Extracts Of Rosemary (E392) – Overview, Uses, Side Effects & More

Additive Summary Extracts Of Rosemary (E392)
Essence Extracts Of Rosemary or E392 is an extract derived from the rosemary plant, also known as Rosmarinus Officinalis, and primarily works as an antioxidant in food. It’s basically a substance that has been used for centuries in both the culinary world and medicine.
Names Rosemary extract, Rosemary leaf extract, Rosemary antioxidant, Natural antioxidant (derived from rosemary), Rosemary oleoresin, E392, Extracts Of Rosemary, and others.
Sourcing  Leaves of the Rosemary plant (but other parts can, in theory, be used as well).
Manufacturing The sourcing ingredient is cleaned and potentially also washed. Then, it’s about extraction which can happen in a number of ways. Solvent extraction, steam distillation, and supercritical fluid extraction are just some of the methods to do it. For example, in solvent extraction, the sourcing ingredient is immersed in ethanol or water which then is subject to heat or stirring of the solution. After that, it’s purified through filtration and possibly other forms of purification. Then, evaporation or vacuum distillation can be applied to increase the concentration of the bioactive compounds. Then, standardization can also take place (a step that basically adjusts concentration). Finally, it’s processed and formulated into whatever form is required (be it liquid, powder, or oil-based extract).
Application Antioxidant and flavoring agent. Its solubility in water can vary.
Acceptable Daily Intake None determined.
Side Effects In very high amounts, it can have negative gastrointestinal effects (for example, stomach upset, indigestion, or diarrhea). It may have a mild blood thinning effect when consumed in excessive amounts. It may interact with anticoagulants, antiplatelet drugs, and anticonvulsants.
Benefits It offers highly capable antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It also offers anti-cancer and antimicrobial effects. Additionally, it promotes digestive health and improves brain health.
Studies 3,210+ studies on Pubmed. Less than 205+ studies on safety.
Allergens None.
Diet Restrictions None.
Health Knight Assessment Only Beneficial. | Hence, it’s a Category 0 Additive.
Products Extracts Of Rosemary (E392) gets used in processed foods such as quick soups, pizzas, crisps, chips, burgers, chopsticks, sauces, premade meat products, and mayonnaise. In theory, it can also be found in herbal teas, hams, sausages, dressings, seasonings, spice mixes, pastries, and more.

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