Shellac (E904) – Overview, Uses, Side Effects & More

Additive Summary Shellac (E904)
Essence Shellac or E904 is a natural resin-like substance (natural polymer mainly esters of polyhydroxyaliphatic acids) created from secretions of Kerria lacca, also known as lac beetle, and in food primarily used as a glazing agent. It is also commonly used in medicine, wood finish, varnishes, automotive products, and more.
Names Gum Lac, French Polish, Lac, CAS 9000-59-3, E904, Shellac, and others.
Sourcing  Secretions of Kerria lacca (lac beetle).
Manufacturing The sourcing ingredient is harvested from the branches or trees typically in Southeast Asia and India. Then, it’s crushed and sieved (for the sake of removing impurities, including twigs and leaves). After that, it’s melted in a solvent like ethanol, methanol, acetone, or denatured alcohol. After this, it is further refined by various methods such as centrifugation, heating, and multiple filtration. Finally, it’s about solidification; namely, the refined liquid resin is cooled and solidified to form flakes, granules, or bars.
Application Glazing agent, coating, anti-sticking agent, film-forming agent, and mold-release agent. It’s water-insoluble.
Acceptable Daily Intake None determined.
Side Effects It can wreak havoc on gut health. Milder gastrointestinal disturbances, such as gas, bloating, and diarrhea, are also possible.
Benefits None.
Studies 330+ studies on Pubmed. Less than 15 studies on safety.
Allergens None.
Diet Restrictions Not suitable for vegans.
Health Knight Assessment Harmful. | Hence, it’s a Category 4 Additive.
Products Shellac (E904) gets used in processed foods like ice creams, biscuits, chocolate-covered nuts, nut mixes, all kinds of rounded chocolate-related snacks, cakes, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate desserts, chocolate assortments, cupcakes, gum, jelly beans, gummy candies, cookies, fresh oranges, marzipan, chocolate bars, candy, sweets, tic tac, doughnuts, cheesecakes, roasted nuts, breakfast cereals. muesli, sprinkles and other food decorations, brownies, ice cream logs, fresh mandarines, chocolate-coated marshmallow treats, yogurts, and more.

Shellac (E904) Side Effects Will Be The Case Jelly Beans Frequently Use This Glazing Agent

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