Brown HT (E155) – Overview, Uses, Side Effects & More

Additive Summary Brown HT (E155)
Essence Brown HT or E155 is an artificial color (coal tar bis-azo dye) that is often used as the cheaper option for cocoa-like or caramel-like coloring.
Names Food Brown 3, CI 20285, CAS 4553-89-3, CI Food Brown 3, Chocolate Brown HT, E155, Brown HT, INS No. 155, and others.
Sourcing  It is sourced from coal tar.
Manufacturing Unknown.
Application Coloring (brown, very water-soluble).
Acceptable Daily Intake It is said to be fine in amounts up to 1.5 milligrams on every kilogram of body weight daily. But that number is extremely void of reality. We shouldn’t be consuming any of it. In fact, it has been banned in countries like France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, the USA, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, and Austria.
Side Effects As an artificial color, it can create all kinds of serious problems. It can lead to cancer, brain damage (neurotoxin), hyperactivity, skin irritation, asthma, severe allergies, infertility, OCD, irritability, and more.
Benefits None.
Studies 20+ studies on Pubmed. Less than 5 studies on safety.
Allergens None.
Diet Restrictions It might not be Halal compatible. Otherwise, none.
Health Knight Assessment Seriously Harmful. | Category 5 Additive.
Products It is used in processed foods like chocolates, pastries, teas, biscuits, soft drinks, sweets, crisps, protein drinks, sausages, BBQs, chocolate bars, hot dogs, chocolate drinks, wafers, dried fruits, cookies, cakes, candy, desserts, breakfast cereal, spring rolls, food decorations, ice creams, lollies, bacon, jams, yogurts, and others.

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