Rainbow Light Men’s One Review – Potential Wasted [2019 Update]

In this Rainbow Light Men’s One Review, we will explore all of the most recent trends for the supplement as it has been changed somewhat recently.

Thus, in this article, we will look at all the claims made for it, we will explore all of the ingredients that it uses, as well as we’ll address the efficacy of the vitamin and mineral forms as they are not all equal. And last, of all, we’ll also explore what most reviews choose not to – the additives.

All this to make as accurate of an assessment about the Rainbow Light Men’s One (Multivitamin) as humanly possible.

Meaning, my goal here is to create a review like no other – one that you can get all possible insights from. One, after which you don’t have to go on to other reviews and explore more. Therefore, if by any chance there is a section or aspect I haven’t covered but you’re interested in, let me know. And I’ll add that to the review.

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This article was last updated on June 1, 2019.

15 Replies to “Rainbow Light Men’s One Review – Potential Wasted [2019 Update]”

  1. Hi Matiss, stumbled upon your site and I’m glad I did. Thanks for the review, very informative. I just have a couple of questions.

    I think something you didn’t address in the review is the fact that you only need to take one tablet of this particular brand. I was having a browse of your top 11 and the majority seem to require 4-8 tablets a day. I’d be interested in your opinion of the best ‘all in one’ multivitamin. Between taking Omega 3, glucosamine, probiotic, magnesium and various nootropics, I’m actually trying to consolidate the amount of tablets I consume and try to increase the quality. Any chance of you compiling a list of the best multivitamins which only require one or two pills? Would this one be up there do you think?

    Also, I’ve done some research into the strain Bacillus Coagulans which is contained in this. It seems a good strain and I was initially hopeful it would reduce my need for the probiotic I currently take. Would you say the 25 million strains is substantial enough though? This particular strain seems to survive better in the gut than others, so hopefully the lower dose would be adequate. But I’ve noticed most probiotics of this strain seem to be in the billions, rather than millions though. Is the 25 million actually of any use and could it replace a good probiotic?

    Thanks for any response.

    1. Hey, Danny!

      I’m really happy you reached out! I was debating that thought in my own mind recently in regards to what could be the best 1-2 pill multivitamins. So, I guess this just proves the point that I should be adding a relevant section to the article. As I see it now, it could most probably come in a form of top 3-5 best ones in that category.

      As for now, in truth, I haven’t really done any extensive research for what those supplements could actually be. One that immediately comes to mind is the Thorne Research Basic Nutrients 2/Day (also available here). On that same note though, I believe the amounts of Chromium and Vitamin K might be too much for long-term. Anyways, I definitely have to look into it.

      Whether the Men’s One could be up there… In the past maybe, as of now, I’m skeptic about it. That of Basic Nutrients I mentioned pretty much outclasses it in regards to every single nutrient. However, if you were to go with a two tablet approach for the Men’s One it might be regarded as a solid one. Still, I think at the end of the day it won’t cut it for it to be at the top 5. But as I said, I have to do some research before I can say for sure.
      Is it okay if I drop you an e-mail within a week’s time once I have a more concrete answer, Danny? Or I can just post another comment here.

      As for the probiotics, those 25 million definitely is a good addition to the supplement but as I see it, there is no chance in the world that it could replace a solid probiotic supplement. It should ideally be 10-20 billion twice a day.

      I hope that helps! If you ever need anything, just let me know, Danny!

      Cheers, and Have a Great One!

      1. Hi Matiss,

        Thanks for the quick response, really appreciate it. I’ll take a look into the Basic Nutrients you linked to and have a look over it and see if it’ll suit my needs.
        Yeah, of course, would really appreciate any further info you could find for me, that’d be great. Just leave a comment here and I should find it next time I’m browsing your page. And I’m sure others would find benefit in your research too.

        Thanks for the info on the probiotics, I thought that might be the case so I’ll just stick to the one I’m using for now – Jarrow Formulas Saccharomyces Boulardii.

        Any idea on when you plan on releasing your list of the best Probiotics and any thoughts on the Jarrow one I linked?


        1. Hey, Danny!

          Yeah, I completely agree. 🙂

          I liked those probiotics of Jarrow Formulas. Love the fact that the additives are harmless within it. However, I wouldn’t say they’re the ideal option either. If nothing else then just the fact that you’d need to take 4 a day to get to that lower margin of 10-20 billion twice daily. I also remember something about the more diverse strains in the probiotic the better. Not sure where I got that from but I’ll definitely need to look into it.

          Either way, you can definitely stick with those of Jarrow Formulas. But if you plan to upgrade shortlist the Renew Life Everyday Ultimate Flora Probiotic. These are my go-to probiotics at the moment.

          As for that list on the best ones, at the moment I can’t really tell, Danny. They definitely are somewhere near the top of my priorities in regards to the best lists. But when I’ll get to them I’m not really sure.

          Cheers, Danny, and Have a Great One!

          1. As promised, I did some research, however, I wasn’t really able to come up with an overall better option than the previously mentioned Thorne Research Basic Nutrients 2/Day (also available here).
            Of the many (1-2 capsule/tablet multivitamins) out there, it’s not that they are bad supplements, I just don’t like them entirely. Mostly because of an aspect or two that undermines the whole supplement (missing a nutrient, having a bad additive, etc.).

            Therefore, for the time being, the mentioned I would consider the best option in the category of 1-2 capsules/tablets a day. This until further research, the fruits of which will be put into a future article.

            Until that, Take Care! And Have A Great One!

  2. This article was informative and well written. I will receive my shipment of this vitamin Thursday. It really assures me that I made a wise choice in selecting it.

    1. Hey, Gerald!

      Thank you for the kind words, I’m glad it was of help.
      I wouldn’t say it’s my #1 recommendation (as evident in the article), but a solid choice nonetheless. Especially, if you’re tight on a budget. 🙂
      Sorry, I wasn’t able to get back to you sooner. Either way, I appreciate the few lines. Helps a ton. 🙂

      Cheers and have a Great One!

  3. Hi Matiss,
    Great review of Rainbow Lights’ One multi-vitamin. All in all it looks like a pretty good product but also sounds like in your opinion they are perhaps over hyping it a bit. In general though it looks pretty solid.

    It’s great to read this information. I have taken a men’s multi vitamin for years and honestly really did not think there was much of a difference between brands. This is great information to have, appreciate your sharing.

    All the best,

    Mat A.

    1. Hey, Mat!

      I’m glad this was helpful! And thank you for the kind words and your input, I do appreciate it!

      Best Regards!

  4. Hello and thanks for sharing this very awesome detailed review! 

    I believe that the time has come for us as men to really take care of our health, which is so important. 

    Your review was an awesome help to me and I hope it will also benefit other men that read it.

    Have a great day!

    1. Hey, Norman!

      Thank you for your input! I’m glad this review helped you!
      And your kind words are very much appreciated, Norman!

      You too have an awesome day!

  5. Wow, what a fantastic article, the whole supplement issue is a massive problem for me I never know which is the best one to take, but I will do when I read your recommended page, thanks for the info.

    1. Hey, Simon!

      Thank you for the kind words!
      And I’m really glad and delighted this was helpful! 🙂

      Have a great one!

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