Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women Review – 100% Detrimental?

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In this Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women Review, we will take a close in-depth look at all of what this supplement has to offer.

Or to make it more clear, we’ll start out by looking at the claims the manufacturer makes about the supplement. Then we’ll continue on by evaluating the supplement as a whole. Meaning, we’ll look at the vitamin and mineral forms, find out how much of them are there, dissect the additional beneficial substances.

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women Review – Overview

Opti-Women is a supplement manufactured by Optimum Nutrition that is geared towards women’s well-being and is comprised of 23 essential vitamins and minerals, as well as 17 different additional ingredients to make it a rather comprehensive multivitamin for active women.

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women ReviewIn truth, there is not much to dissect on the supplement’s product page.

Essentially, there are only two sentences about the supplement.

The first one of them, in essence, states the absolute same message I provided in the first paragraph of this section. And then the second one gives some insight into what kind of ingredients are added to the supplement.

Thus, all in all, the description page of Opti-Women is a very pleasant place to visit as it does not contain any hype or empty claims about what the supplement will do for you.

Which I do see both as a noble and a humble thing to do. That definitely earns respect.

Nutrient Forms – In Part Basic, In Part Awesome

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women offers a great variety of vitamins and minerals. They certainly weren’t misleading when stated that the supplement contains 23 different vitamin and minerals.

One distinct characteristic that the Opti-Women has over Opti-Men is that it offers a preformed form of vitamin A. Thus, making it more well-rounded.

Overall, vitamin forms on the most part are certainly not in their best shape but they should still account for a solid benefit.

To be more concrete, the lesser forms in the supplement are for vitamin C, B1, B6, B9, and B12. [R] [R] [R] [R] [R] [R] [R] [R] [R] [R] [R]

On the other hand, as far as minerals go their forms are pretty solid all throughout. Don’t get me wrong, much of the time those also are not the absolute best ones, however, in of themselves, they are very effective.

So, needless to say, that they will account for a solid benefit.

The only ones I’m not really a fan of are for Magnesium and Calcium. Although each of these come in two different forms, one of which is a great option, the other one (Magnesium Oxide and Calcium Carbonate) are not as much. [R] [R] [R] [R] [R] [R]

Truth be told, they’re pretty miserable in terms of providing you with any kind of benefit.

Nutrient Amounts Are Generally On The Scarce Side

When it comes to the actual nutrient amounts, it certainly does not look as convincing.

First off, there are two minerals that the Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women does not incorporate at all. Those are Vanadium and Boron. Both very crucial, both needed for well-being.

The Supplement Is Rather Scarce In Regards To The Vitamins It OffersSecond, there are only a handful of vitamins that live up to the amounts defined by Prime Daily Values. Those are preformed vitamin A, vitamin D, K, and B7.

The rest, although are not too far off of the Prime Daily Values most of the time, would regardless be of more benefit to you if the amounts of those were slightly increased.

In regards to the minerals, it’s not as bad though.

There’s the typical lack of Calcium and Magnesium but other than that only Selenium is somewhat short-handed (apart from the already mentioned Vanadium and Boron).

And lastly, the supplement does not incorporate any Choline, Inositol, and any additional variety of Carotenoids although are there, however, in quite little amounts.

Additional Beneficial Substances Will Mostly Add To Your Well-Being

All in all, the supplement does deliver. It does offer the said 17 of beneficial substances. However, 5 of those are various Carotenoids, which I myself would not count as something among the beneficial substances. I’d much rather add them to the list of vitamin A.

So, at the end of the day, we’re left with 12 beneficial substances – Dong Quai, Chasteberry (Vitex agnus-castus) 4:1 Berry Extract, Garcinia Extract, Uva Ursi, Horse Chestnut Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Butchers Broom, Ostivone, Grape Seed Extract, Deodorized Garlic, Citrus Bioflavonoids, and Soy Isoflavones. [R]

In this review, to not make it too long we’ll look at some of them. But either way, you are welcome to google the rest if you feel the need to.

The Dong Quai Is Of Ancient Chinese, Japanese and Korean Medicine

Dong Quai, also known as the female ginseng, is a herb used as herbal medicine for more than 2000 years. And thus, obviously, it has quite a list of benefits. [R] [R] [R]

Here are some attributed to its name – improves blood pressure, reduces inflammation, improves heart health, reduces menstrual cramps, has a pain-relieving effect, as well as works as a muscle relaxant, improves bone health, supports against depression, alleviates menopause symptoms among many other benefits. [R] [R] [R] [R] [R]

There are, however, certain risks also involved with the female ginseng as it may cause certain side effects to a number of people. Such include headaches, drowsiness, bloating, nausea, difficulties breathing, sweating, trouble sleeping, as well as sensitivity to sunlight among other unpleasant effects. [R] [R] [R] [R]

On top of that, also it can be extremely detrimental to pregnant and nursing women. [R] [R] [R] [R]

Uva Ursi is a plant that grows around the globe. It’s known for its benefits to skin, hair, as well as a remedy for urinary tract infections, improves kidney health and joint health, additionally supposedly also working as a muscle relaxant. On top of all that, it’s also an amazing antioxidant. [R] [R] [R] [R]

However, do keep in mind that this one also comes with a bunch of warnings as it can cause liver damage. And pregnant and nursing women should avoid it at all costs. [R] [R] [R]

Ostivone is the commercial name of the naturally occurring bioflavonoid ipriflavone. Ipriflavone is a well-researched ingredient known for its many all-round benefits to bone health. [R] [R] [R] [R]

It’s also considered to be a non-hormonal estrogen alternative, which can be used both by women and men to avoid certain health conditions. [R] [R] [R] [R]

So, all in all, although the additional beneficial substances are guaranteed to provide some solid health boosts, you must be careful with them. This is because some of the ingredients have the capacity to backfire at your health.

Additives Are Looking Good

Opti-Women employs a complete number of 5 different additives – Hypromellose, Magnesium Stearate, Calcium phosphate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silica.

As regards to all of these, they’re safe to use and should not cause any health issues or just harm your health later on down the line.

Thus, it’s very much unlike many other supplements, which do so incredibly awful in regards to this.

Final Thoughts On Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women

While Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women should not be considered the perfect option, it seems like a solid option for improving one’s well-being nonetheless.

But it must be noted that there are a few concerns that may arise due to some of the beneficial substances in the supplement.

And thus, if at any given time you’re experiencing what you believe is a side effect of a beneficial substance, stop using the supplement immediately.

On that same note, if you’re rather interested in awesome multivitamin supplements that won’t do anything but improve your health and well-being, have a look at the article of the best multivitamin supplements.

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  1. Dear Matiss Dzelve,

    Before reading this review I had no clue about what is Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women. I learned about it in this article. This article explained everything so organized and in a neat way so that I could understand it easily. Now I know the exact purpose of Opti-Women and what I can get from this. Definitely l will get one for my wife.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article.

    Shui Hyen

    • Hey, Shui!

      I’m really, really glad the article benefited you!
      And I sincerely appreciate the kind words! Thank you, Shui! :)

      Cheers, and have a Wonderful Day!

  2. What a useful post. I have not heard of all the goodness of Opti-women before and I am always looking our for good nutritious products, vitamins and supplements especially since I guess I am getting closer to 50s and women do need extra care and good nutrients for the body. Thank you very much contour in-depth review! 

    • Hey, Barbara!

      I’m delighted you enjoyed the article and found it helpful.
      However, there’s one thing I’d like to warn you about. Do know that the supplement contains Iron, which is considered to generally not be needed through supplementation for people other than women in their reproductive age.

      If you’re still within that margin, this will be great. But if you’re past that take a look at some of the supplements without Iron on the list of the best multivitamins.

      Cheers, and have a Great One, Barbara!

  3. Hi! 

    It seems Opti-Men and Opti-Women are totally different as a multivitamin supplement. I had no idea that the same supplement of male and female versions can be so different. 23 essential vitamins and 17 additional ingredients are mixed together for preparing this multivitamin supplements which is a little bit confusing for me regarding some of those major side effects. I believe only a specialist can explain it’s perfectness. Thanks for yet another awesome review.

    • Hey, Mzakapon!

      Glad you enjoyed the article!
      I appreciate you sharing your thoughts!

      Cheers, and have a Wonderful Day!

  4. Nice review! I really liked your explanation of what is Opti-Women? Really well written, revealed real well the content and nutritional benefits of the supplement. I do feel that this is a supplement women are ought to embrace for general wellness of the body. Thanks for sharing.
    One last thing, out of curiosity – is it possible to overdose this supplement?

    • Hey, Louis!

      I’m really glad you enjoyed the review! And I appreciate the kind words. Means a lot to me.

      The thing is that there is not one thing in the Universe that one can not overdose on. You can even overdose on sugar, pretty much any food – be it healthy or not. You can even overdose on water.
      All of these will have negative consequences.

      As for the recommended dosage of the supplement, generally it’s not possible as all of the nutrients are well below the Upper Tolerable Intake Levels.

      On that same note, anyone but women in reproductive age should not use this supplement. This due to the presence of Iron, which for other population groups can accumulate over a period of time within their organisms and cause all kinds of unpleasant side-effects.

      Hope that answers your question!
      Cheers, Louis, have a Great One!

  5. I love the article. I did not, however, completely understand that point on vitamin A and Opti-Women in comparison with the Opti-Men. Could you please explain in for me one more time, Matiss?
    Also, do you happen to know if this vitamin-mineral supplement was is subjected to clinical trial before it was pushed to the market?

    • Hey, Chris!

      Sure, no problem. My point was that Opti-Women contains both forms of the vitamin A – the Carotenoids and the Retinoids. Both of these are extremely important. And the Retinoids can’t be replaced by just a bunch of Carotenoids, contrary to what many believe. Whereas the Opti-Men contains only the Carotenoids, thus, I just emphasized the existing difference between what should be a male and a female version of the same supplement.

      As for the clinical trials, I do not have that kind of information. I’m sorry.

      Hope that helps, Chris! If you need any further clarification just let me know. :)

      Cheers, and have a Great One!

  6. I love the fact that you make reviews on good supplements which are reputable because I know I have previously used most of your recommendations and with the right prescription I had no issues whatsoever, that’s why I always follow up your post for new supplement. Thanks for this opti women nutrition, can it be taken by an elderly woman, say 70?

    • Hey, Seun!

      You’ve no idea how much I appreciate the kind words! I delighted I can be that source of information to you. :)
      As for the women over 70, I’d say that it might not be a good idea. The supplement offers quite a bit of iron, which is considered to be needed only through supplements for women in their reproductive age. Vegans or Vegetarians could benefit but other population groups generally does not need it.

      Hope that helps!

      Cheers, and have a Great One!

  7. The goal of writing a fantastic review for your readers have been met, well dissected and detailed. It feels like I have every detail about opti woman. It is a good drug but definitely not meant for every woman considering its constituents nutritional elements and vitamins. My take therefore on the product is that doctors prescription might be required before use to achieve better results and to also avoid contraindications and side effects.

    • Hey, Zuchii!

      I really appreciate the kind words! And I’m glad you enjoyed the article.
      I’m really happy about that!

      Cheers, Zuchii, have a Great One!

  8. Just like the name sounds – Optimum Nutrition – it can only mean good to human well-being. The Nutrients in this product far beyond amazing – balanced vitamins and minerals that help the body system immensely. I far deduced that the Opti-Women product is very recommendable for all women out there, it has a lot of good to do there and they should give it a chance. This article is amazing a lot of amazing contents grasped, nice write up, overall very informative! 

    • Hey, Dammy!

      I sincerely appreciate the kind words!
      There is one thing that I must add though. Due to the Dong Quai, the supplement should not be taken by lactating or pregnant women. Just something to note!

      Cheers, and have a Great One, Dammy!

  9. The review about the opti women supplement is good. The supplement opti women may be good but may not really be the best of it all. There are so many compliments out there with dangerous additives but how do we get to know the genuine one. Some of them may write healthy additives on their product labels and sales page but the supplement may still consider some dangerous additives. So how do we find out the very best healthy supplements?

    • Hey, Kenechi!

      Glad you enjoyed the article! Happy to hear that.
      That is a very sound observation. You look for reputable companies that do third party testing. Their labels are essentially guaranteed to contain that which they claim. On top of that, you always have the option of bringing the supplement to the lab.

      Cheers, and have a Great One!

  10. If Uva Ursi could cause kidney damage and at same time it enhances the functionality of the kidney, the question I want to ask is; what exactly is the recommended dosage of that ingredients? Actually, anything that can help women to reduce menstrual cramp will sell, and in my opinion, I think this is a great product that women would like to buy.

    • Hey, Autofreak!

      At this point in time, I’m unaware of Uva Ursi being able to cause kidney damage. It can cause liver damage but generally improves kidney functionality. Thus… I mean, if you go hard enough in terms of overdosing it might end up with kidney damage but by then your liver might be dead already.
      As far as I know, the amounts that Uva Ursi is in the supplement – it’s impossible to overdose it. You’d need like a hundred servings of the supplement in a single day, and even then it wouldn’t be for sure.

      Cheers, and have a Great One!

  11. My partner is looking for this kind of thing but she (and I) are a bit overwhelmed by the choices out there at the moment. You do mention that you are not 100% sure about the additives in these particular pills, and that side effects could be an issue – is this the case with most health supplements?

    • Hey, Chris!

      I totally get that, many people are. There really are a lot of choices.
      The additives being safe I’m pretty sure about. Not so much about the additional beneficial substances, as although generally they’re great, for some they may come with some side-effects.

      However, as to the problem with additives (them generally being harmful), is a very common one.

      Cheers, and Have a Great One, Chris!

  12. I used many Optimum Nutrition products earlier. Their daily multivitamin packs are very good and I also liked their proteins too. Opti-Women is a good project and review is very helpful about it. There are many useful minerals, vitamins in it in a very good balance. 

    Thanks for the review. I also read your article about your suggested multivitamin supplements. That post was also useful.

    • Hey, Gno!

      I’m really delighted you enjoyed both this article and the one on the suggested multivitamins! Totally made my day!
      Other than that, I appreciate you sharing your experiences. Thank you!

      Cheers, and have a Great One!

  13. Awesome Information! What an incredible blog post! I always enjoy all of your writing and this one is no exception because your articles are very helpful and informative. I really love the way you outline your reviews….. although am not a woman, I learned a lot from your article. This is the most extensive and comprehensive review I’ve read ! Thanks for your indepth analysis

    • Hey, Abioye!

      The words are too kind. I truly and sincerely appreciate it. :)
      And I’m delighted you enjoyed the article, means a lot.

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