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  • Truth | To seek and embrace the best truth and nothing but the truth at any given time and always do so in all that we do completely irrespective of anything else.
  • Clarity | To bring clarity and knowledge to the world about supplements and in time, also other health-related topics.
  • Heal | To help people find solutions to their better well-being and health and do so in a way that promotes the longevity of the planet.
  • Fast | To help people acquire all the knowledge necessary in the shortest amount of time possible while also never compromising on the quality or thoroughness.

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Why Health Knight Became To Exist? Two Main Reasons

Most Supplements Are Not Truly Beneficial

If you’ve ever invested any time in finding or researching supplements, I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

Overall, it’s a never-easy task. If anything, it’s a pretty daunting and time-consuming one.

As I see it, there are two inherent reasons for this. First, it’s the reality that there are so incredibly many options out there; I mean, thousands upon thousands of options or slight variations that you could potentially go for. Of which very many are essentially useless.

And secondly, there is so much marketing involved with every single one of those. Every single one of them will promise you the best health, the best ingredients, the best manufacturing practices, the best price the best absolutely everything.

However, rarely do they actually deliver.

In fact, I feel most supplements out there are just to make a buck and not to actually make you better or provide true value for your health and well-being.

They don’t care that much. Profits are they’re main (and most times only) concern. That’s just the truth of it.

There Is A Lack Of A Proper Guide

Apart from that, I feel there’s also a complete lack of insightful resources that analyze individual supplements, as well as talk and consider the potentially best ones in each of the many categories for health overall.

It Is About Being An Actually Proper GuideYeah, sure, on the internet there are several lists of supposedly “best-of” lists for various supplements out there. However, I do feel that they truly struggle to go in-depth and to actually display the honest truth. In other words, to exhibit all of it.

And sadly, this is up to a point, where they present supplements on their lists that shouldn’t be there. Either out of ignorance or out of greed for commissions they persist on supplements that won’t truly make you better or are not even the best options available.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not to say that this is the case for every single website out there. However, without a doubt, it’s the case for most. By far the most. I reckon that’s easily upwards of 90%.

The worst part is though, people who follow these “guru” lists are completely oblivious to the fact that what they present as the best is not that at all.

Think of it this way. The fact that a certain supplement makes you feel better does not mean that that’s the best one in that category or that you can’t get a better one for that price. And that’s exactly where most websites sin.

But We’re Here To Change That. No More Misleading, Thorough-Less, Biased Non-Sense

Given the above, it’s not rare that people are led into buying supplements that are marketed extremely well, put on all kinds of “best of” lists or found their ways onto bestseller lists. Supplements that are not actually good for you or the best ones you can get for the same price or just overall.

By no means, it is a rare thing that people are misled into buying something they don’t actually need and something that instead of making them better and happier, might cause the exact opposite. And this is where Health Knight comes in.

We want to change this for people.

To Bring Happiness & Help Defeat Struggle

It Is About Bringing HappinessGiven the jungle that supplements are, we aspire to bringing happiness and completely defeating any kind of struggle that comes with finding proper kinds of supplements.

With so many options on the market, I bet it somewhat goes without saying as to how time- and resource-consuming a comprehensive search, analysis, assessing for proper products is. It is no easy task, to say the least.

But we want to make it as easy of a process for everyone as possible.

To that end, we will always strive to provide all the information you’ll ever need to know about supplements. And thus, make the better choices.

To Make World A Healthier Place

Another thing we aspire to is spreading the knowledge and helping to make the most informed decisions.

Though I already mentioned it, it bears repeating. Nowadays there are so many companies that feel purely profit driven. The cheaper and the seemingly more appealing to the customer the supplement is, the better!

Sure, healthy is not always the cheapest option or the seemingly most appealing one. But what we often somehow forget, is that supplement manufactures produce and sell only stuff that they think people will buy and that they actually can sell.

To that end, if people weren’t misinformed enough to buy something that is not actually in their best interest, those companies would not make that stuff.

So, the more we opt for supplements that are actually incredibly good for us, the more there will be of those. And eventually, the cheaper they will become!

I truly feel and believe that we can turn the industry around, improve our health in the process, and make the world a healthier place.

To Help Save Your Time & Focus On What Matters

It Is About Helping You Focus On What Matters To YouAmong the other things, we aspire in helping you save time on matters that are related to supplements and overall health. And thus, help you have more time for things that matter more, like friends, or family, or career, or whatever else it may be.

Meaning, by doing all the necessary research for you and providing references for you to check out or to learn from (whenever you feel there’s that additional need to), our hope is you’ll have more time to focus on things you like, love, and enjoy.

And with all of that, plus, the comprehensive supplement recommendations we immerse into, our hope is that it will inevitably lead to more success, and therefore hopefully also a happier and more fulfilled life.

For health and well-being decades on end.

Truth-Seekers & Truth-Embracers Is What We Are At The Very Core

Health Knight is and was created with the idea in mind to provide and be the source of unbiased, truthful, useful, helpful, accessible, accurate, legit, and most thorough information on various supplements and supplementation in general and as a whole.

Truth-Seekers Is What We Genuinely Are At The Very CoreFor us it’s not only about the seeking of the Truth. It’s also about Embracing it no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

We are the Truth-Seekers and Truth-Embracers.

We always do everything in our power to seek out and embrace the best truth at any given time.

We don’t care about anything else.

And I’m not saying that we will absolutely always get it right but we definitely intend to. Do your research, engage in the comment section, introduce your concepts and ideas, do what you must and we will get to the truth. One way or another. It’s what we’re about.

My Story – Some 10 Years Ago I Found Myself Losing My Mind

Do you remember the last time you were sick? The last time when you’re head hurt so much that you thought that it will explode? The last time you had such intense pain in your stomach that you barely could walk? The last time that you had a fever and felt extremely dizzy?

Could you have performed at your best at any of those times? I certainly would not.

And what about those times when you felt foggy, sleepy, distracted, unable to focus or just stuffed? Could you have been able to perform at your best? I wouldn’t. And I wasn’t.

Some 10 years ago I found myself literally losing my mind. At that time I was about midway through high school. Yet, the one tool that had helped me to become quite knowledgeful in my life and academically solid (not to say I’m the smartest guy there is) was starting to fail me.

The tool that I’m talking about is the brain.

The Health Of Your Brain Is One Of The Most Important Things

A year back from that (about 11 years ago) I was truly happy about the brain power I was entitled with, I was truly happy about my ability to think, focus and memorize almost effortlessly.

I Struggled With A Massive Brain FogBut this took a hard left a year later when I started to feel that brain of mine becoming incredibly foggy. At the time I couldn’t think of a better word to describe it.

And I bet it might be hard to imagine. But if you’ve gone through a similar experience you definitely know what I’m talking about.

There wasn’t a moment in my life when I did not feel as if I was in a deep fog. It was hard to concentrate.

It was incredibly hard to think and memorize – something that used to take 2-3 times of repetition to memorize by heart, now took about 15 times to achieve that same kind of level.

Every new concept that was introduced in school was always insanely hard to grasp initially. This occurred to a point where I sometimes got ridiculed because I couldn’t comprehend, in essence, simple ideas right off the bat. I always had to go home and literally carve those them into my brain.

I remember how sad, powerless and even disgusted with myself I felt. There is no better way to describe it than the fact that my mind was totally, utterly, completely failing me.

Was There Anything That Could Be Done?

At the time I didn’t know that there was a cause and a solution for this. So, I simply persevered and thought that this is who I am now. I was stuck for about 5 years with this horrible state of my mind – all throughout high school, all throughout my bachelor’s degree.

And then it happened.

Heal Your Body And You Can Fix Your BrainThis one time while I was at the bookstore looking for some literature that I had to get for my studies, I saw this book called “The Ultra Mind Solution” by Dr. Mark Hyman. It said, “Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing Your Body First”.

I was immediately intrigued as I remembered those times when I felt that my brain worked really well and how bad it has been over the years.

Essentially ‘broken’ was the best kind of word to describe it. So, I decided that I had to get that book, because what if it had the answers that I needed? But it wasn’t all that easy. Because although I truly wanted to buy the book, at the time I was a struggling student (like most of us), so I didn’t have enough to spare.

And alongside that, there was slight disbelief (to say the least), whether it really can help or is it rather something to just scam people. Well, you know, to make sales.

Luckily though, I got that book for Christmas later that year.

I read it. I applied it.

And did what I could to fix my brain.

Are Supplements Something That Can Actually Help You?

The book itself essentially was on the art of functional medicine and was divided into two parts. First, avoid and eliminate the bad stuff. Second, apply and make happen the good stuff.

The first part I was able to implement almost immediately (eat healthy food and fix your environment). The second part was, however, harder to manage as the first one was pretty taxing on the funds already – buying unprocessed food only.

Proper Food Is No Doubt One Of The Most Important Things To Health

So, the very essence of that second part was to add proper, chosen by certain criteria supplements.

But I wasn’t really eager towards that as both of my parents had medical training and both of them considered supplements a complete waste of money (till that point I’ve hardly ever used one). You might as well just flush your money down the toilet.

Essentially, I considered supplements a complete hoax and total BS myself. However, up until that point, the book provided useful and well-founded insights. So, ultimately I decided to keep an open mind and give it a try.

Not because I believed that supplements could help (because I didn’t – more than for 20 years I was sure that they’re a complete waste of money; furthermore, I had read many articles in the news that they do not work) but because it couldn’t hurt. But what was that based on…

My mentality was along these lines: “I’ll save up and try them. If I won’t feel any noticeable improvement I’ll just quit using them and stick only with the other insights of the book.”

Another reason was that I didn’t really feel empowered (full of energy) by my eating habits. I felt that my brain-fog started to recede slowly, but people around me always said that I look worn-out and constantly exhausted.

It might have had a lot to do with the detox process I was undergoing.

But either way, I somehow felt that supplements helped a lot with that.

Thus, this led to a series of questions.

I Feel The Right Kind Of Supplements Can Help Quite A Bit

Why did I feel that they actually made a difference for my health? Because based on the information in media and by most doctors, surely, they weren’t supposed to.

So, I went on and on, I looked at the articles, I went through books, I looked at the research and everything else I could possibly find on whether we truly need nutritional supplements. The ultimate conclusions, in my opinion, are I’d say pretty one sided. But do the judging yourselves (I have a whole article dedicated to this never-ending debate which is currently under renewal).

However, there’s a major 2003 study that I believe illustrates this perfectly. The study looked at and compared the nutrition contents of vegetables, fruit, and meat from year 1940 all up to year 1991. What was discovered is that the nutritional content in what many people typically call “healthy food” or “the good food” diminishes from year to year consistently and steadily. Which essentially means that a tomato you eat today is not nearly as nutritious as the one that was available to people in 1940 [RRR].

Even The Healthy Food Has Unavoidably Gotten Less NutritiousWhich I feel puts us at a nutritional disadvantage, even more because of the pollution, loads of stress, insufficient amounts of sleep and exercise, as well as, yes, also poor diet among other stuff.

Thus, not only the right kinds of supplements are potentially very beneficial, but also they’re very much needed for anyone’s best health. And hence, ideally, should be part of daily regimen.

Some will definitely argue with this as it’s hard to embrace if you’re not keeping an open mind (but that above is just one of many reasons). To that end, I definitely do not expect everyone to agree with me. Maybe in time, this will be common knowledge.

But until then, I’m here for those open-minded people, who are looking into adding some extra nutrients to their regimen or would do it anyway. To guide them, to inform them, to help them make better decisions and choices.

Setting The Record Straight – Supplements Are Not All There Is To It

I want to get one thing straight. Supplements are not some miracle substances that will resolve and take care of all your health problems. This is not what they are about.

Awesome health is an entirety of many factors – food and nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, and exercise – these are the ones that I see as being the most important of them.

Thus, getting right just nutrition through supplements, which is one of them, does not guarantee great health. In truth, it’s just a part of what health is actually about.

We Are Here To Help Concur The TruthSo, if you’re in for truly marvelous health you have to get all of them right. Well, at least to some degree.

This is not to say that supplements can’t help you raise your life’s quality if you don’t get the other four pillars right. However, they will be of a greater positive impact if you do.

On that same note, the world’s highest paid & most followed high-performance coach, best selling author of many books Brendon Burchard in one of his seminars describes supplementation as one of the life hacks that the world’s most successful people – millionaires, billionaires and all high performers in general – use.

So, can supplementation potentially help you to be a better version of yourself? Definitely. But never do forget, it isn’t everything. :)

Above all, if you ever happen to need anything or have any questions, feel free to leave them on any post or contact me at Matiss.Dzelve[at]HealthKnight.com and I will be more than happy to get back to you as soon as I can! :)

Whereas if potential proposals for promotions, sponsorships, affiliate partnerships, or advertising are what’s on your mind, get in touch with Rasa Dzelve at Rasa.Dzelve[at]HealthKnight.com. She’ll be happy to hear from you! :)

Take Care, and Have a Great One!

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