How To Cure ALS? Beating The 3-5 Year Death Sentence

How To Cure ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)How to cure ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease?

Traditional medicine doesn’t have an answer for that.

It’s a very devastating condition that traditional medicine has deemed incurable. And anyone who ails from it is, in its very essence, on a 3-5 year death sentence. It’s the about amount of the time it takes the condition to start affecting the lung motor function, which ultimately leads to death.

But despite the fact, I strongly believe there are actually things you can do to not only slow down the progression of the disease but potentially completely reverse it. 

Obviously, it’s a long shot. And this is purely my own opinion. But I feel it’s something I must share as it may as well help you save your life or at least give you some ideas that may help you in your journey of finding a solution (no guarantees on either though).

I recently received a question that while was asking my supplement recommendations for better battling it, essentially and rightfully so was all about seeking a solution on how to combat the disease.

In that sense, this is a different kind of article from what I usually do. Below are the original question and the full answer to it.

And yes, this was as of itself tailored specifically to the question of that individual. However, I’m more than certain that anyone else seeking a solution on how to cure ALS can benefit from is as well as the same principles and course of action applies.

How To Cure ALS? – The Original Question

“Dude, your site is amazing, and will only get better with time!

I have an ALS diagnosis, which means no treatment, so the patient is on their own.

If you use this as a starting point, that’s an awful pile of pills for someone with swallowing issues.

While looking for a comprehensive solution, I came across Nature’s Plus Brainceutix Multi which seems to be a high-quality one, that covers most of the bases, together with Nature’s Plus Brainceutix Boost.

Since I live in Serbia, iHerb and products under 50 euro are my only options, unless I want to pay almost double for customs.

Can’t wait for your opinion and/or suggestions/alternatives :)” – fellow HealthKnight reader.

Here’s How I Would Go About It

I totally feel you. And I believe it’s totally possible to stay within that 50 euro threshold.

And I absolutely love your attitude as towards refusing to be a victim and still trying to find a solution (despite traditional medicine saying there isn’t one). In that regard, the supplements you’ve sought out do make sense and they do cover many of the basis. Which you’ve done a great job on.

On that note, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. It’s just that I had to really collect my thoughts as I do want to help you violently. In that regard, I’ve been thinking about how I would approach battling ALS a lot these couple of days.

I never had it, neither has my wife, nor I’ve ever known anyone besides you that had it. But if I were to receive that diagnosis tomorrow, here’s what I would do.

I Would Use The Functional Medicine (Root-Cause Medicine) Approach

Those supplements you mentioned, I wouldn’t go with.


Because they are not addressing the likely core cause of your ALS. All they would pretty much do is help you battle the symptoms of it. Which would essentially only prolong your misery.

Looking To Cure The Root Cause Instead Of Curing Symptoms (The Fallacy Of Traditional Medicine)It’s the fallacy of traditional medicine, the same fallacy why it deems such illnesses as diabetes, dementia or Alzheimer’s incurable. It’s because they focus purely on curing the symptoms and not finding the root cause.

And essentially going with any of those substances that the article you referenced mention would be taking the same approach – trying to cure the symptoms. Which already has been proven to be rather ineffective through any of those substances. They can for sure slow it down but they won’t cure you (if that would not be the case, the traditional medicine would already have found a solution for ALS a long time ago).

Ideally, you’d want to find an expert in functional medicine. Functional medicine is the approach which instead of looking at each of the body systems individually (and having a separate professional for each, like Cardiologist, Neurologist, Urologist, etc.) looks at all of them in their entirety and how they affect each other.

It’s the medical approach that deals with finding the root causes of any illness. And then curing people through that. It’s exactly why functional medicine is also referred to as the root cause medicine and why it has been proven effective in battling and curing many different conditions that the traditional medicine has deemed incurable, like the already mentioned diabetes, dementia or Alzheimer’s (and there are many others).

Functional Medicine Practitioner If You Have The Means To Do It

But finding such a professional might be a problem in Serbia. Also, in Latvia (where I’m originally from) we don’t have that. They just haven’t picked it up yet (and for some 20 years more probably won’t), same as most of the world (plus, traditional medicine practitioners typically frown upon functional medicine but it has been proven to be the more superior and effective approach in curing many supposedly “incurable” conditions).

If you have the means to do it, I would suggest flying out to the US and finding a functional medicine practitioner. If that’s not possible, finding one online and arranging a skype call, would be immensely helpful as well and may make all the difference necessary for your recovery.

If neither of those things is a possibility for you. You’re not done, my friend. You’ll just have to figure it out yourself. But you can learn the ways of functional medicine and you can get to the bottom of this.

In fact, there are many functional medicine experts for who this is exactly how they came to be. They cured their incurable diseases.

So, where do you start with all this?

Great Health Is A Number Of Factors, You Have To Get All Of Them Right

This is exactly how I would approach it.

Let’s invert (assume the negative). What kind of state & health you should be in to cure yourself? Meaning, what kind of health is 100% incompatible with your ALS or any disease for that matter?

Great Health Is At Least An Entirely Of 5 Different PillarsWould you agree that it would be incompatible with the best health for a human being possible?

So, how do you get there?

You have to recognize that our health is a number of things. There isn’t just one factor that completely determines whether or not you’re healthy.

In that sense, I feel there are at least 4-5 core pillars of health that you have to get right in order to have that best health possible.

These are: Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Mindfulness/Meditation, and Nutrition.

By the way, these are exactly the bases that with HealthKnight I aspire to cover in the future. But it will definitely take some time to get there. And you don’t really have that luxury at the moment.

So, Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Mindfulness/Meditation, and Nutrition.

Navigating The Diet Part Can Be Extremely Tricky – Too Many Convictions Out There

For diet, start with The Ultra Mind Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman. There are many other great books on diet out there but be careful with them.

Many of them are written by conviction driven individuals that are trying to advocate that the vegan diet, or paleo, or keto diet are the best diets out there. And everyone should follow them.

But as the famous philosopher Nietzsche has said: “Convictions are greater enemies to truth than lies.” And this is exactly the case with these kinds of books.

The truth is that the best possible diet for you will 100% depend on your individual microbiome (microorganisms living in your gut). Whereas The Ultra Mind Solution provides the pivotal guidelines for proper food, diet, and being mindful about what you eat. Or in other words, a great place to start.

Fill Your Diet With Vegetables As Much As PossibleIn a few words, in your diet focus on mostly consuming vegetables and fruits along with nuts, seeds, proper quality meat, eggs, fish. Avoid processed foods at all costs, avoid substances like Glucose Syrup, High-Fructose Corn Syrup, Fructose, Trans Fat (margarine, etc.), Hydrogenated Oils (both partly and fully), any Flavor Enhancer, and others that I’ve mentioned in the article on additives.

There are many other harmful substances out there but start with these. To many others, you will be introduced in the book. Plus, you can as well get a good sense of such from my articles on supplements (they use the same kind of additives in both supplements and food).

Meaning, what’s avoidable in supplements, also avoidable in foods.

And yes, you can probably already tell that you’ll have to start reading the labels of products you’re buying and consuming. Other than that, generally, any product that has an ingredient list of more than 5 items is best to avoid unless you can confidently identify that each of the ingredients is harmless. (Both the food industry and the regulatory authorities have never had our best interest in mind.)

There are other great books on diet but I’m not here to overwhelm you. For now, the Ultra Mind Solution will be more than enough. Learn it by heart.

With Exercise You Don’t Have To Overdo It – Ideally 20 minutes + Tabata

As for exercise, I’m sure there are also many great books out there.

However, I do think they are largely an overkill at this point and when it comes to general health.

What you have to make sure is that you sweat each day, aka best exercise at least 20 minutes every day.

Picking Up Daily Exercise I Feel Is Crucial In Curing ALSAs to what kind of exercise to do, weight training (gym stuff) is said to be much better for weight loss, whereas the cardio type of exercises (running, cycling, etc.) are said to be better for brain health (though people do argue about this).

Either way, it really doesn’t matter which one you pick. Do whichever you like most and the one you’ll stick with. You can, of course, switch it up from day to day.

There is a lot of positive stuff that happens when you exercise and have that daily release. Stuff that you just can’t forgo if you want to beat that ALS. So, just take my word for it. Alternatively, seek out studies and books as to why it’s important to exercise.

There are definitely some good ones that I’ve read but none are coming back to me as I am writing this. I might add them here later.

One other awesome thing to compliment all this that you could do is doing a daily 4 minute Tabata. More on that either use google or you can learn within this Health Theory video.

Proper Sleep Is Crucial If You Want Your Body To Heal

As for sleep, make sure you’re sleeping 7-9 hours a day. Prioritize your sleep.

There is a lot of important stuff that takes place when you sleep. And it’s absolutely critical when recovering from any major illness.

Sleep changes everything.

How to be more effective with your sleep, as well as all the science behind why it’s so ridiculously important, read Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson. Also, watch the full interview with him on Health Theory.

Mindfulness & Meditation Is Far More Important Than Most People Can Possibly Comprehend

Taking Some Time Daily To Meditate Is More Important To Your General Health Than You Probably KnowAs for Mindfulness/Meditation, for many this is Voodoo and they can’t possibly imagine how this can help them be better.

Don’t listen to that raving.

Keep an open mind on this.

Navy Seals (arguably the toughest Badasses on the Planet) use it to be better. High Performers use it to be better (there’s even a study done by Brendon Burchard (book “High-Performance Habits”) in which he found that it’s something that by far most truly effective and high achieving people do daily).

There’s a lot of science on this and ultimately great health can’t really do without this.

A great place to start with this is Stress Less, Accomplish More by Emily Fletcher. Here’s an interview with her as well. It will for sure help you shatter some of those misconceptions and stereotypes people typically have for meditation.

The Body And Mind Has An Incredible Ability To Heal – But You Have To Have The Right Nutrients

As for the nutrition, I would make sure that I pick up a proper multivitamin, fish oil, probiotics, and any other supplement necessary to make sure I fully meet the best practices for nutrient amounts.

The mind and the body have an incredible ability to heal itself. But it can only do that if you provide it with all the necessary nutrients both through supplements and through your diet. All while fully embracing the 3 other pillars of health as well.

The Body And Mind Has An Incredible Ability To Heal - But You Have To Have The Right NutrientsHere are some examples of the supplements you could go for given that 50 euro constraint:

  • Thorne Research Meta-Fem,
  • Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega,
  • Renew Life Everyday Ultimate Flora Probiotic,
  • And ideally also adding extra vitamin D, Magnesium, and maybe some Calcium as well.

I totally understand that with ALS there may be the presence of swallowing issues. However, if you truly want to get better, you have to push through that.

Feel the pain (and struggle). And do it anyway. You’re alive.

Now, we have established what an awesome health would be, what about that root cause? We haven’t addressed that at all.


Finding The Correct Root Cause Is Arguably Everything In Your Journey On How To Cure ALS

Here’s one of your best bets in identifying the root cause (and in so finding how to cure ALS for you).

In the already mentioned Dr. Mark Hyman’s book there’s a number of tests throughout the book to help you identify which of the 7 systems of your body might be the core problem in causing the condition.

Figuring Out Which Of The Systems Is Malfunctioning Is KeyIn this regard, you have to come to the grips that just because a particular system is malfunctioning, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s where the problem resides in. In fact, by far most of the time the actual problem will manifest in a completely different system.

Because everything in our bodies is interconnected (something that traditional medicine will never understand).

And this is exactly why it deems conditions like dementia incurable. It’s because traditional medicine is trying to address the brain because with dementia it’s where the symptoms show up. So, we have to treat the brain, right?


We have to treat the system which is malfunctioning. The one that is the root cause instead of the one in which the symptoms show up.

For example, with dementia, it can simply be a problem with your gut health and microbiome. Treat the gut, and you’ll fix your brain. And you’ll get rid of dementia.

The tricky part in this though is the fact that oftentimes these actually malfunctioning systems show no clearly identifiable and straight-forward signs of being the root cause.

So, the problem may have been in the gut all along but you couldn’t rationally identify it because supposedly and superficially there’s nothing wrong with it. It doesn’t hurt, no crazy bowel movements, nothing seems to be wrong with it, etc.

Still, there are ways to properly identify the malfunctioning system (the root cause). Often times it won’t be possible without doing some proper lab tests. But the questionnaire in the UltraMind book will go a long way to help you with that (as well as give you a proper idea on what lab tests you could do to make sure).

And even if you don’t have such tests available in your country, it will still give a pretty good idea of what exactly might be wrong and which direction best to first pursue. So, that you can address it properly.

Best of all, the book also gives suggestions as to what kind of substances, in particular, you should additionally add through supplements (on top of all the supplements already suggested) to help your body cure the root cause.

I Can Help You Pick Proper Supplements But All The Rest Is On YouAt that point, if you need any further assistance in picking proper supplements that contain those particular substances, I’m all here for you. And I’ll be happy to hear from you.

But it has to be said that knowing the capacity of them, I can’t really deny that I wouldn’t go with extra Glutathione (Now Foods Glutathione), Resveratrol (Now Foods Natural Resveratrol), Ginseng (Now Foods Panax Ginseng), and Acetyl-L Carnitine (Now Foods Acetyl-L Carnitine) (the last of which seems to be particularly great and would be my choice if I had to pick just one from these). In my mind, they are likely to go a long way in slowing that ALS down. And maybe even play a key role in reversing it.

In this regard, I personally strongly believe that it’s always better to go with a few most capable substances and making sure that they’re in proper amounts. That instead, of trying to hit all basis yet potentially significantly lacking in amounts (cause if that’s the case it’s likely to not do much).

Spacing all of the nutrition throughout the day would, of course, make sense.

Other than that, I know, this will probably amount for quite a number of pills (if you embrace all of the suggestions). But it’s nothing like the Hell Week. You can do it.

Ultimately, this truly and honestly is how I would approach it if I were diagnosed with ALS tomorrow. And some may see it as excessive.

And you don’t have to do it.

But I would. (I mean, what’s the alternative?)

The Belief That You Can Get Better – Crucial, Without It, The Rest Likely Not To Matter

Last, of all, you have to have the belief that you can get better and that you can cure your ALS.

Without this, any of the things we went over above won’t matter. Create a mantra that you repeat to yourself every day, at least 3 times a day till you cure your ALS. And really internalize it. Believe it. See yourself beating the condition and being illness-free.

With Many Things In Life It Is Only Possible If You Believe It Is Possible - Same Goes For How To Cure ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)Do something like “I’m stronger than ALS. I believe I have the mental capacity and fortitude to overcome this challenge. I believe I will cure it for myself and all the people that will need my knowledge of curing it in the future.”

Or any variation of that which feels most appropriate and right to you.

But most importantly, remember… As Tony Robbins puts it: “Life does not happen to you. Life happens for you.” (Have that belief.)

Meaning, the ALS does not happen to you. The ALS happens for you.

Who knows, maybe after you’ve cured your ALS you feel inspired to become a functional medicine practitioner, one of the first and most respected in your country, one that saves thousands of lives down the road.

Best of Luck! And all of the best to you! As well as to anyone battling this!!!

4 thoughts on “How To Cure ALS? Beating The 3-5 Year Death Sentence”

  1. Good Morning Matiss,

    After reading your answer to this person who has ALS I must say it was very thorough and good.

    Modern medicine only fights the symptoms but not the root cause of ailments. I believe that most of our ailments are caused by our lifestyle which includes man-made foods devoid of real nutrients, polluted water, bad air, pollution by radiation, etc. We as human beings are out of balance spiritually, mentally and physically. Our immune system cannot cope with it anymore, inflammation will start and some kind of illness will be the result.

    I also follow Dr. Hyman and some other good people. As ALS has to do with your neurons one should take special care of the brain and give it the right foods. Alzheimer and Dementia can improve a lot with eating 3 big spoons of Coconut oil a day, I would suggest also giving it a try in the case with ALS.

    For any treatment to have success it is necessary that your system is clean. First a detox and a fast, it’s the basis for this, which is extremely needed. Then to clean food add the Oxygen therapy. Your cells need oxygen to function and illness cannot survive in a healthy environment.

    Anyhow, these were some thoughts I had.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hey, Taetske!

      I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts, thank you. :)

      I completely agree with your point about the cause of most (if not almost all) our modern-day ailments. Adding some of that Coconut oil also makes complete sense. Or alternatively you could also add only the good stuff of Coconut oil and do so in profound amounts through a proper MCT Oil. Which if I really think about it, I would add to all that I already mentioned in the article.

      Other than that, implementing fasting and Oxygen therapy also seem like some truly sound ideas.

      Again, thank you for sharing your views and ideas on this, Taetske.

      Cheers, and have a Great One!
      Carpe minutam/Seize the moment,

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for doing all the hard work to write such a detailed article on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. To be honest I had never heard of such a condition, is it rare? Sounds a bit like COPD judging by the effect it has on the lungs. It seems that you may give hope to people who suffer from this condition which is great considering the medical profession doesn’t seem to be able to help. I’m also glad to see that you focus on a good healthy diet along with supplementation, I’m totally with you on that approach.

    Well written.


    • Hey, Fintan!

      It’s rather rare but still affects a huge number of people. In other words, it’s estimated that there are at least 30k people in the United States alone suffering from this condition [R].

      And thank you for the kind words, Fintan, they’re utmost appreciated.

      Cheers, and have a Great One!
      Carpe minutam/Seize the moment,


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