Align Probiotic Review – Classic Award-Winning Hazard?

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This Align Probiotic review is all about taking a very comprehensive, in-depth look at the supplement, as well as discuss some of the other Probiotic-oriented options of the brand.

Hence, throughout this, we will be looking at a couple of things. As we typically do, we’ll start of with promotional stuff and kind of an overview. Then, we’ll analyze the ingredients and additives. Then, we’ll research customer reviews and compare prices with other similar products. And, yes, we’ll also discuss briefly the other variations of the product (I’ll add that section later).

This Align Probiotic Review To Genuinely Get To The Bottom Of Things

According to the manufacturer, the Align Probiotic Supplement 24/7 Digestive Support is “#1 Doctor and Gastroenterologist recommended probiotic.” Per their words, it “fortifies your digestive system with healthy bacteria 24/7.” So, not exactly our humble Probiotic product. They’re quite bold with their statements [R].

Align Probiotic ReviewAnd the product page is quite bold, too. It’s rather overflowing positive Align Probiotic customer reviews. Plus, they remind us that it is the winner of the 2010 Gold Edison Award, featured in more than 50 publications, and has been the #1 Probiotic for more than years.

To that end, it appears to be even more effective than the Dr. Ohhira Probiotics (review) and Smidge Sensitive Probiotic (review).

But the marketing of things doesn’t stop there. Align also offers a money-back guarantee if we’re not happy with it. And it is also said to be inspired by 20 years of research. Whereas the main benefit they’re marketing is that of improved digestive health.

Other than that, it’s promised to be Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, and Vegetarian. But is it worth the while? And more importantly, is it worth the money?

Personally, I’m Not A Fan Of These Ingredients & Confusing Marketing

While on the basis of marketing the Align Probiotic sounds like the real deal, I’m not so sure about that. I mean, as far as the beneficial ingredients go, I typically see going with at least 10 different strains as the most optimal option. Whereas this is all about providing just one.

Align Probiotic Ingredients (Supplement Facts)So, per serving (one capsule), the supplement of this review offers 4 milligrams of Probiotic strain going by the name of Bifidobacterium longum subsp. longum 35624. Those 4 milligrams are said to be the equivalent of 1 Billion CFU. So, what’s so special about this strain?

Bifidobacterium longum subsp. longum 35624 (previously known as Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis) is a patented, actually, quite fascinating Probiotic strain studied in numerous studies. Through them, its main undertaking is and has been battling and improving the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) [R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R].

And so, to that end, I think it’s quite a decent bet. However, thinking more in terms of general health and well-being, I still believe that the standard of 10-20 Billion CFU of at least 10 different strains twice daily is probably the more capable option. On that note, by no means, would I fault the Bifidobacterium longum in the Align Probiotic [RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR].

There are, however, a few aspects that left me with question marks in my head.

First, on Align Probiotic’s product page, they mention Prebiotics. Hence, some people may be led to believe that this product contains those, too. But that is not the case. It doesn’t contain which, at least the way I see, does likely take away from what could be possible even with added tiny amounts of Prebiotics RRRRRRRRRRRRRR].

Second, nowhere do they claim that the product is Non-GMO. Hence, from my experience, it’s very likely that they actually do use GMO ingredients. Which certainly could mean nothing as far as the Probiotic strain goes. But it can mean a whole lot when it comes to the additives of Align Probiotics.

I Really Don’t Like Additives In This Align, I Would Avoid These

I would like to think that typically Probiotics supplements do quite well in the additive department. I mean, something like the Renew Life Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic Gummies (review) and Health Balance Complete Probiotic (review) are the obvious exceptions but the general rule still applies.

Sugar Is Something Rather To Avoid In SupplementsAnd so, the question is how well does the Align Probiotic do it?

One would expect it to be great in this aspect. I mean, after all, it’s an award-winning supplement that has been recommended as the #1 by doctors and gastroenterologists for more than a decade. Surely, it chooses awesome additives to work with, right? Not really.

So, for additives, the Align Probiotic contains Microcrystalline Cellulose, Hypromellose, Sucrose, Magnesium Stearate, Sodium Caseinate, Titanium Dioxide, Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate, Propyl Gallate, and Gellan Gum. I have a problem with at least two of them.

Sucrose is just a fancy way of saying sugar. I mean, they might as well just use the simple version. But regardless of how we call it, it’s typically something people have already too much of in their diets. And why would we ever add to contribute more to the ill effects of obesity, depression, heart disease, diabetes, stupidity, high blood pressure, eating disorders, cancer, and more through our supplement? We shouldn’t [RRRRRR].

Whereas Titanium Dioxide used to be an absolutely fine additive to consume. That was until the food industry’s revolutionary idea to create nanoparticles of it. Now, it has proven to be unhealthy to consume such particles since our guts are unable to effectively filter them. And that is something that can potentially result in various organ damage. Which, needless to say, is not ideal [RRRRRRRR].

Reviews Are Congruent With Percentage Recommended to Friends

Throughout the product page of Align Probiotic, they put quite an emphasis on positive customer reviews. That’s something that can create the impression that undeniably it’s a very good Probiotic supplement. And that’s great for marketing. The only trouble is that for truth-seekers these product page customer review sections are often useless due to the fact that manufacturers have full control over them.

To that end, it’s not rare at all that these sections likely get adjusted, edited, and otherwise tampered with. Natren Healthy Trinity (review), Phillips’ Colon Health Probiotic (review), and many other are likely examples of that.

Align Probiotic ReviewsSo, I typically take it to all the third-party sellers and retailers for more truth-based ratings. And I did so with the Align Probiotic reviews as well.

In total, I managed to find 5,865 pieces of feedback. Of these, 5,226 Align Probiotics reviews were positive (three-star, four-star, five-star) whereas 639 were negative (one-star, two-star). Which is a success rate congruent with the percentage of people who claim to recommend the supplement of this review to their friends.

Namely, here’s a product that has a success rate of 89.1%. Which is likely higher due to the fact that people typically are more prone to reporting negative experiences than positive ones. But still, that is not a high success rate. And it certainly leaves a lot of room for unhappy customers.

So, what were they not satisfied with?

A couple of reasons typically came up within the Align Probiotic reviews. Quite a few people had to deal with the situation where the product arrived absolutely crushed or otherwise destroyed. For others, it was the notion of it causing unpleasant side effects like feeling sick, nauseous, gassy. And for others more, it did nothing.

Whereas a couple of people who’ve been Align for years reported it’s not the same original product that gets sold on Amazon. Per their view, they are either selling fakes, or Amazon is just not storing them properly. Which is something I’ve found to be the case with quite many other products as well.

Supplement Of This Review Is Generally One Hell Of A Pricey Probiotic

While we didn’t come across any Align Probiotic Supplement 24/7 Digestive Support reviews that would complain about the notion of expensive, that’s not really a great way to estimate it. Hence, let’s look at the pricing aspects of it.

So, there are a lot of different options for container size. Still, it seems that buying more doesn’t really improve the price or does so very marginally. Hence, probably not worth it. Typically we would probably get the closest to a month’s worth at a time. Hence, the option would be to go with a container of 28 capsules.

This Is Not A Very Cheap ProductIt costs typically $27.99. That’s essentially $1.00 per serving or $10.00 per every 10 Billion CFU. And that’s pricey.

Indeed, that’s quite a difference if we compare it to something like the Nutrition Now PB8 Probiotic (review). I mean, sure, it doesn’t add that specific patented strain to the mix. But it does add 8 different other ones at a total amount of 14 billion CFU costing 19.3 cents per every 10 billion CFU. Plus, it adds in-house testing.

To that end, I believe PB8 is the better bet. But there are even better bets. For example, the Live Conscious Pro-45 (review).

Yes, this too doesn’t add the patented Bifidobacterium longum strain but it does add a patented Bacillus coagulans strain. Plus, it’s third-party tested, adds patented Prebiotics, and is a fusion of 11 Probiotic strains. And it costs 19.4 cents per every 10 billion CFU. Hence, it is something that feels so much better than the Align Probiotic.

There Are No Alternatives, We Are Essentially Forced To Consider This

Personally, I find it hard to believe that the Align Probiotic is the #1 doctor-recommended Probiotic for more than 10 years. That just makes no sense to me. I mean, sure, given the general lack of knowledge in nutrition science that doctors typically display (for the record, they don’t teach nutrition science in medical school), it may actually be the #1 doctor-recommended thing. But I believe that’s a huge overstatement for what the supplement actually is.

Well, yes, there might be something very unique and helpful to certain people about the Bifidobacterium longum subsp. longum 35624 that Align Probiotics use.

I Think We Have To Consider This Probiotic SupplementHowever, even when that is the case, I would go for what I believe are more quality Probiotics when it comes to general health and well-being.

That said, if you are after this strain specifically, there aren’t really any alternatives out there. Align is the only brand selling it at the time of writing this article. Hence, despite the Sucrose and Titanium Dioxide, I have to categorize this (out of avoid it, consider it, shortlist it, buy it) as something to consider.

Other than that, I would highly recommend looking into the Live Conscious Pro-45 (full review). I do think it’s the better and more worthwhile Probiotic overall.

Above all, I hope this Now Foods Ultra Omega-3 review helped you find the information you were looking for. Will you still buy it? Do you agree with my verdict or would you categorize it differently? Let me know below. Also, feel free to leave your own personal reviews on the product.

12 thoughts on “Align Probiotic Review – Classic Award-Winning Hazard?”

  1. Hi Metiss,

    Probiotics are still a top seller in the U.S. mainstream and natural supplement channels, racking up sales of $759 million and $126.9 million, respectively, last year based on SPINS (Chicago) data on the 52 weeks ending November 29, 2020.

    This product under review, Align Probiotic is not a top 10 seller per my internet search. Dr Ohhira’s is #7. 

    The good stuff: 

    1.  it returns the money back if you are not satisfied. I love this aspect of any product.

     2.  It is #1 award winning product. I will take it as such with no comments.

    3.  89.1% people like this product (if the reviews are really coming from customers)

    My Concerns:

    1. How much TiO2 and Sucrose does one capsule contain with respect bacterial strain? If it is too little should one be concerned and how much? Surely, It is better not to have them in a supplements. All additives serve as stabilizers and needed. In that respect it may be important to detail the amounts of additives along with the strain. 

    The bacteria don’t like sugar in the environment for their growth. Having a hydrolysable sucrose is counter intuitive.

    2. My top concern is the temperature the product is stored at. Some customer reviews have elucidated that. 

    Are you buying the CFU count that it is advertised for. What is the shipping temperature?. One should write that on the label. May be, but how do you ascertain that?

    3. I am not sure why they are not using the patented version in the capsule. How do they prove the equivalency between what is inside the capsule and the patented version?

    I summary I should emphasize about eating prebiotic food which helps feed the gut. Gut health is vitally important to secure your immune system, brain action, curbing inflammation. Taking suggestions from physician and nutritionist about the recommended probiotic supplement or discussing about this particular supplement would help.

    Thank you for reviewing this probiotic and I found this detail discussion is intriguing

    • Hey, Anusuya!

      I absolutely love your inquisitiveness. I will make sure to look into this and get back to you within a couple of days.


  2. I have never had the opportunity to read a  review on a probiotic,  I enjoyed reading this review. This product is not available in the country where I live but it was interesting to read about the ingredients and additives. I have never come across a probiotic that really works for IBS,  The labels on the probiotic products available in SA do not specify that it is suitable or will improve symptoms of IBS,  I have also not ever come across a probiotic for celiac sufferers, many celiac sufferers also suffer from IBS.  What I have learned  through my own experience is that not all probiotics are the same,  what might work for one person will not work for someone else.  Thanks for a very informative review on Align Probiotic.   

    • Hey, Carola!

      I’m glad to hear you liked it. I appreciate the kind words.
      As far as the studies go, it seems that it should. Other than that, yeah, I agree. We all are different. :)


  3. How in the world is nutrition science not taught in med school, when nutrition is easily the biggest aspect of what people do in regards to their health. It’s even bigger than fighting disease.

    I’m not entirely familiar with digestive supplements, but I’m really glad for this honest review.  I actually write for men in regards to health and fitness, and definitely saving it for future reference.

    • Hey, Fyne!

      Yeah, it absolutely blew my mind when I first learned that, too. It just makes no sense. I mean, people typically go to doctors when they need health-related help. They ask about nutrition and what they should eat. But doctors don’t know. Typically.

      Don’t get me wrong. There are nutritionally educated doctors out there as well. It’s just that the average doctor (most of them anyway) has no idea. And still, there is this deep-rooted, universally-agree-upon conviction that all doctors are experts in nutrition. Which is not the case at all.


    • That’s 100% true. Typically. But as far as the specific strain of the Align Probiotic goes, I actually did find some research that showed it being properly effective even in amounts of 100,000,000. So, it’s tricky with this one. Still, would love it with different additives.

  4. Thank you for your honest review on Align Probiotic and detailed explanation of the specific ingredients inside the supplement, especially Sucrose and Titanium Dioxide which the consumers should be aware of. I totally agree that even though this probiotic brand has received an award and has a lot of positive reviews, we should not be neglecting other possibilities, especially the additives and ingredients utilized in them which for me, is the fundamental, underlying thing in selecting supplements for my daily intake. I think the worst part is that, as mentioned in this article, these likely harmful additives could cause a variety of health problems. And it doesn’t matter that the beneficial ingredients will help our digestion. For all we know, the negative effects can ultimately far outweigh the positives. So, people, choose the good additives! Don’t be taunted and lured into buying a product just because it has won an award. If anything, Matiss has shown that award-winning isn’t everything. It doesn’t guarantee that a supplement is a good one. And that is what I believe is the case with this Align Probiotic. Don’t buy.

    • Hey, Mimi!

      I wholeheartedly appreciate the opinion. And I agree with you 100%. :)

      I mean, if you think about it, it is such great marketing to be able to call something “award-winning”; I mean, I bet people are buying it like crazy exactly because of that. And the rest they do not know or do not care because why would they? The supplement is an “award-winning” one. So, it must be great in every aspect of the game. Which it is not. But I feel many people will still have that assumption because that’s just easier than really dissecting it and researching every ingredient within. And that’s the danger.

      Thank you for the kind words. They mean a lot.


  5. Hello,

    This is interesting information. I don’t know a lot about probiotics but have been told by my doctor that I should take them. Especially when I have to take an antibiotic. I have trouble with IBS off and on and have taken probiotics when that seems to act up.

    You have a clean-looking website and are very thorough with your reviews. I looked at some of your other reviews as well.

    You’re doing a great job.

    Best wishes for continued success.


    • Hey, Connie!

      I really appreciate that. The kind words truly mean a lot. Thank you! <3

      Yeah, Probiotics can, for sure, be a ton of help when taking antibiotics since the latter typically are not the kindest to our gut microbiome. Hence, likely the recommendation.

      In knight-ing for health,


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