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In this NOW Vitamin D3 Review (alternatively if using the full name of the brand then NOW Foods Vitamin D3 Review), we will take apart all that there is to know about the supplement.

We will not leave an aspect undone or stone un-unturned. We’ll look at the claims, at the vitamin D form, the amounts of it, as well as the additives in the supplement. Last, of all, we’ll also take a quick assessment of how true the claims are.

The goal here is to create a review so thorough that there would not be a need for you to ever look at another supplement review for this specific supplement. Therefore, if there is a section or aspect I haven’t covered but you’re interested in, let me know. And I’ll add that to the review.

NOW Vitamin D3 Review – Overview

NOW Foods Vitamin D3 is a supplement all about improving and ensuring adequate vitamin D amounts in your system.

The description page (sale’s page) does not contain any empty promises or hype. It’s very down to earth while also providing some general knowledge about vitamin D.

NOW Foods Vitamin D3 ReviewFor example, it informs people that while vitamin D is found in food, as well as produced by our skin through sun exposure, in food there’s not a whole lot of it [R].

Thus, if you’re one of those people, who does not find himself/herself often out in the sun, then some additional vitamin D is something you probably need.

And I couldn’t agree with that more. Therefore, vitamin D is what I believe to be a part of the crucially needed supplementation.

The manufacturer also informs that the natural color variation may occur in this product. Which to some degree raises the question of whether or not this supplement contains coloring [R].

But we’ll get into that later.

There are also some of the general claims that vitamin D helps to maintain strong bones, as well as supports the immune system [R].

The supplement also has quite a few seals associated with it. It’s GMP Quality Assured, Corn-free, Dairy-free, Egg-free, Halal, Kosher, Gluten-free, Soy-free, and most importantly Non-GMO [R].

So, overall it seems pretty good, apart from the potential coloring involved. But let’s get into its ingredients.

Vitamin D Form Does Not Leave Disappointed

The NOW Vitamin D3 does not fool around. And as it’s apparent from its name contains the vitamin D3 form, otherwise also known as Cholecalciferol.

We Get That Same Vitamin D Form From NOW Vitamin D3 That We Get From Sun ExposureThis is the natural form of this vitamin, that very same form that our bodies do produce when being exposed to direct sunlight [R, R, R].

Not rarely you’ll come across the weaker alternative for vitamin D supplementation – the vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol). This is the synthetic alternative also available on the market [R, R, R].

Thus, while on its inferiority has been rather recently universally agreed upon, many manufacturers still prefer this one to be included in their supplements [R, R, R].

Mostly because it’s cheaper to produce. But it has no other superior qualities when compared with the vitamin D3 [R, R, R].

For those interested, there are also quite a few studies out there that prove this very same point. Furthermore, the list in the references is by no means an exhaustive one [R, R, R, R, R].

There Are Many Options Available For The Amounts

Very much like Sports Research, NatureWise, Nature Made, as well as many other supplement brands, this one also has quite a few variations vitamin dosage-wise.

It is available a 1000 IU (25 mcg), a 2000 IU (50 mcg) and a 5000 IU (125 mcg) version, which offers quite the necessary flexibility for anyone’s needs.

On that same note, however, there is a difference for this one in comparison to the other supplements. What we usually see is that all of the three versions, unimportant, which you at the end of the day end up getting, have one thing in common. They all recommend 1 capsule a day. Meaning, whichever is your choice, the respective dosage is congruent with the amount you will be taking once a day.

However, for NOW Foods Vitamin D3 it’s not that way for the 5000 IU version. For the 5000 IU version, they recommend taking one capsule every two days. Thus, they’re subscribing to the fact that we really only need no more than 2000-ish IU a day of vitamin D in addition to the multivitamin supplement. Which I strongly believe is the best way to go about vitamin D supplementation [R].

On that same note, I believe it’s best to just go with the daily 2000 IU version as at least for me it’s much more challenging to remember and keep track of taking a supplement every two days than it is to just simply roll with it every day.

Therefore, if you’re not deficient (which would suggest you need the full 5000 IU dose daily) then your best bet at all times would be that 2000 IU version.

Additives Are Beneficial

Usually, additives are the aspect of any supplement, which brings out the worst of it. Because they can amount for quite some health concerns. Thus, the goal here is to make sure those are at least harmless.

Water More Than Anything Should Be Considered As A Beneficial AdditiveVery rarely do we see them being actually beneficial. But that definitely is the case with NOW Foods Vitamin D3.

This supplement contains 4 different additives added to it – Bovine Gelatin, Water, Glycerin, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Of these water really is one to not worth considering as most people will agree that it’s not harmful but rather beneficial. Of these, Glycerin it the harmless one, whereas Bovine Gelatin and Extra Virgin Olive Oil are the beneficial ones [R, R].

Bovine Gelatin is gelatin made out of cows’ body parts such as ligaments, bones, tendons, skin, and tissue. While it may not sound the most awesome thing to consume, this composition of animal parts has its fair share of benefits [R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R].

For example, the consumption of Gelatin is associated with improvements to joint, skin, gut, and brain health. All due to the fact that Gelatin contains incredible amounts of amino acids – the building blocks of life [R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R].

The NOW Foods Vitamin D3 also contains the already mentioned substance of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Which is known for quite a few benefits.

NOW Vitamin D3 Has Extra Virgin Olive Oil As One Of Its AdditivesThis type of oil is an amazing antioxidant and offers such awesome health benefits as a reduction of inflammation, reduced risk of cancer, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, while also fighting off free radical damage, helping against depression and improving brain health among other health benefits [R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R].

This substance will also help with vitamin D absorption, especially if you choose to take the supplement apart from your daily meal, which has some form of fat in it.

Vitamin D being the fat-soluble vitamin can only be absorbed by our bodies if it’s consumed together with a fat-containing substance. Therefore, it’s extremely important to have that, otherwise, you might be quite literally flushing that vitamin (and your money) down the drain.

As for any previously mentioned concerns about coloring, there should be none. The supplement does not contain coloring as of itself, all variations of color seem to be just a natural occurrence in the manufacturing process.

Examining The Claims Of NOW Foods Vitamin D3

The manufacturer of NOW Foods Vitamin D3 is completely honest, no hidden information that you should know of or misleading someone into buying the supplement of theirs.

And in that regard, it is very unlike Vitafusion Vitamin D3, which does not really tell you everything you should know before purchasing the supplement. Thus, concealing the fact that it’s not really a great choice for your health.

Final Thoughts On NOW Foods Vitamin D3

NOW Foods Vitamin D3 is probably one of the best singular vitamin D supplements out there. It’s very affordable, thus, the value your getting for the price you’re paying is not only incredible – it’s the best I’ve seen.

This is also why the NOW Foods Vitamin D3 2000 IU is one of my go-to daily vitamins.

Other than that, if you’re new to the field of supplements you might find useful the article on the best multivitamin supplements as multivitamins are the single most important tool for complimenting anyone’s diet.

But above all, I hope the article helped you find the information you were looking for, but if not – definitely let me know in the comments on how I could further improve it.

If you have a tiny bit of time, I would highly appreciate even one line in the comments. That helps a ton and will be highly appreciated.

Hope to see you in another article!

Cheers, Stay Healthy & Have a Great One!