New Chapter Bone Strength Review – Red Algae FTW… Maybe?

This New Chapter Bone Strength review is all about discovering and going over every aspect of the thing. It’s all about giving you tools to make the most educated decision.

And to do that, we will go over the supplement’s product page and have a look at the claims. Then, we’ll move on to looking at what it actually contains and how that can help us. Then, we’ll switch to exploring the added ingredients necessary for the making of the supplement. And finally, we’ll also embrace what the people who’ve actually bought and tried it, say about it.

New Chapter Bone Strength Review – Initial Thoughts & Overview

According to the manufacturer, New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care Slim Tablets (its full name) is a “calcium supplement [that] includes fermented D3 for better absorption, and vitamin K2 to direct calcium to bones where you need it most.” Per their words, it’s “our clinical strength plant-based calcium supplements promote bone, joint & heart support* while reducing the risk of osteoporosis.” So, quite promising if I may add [R].

New Chapter Bone Strength Review

The product page itself is very New-Chapter-like. Very well-presented and structured. Easy to read and follow, rather brief which can also be quite elaborate with their little FAQ-like section. Also, while it does involve a number of marketing tools, it doesn’t feel invasive or salesy in any way. Personally, I’m a big fan of how New Chapter does their pages [R, R].

As for the potential benefits, their definition of the thing kind of covers it. The only other somewhat clarifying aspect is that it also helps with improving bone density and shields from bone loss.

An interesting aspect is the fact that the New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care has won five different awards from 2017-2020. Most of them have happened recognizing the product’s capacity for bone and joint health. Plus, they claim the thing to be sustainably harvested as well.

And it holds quite a few certifications like Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Kosher, and NSF Gluten-Free. Moreover, extensive testing on the end-products is also part of their agenda (but no third-party testing). And just overall, the quality of the supplements and manufacturing, as well as the phylosophy of things New Chapter seems really, really good [R, R, R].

I mean, it sure sounds amazing. But does its actual ingredients approve?

It’s The High-Quality Approach As Far As Core Ingredients

The ingredients that the New Chapter Bone Strength enjoys are not our typical Calcium supplement ingredients. They are not about deriving Calcium from chalk or limestone or using a simple Chelated form like Calcium Citrate. No, this one is of a much higher and more quality approach.

Per serving (3 tablets), it offers 770 milligrams of Calcium, 58 milligrams of Magnesium, 35 micrograms of vitamin K1, 45 micrograms of vitamin K2, 1000 IU of vitamin D3, 5 milligrams of Strontium, 2 milligrams of Silica, and 13 micrograms of Vanadium. And it derives it mostly everything from the Red Marine Algae, also known as the algae Lithothamnion calcareum & corallioides.

Red Marine Algae is notorious for its mineral contents. On top of that, it brings a wide variety of anti-inflammation-promoting compounds and phytonutrients. In of itself, it is known to boost immune system, help prevent chronic disease and inflammation in general, relieve pain, aid skin and eye health, as well as provide potential gains to nail and hair health [R, R, RR, R, R].

As for the raw mineral amounts and all that related, I’m loving it. There’s awesome amounts of Calcium as well as other bits and pieces for ensuring it gets properly absorbed and utilized by our bodies. Plus, there’s also likely a ton of trace minerals (like Strontium and Vanadium) that don’t really get accredited on the label. But they’re definitely there, working kind of in the background to ensure maximum gains [R, R, R, RR, RR, R, R, R, R].

The way I see it, the Bone Strength of New Chapter is doing a really good job in covering all the basis for a truly beneficial and value-oriented Calcium supplement. I think using Red Marine Algae is truly one of the best approaches.

Additives Have Some Red Flags But I Would Ignore, Mostly

Additives are a proper stumbling block for many supplements. Be it other Calcium-focused supplements like Vitafusion Calcium or multivitamins like Centrum Silver Men/Women. All of these add some pretty nasty other ingredients for the making of the supplement, ingredients I would not recommend embracing regularly (or preferably at all).

But what about our supplement of the review, the New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care?

Well, it’s a tricky one. It uses quite a number of different ones. Many of them will actually be quite beneficial. But there is one that I’m not too fond of.

So, it gathers Organic Milled Soy, Organic Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, Organic Maltodextrin, Organic Gum Acacia, Organic Alfalfa Powder, Lactic Acid bacteria [Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus rhamnosus], Papain and Bromelain, Organic Barley Grass, Organic Gum Acacia, Maltodextrin, Hypromellose, Silicon dioxide, and Sunflower oil.

Of all these, only Maltodextrin I see as potentially problematic.

It’s a hidden sugar known cause a wide variety of side effects including, rash, itching, sudden headaches, as well as any sugar that can contribute to diabetes, obesity, cancer, digestive problems, learning difficulties, weight gain, heart disease, depression, vascular problems and a plethora of other ill-health outcomes. Being of GMO would make things worse, but isn’t that here [RRRRRRRRRRR].

Other than that, Maltodextrin can also potentially help hide other more ingredients. Which given the New Chapter’s dedication and philosophy, as well as shared manufacturing information, is likely not the case [RRR].

But still, it’s not quite an ideal additive to have.

Customer Reviews Revealed A 92.0% Global Success Rate

The New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care supplement as many other supplements these days offers the option to leave a customer review on its original product page. But not many people actually have so far.

At the time of this writing, there are only seven New Chapter Bone Strength reviews there. All of them are positive in one way or another. Meaning, there are six pieces of feedback that essentially adore the thing, and then there’s one 3-star rating that questions the instructions between the slim tabs option and the tiny tabs one. She still seemed to like the product apart from finding “them very difficult to swallow” [R].

The way I see it, a rather odd thing about all that is the fact that those reviews range in age between 11 months and 4 years ago. So, not the freshest ones. Also, it kind of begs the question as to why they don’t actually have more of those pieces of feedback there?

But either way, just seven reviews don’t really give an even remotely accurate idea of how well the thing has been serving people (or hasn’t). So, I went out to find every single New Chapter Bone Strength review out there to get a better sense of that notion.

Turns out this product is actually a quite abundantly reviewed one. Out of a total of 1554 ratings, a massive amount of 1430 reviews were positive (3-star, 4-star, 5-star) and only 124 were negative (1-star, 2-star). Which brings us to the global success rate of 92.0%. Which is likely even higher than that given that people report bad experiences far more often.

So, there are many that truly praise this Bone Strength one. What about those that don’t? What is their deal and why?

Well, some lament about capsules from time to time being broken. Others found themselves upon a bad delivery with the containers’ glass being broken or shattered. Others find it hard to swallow the tablets. Others yet encounter a whole variety of different allergic reactions. Whereas quite a bit of people just didn’t feel the benefit at all.

The product also seems to not have been Gluten-Free in the past and many are complaining about that. Also, there are people not appreciating the fact that the supplement contains soy despite that not being GMO soy.

So, it definitely has its drawbacks as well.

I Strongly Believe It’s Something To Nothing Less Than Shortlist

The New Chapter Bone Strength is not all sunshine and rainbows. There’s definitely some bad there. Especially if we really focus in on those bad customer reviews. Which let’s not be completely blind sighted by. We have to remember that they are only less than 8%. But then there’s also that notion of not completely ideal additives. Which also likely got its share of bad feedback.

That all said, I feel there is still a lot to appreciate. I mean, the beneficial ingredients are somewhat next level. Furthermore, they really make sense if we look at the things in their entirety. Plus, that above 92.0% success rate I believe is pretty hard to ignore.

Thus, the way I see, the supplement of this review is definitely a shortlist-able one. It won’t work for everyone. But if you don’t find yourself among those people that are allergic to it, it will likely prove to bring tremendous gains. Plus, it doesn’t seem to be something that tries to escape emphasis on quality to earn more revenue. Very far from it.

Above all, I hope this New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care review helped you find the information you were looking for. What do you think of the supplement? Would you be up for trying it despite the added Maltodextrin? Let me know below.

8 thoughts on “New Chapter Bone Strength Review – Red Algae FTW… Maybe?”

  1. Nice area about bone renewal formulas!!! Very interesting!! Personally, I have researched 2 formulas:

    – Pure Synergy – Bone Renewal
    – Garden of Life, Vitamin Code, Grow Bone System

    Basically they have similar ingredients both formulas like the Bone Strength formula.

    • Hey, George!

      Awesome, more stuff to explore. And review.
      I appreciate it.

      Cheers, and have an Awesome Day!

  2. It’s pretty good, but there is too little of everything beside the vegetal calcium. AlgaeCal formula is still better.

    • Hi!! What do you believe is the difference between marine algae that AlgarCal formulas uses and Red Marine Algae that Bone Strength formula has?



      • I don’t think the calcium source is that much different (but there are no studies on red algae calcium on bone strength).
        It’s the other ingredients that are in quantities sufficient to have an effect. My complaint on Algaecal is only on the magnesium oxide, which they used to save capsule space I suppose, and the D3 is probably low for most people – needs to be tested and the amount to add dosed by an MD anyway. If you ignore the price of course :D

      • Idk about the lead and if there is in every marine algae, that is in red ones too.

        About the study protocol, it doesn’t really matters because individually all ingredients and in particular D3, boron, magnesium, k2 and silica have been proved to improve bone health.*
        I have no interest in Algaecal, i found about it by chance a week ago. Also I do not buy it because I don’t need any calcium supplement. I subscribed to their newsletter though and I find their articles scientifically sound.

        * strontium as well at a clinical dose above 500mg, which must be taken hours apart from any calcium.


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