In essence, here you’ll have the possibility to request a review on any supplement in existence. Anything you’d like to know more of, anything you assume is good, but would like to get more details of.

There are no limits to this. Absolutely any supplement that is of your interest or has been on your mind – we’ll be happy to create a review around.

All we ask of you is to leave a comment below this post and let us know three things:

1. What Is The Supplement That You Want The Review On? 

Here try to be as specific as possible – add it’s full name, drop a link to Amazon or any other major online reseller. Make sure that we can exactly pinpoint the supplement that you want the review on.

Many times there are seemingly very similar supplements that do, however, have some significantly diverse additives (classically, it’s the case when comparing tablet version and capsule version). Other times you can also find differences between essentially the same supplements, but one is of 60 capsules while the other 120 capsules.

And there can be other seemingly insignificant variations of the supplement that although are small, yet change everything.

So, just be aware of this. And let me know.

Here’s the second one.

2. Where Are You From?

To Request A Supplement Review Let Me Know Where You're FromIn regards to this one, I don’t want your specific address or anything. All I’d like is that you give us a general idea of where you’re from.

You can give your residing city or country, or both. If you’re okay with doing that, we’d highly appreciate it. But…

Ultimately, if you’re uncomfortable with that, feel free to just name your residing continent. And we’ll take it. :)

And here’s the last one.

3. Why Would You Like Us To Do This Review On That Specific Supplement?

Everything will work here. Just be honest.

My father uses this, I’d like to know more; my spouse bought this for me yesterday; I have been thinking about buying it; I’d like to give this to someone for his/her birthday; I’ve heard it’s good, but I’d like to know more in-depth about it; I got this for free at a local store; I’ve been taking this for years now, I’d like to know, if it’s actually good for me; and so on and on.

There are no ridiculous or foolish reasons. Make up a name for yourself it that puts you more at ease.

You are also extremely welcome to share a story of yours on why you’d like a certain supplement review if feel like it. All are truly welcome, the more you can explain why – the happier we’ll be.

Other than that, we’re completely fine with doing reviews for supplements that are not labeled in English. However, if such a request is your goal, we kindly ask to provide us with a translation for the label (send it to

So, which supplement would you like us to do a review on and why?