LxH Biotin Gummies Review – Cheapest Biotin There Is?

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According to the LxH Biotin Gummies reviews posted by customers, this is the best Biotin supplement many have ever had.

A number of people were thrilled as to how this helped them with hair loss and falling out. Many people reported their nails growing strong. Others were thrilled with the effect this has on their skin health. And many, many people loved both how it tasted and the texture that it has. For some, it exceeded expectations.

So, in this LxH Biotin Gummies review, we’ll break it all down.

Hence, the idea is to be no extension of the manufacturer’s marketing or other BS. This is all going to be about what I feel is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And we’ll do that in assessing for marketing, ingredients, side effects (additives), customer feedback, and pricing. We’ll do it the truth-seeking way.

Marketing | LxH Focuses On Shining Hair, Skin & Nail Health

According to the manufacturer, the LxH Biotin Gummies are “packed with 90 premium biotin 5000mcg, gluten-free, pectin-based vegetarian biotin vitamins for hair skin and nails.” Per their words, “these delicious strawberry flavored hair growth vitamins for women and men are easy and effective, only 15 calories and not coated in sugar.” So, sounds awesome [R].

LxH Biotin Gummies ReviewAs for the product page, it’s a brief one. Reminds me of supplements like the Nutri Within Marine Collagen (review) and Solgar Biotin 5000 mcg (review).

I like that it doesn’t drown people in marketing. I mean, there basically isn’t anything there. Refunds are only possible if the product is unused. And there is no section for LxH Biotin Gummies reviews by customers.

As for benefits, they do, however, promise us the world.

All of it revolves around hair, nail, skin health. Namely, it’s about stronger nails, hair growth, and skin health. Plus, it is said to make our hair shine. And, yes, as pretty much with every other Biotin supplement, they also claim to support beauty from the inside out.

As for any free-of claims, it’s Gluten-Free and Non-GMO.

Overall, I think that the LxH Biotin Gummies look fine. Nothing too exciting, the way I see it. I mean, they do look fine, superficially. But are they truly worth the investment?

Ingredients | Synthetic Biotin (Vitamin B7) Is Supplement’s Only Vitamin

There are many ways how benefits to hair, skin, and nail health can be achieved. One obvious example is going with Collagen like in the Revive Collagen (review). Another one would be to do it by means of Keratin like in the Olly Beauty (review). And then, that can also be achieved with Biotin. Which is what this supplement champions.

LxH Biotin Gummies IngredientsSo, per serving (two gummies), the LxH Biotin Gummies offer 5,000 micrograms of Biotin. Here’s to elaborate on that a bit.

Biotin or vitamin B7 is a very interesting vitamin. It’s very necessary for good health. And in healthy amounts, it can help not only our nails, hair, and skin, but also it can promote liver metabolism, aid blood glucose levels, support the nervous system, foster macronutrient metabolism, help battle Rett syndrome, Parkinson’s, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, cancer, and more [R, R, RRRR].

So, it can be extremely helpful. Furthermore, 5,000 micrograms is a great amount to do it [R, R, RRRR].

As for the form of the vitamin, we’re likely getting the synthetic option. Which is fine still because it basically isn’t absorbed any less capably. But still, that’s something that needs noting [R, RR].

As for manufacturing quality, it seems that they are doing in-house testing. Which is good. But they are incredibly stingy about the information they share. Which I’m not a fan of. Either way, in-house testing is not nearly as great as third-party testing [R].

Side Effects | LxH Biotin Gummies Can Have Side Effects In Two Aspects

I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a Biotin supplement that doesn’t have any additives. And it is likely that I won’t ever since it’s likely impossible to deliver it without them. Which brings me to my point.

Additives are really important for making of most supplements out there. But there are inherent dangers with them as well since side effects are typically very much a product of additives.

That being said, also intensified amounts of certain beneficial ingredients can potentially bring their own set of problems. And Biotin products like the LxH Biotin Gummies are definitely among them.

Hence, we will be looking at side effects from both perspectives. Additives. And beneficial ingredients.

Additives | I Wonder Why Do They Claim Not Being Coated In Sugar

For additives, the supplement of this review uses Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Water, Pectin, Natural Flavor, Elderberry Concentrate, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Coconut Oil, and Carnauba Wax. So, it’s 10 additives total. Which is kind of like Natrol Biotin 5000 Mcg (review) or NeoCell Biotin Bursts (review).

This Product Does Sugar Very MuchBut while the LxH Biotin does to me seem like the better option as far as additives, it still doesn’t do everything right.

My biggest problem with the supplement of this review is Glucose Syrup and Sugar.

I’m just thoroughly puzzled as to how they claim that the Biotin Gummy is claimed not to be sugar-coated. I mean, the two most predominant additives are Sugar and Glucose Syrup.

They list that the product has 3 grams of sugar when we’re having only 5,000 micrograms of vitamin B7. In other words, for every microgram of Biotin, we get 600 micrograms of Sugar. Namely, there’s 600 times more of the sweet stuff than of actual nutrients.

Two things to make matters worse.

First, Glucose Syrup is actually speculated to be a cover-up name for High-Fructose Corn Syrup. Meaning, it’s that incredibly cancerous ingredient just renamed for the purposes of people not being able to recognize it so easily and thus avoid it.

Natural Flavors Are Common With Junk FoodSecond, we typically already are having way too much Sugar in our daily lifestyle. Whereas adding more to that with supplements makes no sense whatsoever.

Especially because overconsumption of it has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, leaky gut, obesity, weight gain, depression, liver disease, stupidity, and more [R, R, R, R, R].

Another potential hazard could be that Natural Flavor that they use.

I mean, just because something is said to be natural does not necessarily mean that it’s healthy. To that end, it all does depend on the manufacturing practices in place since poor manufacturing can introduce all kinds of impurities and admixtures to the supplement. And that can have an unpredictable set of side effects [RRRRR].

Whereas when it comes to the supplement of this review, yes, it has in-house testing. But other than that, I’m not that sure of the quality.

Biotin | It Is A Great Vitamin But Too Much Of It Can Create Problems

So, yes, Biotin can be very helpful in all of what it can provide. After all, it’s a very necessary vitamin that our bodies are not able to produce on their own. Furthermore, not having it at all can lead to a variety of problems. But having too much of it can have that same effect.

Long story short, the LxH Biotin Gummies can have that effect if used for way too long.

Recommended Vitamin B7 Amounts Per Prime Daily ValuesI mean, we don’t really need any more than 1,000 micrograms daily according to the best practices for nutrient amounts. And what this supplement offers is five times the amount. But we don’t have any upper levels established [RR].

Which just means that with 5,000 micrograms, we’re kind of in uncharted waters. But I wouldn’t call having as much dangerous.

This is because one inherent advantage of water-soluble vitamins is the fact that whenever our body recognizes that we have too much of it, it can simply just excrete it. That is unless there is way, way, way too much of it. Then, it may be not capable of excreting it all [RR, R].

So, if our bodies recognize that there’s too much vitamin B7 or Biotin, it just gets rid of it. And that’s the end of it. But still, I would be cautious.

In fact, personally, I would probably not use such a supplement for more than three months at a time. Having a break period then, and listening to my body as to when I would resume, that’s how I would go about it.

Other than that, just to be aware, too much Biotin will likely result in side effects like excessive urination, skin allergies (rashes, flushing, itchiness), weakened immunity, flushing, excessive thirst, rashes, pain or itchiness in the chest or throat, insomnia, increased blood sugar levels, and others. If we encounter any of these, just stop taking the supplement and they should just go away [R, R, R, R].

Reviews | It’s A Classic Kind Of Success Rate For A Gummy Supplement

These days supplements typically get to have their own sections of customer feedback on their product pages. Examples of these include supplements like the Isagenix Collagen Elixir (review), Pure Gold Collagen (review), and many others.

When it comes to the LxH Biotin Gummies reviews, we don’t get that, however. I mean, the product doesn’t have a section for this purpose. So, insights to be gained there.

LxH Biotin Gummies ReviewsHence, kind of inherently, we have to look at all that can be found by third-party sellers and retailers.

Doing the research, in total, I managed to come across 612 LxH Biotin Gummies reviews. Of these, 592 were positive and 20 were negative. Meaning, the global success rate of this is 96.7%. Which quite honestly comes as no surprise.

Because it’s a gummy. And gummies get incredibly high success rates no matter what. Because people typically put way too much emphasis on how it tastes when they actually should be spending more attention on what it actually contains and whether it helps. And it’s hard to not make it tasty with the kind of sugar-to-nutrients ratio.

Now, on that note, truly many people were praising it. But what about those that didn’t?

Some were disgusted by how much Sugar the LxH Biotin contained. For others it either worked for a short while and then didn’t, didn’t work at all, or made things, in fact, worse. Namely, it made their nails, hair, and skin brittle and weak. Others more experienced horrible acne breakouts.

And then, of course, there were also some people who loathed the taste. And, fascinatingly enough, some people got a product that was expired months before ordering it (ordered on Amazon). And some people didn’t appreciate that these gummies stuck in teeth very easily.

Pricing | It’s Typically 4-5x More Expensive Than Other Similar Products

If there was an LxH Biotin Gummies review in which a customer loathed the price of the product, I didn’t encounter it. To that end, it could probably be said that maybe the pricing isn’t bad on this at all. But is that really accurate? Here’s some math.

This Thing Prices Like A Crazy PersonSo, per container (90 gummies), the supplement typically costs $17.99. That’s about 40.0 cents for every serving or 5,000 micrograms of Biotin. So, how does that compare?

Well, let me just throw it out there. That’s a lot of money. A lot.

I mean, compare it to something like the Doctor’s Best Biotin 5,000 Mcg. It typically costs $9.53 for every container. To do the math, that’s 7.9 cents for every 5,000 micrograms of Biotin.

I mean, the LxH Biotin doesn’t even cost twice the amount. It costs 5-fold. Plus, it has some potentially harmful additives. Whereas Doctor’s Best has no such thing.

Compare the supplement of this review to something like the Now Foods Biotin, and we have that same thing again. I mean, Now Foods typically cost $6.25 for every 60 capsules. That’s 10.4 cents for every 5,000 micrograms of Biotin. And it’s Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, and, frankly, I would just trust Now Foods manufacturing quality way more.

Ultimately, I don’t see that price difference when considering the Biotin Gummies of LxH to ever be worth it. Yes, we can get Biotin in Gummies. But it’s insanely expensive.

Overall | I Wouldn’t Buy It, There Are Just Significantly Better Options

Personally, I don’t have a good feeling about the LxH Biotin Gummy supplement. I mean, there is literally nothing unique about it, the way I see it. It feels just like a typical gummy supplement that offers Biotin without anything particularly thrilling about the thing.

So, for positives, it offers good amounts of Biotin. It comes as a gummy, thus it’s tasty. And it has great success rates.

I Would Personally Avoid This SupplementBut for negatives, the Biotin form it offers isn’t true quality. It’s also ridiculously overpriced. And to top it all off, it adds tons of sugar and likely can contribute to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other ill conditions.

Hence, (out of avoid it, consider it, shortlist it, buy it) I believe that the LxH Biotin Gummies we should avoid. I mean, the way I see it, it just makes no sense to go for it when there are so many considerably better and more affordable options out there. Plus, if it has to be just pick something like the Now Foods Biotin and spend the difference on some healthy candy, fruit, or berries.

On that note, I have to add that Collagen supplements do feel like a considerably better option overall than Biotin supplements when it comes to improving hair, skin, and nail health. Plus, there are no necessary break periods with them. Here’s the best Collagen supplement to check out if you’re interested (full review with a summary).

Other than that, I hope this LxH Biotin Gummies review helped you find the information you were looking for. If you have any thoughts or questions, I’m all here for you. And do feel free to leave your own personal reviews on the product as well.

2 thoughts on “LxH Biotin Gummies Review – Cheapest Biotin There Is?”

  1. Thanks for your review of this biotin product. I’ve never actually heard of this vitamin as I prefer to get most of my nutrients from fresh food rather than from supplements where possible.

    But I can see that there may be some advantages for specific problems such as hair loss and weak nails as you suggest, but eating a healthy diet is just as important, and if people are not careful, you can end up spending hundreds of dollars each month on individual supplements such as this. Supplements that aren’t actually good for you.

    I like the maths that you’ve done to highlight the high cost, too. I think that’s really important with products like these. That’s because I think it helps to see better that the product makes sense neither from a health perspective nor the pricing aspect. It’s just a low-quality product with a high price tag.

    Thank you for your efforts. 

    • Hey, Gail!

      Yeah, I totally agree with you. Fresh and healthy foods are the way to go. No amount or type of supplement won’t ever make up for that. Still, as you also pointed out, they do have their place. And they can be very helpful.

      Indeed, given the vastness of the industry and how many different products are out there, it is extremely easy to go for the wrong thing. Especially if it’s a gummy. Because that thing people typically see as something very easy to take and something that is very tasty as well.

      So, many do fall prey to their inherent cognitive biases for sugar if that makes sense. And I believe that manufacturers are very well aware of that. And that they actually do play for exactly that.



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