Quinoline Yellow (E104) – Overview, Side Effects & More

Additive Summary Quinoline Yellow (E104)
Essence Quinoline Yellow or E104 is a synthetic non-azo dye (artificial color) used to achieve a greenish-yellow type of color in feed, food, supplements, and medicine.
Names Quinoline Yellow, E104, Acid Yellow 3, Food Yellow 13, D&C Yellow 10, C.I. 47005, Quinophthalone, Solvent yellow 33, 11641 Yellow, and others.
Sourcing  It’s fully synthetically made. It’s typically prepared either from 2-(2-quinolyl)indane-1,3-dione or a mixture of the former and 2-(2-(6-methylquinolyl))indane-1,3-dione.
Manufacturing To make Quinoline Yellow, the 2-(2-quinolyl)indane-1,3-dione or its mixture undergoes sulphonating which, essentially, means that it gets to a reaction with sulphuric acid.
Application Coloring (yellow to green, very water-soluble).
Acceptable Daily Intake It is said to be supposedly safe in amounts up to 10 milligrams on every kilogram of body weight. But that is a number to not trust. Realistically, we shouldn’t ever eat it.
Depending on the exact food, it can be present in amounts as high as 500 milligrams per kilogram of food.
Side Effects As an artificial color, it is linked to hyperactivity (ADHD) in children, cancer, asthma, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and damage to the brain (neurotoxin). It also causes rashes. Forbidden for use in food in the US and Canada. Banned in Norway, Austria, Japan.
Benefits None.
Studies 85+ studies on Pubmed. 10+ studies on safety.
Allergens None.
Diet Restrictions None.
(As An Additive)
Seriously Harmful. | Category 5 Additive.
Products Used in products like the Life Extension Aspirin (Low Dose Safety Coated), Zicam Cold Remedy Medicated Fruit Drops, Vivarin Brand Alertness Aid, and others.
Not present in foods naturally. Used in processed foods like pastries, candy, beverages, seafood, nougats, chewing gum, toppings, soups, marzipan, broths, food decorations, and others.

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  1. Quinoline yellow E104 is in some tablets prescribed at the hospital for me. I will not take them now that I have looked this up.

    9.07 2023


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