Beetroot Extract (E162) – Overview, Uses, Side Effects & More

Additive Summary Beetroot Extract (E162)
Essence Beetroot Extract or E162 is a natural red color typically obtained from beets or beet juice.
Names Betanin, E162, INS No. 162, Beetroot Red, Beetroot Extract, Beet Powder, and others.
Sourcing  There are no rubbish surprises here. Commercially, it’s sourced from beets. Thus, no non-sense of sourcing natural colors from ingredients that are not natural.
Manufacturing To create the Beetroot Red, red beets (Beta vulgaris L. var rubra) are squashed and crushed. Membranes filtration and clarification can be applied but that’s optional. The outcome of that is worked by a simple industrial drying process in which the beets are pulverized. The end product is the stripped of fibers and nonwater soluble polysaccharides.
Betanin can also be created through solvent extraction by using methanol or ethanol.
Application Coloring (red to red-purple, very water-soluble).
Acceptable Daily Intake None determined.
Side Effects Side effects are minor and benefits make up for them in spades. But it can interfere with the absorption of certain nutrients, color the urine red to pink, contribute to kidney stone formation.
Benefits This thing can offer all kinds of benefits. It can promote good blood pressure levels, aid athletic performance, provide anti-inflammatory properties, boost brain health, enhance digestive health, balance energy intake, offer anti-cancer properties, fight diabetes and dementia, strengthen bone health, foster liver health, and more.
Studies 940+ studies on Pubmed. 35+ studies on safety.
Allergens None.
Diet Restrictions None.
Health Knight Assessment
Typically Beneficial. | Category 0 Additive.
Products It can be used as a beneficial ingredient in supplements. It is commonly used in processed foods like all kinds of desserts, ice creams, cake mixes, soft drinks, salad dressings, hard candies, dried fruit, marshmallows, cookies and biscuits, pastries, ice creams, yogurts, frostings, drink mixes, meat products, meat substitute products, and others.

Beetroot Extract (E162) Side Effects Are Not Very Likely It Can Be Used In Desserts And Yoghurt

The Color Can Be Present In Ice CreamCakes Can Use Betanin Too

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