painkillers. Terry Naturally has done the trick for me.

    • Hey, Casey!

      That’s awesome. I’m really happy to hear that. I’m glad this is a product that has been massively helpful to you. And I appreciate you for sharing that. I’m always on the lookout for stories like yours. And I’m really glad you’re not just succumbing to the negatives of Lyme but instead, actively seek solutions. I respect that a ton.

      I will probably have to do a review on each of the other ones you mentioned as well. That will take some time to get to. But, again, glad this Terry Naturally has proved to be a worthwhile one for you. :)

      Cheers, Casey!

  2. The other day I had an acquaintance trying to convince me that this is a rubbish supplement. And so, I first assumed when read your title. 

    But I couldn’t have been more wrong in my assumption. And my distant friend couldn’t have been either in her conviction.

    Honestly, I loved every single thing about this. Everything from the Turmeric contents to Boswellia’s presence to the DL-Phenylalanine and even the Nattokinase. It really seems like a very potent supplement to help deal with physical pain and even beyond that. I loved how you listed the benefits and how thorough you were.

    I also enjoyed the fact that it doesn’t have any bad additives. And I think the success rate is great as well.

    I really appreciate you sharing. :)

    • Hey, Tracey!

      I’m thrilled to hear you enjoyed this one so much. I’m really, really happy about that. Thank you for letting me know. <3

      Also, I wholeheartedly appreciate the kind words. Thank you, Tracey. :)

      Cheers, and have a Great One!

  3. Hi Matiss! In searching for pain relief supplements for two family members I’ve come across sooo many reviews and reports. Sometimes my head is spinning. There was a time I didn’t believe that natural supplements worked, but then I tried some for various things over the years and have found out how good they can be. Of course, I’ve also come across some that had ingredients that did more harm than good. So, these days I take my time to research the best I can to hopefully make a good decision about the supplements I choose, especially those for two elderly family members. 

    You mentioned the additives in Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength. Some I’m familiar with, a couple I am not. But this is where my concern normally comes into play. Based on what you have researched and the additives I was already familiar with, I feel fairly comfortable with the additives. But the other concern, which you addressed as thoroughly as you possibly could, has to do with the amount of the ingredients that are active and responsible for the joint and other pain relief. It would be good if there was a way to compare milligrams with one supplement with the milligrams of another. However, the success rate is high enough that it would be a comfortable decision to purchase the supplement and try it out. 

    Thanks for your honesty and thoroughness. Very insightful information.


    • Hey, Darrin!

      I wholeheartedly feel you, man! And yeah, absolutely agree, researching is kind of the only viable way. I feel there truly are ingredients/supplements that do more harm than good.

      And yeah, knowing the exact amounts would be wonderful for comparing reasons. But I bet they want to avoid this notion of others simply being able to copy their thing. Which is pretty reasonable but still.

      Above all, I’m beyond happy to hear that this proved to be insightful. And the kind words I sincerely appreciate. <3

      Cheers, and have a Great One!

  4. Being in the healthcare system, most people expect me to be skeptic of alternative pain relief options, however, I have always maintained an open mind. I have heard about the Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength a couple of times before but after coming across only salesy reviews, I decided it was most likely a scam. Luckily, your unbiased article has laid all the facts clearly and I think it might work for a number of people. 

    My only worry is with the ratios of ingredients. There is always a fine line between effective dosages and toxicity. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hey, Zay!

      That’s awesome to hear. Indeed, I feel not many people are.

      About that fine line, I definitely agree. I probably should look into that and update the article if necessary.

      I appreciate the kind words!


  5. Matiss,

    I really don’t know anything about the DPLA, Boswellia and Nattokinase ingredients in regards to painkiller effectiveness, but personally, I like to break everything down into per capsule amounts rather than serving amounts (which you’ve pointed out many times is a marketing ploy). In this case, the 2700 mg is for 3 capsules which is 900 mg per capsule. Like you say, the ingredients, in order of amounts, are the DPLA, Boswellia, BCM-95 and Nattokinase. Just looking at your iHerb reference for the Nattokinase, every single supplement there is 100 mg except for one that states it’s the world’s strongest pure Nattokinase product which has 200 mg. So if we assume this Proprietary Complex only has 100 mg Nattokinase per capsule, then evenly distributed, the other 3 ingredients will have 800 mg combined between them or approx. 267 mg each. In other words, the maximum absolute amount of BCM-95 would be 267 mg:

    DPLA – 267 mg, Boswellia – 267 mg, BCM-95 – 267 mg, Nattokinase – 100 mg

    The absolute minimum amount of BCM-95 (which is what we are trying to estimate since this is a Curcumin review!) would be 100 mg, exactly equal to the Nattokinase and with the remaining 700 mg distributed evenly between the other 2 with no particular care since again we’re interested in the Curcumin amounts:

    DPLA – 350 mg, Boswellia – 350 mg, BCM-95 – 100 mg, Nattokinase – 100 mg

    So again, assuming that the Nattokinase is at 100 mg (which to me appears to be a solid estimate), then the absolute range of BCM-95 would be between 100 mg – 267 mg per capsule. For their serving of 3 capsules, this would be between 300 mg – 800 mg. For me, I like to look at per capsule amounts so that I can compare that against other products on a per capsule basis.

    If we look at incremental increases of 50 mg of BCM-95 in this range and assume an even distribution of DPLA & Boswellia (which again we don’t really care much about anyway since we’re trying to estimate Curcumin amounts!), then we can see:

    DPLA – 325 mg, Boswellia – 325 mg, BCM-95 – 150 mg, Nattokinase – 100 mg
    DPLA – 300 mg, Boswellia – 300 mg, BCM-95 – 200 mg, Nattokinase – 100 mg
    DPLA – 275 mg, Boswellia – 275 mg, BCM-95 – 250 mg, Nattokinase – 100 mg

    Lastly, Mattis, I would like to know exactly what you are looking for with regards to this third-party or in-house testing you always refer to. In your BioMor review, you say that it’s best that a manufacturer ensures third-party (or at least in-house) testing, which you also say that BioMor most likely does not. In your reference to that statement, the web-site seems to go on and on about Highest quality, Purity you can trust, Clinically-validated potency and highest standards to include strict compliance with GMP (good manufacturing practices). Is none of this good enough? I guess I don’t know exactly what you look for in these regards? They go on to say: “we use the best raw materials, clinically-validated and patented, do business with the world’s most reputable suppliers, each batch is tested, verified and exceeds all FDA & USP standards, we never choose our raw materials based on cost and our standards exceed the required mandates” etc. Is none of this good enough or does it not qualify as third-party or in-house testing that you seem to require? If not, then how does one particular product not warrant your recommendation because they do not do that (BioMor) and another product warrant your recommendation (Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength) when they also do not do that? What exactly does BioMor not do to not recommend their product that this Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength also not do for you to actually recommend their product? To me, if you cannot give one product your recommendation because of no third-party testing, then how can you give another product your recommendation when they don’t do that either and then even put it on your shortlist? Again, what led me to your web-site was the quality review of some of these Curcumin supplements. It would seem you would need to objectively apply your criteria to every supplement you review to come up with a standardized way to either recommend or not recommend any particular product. Looking forward to your final review!


    • Dude, you need a chill pill.

      You lead with the assumption that this is a Curcumin review. This one isn’t about Curcumin. Sure, it has some Curcumin stuff in it, and thus, I have categorized it with Turmeric Curcumin stuff but this is not about Curcumin, this is about joint/pain relief and four different capable substances in it.

      Or in other words, a supplement completely unique to Terry Naturally. And the way I see it, a great one. Does it lack in terms of third-party testing? Yes, it probably does (as I do note) but it’s not something to always go after. It highly depends on the instance. For example, if we were to go after only third-party tested (by manufacturer) multivitamins, you won’t find anything truly decent. It’s just not that widely accepted yet.

      So, yes, it matters. It’s the best way. But we have to be reasonable with it.

      For Turmeric Curcumin supplements, why go with something that hasn’t been tested (or is not 100% tested as in this case), when there are capable options which 100% are? Hence, why I recommend their Curamin Extra Strength and don’t advocate their CuraMed.

      As for the quality, it really depends from case to case whether any of those statements are good enough. Because they can write anything there. I could create a supplement brand tomorrow and compose the highest quality of everything. Ever seen a supplement manufacturer that states that it’s not of the highest quality, that they don’t put extreme emphasis on quality, or some other version of that?

      GNC and Finest Nutrition put emphasis on that, too. But they got tested, turns out many products don’t even contain traces of the beneficial ingredients. And ConsumerLab, how does that work? Why it’s not always 100 out of a 100 according to them?

      Those statements don’t matter if they can’t back them up, directly or indirectly.

      Here indirectly is with any third-party certification that they’ve went out and got. Like Vegan Action, Non-GMO Project Verified, etc. Whereas sometimes it’s just being really detailed about the process and having really elaborate explanations about everything (because it’s not an exact science, we’re largely speculating here based what is more likely; it’s not like I get invited to every facility to investigate for myself). As for directly, that’s about an actual third-party lab that has tested purity, potency, and safety on the end-product.

      IFOS certification is a clear one for Fish Oils. USP is one for everything. Then there’s also NSF. And a bunch of private third-party labs that do that kind of testing.

      When I’m referring to it, it’s when a product has not only been everything awesome in the and before the manufacturing process but also after. For example, Nutrigold tests all of their end-products (every batch because you can’t literally test every single one) and provides the certificates on analysis freely available to customers. Youtheory certifies its Curcumin through USP. And Gaia has another third-party lab for that.

      Again, just statements that they have great quality doesn’t matter. Everyone does that; it’s marketing. What’s their action of proving that, that’s what matters.
      (Another one, see a difference? Our products exceed USP standards versus We have an actual USP certification or We use USP certified ingredients.)

      And sometimes it doesn’t matter that much. Because there is no exact equivalent to the product anyway (and the dangers given the specific additives are pretty low). Which is exactly the case with this Curamin Extra Strength. Plus, it’s not like I tried to conceal, suppress, cover up the fact that they probably are not third-party tested; I explicitly stated that it’s a minus. Read the end of the article carefully.

      So, no. I haven’t stepped back from objectively evaluating and seeking what I feel is the truth about any of these supplements. The criteria are the same. It’s the detail that matters.



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