Sodium Tartrate (E335) – Overview, Uses, Side Effects & More

Additive Summary Sodium Tartrate (E335)
Essence Sodium Tartrate or E335 is a Sodium Salt of Tartaric Acid that presents itself as a white crystalline powder with a slightly acidic taste and no smell and is commonly used as an emulsifier, antioxidant, sequestrant, and acidity regulator in food and supplements. It is also used in the textile and pharmaceutical industry. There are two different Sodium Tartrates: 1) Monosodium Tartrate or E335(i) and 2) Disodium Tartrate or E335(ii).
Names Sodium L-tartrate, Tartaric acid disodium salt, Sodium tartrate dibasic, Disodium tartrate, Disodium (2R,3R)-(+)-tartrate, Disodium dihydrogen tartrate, E335, Sodium Tartrate, and others.
Sourcing  Tartaric Acid (E334) which is acquired through a series of steps typically from byproducts of the winemaking process.
Manufacturing The sourcing ingredient is dissolved in hot water and combined with either Sodium Carbonate or Sodium Hydroxide. This mixture is then heated and stirred. The outcome of that is later cooled and filtered to get rid of any impurities. After further cooling it forms crystals. Finally, these are collected, washed, and dried.
Application Acidity regulator, sequestrant, antioxidant, buffering agent, chelating agent, and emulsifier. Highly soluble in water.
Acceptable Daily Intake None determined or supposedly, safe at levels of up to 30 milligrams per kilogram of body weight
Side Effects In high amounts, it can cause gastrointestinal discomfort.
Benefits None.
Studies 160+ studies on Pubmed. Less than 5 studies on safety.
Allergens None.
Diet Restrictions None.
Health Knight Assessment Fully Harmless. | Hence, it’s a Category 1 Additive.
Products Sodium Tartrate (E335) can be found in processed foods such as meatballs, prepackaged raw meat, pork and chicken meat products, sausages, burgers, and gummy candies. In theory, it’s also added to jellies, cakes, cookies, jams, soft drinks, sauces, desserts, cheese, yogurts, canned vegetables, canned fruits, and pickled foods.

Sodium Tartrate (E335) Side Effects Will Not Bother Hamburgers Can Have This Acidity Regulator And Emulsifier

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