Request A Supplement Review – Which Insight Do You Seek?

In essence, here you’ll have the possibility to request a review on any supplement in existence. Anything you’d like to know more of, anything you assume is good, but would like to get more details of.

There are no limits to this. Absolutely any supplement that is of your interest or has been on your mind, I’ll be happy to, to the very least, provide all of the key information and analysis on.

My only ask to you is to leave a comment below this post and share the three things below.

What Is The Supplement That You Want The Review On? 

Request A Supplement Review

Here try to be as specific as possible – add its full name, drop a link to Amazon, or any other major online reseller. Make sure that I can exactly pinpoint the supplement that you want the review on.

Many times there are seemingly very similar supplements that do, however, have some significantly diverse additives (classically, it’s the case when comparing tablet version and capsule version).

Other times you can also find differences between essentially the same supplements, but one is of 60 capsules while the other 120 capsules.

And there can be other seemingly insignificant variations of the supplement that although are small, yet change everything. So, just be aware of this. And let me know.

Here’s the second one.

Where Are You From?

Where Are You FromIn regards to this one, I don’t want your specific address or anything. All I’d like is that you give us a general idea of where you’re from. Because I would love to learn more about the specific audience most involved with our mission.

You can give your residing city or country, or both. If you’re okay with doing that, I’d highly appreciate it. But do what feels most appropriate to you at this time.

Meaning, if you’re uncomfortable with just that, feel free to just name your residing continent. And I’ll take it as well. :)

And here’s the last one.

Why You’re After A Review On This Specific Supplement?

Everything will work here. Just be honest.

My father uses this, I’d like to know more; my spouse bought this for me yesterday; I have been thinking about buying it; I’d like to give this to someone for his/her birthday; I’ve heard it’s good, but I’d like to know more in-depth about it; I got this for free at a local store; I’ve been taking this for years now, I’d like to know if it’s actually good for me; and so on.

Supplement As A Birthday GiftThere are no ridiculous or foolish reasons. Make up a name for yourself if that puts you more at ease (which feel free to do anyway if that’s more appropriate for you).

You are also extremely welcome to share a story of yours on why you’d like a certain supplement review if you feel like it. All are truly welcome, the more involved you’ll be with the why – the more involved I’ll be.

The only other thing is that since my time is not unlimited, I will be prioritizing and typically creating full in-depth reviews that have search volume. Which essentially just means that I will be focusing on those supplements that other people are seeking extended information on, too.

As for all the rest, generally (but exceptions can happen), I will do my best to cover just the most important, deciding, key aspects with my answer to the comment. And another thing I can absolutely promise is that I will get back to 100% of the comments left.

So, which supplement would you like to get a review on and why?

171 thoughts on “Request A Supplement Review – Which Insight Do You Seek?”

  1. Hi Matiss,

    – Joe from Snellville, GA.
    – Request review of

    – Looking for a less expensive, but good quality, burp-free, omega-3 softgel product for me & my wife.

    I have tried the liquid forms of Nordic, Nutrigold, & Wileys. Great products, ( of course liquid forms of Omega-3 have higher concentrations than softgels in general); But how does the Now Foods brand stack up, as far as quality and price, to other non-liquid forms of omega-3 products?

    Thanjsk, and keep up the great work, we’re all depending on you. 😊. We need your honest in-depth research

    • Hey, Joe!

      I decided that I will do a full review on this one.

      Generally speaking, while I’m a huge advocate for NOW Foods, I would not recommend it over the other options. On more as to why, you’ll have to wait till that full that review. :)


      • 👌 👍Thanks Matiss. 😎

        After more research, I discovered that fish oil products from Peru aren’t the best/ most “pure”. 😬 Would you agree?

        Looks like ill be sticking with wild caught fish products from Alaska, especially Wikey’s. Like Nordic too. I prefer Liquid Nutrigold, but its hard to find here in the US.

        But I can’t wait to discovery what “you” find on the Now brand! Your in-depth research is far more superior than anyone I know. And I really mean “ANYONE”, including national/ international brand names, (product and people brand names).

  2. Hi Matiss,

    RE: Review of TriVita Mult- Collagen

    Hope you’re doing well. I was contemplating whether to replace. TWO current products that I am taking, (a multi- collagen product and an EAA product), for ONE single TriVita product. See website below.
    I want to save money but not at the expense of quality.

    If the quality & quantity of the TriVita is equal or greater than the sum of my current 2 products… OR… if this TriVita combo product just has sufficient amounts of each ingredient, (it doesn’t necessarily need to be “more”, because more isn’t always better), then ill switch. But the “quality” of this TriVita product is paramount.

    When you get a chance, please let me know what you find out about this product. Also, generally speaking, is this “combo” product an acceptable way of consuming these different ingredients?

    Thanks my friend

    • Hey, Joe!

      I feel you, man. Totally see where you’re coming from.

      Generally speaking, the Trivita Multi Collagen looks like a pretty decent option. There are two reasons, however, why I probably wouldn’t go for it myself.

      First, yes, they promise Grass-Fed, Cage-Free, Wild-Caught, Non-GMO sourcing. But they do forget one very, often overlooked promise. Namely, it also has to be Hormone-Free. Which by the looks of it, this isn’t.

      Second, given all the processing that goes into creating Collagen, I would argue that it’s necessary for a Collagen to have been third-party tested for purity, potency, and safety. As far as I can tell, this one isn’t.

      I mean, overall, it definitely isn’t a bad product. It just isn’t the most optimal one. Which brings me to what could be the most optimal option. By chance, if you’ve explored my multi Collagen reviews, I have the BioTrust Multi-Collagen as my top recommendation. However, that I will likely replace soon since Live Conscious also has a Multi Collagen powder now.

      I hope that helps!

      • Hey Matiss,

        Thanks as always for you response. I value your opinion as you know.

        I Haven’t read the BioTrust Ageless Multi Collagen Review , but I have read the Dr. Matthew Collagen Review. It’s seems to be a top notch product. I believe it has 2 types of collagen, I and III. Which brand do you personally prefer?

        I have read, via several sources, that type I collagen makes up 90% of our body’s total collagen %. True?

        BTW, I’m not going to try the TriVita brand. Thanks for your reminder about “hormone free” and “third party testing”. You can often get hung up on the other product benefits like, “cafe free”, “organic”, “grass-feed”. All of which are good in themselves.

        • Hey, Joe!

          As you can probably guess, haha, personally, I would prefer the Live Conscious option, even when it has to be a Multi Collagen.

          But if I had to choose between the Dr. Matthew Collagen and the BioTrust Ageless Multi Collagen, I would pick the Dr. Matthew option.

          Yeah, I think that’s accurate.

          Thumbs up for that! :)


  3. Hi, Matiss!

    I’d love to hear your opinion on MRM, Nutrition, Extra Strength Probiotics, 25 Billion Cells, 30 Vegan Capsules (
    I actually like them and buy them from time to time, alternating with Now Foods probiotic10 and some others when discounts pop up on iherb. I find it’s good thing that they are shelf-stable, offer 16 strains (which is rare for 25bil) and additionally contain pre- and postbiotics plus enzimes. From my experience they feels as good as any other good probiotics. Additional ingredients are good.
    It seems I already know what I need about them, ahah)) But all the same I’m very interested in YOUR opinion)

    I’m from Russia, St-Petersburg.

    Yours sencerely,

    • Hey, Kirill!

      It took me some time to get back to you. I hope you’re doing great. :)

      Yeah, I absolutely agree. The MRM Nutrition Probiotic looks really, really solid. Indeed, 16 different strains is rare for a 25 billion CFU supplement. And then, we got to love those additions as well. And then, the additives are awesome, too.

      The only potential flaw that doesn’t really sit well with me is that it doesn’t promise to be Non-GMO. And so, there probably are some GMO ingredients in this. Most likely either or maybe even both of the additives might be the culprit here. Which certainly is not the end of the world but not quite ideal either. :)

      Cheers, Kirill, have a Great One!

  4. Hi Mattis
    Appreciate all your unbiased reviews and content. I’m looking for some review on the best Ashwagandha supplements out on the market. I know there are a lot of products that boast like KSM66, pure root form but still trying to narrow it down to get the best form of absorption.

    My name is Bobby and I live in California, USA.


    • Hey, Bobby!

      I guess I can’t be too much help in this regard for now. I mean, I’ve been wanting to get into the whole reviewing of Ashwagandha products but haven’t really managed my time well enough to do it. I’ve been updating old articles and implementing the new standard for my reviews which also makes the reviews more time-consuming just in general. To that end, I could probably be significantly more helpful with Ashwagandha more into the second half of the year.

      Generally speaking, the way I see it currently, I would probably go with a patented formulation like that KSM66 or Sensoril. These typically tend to offer much more value, and I think that’s the case also with Ashwagandha. So, I think you’re definitely looking in the right direction. But if I need to offer an example, I would probably go for this. It’s got KSM-66, great additives, and third-party tested. It should be up there among the best ones.

      Other than that, I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful at this time. :)

  5. Happy New Year Matiss!

    I am looking for a supplemental green and have narrowed it down to two, which I am requesting a review for both products,
    1) LiveWell Beyond Greens
    I am currently using their Collagen Peptides supplement which I love(thank you for your review on this)
    2) Your Super – Super Green Mix
    I am currently using their Woman’s Moon balance for hormonal support which I love also.
    Thank you in advance for your help

    • Hey, Ilya!

      Happy New Year! I hope you’ve been great. I loved the request. I’ve been kind of looking for an excuse to get into the Greens category. Now, I have one. :)

      And, WOW. I love how upper-echelon these both feel. I mean, you’ve really narrowed it down, Ilya. I’ll do my best to make both of them happen.


      • Matiss,

        Thank you so much! After, almost falling into the “Activated You” trap that thankfully your detailed review saved me from, I eagerly await your review.

  6. Hey Matiss,
    Joe from Snellville, GA again. Request product review of “Active PK” by LCR Health. Dr. Ran McClain promotes this product. Review purpose: I am wanting to increase my energy levels and reduce my belly fat. Here’s an amazon description.

    1. I’m researching the product ingredients as listed on the website. Wondering if ingredients in their form, amounts, etc. are safe or even optimal?
    2. Generally speaking, are these ingredients known for reducing fat at a cellular level, (as claimed)?

    Gynostemma Pentaphyllum leaf extract, Quercetin dihydrate, Berberine HCI, Rice Flour, Hypromellose, Vegetable Stearic Acid

    Have a great 2021. Looking forward to your fantastic product reviews in the coming year. You are a wealth of “usable” data and information, ( with your own personal touch and opinion). I appreciate that.

    • Hey, Joe!

      Always awesome to hear from you. You too have a great 2021, my man! May it be no less than 500% better for you than the previous one. And, as always, the kind words mean the world to me.

      Now, I feel I kind of owe you this one to be made ASAP, haha. For all the piled up other requests that I haven’t managed my time well enough to get to, haha.

      As most all, I too got a few free days; I think you can expect this one by Sunday. I’ll make sure to answer those two questions within the article as well.

      I appreciate you for being patient with me! :)

      UPDATE. I have posted the article already (you can see it here). It has a publishing date of January 4th. But it should be Sunday, January 3rd, on your end still. Living up to the promises, haha. Have a Great One, Joe! :)

  7. Hey, Matiss!

    First and foremost I am so glad that I came across your website; I came across your website when I went online trying to research about “Code Age” a company claiming high quality products. I found your site very legit and informative with resources and citation to back up your claims. I also like how you break things down with research for everyone to digest. You don’t just go giving biased opinions or getting paid to post feedbacks on certain companies like how most online influencers do! Thank you for being honest, passionate, and helping others like me!

    I am an RN volunteer of working COVID-19 units since the beginning of the pandemic and still going. My diet is terrible to begin with, I have noticed thinning and dry hair, and fatigue, always feeling tired and sleepy especially once it hits 3pm. I can sleep all day and still feel like i haven’t gotten enough sleep. I wake up tired and beaten. This has been going for the past 2 years. I have tried so many vitamins on the market and nothing seem to work. With that being said I have 3 questions please….

    1) Would you please kindly tell me what you think of Codeage fermented women multivitamin and the hair vitamins. They claim so much and I personally got hold of them via live chat and they told me they are NSF certified but I was suspicious about their labels and nothing on there site labels NSF certified. When i question them they told me their manufacture is NSF certified but failed to give me the name of their manufacture (Please also post a review about them)

    2) What would you recommend for multivitamin and hair vitamin. I want the best of the best. I want something that will help with my thinning hair, I want to feel well, and energetic. I don’t mind taking two different supplements such as one multivitamin and one hair vitamin.

    3) what do you think of ‘Iodine” in supplements. I have been reading that too much is dangerous and toxic. but most supplements have them above the DV.

    4. I see you have listed Douglas Ultra preventive X as a good vitamin? Does this company use synthetic or whole food? also why a company so advanced like this has tablets as a form for their some of their multivitamin knowingly tablets are NEVER a good option for multivitamin because they are hard to absorb and less potent and less bioavailable?

    Thank you so much!

    Narah Kassab

    Detroit Michigan

    • Hey, Narah!

      I’m genuinely sorry about delaying the response. The first one I intended to post I accidentally lost and that was a bummer, to say the least. So, here’s my second attempt. I hope you’re still holding up and still kicking some major a*s. <3

      1) The supplements in of themselves are definitely not NSF-certified. Certifying a facility is a different story. Not as good. Impossible to tell if that's legit. From what I can tell, it certainly seems that it isn't [R, R].

      As for the Women's fermented one, it looks fancy due to that fermented Women's blend. Generally speaking, it looks pretty decent. Still, I would pick something off the best-of lists instead. Furthermore, if I was you, I would probably embrace what the very best-of list has to offer with its dedication to the best practices for nutrient amounts.

      As for that Hair supplement, it looks interesting. It looks promising. I think it can work. That said, personally, I would probably stick with a great Collagen one instead. And only then, if for some reason just Collagen doesn’t work, then, try this. Also, I couldn't find the additive list.

      2) I guess I kind of answered this one with the previous answer. Let me know if you need any further input on my side.

      If you're truly after the best of the best I would seriously consider the Douglas Laboratories Ultra Preventive X and LiveWell Collagen Peptides (full review). It should work marvelously.

      3) Iodine is also an incredibly important nutrient. To put you at ease, there's this thing called the Upper Tolerable Intake Levels. What they basically stand for is the maximum values (amounts) of specific nutrients that can be in isolation (not having other nutrients in significant amounts) used for prolonged periods of time that won't cause any negative side effects for 98-99% of the population [R].

      For Iodine, it's set at 600 micrograms. But what's very, very paramount to understand here is that the studies that determine these kinds of levels are done on isolated nutrients. Meaning, they essentially add only one nutrient (like Iodine in this case), and then determine what is the level where it kind of backfires.

      But knowing that pretty much all nutrients need other nutrients to carry out most of their functions and stuff in the body, if you add other nutrients, I would strongly argue that the level is extremely likely much, much higher.

      So, no need to avoid this one as long as you have the other ones.

      4) As far as I know, they're typically about the synthetic options (but they use mostly all the natural forms of the nutrients, the ideal options to absorb).

      I get where you're coming from but I would not dare to say that tablets are necessarily the "hard to absorb and less potent and less bioavailable" options, all that stuff. That's like saying all men are as*holes, all cats hate dogs, or all gang members are bad people. It's just not the case. Plus, there are studies out there that prove this same point.

      Other than that, it's the capsule version of Douglas Ultra Preventive X that I have listed as the No. 1 option.

      I hope that helps. Again, sorry for the delay.
      Cheers, and Have a Great One!

  8. Hi, I just found you today and bought 3 products. I would love a Best list of probiotics. I currently use Lifted Naturals mood boosting probiotics, but have no idea what’s good or bad. Thanks so much!

    • Hey, again, Dawn!

      Indeed, I will have to make that one happen.

      The Lifted Naturals mood boosting probiotics look decent, at least as far as I can tell without going into too much detail. Personally, I would still prefer the Purely Optimal Probiotics (full review). If I remember correctly, the price also was better.

      I hope that helps for now, cheers.

  9. The product: Perfotek Collagen Peptides Powder
    I am from Brooklyn
    Why: I am interested in this collagen peptides powder, because it has been on the market for a long time, I tried it and I liked it, but I would like to receive a review here, since you have very extensive and informative ones.

  10. The product that I am requesting a review for is ActivatedYou-Morning Complete.
    I am from San Antonio, TX
    Why: claims it regulates digestion, increases energy, fights bloating, etc. Also is it gluten-free, etc. does it actually work?

    • Hey, Ilya!

      I’m sorry for not managing to get back to you sooner. I hope you’re doing really well.

      Yes, I’d love to do a review on it for you.
      And it fits well with the category of supplements I’m currently pursuing.

      Give me a week or two (I’ll probably do it sooner though), and let’s speak then!

      Cheers, and have a Great One, Ilya!

      • Matiss,

        Awesome! Thank you!

        Lately, I have seen the surge of products for the “Super Greens” from the SkinnyFit people, Vitauthority, Live Well and including the one I requested the review on that make a lot of promises.

        Best regards,

        P.S. I followed your recommendation on the collagen powder, I have purchased Livewell, Haven’t received it yet but am anxiously awaiting the delivery. The customer service has been amazing.

        • Hey, Ilya!

          I’ll make sure to explore all of those as well. Thank you for bringing them to my attention.

          And above all, if you get the chance, let me know how it goes with the Live Well Collagen. I would wholeheartedly appreciate it.

          Cheers, and have a Great One, Ilya!

  11. Hello,
    I’m thoroughly enjoying all of your write-ups. And have already purchased 3 of your recommended supplements. I wanted to learn your thoughts on ANTIOXIDANT SUPPLEMENTS. I have tried Dr. Gundry’s Vital Reds and I’ve heard about Beverly Hills MD Age Control Antioxidant Complex. But I suspect these are not as high quality as they claim. I would love to know what are the best in your opinion. Thank you.

    • Hey, again, Karen!

      I’m delighted to hear you’re enjoying them. Thank you for letting me know. <3

      As for the Dr. Gundry's Vital Reds, I would love to do a review on it (and I will). But, generally speaking, it looks really solid. As for that other thing, I couldn't find it. Do you mean their Antioxidant serum? When you get the chance, could you please drop me a link for it? :)

      As for the best in that category/field, hard to say. I haven't really researched that yet. From a purely superficial perspective, Vital Red's uniqueness and to some extent superiority comes from it using only the Lectin-free fruits and vegetables/herbs. But then something like this from Amazing Grass for the 1/3 of the price makes me wonder whether that of Gundry MD is really worth it. I guess that mostly depends on how much we buy into the notion of Lectins. That said, there might be far more to it. Which is something I will only be able to tell for certain when I really immerse myself in the category. But, generally speaking, either of them seems to be great.

      Lastly, if you get the chance, do let me know how it goes with those three supplements. I’d love to hear from you.

      Cheers, and have a Fantastic Day!

  12. Hi Health Knight! I hate to add to the long list of requests for reviews but if you are up for it, I’d be very grateful for your review on a product. My sister has a friend that talked her into ordering around $300 worth of vitamins, I am interested but a very hesitate to pay that price. Due to some recent labs, I lack an adequate amount of certain vitamins and was told to buy over the counter vitamins. I need a good quality multivitamin to improve my health without spending money I do not have.

    The vitamins I’d like for you to review is Juice Plus and the link is :

    I live in the piedmont of NC, not heavily populated but not completely rural. We have access to some local vitamin and natural herbal stores but I often worry how long items stay on their shelves.

    Thank you for the reviews you have posted, this helps tremendously!!

    • Hey, Gloria!

      I feel you. And always up for it. Seems like a great thing to review. Definitely something a bit different from what I typically review but fascinating nonetheless.

      No promises as to when exactly I will get to it though. But I’m looking forward to it and I will keep it on my priority list.

      Other than that, for now, from a purely superficial perspective, personally, I wouldn’t pick this as a replacement for my multivitamin or any of the very best multivitamins for that matter.

      I mean, this might make for a great addition to that. But definitely not a replacement. At least that’s the way I see it, currently. I will be able to tell more and be more accurate about it once I do the full review.

      Cheers, Gloria, and have a Great One!

      P. S. Sorry I didn’t manage to get back to you sooner. :)

  13. Hi again Matiss!!

    I am curious about your opinion on 2 subjects:

    Cell/DNA protection:

    I am impressed, to be honest with some formulations in the market that their main aim is to offer cell and DNA protection. Therefore, they include some powerful antioxidants/anti-inflammatory ingredients. Some companies even use some very powerful astragaloside forms (like the supplement TA-65). Do you have any list or maybe did you do any research on powerful antioxidant formulas that target cell protection?

    Immune support:

    I am a fan of medicinal mushrooms after my personal experience of trying to battle an EBV infection for a long time. Therefore, I believe that immune-support formulas that contain some forms of mushrooms like AHCC, Maitake, Reishi, etc. should be an essential addition for everyone. Personally, after my research, I believe that AHCC and Oriveda are the best companies that offer pure mushroom formulas. Do you have any opinion on that?

    I can share anything if you are interested, just email me.


    • Hey, George!

      Two absolutely fascinating subjects I haven’t had a real opportunity to explore yet.

      I mean, my knowledge doesn’t go much further than Turmeric Curcumin supplements with this. I have done some research on the mushrooms when they happened to be part of a multivitamin. But that’s about it.

      Hence, for now, I don’t think I can be of much help with this (apart from giving fast feedback on whether or not additives check out).

      Other than that, I would love to get a hold of any pdfs, research papers, informative articles, links, etc. you have on the subjects. If you get the chance and if it’s not too much trouble, drop them at

      I appreciate you. All the best, George!

  14. My name is Pamela, from Pasadena, Texas (just outside Houston).

    I did some research and went with Purely Optimal for my Collagen. I am 67 and have been taking it for about 3 months. Its multi Collagen Peptides, Hydrolyzed and has the I, II, III, V & X type, and seemed to meet the things I was looking for.

    A family member has just started with the Livewell Collagen and thought it was a better choice than mine.

    Also, Purely Optimal told me that their Probotics (which also sells on Amazon), is a big seller. That 9 of 10 who look at it make the purchase.

    I would appreciate your review and comments, thanks.

    • Hey, Pamela!

      I’m sorry I haven’t managed to get back to you sooner. I hope you’re doing well.

      I appreciate you sharing that. It will be my pleasure. The Purely Optimal Collagen I think I might be dropping in a week or so. The Probiotics of them, likely in two weeks or something. Might do it sooner though.

      As for the LiveWell, I’ve actually already done a review on it. You can find it here.

      On the Purely Optimal Collagen article, I might also add a section specifically comparing the two. For convenience and stuff. :)

      Cheers, and have a Great One!

  15. Supplement Review Request
    Joe, from Snellville, GA

    Hi Matiss,

    My name is Joe from Snellville, GA. ( Think I heard a snicker when you read “Snellville, GA”. That’s ok, my wife & I snickered when we moved to Snellville. Funny name for a city)

    Anyway, I greet you as if we were friends, since I comments so often and you are so attentive in responding to your readers. Your responses are always first, professional, yet at the same time, pleasant & full of usable information and even recommendations. Great job on your balance of professionalism and friendly responses.

    Ok, to the task at hand. Would you review the following product?

    Product name: Total Restore (formulated by GundryMD).

    I’d like to restore my gut health in general. Even with bouts of constipation, some bloating, & other issues, I feel a great need to change my diet along with a supplement that would promote a healthier gut. I just started taking “Renew Life Everyday Ultimate Flora Probiotic”, (30Bill capsules ). I’ll be switching to the “Now” brand shorty.

    According to Dr. Gundry, the first five ingredients, plus the clove & zinc listed on the Total Restore label, are the most effective ingredients for a healthier gut, (per one of his YouTube “infomercials”). The product DOES NOT CONTAIN PROBIOTICS. Hummm.

    “IF” this formulation is effective, and accurate for a healthier gut, THEN I would like to find a less expensive alternative to Total Restore to battle a leaky gut. Normal price is $50 for a 30 day supply, “ONLY” for first-time buyers. The first time buyer price is even a little steep.

    I’d like to make an investment in my gut health, but $50/ mo. seems expensive. Any recommendations, after your review of this product , would be greatly appreciated. Recommendations from you are like gold to me.

    Thanks again. Take your time, I know you are a busy man.


    • Hey, Joe!

      Awesome to hear from you, again. You, too, feel that same way to me. I hope all is well at your end. And uuuu-uu, the kind words, I wholeheartedly appreciate it. I know I say that quite a bit but it truly means a lot. And boy, did that reference to gold at the end got me smiling. <3

      Fascinating stuff this Total Restore thing. I will most definitely make a review on it. It also seems like a widely popular thing. Give me a week or so.

      As for now and as usual, I would love to leave you with some key insights. But I feel I'll have to refrain from that this time. I haven't been too involved with the gut health stuff and substances that really promote that (apart from probiotics and some general food stuff) yet. Looking forward to it though.

      Appreciate you, man! Cheers,

      Update July 21, 2020 | It will probably take a bit more time than I originally anticipated. There’s a lot to cover. I got to say, I didn’t expect so many different ingredients. Cheers.

      • REPLY TO UPDATE: July 26, 2020
        Thank you. No rush. I know you like to be thorough.
        Yes, there are many ingredients, ( concerned that it “contains shell fish”. Courious why it ” Does Not Contain Probiotics”). Thanks again.

          • Hey Matiss,
            Hope your week is going great. I see you have many requests to research topics. I for one, applaud all your efforts. This site is amazing. ALL your hard work is invaluable, I mean that.

            My body has had so much “relief” and “healing” simply because you agree to share your knowledge and expertise. I really want to thank you for your time. Again no rush on my request, you have many looking for relief & healing for the first time. Focus on their requests. I’ve had my share of “happiness” from what you’ve already shared with me.

            So believe me when I say, focus on other requests. My request is more for extra information that I may use to explore more info about gut health and probiotics. It would be another purchase option for my health if the product is legit. If not, I’d just save money by not doing “trial & error” to test the product.

            And that’s another thing. You’ve saved us, your reader/ followers , probably thousands of dollars precisely because we read your reviews and did not waste our money on the “trial & error” routine to”see if this product works”. Man, how much money would I have wasted had I not come across your site.

            Again, you’ve done plenty to make my life more enjoyable. Continue to spread your healing & relief messages. We all benefit from each of your published articles.. That’s good enough for me.

          • Hey, Joe!

            Dammit, man, you genuinely kind-hearted soul. From the bottom of my heart, I truly appreciate the message. It means more than anyone could ever know. And it totally made my day! <3

            Nonetheless, I'm still so sorry for not managing to get through to posting that review I promised yet. Generally speaking, it proved out to be a much more complicated matter than I originally anticipated. Well, gut lining. A terribly delicate thing. And, at least the way I feel, there's a lot to learn to really get to the notion of can this really work from a pure ingredient standpoint. And I may never truly understand it but at least I could make a much more educated guess. And thus, the review, at least in my eyes, would feel a lot more content.

            Maybe it's overkill but so, naturally, I felt I won't be able to do that properly without going through the full book of the Plant Paradox. It's a great book by Gundry MD himself on which a lot of the ideas, ingredients in the supplement seem to be based on. I had gone through a summary of it by Blinkist but hadn't actually read the full book. Just a side note, did you know that Glucosamine can actually protect the gut lining from the effects of harmful lectins?

            All in all, if I had to make an early guess, the product is very likely legit. Plus, it seems Gundry himself believes that with the 90-day money-back guarantee and all. That said, the supplement can (probably) certainly contribute very little if all we do is eat lectin filled foods. Either way, a full review is absolutely necessary. I'm just grateful for you bringing my awareness to it.

            I appreciate you, Joe!

            Have a Great One!

  16. I would love to have a review of Nature’s Bounty vitamin D3, 1,000 iu. I have been trying to find out if the product is third party tested for quality and purity of ingredients and potency. The company says that the facilities are verified by USP but the seal is not on the label because USP charges to add it . USP said that the product is not verified by them. I am very confused. I would very much like to find out your opinion of this vitamin. Thank you in advance. I live in VA. I don’t have a website. If possible, could you please email your review to me and not post it.

    • Hey, Leann!

      As far as I know, it is nothing along those lines. I’m like 99.9% sure Nature’s Bounty doesn’t do that.

      Having a USP verified facility and being third-party tested for purity, potency, safety are two entirely different things. Furthermore, the first will never include the second. Which is likely why USP says it’s not verified by them.

      As for the substance of the supplement, I don’t think it’s a good one. Soybean Oil and Corn Oil (two of the additives that this one uses) are typically bad news. Granted, they’re not as bad if the supplement is Non-GMO but still.

      Personally, I would never use such a thing. Or God forbid, let my kids or wife use that. Also, there are just a plethora of very affordable options that use truly high-quality ingredients. One such example is this one (review); it’s what I take. Or if you’re interested in something strictly third-party tested, you might want to look into this one (review). Whereas this (review) is another alternative for that.

      And no worries, you don’t have to have a website, it’s just the standard WordPress form (the main software behind the website). Also, I don’t e-mail full reviews, I always post those whenever I do them. If needed I can provide some thoughts and pointers via email but it’s always better if you can to post them on the website (it helps with rankings in search engines like Google and everything). Also, always keep in mind, you can easily use a made-up name (and I can switch out this one if you like as well) if you’re more comfortable that way. Let me know. :)

      Cheers, and have a Great One!

  17. Hi Matiss,

    This is Don from Fort Worth, TX, USA. This is a really great website I stumbled upon as I searched for high-quality and cost-effective supplements! My search for supplements in itself came about from my research on the Keto diet of all things and how certain supplements can improve cardiovascular health and improve cholesterol levels, etc.

    Anyway, I came across your site looking for “other ingredients” in the PureNature Turmeric supplement. Like yourself, I look at those other ingredients as well as multiple reviews online that I can find. I’ve also found, as you mention on many of your individual supplement reviews, that the manufacturer’s website has overblown and most likely edited reviews in their favor.

    Mostly I have used the Amazon reviews, although I’m sure there are many there that are fake too, however you can sometimes tell if the review is real by the length and detailed review that is given. Also, on Amazon, they have a question section in addition to the review section and I’ve found both very helpful.

    Also, I am very big on computing the cost per pill and, in the case of different pills having different amounts of the particular supplement, the cost per mg/oz. or whatever. So basically I’ve tried to glean the quality and effectiveness of the supplement from these Amazon reviews and the cost-effectiveness from what I can find either through Amazon, Walmart, or other online retailers.

    Anyway, I found your website here and it definitely helps with the quality determination of the supplements I’ve been researching. I haven’t gotten to look much at multi-vitamins yet, but the other two you review a lot here that I’m looking at are the Turmeric and Omega-3 fish oil supplements. I’ll just ask about the Turmeric ones for now as this is already probably too long.

    To tell you the truth, I’ve spent an incredible amount of time trying to decipher the many terms, ingredients, bio-enhancement claims and ingredients on many, many Turmeric/Curcumin supplements and I still get very confused! My request for you would be an in-depth review of the best and worst Turmeric/Curcumin supplements as you have done for Fish Oil.

    Hopefully, this would include both liquid and gel cap forms as well as comparing the claims of all the different bio-enhancement of various kinds such as the BioPerine, BCM-95, etc. Your Solgar review mentions that the bio-enhancement coefficient and it would seem good to use that in comparison with each other in your “Best of Turmeric/Curcumin review”.

    Lastly, some specific comments and questions on some of your reviews. (Told you it was long!) Reading many of your reviews, I have found it somewhat difficult to determine from the different sections of your reviews if you are actually in favor of the particular supplement of not. I know it seems like you like to give the good as well as the bad in each section and I guess that’s what a little confusing in the overall review.

    I think it would be beneficial to put a small blurb at the very beginning so that one could know that ahead of time in light of the review.

    For example, your Research Verified review’s title includes “- 100% Rubbish” in the title, and in the end, you seem to indicate it’s amazing.

    The other strange thing about your amazing recommendation is that you show the label that states “with 95% curcuminoids”, then go on to explain how important it is for the label to refer to the word “standardized” (which this supplement does not) and then on that PureNature review that I was led to initially, you basically lambast them for the same reason…that is using the word “with” rather than “standardized”.

    So I guess on this particular aspect I’m questioning your thought process and recommendation and hopefully in your upcoming “Best of Turmeric/Curcumin review”, you can elaborate more on this in all of your comparisons.

    I actually saw one review on Amazon for Qunol Liquid Turmeric which referred to this “with” vs “standardized” question and still bought it because of the really good reviews, however, it does show potassium sorbate as the last ingredient and now I really don’t know if it was a good choice or not. Also, their website and several other reviews say that Qunol’s soft gels are actually more bio-absorbed than their liquid formula and that their soft gel formula made with gamma-cyclodextrin is 40X more bio-absorbed compared to the non-enhanced curcumin extract which is double the claim for 20X more bio-absorbed with the BioPerine formula.

    Again, hopefully, you can go over all of these with your, I hope, future “Best of Turmeric/Curcumin review”! After seeing how this Qunol liquid Turmeric turns out, I very well may try one of your other seemingly high-rated choices of either the NatureWise or Nutrigold brands and then wait for your in-depth review after that.

    Thanks again for your incredible website here and your supplement reviews…I have definitely found it useful! Please forgive this long post and look out on the Fish Oil page!

    • Hey, Don!

      This is awesome, not really sure where to start with this one now, haha. I guess, one step at a time it is. And no need to apologize. :)

      I love that you’re looking at the other ingredients, too. The question section of Amazon is something I haven’t looked into too much but it sounds it could be worth doing so. As for costs, I love that too.

      On that note, there’s actually a section I’m kind of contemplating on adding to each of the reviews I’m doing (it’s not whether I’ll add it, it’s more about when). The idea would be to compare any given supplement to similar products on the market. And thus, to compare the cost-effectiveness across a variety of brands, all available at your fingertips.

      It would definitely be a step further into making the most thorough reviews but it takes additional time for each review. Not sure how I’d want it to be presented (table or diagram, etc.). And also a few technical aspects that would need solving and make the whole effort of finishing a single more time-consuming. But I will get there.

      As for a proper in-depth Turmeric/Curcumin best-of and worst-of list, it’s coming. They take a ton of time to develop. And I’m never innately okay with just throwing a random list of a random (incomplete) selection of supplements like I’ve seen so many other websites do. I’m just not okay with that. I truly try to look at and evaluate every single supplement I can find.

      And yeah, it will absolutely be a thorough look at all the various Curcumin formulations and bio-enhancements and how they all fit into the picture and compare to one another. And the reason the article I haven’t done yet, I didn’t want to get it wrong.

      Speaking of which, I feel that I did actually get it wrong with Solgar. It should correctly be calculated a bit differently. And thus, that article will definitely need an update. And that’s fine. But getting an entire best-of list wrong like that would be just painful beyond reason. So, I will very likely do some double and triple-checking.

      As for me being in favor of or against it, it’s generally down to the final section of the review. But I feel what you are saying. And I sincerely appreciate your feedback; I will consider it. Blurb or summaries at the beginning of the article, it’s another section I’ve been quietly considering. And some clear visual cues are also in the queue.

      About the titles, generally speaking, I’m quite limited to what I can do there. It’s all SEO specific. It’s about competing for in search results and negatives have a much better chance at succeeding. I don’t prefer it, but I’m kind of obligated to embrace it. Also, as I remember it, there should be a question mark on that particular title as to indicate there that it may not be 100% Rubbish.

      Which kind of reminds me. I should remove the question mark and update the article.

      You see, the PureNature one got it correct. Research Verified was a much earlier one. Frankly, I had no idea what I was doing at the time. And I have overlooked the “with” there. It’s actually not ideal to have that there as the PureNature Turmeric Curcumin article explains.

      And hence, me lambasting there. Thing is, standardized indicates that all of the amounts indicated on the label are 95% curcuminoids. Whereas “with” basically means that it’s of two parts. There’s raw Turmeric there and there’s 95% standardized extract there; the amounts on the label are the combined amounts of both. But there’s a huge difference whether it’s 1200 milligrams of raw Turmeric and 100 milligrams of 95% standardized or there’s 100 milligrams of raw stuff and 1200 milligrams of standardized. The latter, obviously, being much better.

      I hope that makes sense.

      Above all, I wholeheartedly appreciate all of the feedback and suggestions, and the time you spent typing them out. I appreciate you, Don!

      Looking forward to that feedback on Fish Oils. Also, if there are any other ideas you ever want to run by me, I’ll be happy to hear from you.

      Cheers, and have an Awesome Day!

      P. S. I broke your comment down in a bit more paragraphs. I hope you don’t mind. :)

  18. Hi Matiss,
    Your topics are very educative & enlightening. My hearty thanks for the same.
    I am a resident of Bangalore city, India. After reviewing the following, please let me have your advise for me & my wife.

    1. Self – Male, Age -72 years. Type 2 Diabetic, for the past about 30 years (Sugar is under control with Tablets.)
    a) Procaps lab : Elite 100 for Men with maximum essential OMEGA 3, 500 mg./ 1000 mg.
    b) Natural factors, whole earth & sea Men’s 50+ multivitamin & Mineral.
    c) Healthspan – Multivitality 70 +.

    2. Wife – Age -66 years.
    a) procaps lab – Elite 100 for women with maximum essential OMEGA 3, 500 mg/ 1000 mg.
    b) Garden of life vitamin code 50 & wiser women.
    c) Alive once daily women’s ultra potency.

    I am looking to get omega 3 & multivitamin together. You are welcome to advise, other than the above Brands considering our age requirement. In my earlier mail I have not given the required details. Please excuse me for the same.
    With Regards,

    • Hey, Girish!

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the website. :)

      If I was you, it would be the Natural Factors Whole Earth & Sea Men’s 50+ Multivitamin & Mineral without a question. It’s something I’ve already considered among the very best for conventional approach. But not only that, it’s also significantly better than the other two.

      The main problem with Procaps Lab one is the fact that it uses Fish Oil that, as far as I can tell, doesn’t have a third-party certification for purity. And one can really go wrong with that; it can backfire so easily essentially; typically, it’s worse to consume contaminated fish oil than to not consume any. Generally speaking, I’m yet to find an at least somewhat decent multivitamin that includes Omega-3. They usually underperform hard on either the vitamins and minerals part or the Fish Oil (Omega-3) aspect.

      Don’t get me wrong, Omega-3 is absolutely paramount for great health. But always get that from a separate supplement (here’s the list for the best Fish Oils). The quality those provide is far, far beyond what I’ve seen in these formulations that are trying to tackle all at once.

      As for the other one (Healthspan), it’s a truly mediocre one, even just outright bad. Questionable additives. Mostly bad and cheap vitamin and mineral forms. Just a really poor one overall.

      If I was your lady, I would have to decide do I want to pursue multivitamins according to 100% Daily Values or reasonably above or do I agree with the best practices for nutrient amounts.

      If it’s the former, then the Garden of Life Vitamin Code 50 & Wiser Women, for sure. Can’t go wrong with that one. Whereas if it’s the latter, then I would opt for the Alive Once Daily Women’s Ultra Potency. As for the third option (Procaps Lab), it’s the same problem that was with its men equivalent. I wouldn’t go for it. It can backfire terribly.

      Generally speaking, when it comes to multivitamins you can’t go wrong with what I’ve listed on the best for men and best for women. That said, do also consider the very best ones, I’m a huge believer in those. You can also find more info on why that is the case for me there.

      I hope that helps. If there are any other ideas you want to run by me, just let me know. I’ll be happy to hear from you.

      Cheers, and have a Great One!

    • Could you do a review on Liquid Health’s Complete Multiple… For what you get the price seems too good to be true compared to other liquid vitamins. Curious from Northern New York.

      • Hey, Robert!

        I will look into it. Can’t promise when exactly though.

        Generally speaking, it looks decent at least from the vitamin and mineral perspective (if you’re shooting for 100% Daily Values). I also liked the blends they add.

        However, when it comes to additives, I wouldn’t say it’s ideal. Potassium Sorbate is something I would personally avoid (try searching that on Health Knight for more info). Not sure about Natural Flavoring in there as that’s something extremely dependent on manufacturing practices which they elaborate very little on.

        To add to that, the way I see it, they are somewhat misleading with what cGMP by NSF means. Also, they themselves claim that the product is Sugar-Free, but then have Erythritol in it which is a sugar alcohol. Hence, it is actually sugar. It may not be as harmful as sugar is but still sugar.

        I hope that helps for now, Robert.

        Cheers, and have a Great One!

  19. Hi Matiss,

    First, my apologies as I rushed to send my comment under the Best Supplement Section.
    I can now see that it is best suited in this category.
    I would like to thank you for all your insights, efforts, and the amount of research that you put into each supplement.
    This is an eye-opener for me like many others who stumbled upon your website.
    I would like to request if you have the chance to have a look into the Xtend Life Multivitamins.
    I spent a day looking for the best online pharmacy to source out Douglas Laboratories Ultra Preventive X here in New Zealand and there are only a few that can deliver here.
    The final price and the shipping is very expensive and I am worried about Courier delivery.
    I am hoping to buy my multivitamins locally that is why I am considering Xtend Life Total Premium.
    I am trying my best to eat healthier foods and get daily exercises but I am not getting enough sleep and as a result, I always lack the focus while I am working.
    My objective is to get proper sleep so I can have more energy and to get my focus when I am working.
    Any insight is appreciated.
    Thank you very much.


    • Hey, Jamie!

      No need for an apology. I actually prefer people posting comments on the actual articles; it helps far more with the rankings and everything than when posted in this section. This one is just to emphasize the idea that I’m willing to help everyone with any question about any supplement (and whenever necessary do proper research as well).

      I totally feel where you’re coming from. I posted my thoughts on the thing when answering the other comment of yours. If you have any further questions, I’m an open book. Other than that, I will probably add a section on that Xtend thing in the list on the very best multivitamins; meaning, the explanation as to why I think it’s not that great of a supplement and hence, doesn’t really deserve to be among the very best. Because I actually get asked that a lot.

      About the healthy food and daily exercises, I’m happy to hear. Keep it up.

      As for the sleep, two things I can recommend on the top of my head to make those hours you do get more effective. The first would be to go to sleep early at about 8-9 but no later than 10 o’clock. If we would compare the 6-7 hours from that point or 6-7 from, say, midnight – much more effective. There’s a lot of science behind that which has to do with Melatonin production and that sort of thing. The second would be to exercise in the morning. Again, a ton of science that’s related to how exercise in the morning influences cortisol levels and how we then get better sleep at night.

      Right, I said two things. As I was writing them out a couple more came to mind. Third, make sure you sleep in pitch-black darkness (necessary for natural Melatonin production). Fourth, get all of the blinking stuff out of your bedroom (this one messes with, again, Melatonin production). Fifth, no screen an hour before bedtime (has to do with, again, better Melatonin production). Sixth, maybe consider getting a plant that performs photosynthesis during the night (believe it or not, there are such plants); it will make for better air quality, hence, more restful sleep.

      Seventh, whenever possible open the windows and do some ventilating before going to sleep (again, better air, better sleep). Eighth, there are studies on what is the ideal temperature of the room for most restful sleep. If I’m not mistaking it was at about 18 degrees Celsius or 64 degrees Fahrenheit or something like that. And, of course, there are other things we can do for more restful sleep.

      Give these a spin, see if it helps!

      Cheers, and have a Great One!

  20. Hi Matiss,

    I apologize as this is my third review request!
    This time I’m wondering about probiotics. First of all, I’m wondering if you do have any favourite probiotic brands.
    Secondaly, I’m wondering if you could look into these products:
    1. CanPrev Probiotik 15-B.
    2. Ultimate Flora Women’s Vaginal.
    3. Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Women’s probiotic.

    I am also separately curious about whether you’ve found that probiotics are useful/safe during pregnancy, and if a special prenatal formulation should be chosen (vs. a women’s formulation or general formulation).

    Thank you so much again. I hope I haven’t overwhelmed you with review requests. I really appreciate your input.


    • Hey, Michelle!

      I’ve personally Renew Life and Now Foods Probiotics.

      I would like to think they’re useful. And safe – definitely. My wife took these ones pretty much all throughout her pregnancy and she’s still taking them (our second baby’s almost 6 weeks now).

      I think 50 billion is an overkill. But, generally speaking, all of these are pretty great from a pure ingredient perspective. Of all the three, the Garden of Life definitely has an edge over the rest. The added prebiotics, the 16 strains of probiotics, their amounts, and additives – all I feel is quite beyond the other two.

      The individual reviews I will try to get to but no promises as to when exactly.

      Cheers, Michelle!


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