Naturelo Multivitamin Brand Review – Read Before Purchasing

In this Naturelo Multivitamin Brand Review, we will take an in-depth look at all of the Naturelo multivitamins.

Thus, we will assess the vitamins and minerals they provide, check their amounts, dissect the additives, as well as explore how their beneficial substances can benefit your health in addition to everything else that they offer.

Essentially, all to make as accurate of an assessment about all the Naturelo multivitamins as possible.

Meaning, the goal here is to create an article so thorough that there would not be a need for you to ever look at another supplement review for this specific supplement. Therefore, if there is a section or aspect I haven’t covered but you’re interested in, let me know. And I’ll add that to the review.

Naturelo Multivitamin Brand – Initial Thoughts & Claims

All in all, there are a complete number of 18 different Naturelo multivitamins out there. Each of these is either geared towards men’s health, women’s health, or the well-being of children.


That said, not all of them are, however, completely different. This complete number does involve various packaging sizes available.

So, in the end, we’re really only left with 4 various supplements available for men, 6 different ones available for women (plus 1 general adult option), and 3 options for children.

Still a number, eh?

And each of them has its own separate description page. Though it must be noted that they don’t really differ a whole lot. Barely would be a much more accurate observation.

And so, I feel there are 5 key insights that permeate through every single one of those pages.

The first one I believe is the most widely misinterpreted of them all. And I have been guilty of this too in the past by not truly immersing myself into their world.

It’s the fact that not all of the nutrients they provide in their supplements are directly derived from whole foods. This is huge because most other reviews out there will try to convince you that they are fully made by deriving all the nutrients from natural whole food or just food sources. Which is not accurate.

Naturelo About Us PageThey themselves do provide insights on this on their about us page.

“We would source our vitamins and minerals from real, organic whole foods whenever possible — like Vitamin C from Acerola Cherries, Vitamin E from Rice Bran, and Calcium from Algae. For ingredients that weren’t available in whole food form, we’d choose natural versions instead of synthetic.” [R]

What this means is that whenever a nutrient can’t be derived from whole food, a natural form of the nutrient is used instead. But using a natural form has nothing to do with deriving that nutrient from food.

A natural form is just a chemically identical form of a vitamin or mineral that is easily created in a laboratory. And it has nothing to do with directly coming from nature. It’s just an identical form that acts the same way a natural form would within our bodies (and in so is oftentimes but not always the most beneficial available).

That said, there are many great brands out there that do this (and many use even more beneficial forms than Naturelo).  Hence, by no means, Naturelo is one to separate from all the rest.

The second key insight is about them standing firm on being GMO-free, Soy-free, Gluten-free, without preservatives, coloring or flavoring. And on top of all that also being vegan compatible (hence an option for vegetarians as well). And that’s great. There are definitely not a lot of brands out there that subscribe to the kind of standards.

These Supplements Are Said To Improve Heart Health

Third, as for the claimed benefits, they mainly emphasize the points of enhanced immunity, as well as improved heart, brain, and eye health.

In that regard, they also do subscribe to the notion of just exercising regularly and eating healthy alone is not enough for great health. Supplements for them are a vital part of all that [R].

Which is a point there has been a lot of debate around. Because you can definitely argue both sides. But at the end of the day, it does feel somewhat in favor of the approach they’re taking (though I believe despite that you should go with whatever feels most appropriate and right to you).

As for the fourth key aspect, they are trying to earn points in your mind by calling it out – we’re made in the USA. For some, this will matter, for others not so much.

And lastly, there’s the boldest statement of them all – “Stop Wasting Your Money on Ineffective Supplements; Experience the NATURELO Difference Today!”. Which given their purpose and what they stand for completely make sense [R].

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy NatureloIt would be strange if they would not try to win you over with this.

Other than that, sure, there are some other claims here and there. An example of this, is that what you’ll find for the Postnatal and children supplements or what you’ll see added to Whole Food versions (they also claim to provide energy).

But be as it may, on those description pages you typically will also get 5 top reasons why any particular one of the Naturelo multivitamins is right for you. And with these, they’ve also have preserved their creative resources.

Meaning, whenever you’ll find them on the page, they will be all the same.

As regards them, there are a few aspects I would like to elaborate on. Which will hopefully give you a broader perspective and understanding. But that we’ll get into one of the later sections.

For now, I believe it’s best to be looking at every Naturelo multivitamin providing a short but concise description of what they’re actually about. So, let’s get into that.

Naturelo Men’s Multivitamins Evaluated

Naturelo Whole Food Multivitamin For Men (Review)

Naturelo multivitamins typically tend to choose the conventional approach for nutrient amounts, rather than the unconventional one. And in so they are only ever trying to provide nutrient (vitamins and minerals) amounts that are equal to or reasonably above 100% Daily Values.


This applies to this Naturelo Whole Food Multivitamin For Men as well. Other than that, it offers great vitamin and mineral diversity, as well as highly effective and beneficial forms for them.

That said, even when considering the conventional approach for supplementation, for some people minerals, like Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium, may seem too scarce. Because they land below 100% Daily Values.

However, that is actually a good thing. This is because going for 100% on Calcium (1300 mg) or Potassium (4700 mg) is a sure-fire way to overdosing on both of the minerals.

It’s a different story with the Magnesium, however, both this mineral and Calcium tend to take up a lot of space. Thus, if you’d really want to have them in beneficial amounts (400-600 mg and 600-800 mg, respectively), you’d be looking at to the least 10-12 capsules daily. Which most people are not ready to commit to.

Other than that, to the incredible diversity and abundance in terms Daily Values, you’re also getting a number of blends that will only further improve your health. And do so through improving digestive health, energy levels, brain health, heart health, and eye health, as well as by adding a bunch of dietary fiber to the mix with the help of organic fruit and vegetable blend.

Preformed Retinol Naturally You Can Get From Animal Derived Foods Like Milk

While it all may sound marvelous, there are a few drawbacks as well.

The Naturelo Whole Food Multivitamin For Men does not offer any vitamin K or Vanadium (though there is the addition of vitamin K2). That said, you’re pretty guaranteed to get some amounts of those two from that organic fruit and vegetable blend. So, that would be a rather minor issue.

What is not a minor one though, is the fact that the supplement offers zero preformed retinol (vitamin A). Which is both extremely important for great health and can’t be replaced by any amount of Carotenoids [R, R, R, R, R, R].

Nonetheless, I feel this is an easy fix if you’re committed to having all of the crucial vitamins. Just be sure you’re adding a proper vitamin A supplement.

And, yes, one last thing to mention about this one – amazing additives (or, to be more exact, additive because it has only one).

Naturelo Whole Food Multivitamin For Men 50+ (Review)

The Naturelo Whole Food Multivitamin For Men 50+ is an incredibly similar multivitamin supplement to the one we just looked at.


Rather than regurgitating mostly all of the same that I said in the previous section, let’s cover primarily the differences (I will be using this same approach also for the other supplements throughout this article, so if I don’t mention anything – it’s all the same).

In the Naturelo Whole Food Multivitamin For Men 50+, you get insignificantly more Carotenoids and Calcium but less vitamin C.

So, at the end of the day, any noticeable differences do come down to the blend composition. Meaning, there’s a little less of that organic fruit and vegetable blend in the Men 50+ version but it adds the Prostate health blend in place of the Energy blend that we saw in the general for men version of the multivitamin.

As for Digestive, Brain, Heart, and Eye health blend, they are all the same. The same also goes for the additives (additive).

Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin For Men (Review)

This one for all of you who are uncomfortable with taking 4 capsules of a multivitamin daily (as it is the case with the previous two). This Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin for Men only requires you to take 1 capsule daily.


But with that, while it uses the same beneficial and highly effective nutrient forms, there are considerable cuts in the overall vitamin and mineral amounts.

To be more exact, all of the minerals fall under the 100% Daily Values. Which will still contribute to some degree to your well-being but it’s definitely a drawback.

On top of that, there are also the same characteristic complete absence of certain nutrients, like preformed vitamin A, vitamin K1, and Vanadium. But that’s 100% minor when compared to the next aspect.

The Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin For Men offers only one blend (organic fruit & vegetable blend). And even this blend is cut by more than 2/3 of the total amount that is present in the Naturelo Whole Food Multivitamin For Men.

So, you’re missing out on a HUGE value and additional benefits that you’ll not to experience through the due to the absent brain, heart, digestive, eye, and energy or prostate health blends.

Ultimately, there really are no advantages to this one other than the reduced serving size and price.

Still, those two don’t justify it, thus, I feel it’s so not worth going for this.

Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin For Men 50+ (Review)

The same conclusion does also apply to the Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin For Men 50+.


It’s the highly cut back version of the Naturelo Whole Food Multivitamin For Men 50+. Which as a whole I feel is so not worth your time and money (and the fact that there are fewer capsules daily to take).

In essence, it’s that same One Daily for Men only with slightly more Carotenoids, vitamin D, Calcium, and Magnesium, twice the amount of Biotin but less Vitamin C and Phosphorus.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, this is probably still much better than no multivitamin at all. However, as evident, there are way better options out there, even within the boundaries of the same brand.

Naturelo Women’s Multivitamins Evaluated

Naturelo Whole Food Multivitamin For Women (Review)

The Naturelo Whole Food Multivitamin for Women is a supplement extremely similar to its men equivalent version we looked at earlier, only with one single alteration.


There is nothing really more to add.

I mean, sure, there are some very minute alterations to the nutrient amounts, like barely less of Carotenoids, as well as vitamin C, D, and E.

But the incredible vitamin and mineral diversity, as well as the highly effective and beneficial forms still persist. Also, the added beneficial blends are the exact same ones that the men’s supplement uses.

All of this truly helps to drive home the point that nutrition-wise there is only one real and considerable difference when it comes to comparing men’s multivitamins with the women ones.

It’s the factor of whether or not a supplement contains Iron. Which is that single alteration that I mentioned earlier when it comes to the Naturelo Whole Food Multivitamin for Women.

All else that you hear and people or brands are trying to convince you of is pure marketing and has nothing to do with your actual nutritional needs or well-being.

Other than that, much like its men’s counterpart, this one’s also one among the very best multivitamins if what you want is nutrient amounts that are equal to or reasonably above 100% Daily Values.

Naturelo Whole Food Multivitamin For Women 50+ [Iron Free] (Review)

While it may seem that the Iron-free version of the Naturelo Whole Food Multivitamin For Women does not subscribe to any other differences besides the lack of iron, in truth it actually does. There are other subtle differences.


For example, this Women 50+ version has insignificantly less of vitamin K2, slightly less Manganese and Potassium, as well as 2.5 times fewer Biotin (which is still fine and is at 200% Daily Value). It also doesn’t offer Choline. But it does offer slightly more vitamin D and Calcium.

However, as with many before, the main difference resides in the additional beneficial substance, aka the blends present.

Though the Naturelo Whole Food Multivitamin For Women 50+ cuts out Energy blend completely, it does offer more than 50%+ of Heart health blend, twice the Brain health blend, and 20% more of Organic Fruit and Vegetable blend.

So, it does have some tradeoffs, but overall I feel it’s still definitely a viable option for women over 50. Alternatively, you can, of course, also try and experiment with the men’s Naturelo multivitamins (as Iron is no longer a requirement for women after menopause).

Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin For Women (Review)

Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin For Women in comparison to Naturelo Whole Food Multivitamin For Women is largely the same as the comparison of the two respective men’s multivitamins.


You get a smaller serving size and cheaper price. But in terms of the value, it’s just not worth it.

The considerable cuts when it comes to the nutrient amounts will land actually all of the minerals below 100% Daily Values. Furthermore, no longer do you get that variety of beneficial blends.

You’re left with only the Organic Fruit & Vegetable blend that is cut more than 3 times. So, you’re losing out a lot. Which is exactly the (sad) story of Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin for Men.

Another story that you should rather avoid embarking on.

Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin For Women [Iron Free] (Review)

Over the Naturelo One Daily Multivitamin For Women in this one you get slightly more Carotenoids, vitamin D, vitamin B6, Calcium, and Magnesium but less Phosphorus, and zero Iron.


Other than that, this Iron-free version is the same as the regular One Daily Multivitamin for Women.

But those slightly improved amounts for a handful of nutrients doesn’t really remedy the sad story it was with its double.

That said, I do feel there is some viability with the One Daily supplements of the brand.

If vitamins and minerals are all that you’re after and you want them to be at least 100% Daily Values but no more than reasonably above that, here’s a solution for that.

Instead of taking one capsule daily as they recommend, take two.

This will take care of all of the otherwise shortcomings and should be completely fine in supplements that do not involve Iron.

Naturelo Prenatal Multivitamin (Review)

The Naturelo Prenatal Whole Food Multivitamin is a supplement that’s kind of in-between the whole food supplements and those that are about once daily.


Through the daily serving of 3 capsules, this supplement fully focuses on providing the right kind of vitamins and minerals to pregnant women.

It leaves out all the blends because oftentimes these can contain ingredients that are either not tested or can potentially be harmful to pregnancy.

At that time a universally accepted is that of avoiding anything that is not proven to not harm the child’s well-being and health in any way. So, only the stuff that has been proven to be harmless.

Over the general choice for women (Naturelo Whole Food Multivitamin for Women) this supplement offers less of almost all of the vitamins but more of the minerals and Carotenoids, yet twice the Iron and Folate.

And it would be all fine and okay if not for the consideration of not having any preformed vitamin A. As already mentioned earlier, this one is pretty impossible to get sufficient amounts of from Beta-Carotene alone. Whereas it’s quite crucial for the proper development of the baby [R, R, R].

But at the end of the day, I guess it’s still a solid conventional option to go for if 100% Daily Values is your main focus. And you can remedy that absence of preformed vitamin A with a proper vitamin A supplement.

Nevertheless and despite that, I personally would still prefer something else when my wife will be in pregnancy again (#9 on this list). However, not everyone will agree with this approach.

Naturelo Postnatal Multivitamin (Review)

Despite the fact that this Naturelo Prenatal Multivitamin is quite a similar supplement to the one we discussed in the previous section, it has a considerably different focus.


It cuts back mainly on Folate and heavily also on Iron but adds Milk Boosting Herbs of organic sources like Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, Fennel, Stinging Nettle, and Alfalfa. To add that extra benefit of you never running out of milk for your little one.

That said, the Postnatal multivitamin still faces the drawbacks that the Prenatal multivitamin did. It again offers no vitamin A (preformed form). So, without an additional singular vitamin A supplement it won’t suffice.

To five a better idea of this, it must be noted that while adults have the ability to turn some of the Carotenoids in the preformed vitamin A, babies struggle with that. Therefore, it’s crucial that they do intake it through the mother’s milk [R].

Whereas, in case of the mother having issues of turning those Carotenoids into Retinol (which by no means is a rare case), not only will the mother herself suffer, but so will the baby [R, R, R, R, R].

So, overall, this is a viable option (but I can’t emphasize enough how important is that extra vitamin A). Another option to definitely consider is that which I did already mention in the previous section (see #9).

Naturelo Whole Food Vitamin Gummies for Adults (Review)

Apart from the 4 men’s multivitamins and 6 different multivitamins dedicated to women, there’s also one that is just geared towards adults in general.


While it is marketed as a whole foods supplement it does rather resemble the Once Daily multivitamins we discussed earlier with that addition of being tasty.

Generally, the vitamins are fine, whereas minerals are little on the scarce side. Which I wouldn’t really regard as sufficient even when taking the conventional approach of 100% Daily Values.

It also doesn’t really add anything in terms of additional blends or substances. Just vitamins, minerals, and a bunch of different Carotenoids.

So, overall the tradeoffs for the taste aren’t really worth it in my opinion.

Also, given that this is a gummy supplement and it’s about making supplementation tasty, you don’t have only one additive here. You rather have a bunch of them.

Still, the approach that Naturelo uses when creating gummy multivitamins is much different of that of what most other brands do.

Stevia Is A Great Natural Sweetener

What I mean is, most other brands just stuff a bunch of sugar in their gummy supplements, which at the end of the day doesn’t deserve to be referred to as something that contributes to your health. Much to the opposite.

But Naturelo doesn’t do that. What they do is use Stevia instead. It’s an ingredient used to sweeten that whatever it gets added to without spiking insulin or raising blood sugar levels. In truth, it’s exactly the approach you want to take when you’re into buying a gummy supplement.

As far as I can tell, most additives they use to make this Naturelo Whole Food Vitamin Gummies for Adults possible should be fine.

What I’m not fully certain about are the natural flavors and natural colors used.

Natural flavors are all about manufacturing practices. If they suck, those flavors are likely to be harmful. At that point, it doesn’t matter that they’re “natural”.  Not everything that’s natural is healthy for you despite the fact that many manufacturers prey on that notion (and it’s a global misconception).

And although they do subscribe to Good Manufacturing Practices, I wouldn’t say that’s enough to guarantee that those flavors are not filled with all kinds of impurities and admixtures (even if it’s not intentional).

Though It May Not Superficially Seem So You Have To Be Mindful About Natural Colors Used In Supplements

Also, the colors though natural can be extremely detrimental to select few people, like it’s classically with Annatto extract. So, while I don’t have an issue with natural colors that don’t cause unpleasant side effects, they’re still something to be mindful about.

So, at the end of the day, are these an option you could go for?

Well, despite the fact that they don’t use sugar (which is really good), I would still suggest rather going with the previously discussed, better alternatives of this brand.

They’ll be way more beneficial and you don’t have that unknown factor of flavoring harmlessness.

Though there’s not a doubt in my mind that these are definitely the better alternatives if the only option is their sugary competitors.

Naturelo Children’s Multivitamins Evaluated

Whole Food Vitamin Gummies for Kids (Review)

Based on the percentage values noted on the Whole Food Vitamin Gummies for Kids supplement label, this is a supplement for kids of age 4 and above.


And as such, as far as I can tell, it can actually work really well.

These, similarly as other Naturelo multivitamins, offer solid nutrient forms along with superb nutrient diversity.

And they don’t use sugar too. Which is great.

But there’s again that unknown factor of natural flavors.

That said if your kid is one that does absolutely refuse to take traditional supplements, this without a doubt is the better gummy alternative.

Chewable Multivitamin for Children (Review)

The Chewable Multivitamin for Children is another supplement in the Naturelo’s line-up for children. That said, it’s very hard to tell where does it stand when comparing it to the one in the previous section.


On one hand, this one offers more vitamins and the Organic Fruit & Vegetable blend. But on the other hand, it has fewer minerals.

Thus, it much rather works as an overall alternative. One that is not necessarily better in all aspects that it is.

As for the gummy contents, this one also avoids sugar. Instead, it uses Stevia and Monk Fruit Extract to sweeten it up. Both of which are great for that.

Also, what I like here is the fact that this particular supplement does not contain any kind of colors. Sadly, there’s still the presence of natural flavors.

Which for Naturelo, at least as far as I can tell, for now, feels that it can go both ways (harmful or harmless).

Whole Food Multivitamin for Teens (Review)

Naturelo Whole Food Multivitamin for Teens dumps the notion of gummy vitamins and goes traditional the traditional route.


Hence, again we see only one additive. One that is absolutely okay to consume.

Other than that, in its very essence, this supplement feels like the weaker alternative of any of the men’s or women’s whole food supplementation options. Which to a degree it should be.

Solid and highly beneficial vitamin and mineral forms, okay amounts for the conventional approach. The added benefit of the Organic Fruit & Vegetable Blend, as well as a bunch of Carotenoids. Plus, Rutin (potent antioxidant).

Should work fine.

Is This Supplement Really Right For You?

As I noted earlier, a good number of description pages for any of the Naturelo multivitamins hold a section of top 5 reasons why the Naturelo multivitamin is right for you. In neither of the pages, however, these 5 reasons change.

While they are all about convincing you that a Naturelo multivitamin is your best choice, I wouldn’t say they’re always the whole truth or 100% accurate. So, this section is all about bringing more awareness and, to an extent, debunking some myths.

The top 5 reasons they list for buying their supplement are as follows:

  1. Natural vitamins are absorbed better;
  2. Unbeatable value for money;
  3. Capsules are better than tablets;
  4. Top quality;
  5. 100% money-back guarantee.

“Natural Vitamins Are Absorbed Better” – There’s A Trick There

So, the very first reason why you should buy Naturelo supplements according to them is that “most multivitamin brands contain synthetic vitamins manufactured in a lab, which lack the additional co-factors, such as enzymes and minerals, required for proper absorption. [And because] our vitamins come from real food, your body can recognize and utilize them better”.

I mean, superficially this sounds superb. And it preys beautifully on that what most people seek these days and what they associate with “natural”. To them, natural is good, natural is what you want, natural is the best alternative possible. Or is it?

Let's Take That Apart A Little Bit

Let’s pick that apart a little bit.

So, what do you understand with that statement of theirs I cited above? Or let me be more precise.

What is it that they are trying to say is the avoidable thing here? “Synthetic vitamins”?

And what do you think? What are they referring to here?

Are they actually referring to vitamins or are they using the word “vitamins” to mean supplements?

If they’re referring to supplements, why are they later mentioning enzymes and minerals? Or why is it said “most multivitamin brands” at the beginning of the sentence? So, clearly, it should be that they are actually referring to vitamins not supplements when saying vitamins.

Why is this important?

This means then that only the vitamins that they use in their supplements come from real food (aka the second cited sentence). Minerals are not in that picture.

On that note though, on pretty much all of their supplement labels, you will find the word “natural” after a listed mineral. What is that? Why this incongruence?

Naturelo Multivitamin Review – Typical Naturelo Supplement Label

Are they saying that there are synthetic forms for minerals that are better than natural ones? But they still using “natural”?

Or better yet, why on labels after certain vitamins you see mentioned as the source they’re derived from (for example, Vitamin C from natural Organic Acerola Cherries) but in the case with other you see only a reference to “natural” (for example, Thiamine and the word “natural” after it in the brackets)?

This does correspond to what I mentioned earlier and what they admit on their about us page. Or that “we would source our vitamins and minerals from real, organic whole foods whenever possible — like Vitamin C from Acerola Cherries, Vitamin E from Rice Bran, and Calcium from Algae. For ingredients that weren’t available in whole food form, we’d choose natural versions instead of synthetic.”

The point I’m trying to hammer home is that nutrients in Naturelo supplements are not fully derived from natural sources (whole foods) after all. In fact, they are not doing so most of the time.

Just take a solid look at the labels.

They actually deriving only 9 nutrients from natural sources, like vitamin C, D, E, K2, Choline, Calcium, Iodine, Magnesium, and Carotenoids. What about the other 16 nutrients?

Well, these are just the chemically identical forms of the natural vitamin or mineral forms that are easily created in a laboratory. Moreover, they have nothing to do with directly coming from nature. And Naturelo themselves approve that on their about us page. They just don’t give it to you so straight up and honest.

But coming back to the term “synthetic vitamins” what it actually refers to is “synthetic forms of vitamins”. In this regard, is it really as they imply that “natural forms of vitamins” are always the better-absorbed form?

Most of the time that will be the case. However, it’s not that black and white. For example, there are studies that prove that the synthetic form of vitamin C is as effective as the natural one. And this is just one example [R, R].

Unbeatable Value For Money Preys On The Notion Of You Getting A Bargain

By unbeatable value for money, they state that, for example, their Vitamin C from Organic Acerola Cherry, which costs 5 times more per gram than the synthetic vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), ultimately makes it so that the supplement is only 3 times more expensive.

Supposedly They Are Better Value For Price

Then again, is it really worth it?

Few paragraphs ago I cited a study, which proves that synthetic vitamin C is absorbed efficiently and usable for the body as the natural one. So, why would you pay extra? What’s the point?

You are literally overpaying for nothing.

But there’s another facet to this.

I feel there are multivitamins that may not be as fancy (in terms of the additional blends), however, they do offer way more value. For example, I would take the Garden of Life’s Vitamin Code Men (or Women if I were one) over any of the offered respective whole-food versions any time of the day (Vitamin Codes are about 33% cheaper).

So, it’s in no way an “unbeatable value for money”. There are other supplements that do “beat” Naturelo in terms of this.

Thus, in truth “unbeatable value for money” is just a marketing strategy they use to convince of buying the product.

Capsules Are Not Necessarily Always Better Than Tablets

Another reason they make for Naturelo being the top choice is that “Capsules Are Better Than Capsules”. While there is some truth to this, again, it’s not that black and white.

Capsules Are Not Necessarily Always Better Than Tablets

Meaning, it’s not like these Naturelo multivitamin supplements are the only ones, which are made in the form of capsules. In fact, if you take a look at high-potency, high-quality multivitamins, you’ll find that most of the time they come in the form of capsules.

Be as it may, it’s definitely a question of how any given capsule or tablet is made. Because there are also capsules that are made from nasty ingredients. Then it’s no longer the better option.

All in all, in truth, the capsule and tablet difference is so minor that you shouldn’t really pay attention to that. There are other more significant aspects to look at than those of “capsules being greater than tablets”.

The Promise Of Top Quality Is Again Something Very Stretched

What they do want to emphasize when selling you the product is that they are of superior quality. Because that drives sales a lot. People are looking for quality, and they recognize that.

So, they give you what you’re seeking. But is that quality really that top-notch?

All they really state (and you won’t find otherwise) that they follow GMP practices, ingredients tested for purity and potency, plus stating that you’ll be getting exactly that what is on the label.

When It Comes To Quality There Are Better Ways To Approve It Than Only Using Your Own Statements

But these are only their own statements.

A true testament to the quality is third-party laboratory tests on the end-products (finished supplements). Many brands go out of their way to make this happen. Naturelo doesn’t.

But not only that. Many brands also go out of their way to get certifications like USDA Organic, which proves ingredient organic origin. Or getting certification by Vegan Action, which proves that a supplement is truly vegan.

Naturelo Multivitamins as a brand have none of that.

So, is it really that they’re of the top-quality as they themselves so eagerly state?

I mean, the quality is likely solid. But it’s absolutely unjustified to refer to it as the top quality.

That’s just marketing.

100% Money-Back Guarantee Is Great – They’re Not The Only Ones Though

I feel money-back guarantees are always something that proves the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. And it is a good sign.

So, it’s definitely a plus to the Naturelo Multivitamin Brand. Because you can try the supplement, and easily get your money back if you didn’t 100% enjoy it.

Still, they’re not the only ones doing it in the space of supplements.

Final Thoughts On Naturelo Multivitamin Brand

In the past, I have been very critical of Naturelo Multivitamins. However, the truth is that they can work and serve you well if you’re all about taking the conventional approach for supplementation (following 100% Daily Values).

Final Thoughts For Naturelo Multivitamin Review

That said, I do not necessarily agree with their marketing practices. The claims they tend to make on their description pages are sometimes quite confusing and can lead people into thinking that which is not 100% accurate.

But at the end of the day, the supplements they create seem to deliver solid value. Furthermore, you can also take advantage of that 100% Money Back Guarantee. Which does say something about them believing in their product as there are not a lot of manufacturers that do that.

Nevertheless, I do believe there are better alternatives out there if you’re looking for a multivitamin. Here’s a list for men and a list for women. And there’s always also the option of going unconventional when it comes to multivitamins.

Other than that, I hope this Naturelo Multivitamin Brand review helped you find the information you were looking for. But if not, I’ll be happy to hear any advice in the comments on how I could further improve it.

Other than that, if you get a chance, even one line in the comments helps a ton and will be highly and sincerely appreciated.

See you in another article!

Cheers, Stay Healthy & Have a Great One!

This article was last updated on August 8, 2019.