Nutrition Essentials Probiotic Review – A Phony In Action?

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This Nutrition Essentials Probiotic review is about uncovering the full truth about this and picking apart all that it contains to provide the most thorough insight.

To do that, we will push through a couple of things. First, that is going to be about looking at the promotional materials and all the claims they make. Second, it will be about the beneficial ingredients. Third, we’re going to make it about the inactive ingredients. And fourth, it will be devoted to customer reviews and global success rates. And fifth, pricing aspects.

This Nutrition Essentials Probiotic Review To Explore Its Many Promises

The idea of this section is to essentially look at any given product based on the manufacturer’s perspective. But I couldn’t find the manufacturer’s website for this Nutrition Essentials Probiotic. At least at first. I was surprised to learn that was actually their official website. It just felt to me as too low quality for a manufacturer established seven years ago [R, R].

And that’s kind of the deal. They don’t actually sell their supplements on their website. Instead, they just point to Amazon every time.

Nutrition Essentials Probiotic ReviewAnd hence, the product page they have on the website is an extremely low-quality one. Whereas what they have on Amazon, that’s actually pretty decent.

So, the potential benefits. They promise quite a few. They say this one’s about healthy digestive balance, promoting of the immune system’s function, and replenishing of healthy bacteria, as well as improving energy levels and helping control appetite and weight.

Then, there are also promises to help with gas, constipation, and bloating. So, there’s a lot but that’s not even all.

They even go as far as to literally say (I’m not exaggerating) that this is the daily regimen to live our best life. Which, the way I see it, is absolutely over the top. I mean, they basically imply that this is the best Probiotic supplement we’ll find.

Other than that, it also comes with a money-back guarantee, as well as some terribly generic self-affirmed claims for the kind of quality the supplement embodies. And there are other claims as well (some of which we’ll explore in the later sections).

So, really, at the end of the day, I’d say it is quite far from looking professional and real quality. And so their claim of being the #1 rated Prebiotic & Probiotic (arguably their most obnoxious claim of all) just doesn’t seem to fit, sit well, be in line with the reality.

To Review Ingredients, Does It Offer A Single Strain Of 1 Trillion CFU?

There are Probiotic supplements that provide only the core thing, namely, Probiotics (Health Balance Complete Probiotic (review) and Nature’s Bounty Probiotic 10 (review) are great examples). There are supplements that provide both Probiotics and Prebiotics like New Chapter Probiotic All-Flora (review) and Nature Made Digestive Probiotics (review). And there are supplements like Nutrition Essentials Probiotic which in addition to what the previous group offers, brings also something a bit extra.

Nutrition Essentials Probiotic IngredientsSo, per two tablets (one serving), this thing offers 75 milligrams of Super Probiotic blend. This is comprised out of a patented formulation of 15 billion CFU of Bacillus Coagulans called Uni-Bact CF-15 and Lactase. And those two get coupled with a patented formulation of 500 milligrams of Fructooligosaccharide called Nutri-Fructo B-88.

So, Uni-Bact CF-15 is kind of the main culprit of benefits. It’s one of the most capable strains out there.

It can boost immunity, improve “good” cholesterol levels, elevate the levels of other beneficial bacteria, help relieve Rheumatoid Arthritis, enhance protein absorption, reduce blood insulin levels, bloating, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, stomach pain, and, of course, among other gains it’s massively helpful to the digestive health just in general. Great total amounts as well (15 billion CFU) [RRRRRRRRRRRR].

Then, there’s Lactase which is an enzyme that helps digest all dairy foods. And Fructooligosaccharides through the Nutri-Fructo B-88 formulation to help augment the gains of Bacillus Coagulans and in so, provide extra wins for gut health [R, RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR].

So, generally speaking, the active contents seem to be very solid. However, I’m not a fan of one particular thing. It’s this claim that Nutrition Essentials Probiotic holds 900 billion CFU per capsule.

I Am Truly Not Fond Of Inaccurate ClaimsSure, it might not be what they actually mean because it could just be 60 tablets per container, 15 billion CFU per capsule, hence, 900 billion CFU per container.

However, I feel that the way they word it around that 900 billion CFU (plus, the statements like “900 billion CFU Maximum Strength”) for any typical customer it will seem that the supplement contains 900 billion per capsule.

Which may possibly be the sole or prime reason why people buy this Probiotic of Nutrition Essentials. Well, because they mistake it for an abundantly full of Probiotics supplement for what would be a great price if it was legit. But this isn’t the truth.

Still, maybe they intended it to be this way right from the start. Which maybe is just really clever and well-calculated marketing.

Quite A Few Additives, But All Are Harmless If Not More

Additives are a tricky aspect of any supplement. But that I feel is especially true when it comes to the Probiotic ones. Quite a few don’t choose the potentially most harmless of these ingredients. For example, with TruNature Digestive Probiotic (review), the problem was Titanium Dioxide. But with Digestive Advantage Probiotics (review), the problem was typically the sugar [RRRRR, R, RRR].

Silicon Dioxide Is Sand Chemically SpeakingWhat about the Nutrition Essentials Probiotic though?

Well, it has quite a few of them. But despite that, all of them fall within the categories of either harmless or slightly nurturing.

Microcrystalline Cellulose and Silicon Dioxide are some of the most harmless added ingredients there are. Dicalcium Phosphate is an in nature findable mineral, often used also as a beneficial ingredient to provide Calcium [R, RR, RRR, RR]

Croscarmellose Sodium is a decent, likely harmless additive if it’s not GMO. Whereas Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose is a thing considered to bring minor gains on top of being harmless [RRRRR, RRRR].

As for Stearic Acid and Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, the story there is a bit more complicated. I mean, try reading any average health blog, and people will tell you that these two are cancerous ingredients. But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Stearic Acid is something babies consume quite a lot of through mother’s milk. More than we could ever through supplements [RRRRR].

So, as far as inactive ingredients, I’m certain, there are no problems or reasons to avoid with the Nutrition Essentials Probiotic.

Reviews Are Good For The Most Part, Fakes Also Seem To Be Involved

Taking the Nutrition Essentials Probiotic to all the customer reviews online I could find, it gives another perspective. A more kind of “how much people have actually benefited from this” type of perspective.

From what I can say, there are truly a lot. A total of 17,316 Nutrition Essentials Probiotic reviews from which 15,913 were positive, hence, a global success rate of 91.9% illustrates that point perfectly, at least the way I see it.

Nutrition Essentials Probiotic ReviewsHowever, there is a concerning trend emerging.

Either the manufacturer has very slightly changed the outlook of the supplement and the visual appearance of its contents (and suddenly does not care about the quality as much) or it’s a fake that people have been getting sold on Amazon, at least from time to time.

From the customer reviews, it appears that it’s far more likely the latter (and because the former makes no sense from the manufacturer’s perspective).

Which, by the way, is something that likely plagues a lot of other supplement categories that I have explored as well [R, R, R, R].

Which brings me to this very weird notion for this Nutrition Essentials Probiotic, in particular, because its primary way of selling is through Amazon. I mean, I’m really not sure how this works.

This Nutrition Essentials Is Looking Pretty Okay As Far As Pricing

So, one of the practical aspects is looking pretty good. What about the other one? Or to be even more on point, what about the pricing?

Well, a container of the Nutrition Essentials Probiotic typically comes for $17.99. The container typically holds 60 tablets. Per serving, we have two tablets. Which means that the price is what a month’s supply costs. So, in terms of price, that is about 60.0 cents per serving which is 15 billion CFU.

Hence, for every 10 billion CFU, that’s about 40.0 cents. Which, generally speaking, is a pretty okay. And let us not forget that we also get 500 milligrams of Prebiotics which is typically 5 times the amount that other supplements of this category offer.

Generally Speaking The Price Is Not BadAll that said, I believe there are still plenty of better options.

For example, the 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum (review). This one we can get for $35.99 apiece. That’s about $1.20 per capsule which is also a serving. But they do offer quite a bit of CFU per capsule. Hence, that’s 23.5 cents per every 10 billion CFU. So, that’s almost half the price.

Okay, granted, the 1MD doesn’t offer nearly as many Prebiotics as the Nutrition Essentials do. But 100 milligrams is plenty still. Furthermore, as far as quality, I would prefer the former every time.

But then, there is stuff like Live Conscious (LiveWell) Pro-45 that just knocks the supplement of this review right out the park. It’s something that costs around $26.99 per container which is 30 servings. In other words, that’s $0.90 per serving. But since there are 46.4 billion CFU per serving, that’s 19.4 cents per 10 billion CFU.

So, it’s more than half the price that the supplement of this review is. What’s more not only does it add good amounts of Prebiotics but also it’s third-party tested. And just everything about it feels more appealing to me.

So, generally speaking, yes, the Probiotics of Nutrition Essentials are not terribly expensive. Still, I feel they can’t really compete with the upper echelon of the category.

I Don’t Like They’re Marketing Approach, Just A Consider-Able

So, is this #1 Best Seller in Amazon’s category for Lactase Nutritional Supplements a truly great buy? A something that we should all in a way strive for and embrace?

Well, it all kind of depends on how we look at it.

From a pure ingredient standpoint, I’d say it’s a safe bet. I mean, the beneficial ingredients are great and the inactive ones are very much that as well. However, if we look at it from a quality perspective and reliability (where do we actually buy it to get the real thing?), it’s not great, to say the least.

Consider Is The Recommendation Here

I mean, sure, they, of course, promise us that they’re of the utmost quality and everything but it’s all self-affirmed, not a single third-party certification.

Plus, inconsistencies (on Amazon it’s claimed to be third-party tested, but their official website contains no such statement). Plus, I find the promotional materials to be excessive, even misleading. Plus, there are just other better options for the same or a better price.

But then again, they do opt for patented ingredients which may remove some of those doubts about quality. Hence, overall, (out of avoid it, consider it, shortlist it, buy it) I would probably shortlist it if its marketing wasn’t over the top. But since it is, I would recommend to just consider it.

That said, if you are interested in something truly capable and arguably the best Probiotic both in terms of quality and price, check out this review.

Other than that, I hope this Nutrition Essentials Probiotic review helped you find the information you were looking for. What do you think of having just one Probiotic strain in a Probiotics-oriented supplement? Is that enough? Or is that a joke? Let me know below.

4 thoughts on “Nutrition Essentials Probiotic Review – A Phony In Action?”

  1. I believe gut health is tremendously important when it comes to overall health and wellbeing and probiotics play a big role in contributing to keeping that part of the body healthy. Nutrition Essentials Probiotics do seem like one of the better supplements when you look at the positive reviews. I am though concerned that there is no third-party certification, and there seems to be misleading information surrounding this. Thanks for a great review.

    • Hey, Line!

      Yeah, I agree, for sure. Bad gut health can definitely have a domino effect on every other aspect of our well-being. Hence, it’s arguably one of the most important ones.

      Yeah, the reviews. I mean, I feel so many people trust those blindly. But you shouldn’t. The truth of the matter is that there plenty of remarkably poor supplements that have insanely high success rates. Which is just to illustrate that we should never leave it to the customer feedback alone. It can really come back to bite us.

      Other than that, I appreciate the kind words.


  2. Hey hey, Health Knight,

    Thanks for the review, I have been looking into more information about Probiotics. I have had some issues with diverticulitis and after a regiment of antibiotics and probiotics things have cleared up. My doctor told me about probiotics and how they promote good bacteria in the digestive system. 

    After all of this, I did some research on how our digestive system works and how it is affected by the normal diet that we have become used to with mass-produced food. The one thing I have found that has the worst effect on the gut is sugar. everyone loves it, it is in everything because it tastes so good. It is the number one thing that promotes bad bacteria in the guts. 

    I think it is great you are putting these reviews out to help people choose the best probiotics on the market. I just wish people would understand the importance of how these probiotics can really help your health in so many ways! 



    • Hey, Groomy Dude!

      I’m happy to hear that. At the right times, the combination can definitely work wonders.

      I definitely agree about sugar.

      Above all, I’m glad the review proved helpful.



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