NeoCell Biotin Bursts Review – Is Obesity A True Win?

In this NeoCell Biotin Bursts review, we’ll do some proper analysis on every detail and aspect of the product.

To make that happen, we’ll dive through all the promotional stuff (including claims). This will be followed by a full dissection of both the beneficial ingredients and the often unbeneficial ones, more commonly known as additives. Lastly, we’ll take this to customer reviews and global success rates to see how well this one supposedly performs.

NeoCell Biotin Bursts Review – Initial Thoughts & Overview

According to the manufacturer, NeoCell Biotin Bursts “work to boost your inner strength and turn it into outer beauty by supporting the metabolism of proteins in the body to create natural energy.” But that’s not all they promise [R].

They also tie this notion of “To top it all off, Biotin Bursts are also great for healthy hair and nails. Enjoy our snackable Biotin Bursts every day, and unleash your most beautiful you.” So, it’s kind of all about hair, nails, and energy. Which the highlights of the product page emphasize [R].

Speaking of the product page, it’s nowhere near as flashy as what we’ve seen from most other NeoCell supplements, like the Beauty Builder, Gummy Glow, Super Collagen, Super Collagen + C, and Marine Collagen. I mean, it almost looks unfinished exactly like what we got with their Liquid Collagen. Only not as bad.

It also has nowhere near the number of reviews in its review section. Just one at the writing of this article. They are, however, offering an auto-ship option that will not only get us 25% but also qualify for free shipping. So, by no means, it’s something marketing-free despite the rather straight to the point product page.

Other than that, the Biotin Bursts of NeoCell are said to be free of soy, wheat, yeast, lactose, artificial flavors, and gluten. Additionally, it’s also IGEN certified which means that it’s approved to be Non-GMO as well [R].

But is it truly worth the money?

At Least This Is Not Half-Doing Anything Like So Many Others

The NeoCell Biotin Bursts are primarily all about this one single ingredient for all the benefits. And the name of it is kind of a dead giveaway. And it does a pretty good job with it. Plus, there’s one other thing.

NeoCell Biotin Bursts Ingredients

So, per serving (one soft chew), the supplement offers 10,000 micrograms of Biotin or vitamin B7. This is supposedly upgraded by 25 milligrams of Acai Fruit powder. Or is it?

You see, that Acai Fruit is only there for the flavor. Neither the product page nor the amounts of it suggest there are any real benefits to gain from this addition. It’s just too low in that regard. So, no hopes there [R].

What we can be hopeful about though is the Biotin part. The amounts, those 10,000 micrograms, are exactly what we’ll find at any self-respecting, true-value-providing, people-oriented Biotin supplement (one of the two options anyway). Other supplements of such an approach include Nature’s Bounty Biotin and their Hair, Skin, Nails formula.

Plus, indeed, it’s a very solid attempt at the extended range of benefits it can bring to the table. Benefits to hair, skin, nail health. Whereas as far as energy goes, it’s impossible to nail it down with just this vitamin, we need a plethora of those if we really want that. And also, of course, there’s this notion of we don’t have energy, we generate it (our bodies only produce however much we need, hence, regular exercising typically results in higher energy) [RRRRR].

Those Soft Chews Really Add In Terms Of Additives

Those soft chews of NeoCell Biotin Bursts are quite an unconventional dosage form. Capsules, tablets, liquids, gummies, but soft chews are a first for me. But as far as additives go, it’s not that much different from gummies. The typical “a ton of sugar” approach. Like Applied Nutrition Liquid Collagen or Olly Undeniable Beauty.

This Thing Is Pretty Much Defined By Sugar

I mean, the supplement of this review uses upwards of 12 different additives. Raw Cane Sugar, Rice Syrup, Maltodextrin, Natural Flavors, Sunflower Lecithin, Sunflower Oil, Malic Acid, Citric Acid, Glycerin, Fruit & Vegetable juice, and Stevia Leaf extract. So, quite a bit.

Of all these, the biggest problem I have is with all the sugar stuff. I mean, as far as inactive ingredients, the three most abundant ones in this one all are a form of sugar [R].

Sure, neither of these three seems to be a cover-up name for High-Fructose Corn Syrup. But also, simple sugar is not exactly healthy, especially because people tend to typically have too much in their diet already. It can lead to weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure, eating disorders, learning difficulties, stupidity, depression, heart disease, and among other things even cancer [RRRRRRR].

In addition to that, Maltodextrin is also known to bring sudden headaches, itching, rash, diarrhea, bloating, difficulty breathing, weakening immune response among other potential adverse effects. Plus, it is also at times used to cover up other nasty extra substances. So, not exactly optimal to have in any supplement (or food) [RRRRRRR].

That said, the way I see it, there are other potential dangers here as well [RRRRRRR, RRRRRRRRRR].

The Success Rate Is Pretty Rad, But Does That Really Matter?

Now, on a more reality-driven note, let’s look into the customer reviews and what those have to say about the Biotin Bursts supplement of NeoCell.

It’s pretty popular these days to have a review section on the product page. But the one for this Biotin supplements isn’t a particularly insightful one. Meaning, it has only one piece of feedback there (rated at four stars). So, let’s take that to all other sellers and retailers.


And what I found was not really that surprising at all given that these soft chews are quite similar to the essence of gummies and that there are 85.7 milligrams of sugar per every milligram of nutrients. I mean, with that in mind, I’m actually surprised the overall success rate isn’t higher.

So, out of the total of 489 NeoCell Biotin Bursts reviews, 448 I found to be positive (29 three-star, 61 four-star, 358 five-star) and 41 to be negative (25 one-star, 16 two-star). Hence, a global success rate of 91.6%. But does that really matter?

You see, it’s a common problem with gummy-like, taste-and-flavor-oriented supplements. No matter the ingredients or the relatively high sugar content they embody, they still get mesmerizingly great feedback. Vitafusion, Smarty Pants, Olly, and there are plenty more examples of this.

Because it’s more or less all about the taste when it comes to these. Which is not how we should choose any supplement (or food for that matter). Ever.

It’s a real easy way how to find yourself among those more than two-thirds of all Americans that are either overweight or obese [R].

Not A Supplement I Would Ever Recommend, Do Avoid

If we’re really superficial about supplementation then this NeoCell Biotin Bursts look incredible. High amounts of vitamin B7, great taste, absolutely busted success rates. Who would not want to go for this?

Preferably Avoid This ProductI’ll tell you who. Anyone who truly cares about his/her long-term health and well-being.

It’s really no surprise that this supplement tastes so great, there’s 85+ times more sugar than there are beneficial nutrients in it. I mean, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make something tasty with those proportions.

Sugar is something that can backfire and do so really hard. So, never should it be a part of true quality, customer-oriented supplement. And hence, also this is something I strongly believe is a must avoid.

That said, if you are after something that could grant benefits to hair, skin, nail health, and beyond that, do look into the Live Conscious Beyond Collagen (full in-depth review). It also brings Biotin to the table but to add to that, it additionally takes advantage of other extremely capable substances within this space.

Whereas if you’re after some more energy, a proper, high-quality multivitamin might really change the tide. However, also just exercise can do wonders for that.

Other than that, I hope this NeoCell Biotin Bursts review helped you find the information you were looking for. What do you think? Are the additives worth the beneficial ingredients? Would you consume something like this if you were gifted a pack? Let me know below.

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks very much for this well-presented product review article!

    It is indeed important to think deep when assessing a nutritional supplement. One does have to read in between the lines. And the old saying, “the taste of the [supplement] is in the eating” is not very helpful because:

    1. choosing a supplement should not only, or ever, be about taste, as you said

    2. the very ingredient(s) or additive(s) that give(s) the product its incredible taste, could be the one(s) that render it a health risk. A sugary taste, a salty taste, these could be an invitation to decades of poor health!

    Amen to “simple sugar is not exactly healthy, especially because people tend to typically have too much in their diet already”! There is too much cardiovascular disease and cancer in the world! And we can see how lethal it is to be overweight, in this era of COVID-19!


    • Hey, Teboho!

      Very wise words, my friend. Very wise, indeed.
      And I couldn’t agree more. :)

      Cheers, and have a Great One!


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