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In essence, here you’ll have the possibility to request a review on any supplement in existence. Anything you’d like to know more of, anything you assume is good, but would like to get more details of.

There are no limits to this. Absolutely any supplement that is of your interest or has been on your mind – we’ll be happy to create a review around.

All we ask of you is to leave a comment below this post and let us know three things:

1. What Is The Supplement That You Want The Review On? 

Here try to be as specific as possible – add it’s full name, drop a link to Amazon or any other major online reseller. Make sure that we can exactly pinpoint the supplement that you want the review on.

Many times there are seemingly very similar supplements that do, however, have some significantly diverse additives (classically, it’s the case when comparing tablet version and capsule version). Other times you can also find differences between essentially the same supplements, but one is of 60 capsules while the other 120 capsules.

And there can be other seemingly insignificant variations of the supplement that although are small, yet change everything.

So, just be aware of this. And let me know.

Here’s the second one.

2. Where Are You From?

To Request A Supplement Review Let Me Know Where You're FromIn regards to this one, I don’t want your specific address or anything. All I’d like is that you give us a general idea of where you’re from.

You can give your residing city or country, or both. If you’re okay with doing that, we’d highly appreciate it. But…

Ultimately, if you’re uncomfortable with that, feel free to just name your residing continent. And we’ll take it. 🙂

And here’s the last one.

3. Why Would You Like Us To Do This Review On That Specific Supplement?

Everything will work here. Just be honest.

My father uses this, I’d like to know more; my spouse bought this for me yesterday; I have been thinking about buying it; I’d like to give this to someone for his/her birthday; I’ve heard it’s good, but I’d like to know more in-depth about it; I got this for free at a local store; I’ve been taking this for years now, I’d like to know, if it’s actually good for me; and so on and on.

There are no ridiculous or foolish reasons. Make up a name for yourself it that puts you more at ease.

You are also extremely welcome to share a story of yours on why you’d like a certain supplement review if feel like it. All are truly welcome, the more you can explain why – the happier we’ll be.

Other than that, we’re completely fine with doing reviews for supplements that are not labeled in English. However, if such a request is your goal, we kindly ask to provide us with a translation for the label (send it to

So, which supplement would you like us to do a review on and why?

12 Replies to “Request A Supplement Review”

  1. I am from Singapore, saw your reviews on multivitamins which are all very interesting. I wonder why in Singapore my friend keeps showing me USANA Essentials is the best multivitamin in the world 2019 with their reference to a book called “Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplement”. Their brands seem to not be found in your list of review. Did I miss something here?

    1. Hey, Jacky!

      Yes, a fascinating supplement, indeed, eh? And such a spot-on question! 🙂

      But, no, you did not miss a thing. The USANA Essentials nutrients (Vita Antioxidant & Core Minerals) I have not listed among the very best multivitamin supplements.

      Here’s why.

      First, it doesn’t exactly fall in line with either the approach following 100% Daily Values (I refer to it as the conventional approach) or the best practices for nutrient amounts (the unconventional one).

      Meaning, it’s neither one or the other. Or to be more exact, it’s way too potent when considering 100% Daily Values because there’s 1000% of vitamin B1, 880% of vitamin B2, 800% of vitamin B6, etc. And you don’t want that much if going by this approach.

      Whereas when considering the best practices for nutrient amounts it’s way too scarce in regards to most nutrients. For example, according to the best practices you should strive for 25-50 mg of vitamin B1 (15 mg is not enough), or 25-50 mg of vitamin B2 (again, 15 mg is not enough), or 25-50 mg of vitamin B6 (here 16 mg but that’s still insufficient), as well as there are a bunch of other such examples.

      Second, the list of additives. In particular Organic Maltodextrin.

      In the past, I have written of the dangers associated with it in numerous of my articles. Here are some excerpts.

      “Maltodextrin is yet another form of sugar. Some even do consider it one of the worst forms of hidden sugar. Furthermore, among other adverse sugar-related effects it also can cause sudden headaches, itching, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, rash, bloating, as well as it can weaken the immune system among other adverse effects.”Digestive Advantage Probiotics Review (visit the article for the full list of references).

      “Yes, organic maltodextrin. The fact that it’s organic does not automatically make it healthy. [..] Maltodextrin is, in essence, a sugar – a carbohydrate with zero nutritional value, which raises blood sugar levels much faster than your typical table sugar. Some even go as far as referring to maltodextrin as one of the worst hidden sugars [..]. While being a sugar, Maltodextrin can be the potential root cause of everything from heart disease to cancer, including obesity, eating disorders, diabetes, depression, learning difficulties, hyperactivity, as well as it can just flat out make you stupid.”Nature’s Way Turmeric Review (visit the article for the full list of references).

      So, yeah, I guess needless to say… I’m not for that. I don’t like that.

      Third, I wouldn’t call the nutrient forms exactly the best possible. For example, in the USANA Essentials, you’ll find Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (HCl) for vitamin B6, Folic Acid for Folate (vitamin B9), or Cyanocobalamin for vitamin B12. Neither of these forms is the best form possible for any respective vitamin.

      For vitamin B6 that will be Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate, for vitamin B9 it’s L-Methylfolate (5-MTHF), whereas for vitamin B12 those will be Methylcobalamin and Adenosylcobalamin.

      That said, sure, you have to respect that it provides Mineral Ascorbates for vitamin C or Mixed Tocopherols for vitamin E (most multivitamins don’t do that). However, those alone are not enough to make it a superior multivitamin. Moreover, there are other examples of not exactly the best forms when it comes to nutrients. Which I feel shouldn’t be regarded as the ideal or optimal approach.

      I hope that sheds some light into my reasoning. If something needs any further explanation on my part, Jacky, just let me know. I’ll be happy to provide that for you.

      Cheers, and have an Awesome Day, ahead!
      Carpe minutam/Seize the moment,

  2. Hello Matiss! My name is Patrizio Biondo and I’m from Rochester, NY. I’m super thankful for your splendid research and honest dedication to this very important topic of nutrition. This comment is for my benefit, my family member, and for generating overall health awareness.

    I am currently taking the men’s rainbow light multi vitamin that you reviewed earlier this year, but I’m in transition to upgrade to Thorne EN as soon as financially possible. However, I also take an amino acid supplement, and about 20 drops of pure CBD oil sublingually, daily. I don’t hear you mention much of amino acid supplementation much on your site; are you presuming that by taking a multi vitamin, a nutritious diet, and practicing overall wellness, that we can obtain the necessary amount of amino acids? Finally, are taking these three, the multivitamin, the amino acid, and the cbd oil sufficient, or is there some other supplementation that I am lacking for optimal health?

    By way of request, one my family members who is also keen on health would like some advice on some of her own supplements. Her holistic doctor recommended that she take this Alpha Base formula:
    As well as the Metagenics: D3(as cholecalciferol) 10,000 IU and K(as MK-4 and MK-7) 90 mcg supplement. Are these two in competition with one another or a women’s multi? She’s also wondering if you think that supplements, in general, should be blood type specific? Lastly, she’s taken a blood derived food allergy test. Though she’s never experienced problems with eating almonds her entire life, her test showed that almonds come up as an extreme allergen. She’s wondering your opinion on how much trust she should place into the results of those tests, and if any, the relationship between allergens and supplementation?

    Thanks a ton Matiss!!

    1. Hey, Patrizio!

      You’ve no idea how much I appreciate the kind words of yours. Thank you! <3

      As for upgrading the supplement of yours, a quick heads up. I will be putting out a new updated list of the best multivitamin supplements. This will hopefully be by the end of this year. I have the list already established but it takes some time to actually put it all into an article. The list will also include supplements that are of similar expense as the Rainbow Light Men’s One.

      A sneak peek so you can look into it right away – try switching up the multivitamin with the Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men. It may cost a little more up front but the cost per serving is essentially the same as it is for the Rainbow Light Men’s One. It does also get into amino acids. It might not be as abundant as the mentioned Lori’s Complete Amino, but it’s certainly there.

      In that regard to the first question – a resounding yes! I do presume that there are a nutritious diet and overall practices of wellness in place. I have not produced many if any articles in this regard yet, but it’s what I genuinely believe in and it’s the message I’m trying to spread, mostly visible in the comment section.

      All in all, in regards to amino acids I tend to give much value to the supplements that also provide them as they just are so incredibly important. Thus, the additional amino acid supplement is much to your own preference but either way will be (and is) a good addition. The CBD Oil is also really nice, glad you’re aware of its existence. 🙂

      As for the general supplementation (vitamins, minerals, Choline, and Inositol), generally, it really depends on the multivitamin you’re taking. It’s best to always try to go with one that is the closest to the PDVs and then just add through various supplements that which is lacking. Will be updating the article on PDVs soon as well, but the nutrient amounts (vitamins, minerals, Choline, and Inositol) will not change.

      In regards to the Rainbow Light Men’s One, I do believe it’s actually too complicated to be adding everything. But don’t sweat it. It can also work very well despite it not fully subscribing to the PDVs (the Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men would work much better though). So essentially it’s not the ideal case, but it can work.

      In that regard, I do believe that it would be much more beneficial for you to not focus on all the nutrients, but rather single out few of the most important ones that you could add at this time. Those would be an Omega-3 and vitamin D (linking the exact ones I use myself daily).

      A proper Omega-3 supplement is incredibly important. In that sense, I do strongly believe that a proper multivitamin and Omega-3 supplement are two the most important supplements for one’s health. Period. Omega-3, especially the one derived from fish oil is absolutely crucial for the health of our brains and it creating new connections (everything learning related, memory etc.). There are numerous studies done on the incredible benefits of this substance.

      So if the finances demand of this, I would highly suggest switching that amino acid supplement for an Omega-3 supplement. It will be much more beneficial to your health overall.

      A great third option (primary option to strive for), again, if the finances allow is a proper probiotic supplement. This rings especially true if you are aware that your current diet is not the most perfect one.

      The importance of this one is due to the fact that it improves gut health and the microbiome of the gut. All of which is extremely beneficial when it comes to the body being able actually to absorb the nutrients you’re taking. And there are also many other benefits to this for the general health as most health issues in truth start in the gut and are only further magnified by unhealthy gut micro-biome.

      As regards to the inquiry of one of your family members – that Alpha Base Formula is an awesome supplement. And those two of Metagenics are badass as well. As for their compatibility, I’m very sure they’re completely compatible and not disrupting each other in any way. She can easily take them simultaneously.

      As for supplements being blood type specific – I do not believe it matters significantly enough if at all for there to be any sort of need to be taking that into account. Surely, there might be some stuff I’m not aware of, but if we’re going that deep, then I do believe the micro-biome of your gut matters infinite times more.

      And now to the blood-derived food allergy test – I’m not really sure how accurate that is. I’ve heard that they’re decently accurate but for sure I can’t tell. In our modern day and age, there is, however, one test that is just purely by nature and very essence of it way more superior than the blood test. It’s the micro-biome test. And these from what I’ve been told are very dead on. And that is only magnified by the fact that the micro-biome is the stuff that is actually responsible for one’s digestion of the food (and in that food allergies).

      In this regard there is a company called Viome, which I can only say good things about.

      Other than that, I reckon she could also try not eating almonds for about 6-8 weeks and then having a few days where she would eat some almonds every single meal. And evaluate how she feels, meaning determining if she’s feeling any worse when she is having almonds. It should give pretty good insights.

      As between allergens and supplementation, it’s a good idea to make sure that one’s supplement does not contain the allergens that that one might be sensitive to. But overall, does an allergen mean you need less or more of a certain nutrient (any vitamin or mineral)?

      It is believed there might be some correlation (purely because of the composition of one’s micro-biome), but at this point, as far as I know, the science is largely not sophisticated enough to reliably tell us that yet.
      I might be wrong though as Viome might have figured this out and I’m just not being up-to-date.

      All in all, it is no secret that we all are slightly different in regards to the actual nutrients and their amounts we need for acquiring the best health possible for oneself (purely determined by the composition of micro-biome). However, PDVs are always and especially for the time being a great place to start.

      I hope that helps.

      If you have any further questions, just let me know, I’ll be more than happy to get back to you as soon as I can.

      Have an Awesome Day, Patrizio!
      Cheers, and Take Care.


      1. Wow, what a lovely reply Matiss, and thank you for your warm and helpful words as well!

        I appreciate your recommendations, and they will be ordered shortly through your links! 😀

        In fact, I’ll make a post on my facebook to help promote your website’s awareness!

        If you could do me a favor, I uploaded my website so that you can offer any people you know of to these truly high quality CBD Oil products for their benefit! Maybe write a separate post in the future to help promote CBD awareness if you are feeling generous?!

        Some small questions here as well, where do you hail from, and where is your name’s ethnicity derived from? It’s a beautiful name!

        In any case, I really look forward to any future service that I can help provide for you! In due time I could contribute to any blog posts, articles, testimonials, or even prayers for you or your loved ones; whatever you need! May God Bless you Matiss!

        1. Hey, Patrizio!

          Thank you, I sincerely and deeply appreciate all the support for the website both through links and through awareness raising posts on social media. It really means and helps a lot. <3

          And, yes, I can definitely do that for you, it is something I will genuinely need to cover anyway as there really is much to gain from proper quality CBC Oils. 🙂

          I'm originally from and currently residing in Latvia, it's a small country in Europe next to the Baltic Sea. It's also a part of the European Union. The compliment is kindly appreciated.

          To be completely honest, there are no words in English to convey how much I appreciate your kindness, Patrizio! <3
          Same applies to you, my friend. If you ever need anything, just let me know.

          Cheers and have a Great One, Patrizio!

  3. 1. Basic Nutrients V by Thorne Research.
    2. Surrey, UK.
    3. You have listed “Extra Nutrients” by Thorne Research as the best multivitamin supplement and their products seem to rank high in your lists. I have been using Basic Nutrients V by them, I would like to hear your thoughts on them. If possible, could you tell me what is the difference between them? If you can, the difference between so many “foundational” supplements in Throne Research.

    1. Hey, Nathan!

      This is such an awesome request, yes, I’ll definitely cover it all, looking forward to that.
      I will definitely create a separate article for the Basic Nutrients V, but I do feel that the difference between various Thorne Research “foundational” supplements will be largely visible from the updated article on the best multivitamin supplements I will be creating for the 2019 very soon.
      If you’re interested, I’ll definitely give you a heads up in regards to that.

      As for now, to sum up the difference between the two: Basic Nutrients V is a great choice of a supplement. But the Extra Nutrients is in whole a more sophisticated edition of that. The biggest differences are the added Trans-Resveratrol, Bilberry extract, Quercetin Phytosome, Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride as they can certainly help and improve one’s health even further, but are not in a way the prerequisite of that. On the other hand added Mixed Carotenoids and Iodine is extremely necessary for one’s best health.

      There are also some rather minor differences in the amounts of the nutrients that also must be considered, but more into that in the article.

      Cheers and Have a Great One!

  4. Supplement review request: 1) Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men 2) Megafood Men’s One Daily. Both are multivitamins. I’m from St. Louis, MO, US. I’d like to see how they compare to the other men’s multivitamins you’ve reviewed (in particular the overall assessment of the nutrients).

    1. Hey, Matthew!

      Thank you for the request. I’ll definitely get into those, but that will be in quite a bit.
      I’m about to finish a major article, I hope to wrap things up in the next couple of days.
      Then up next is Mark’s request, after that I desperately need an update for the article of the best multivitamin supplements.

      After that I’ll gladly take on those you mentioned. To give you an estimate, realistically I’ll probably get to them in month or so as this is a passion of mine while I’m also working a full time day-job.
      I’m sorry that I won’t be able to get to them sooner.

      To give you a superficial idea of how they compare out of all supplements that are labeled as men’s multivitamins – Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men should be considered better than the rest (Megafood Men’s One Daily, Rainbow Light Men’s One, One a Day Men’s Health Formula, Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus).

      However, if you’re looking for an awesome multivitamin, I would advise not to be considering only men’s multivitamins specifically. Their names surely are captivating giving away the impression that it’s the best stuff for men, however, in truth it rarely has to do with the actual nutrients in the supplements.

      Ultimately, I would not consider Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men as an awesome supplement. It’s an okay one, but quite far from great. And there are so many supplements that will offer way more value for the price. The price difference is definitely worth the money. To check out some of the best multivitamins out there use this link (and as I mentioned earlier, I will update the article pretty soon).

      Cheers and if you ever need something, just let me know, I’ll be more than happy to help you out!
      Have a Great One!

  5. Supplement: Prime Labs Prime Test testosterone booster. Where am I: Monterey, California. Why: my friend swears this thing helps him sleep better. I think it sounds like snake oil.

    1. Hey, Mark!

      I couldn’t agree with you more that it does sound like snake oil. And the packaging of the supplement only adds to that.

      Other than that though, based on a quick overview of the ingredients it does not look bad. In regards to additives it seems to be definitely okay. As for the other ingredients some I’ve never researched before, so I’ll definitely need to look into those before I can provide you with more information.

      At the moment I’m working on a huge article much like the article on the best vitamin B12 supplements 2018. After that I will get into this one.

      Cheers and have an Amazing Day, Mark!

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