Natren Healthy Trinity Probiotic Review – What Tha’ Price?

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This Natren Healthy Trinity Probiotic review will be heavily focused on finding the truth about the product, to find the unbiased truth.

To make that happen, we’ll start with discussing their marketing and sales tactics. We’ll continue by exploring the beneficial ingredients. That we’ll turn into an in-depth idea on the additives. Which then, we’ll continue with a look at the customer reviews and global success rates. Finally, we’ll make it about the price and all aspects considering that.

Natren Superficially Doesn’t Promise Much & Marketing’s Big

According to the manufacturer, Natren Healthy Trinity Probiotic is an “amazing three-in-one probiotic supplement [that] is our most potent and popular product.” Per their words, “each non-dairy probiotic capsule contains a minimum of 30 billion colony forming units (CFU) of three potent, super strains of beneficial bacteria.” So, decently promising right off the bat [R].

Natren Healthy Trinity Probiotic Review

As for the product page, it feels quite bried. Which is rather refreshing after such supplements like Bowtrol Probiotics (review) and Dr. Ohhira Probiotics (review). That said, I wouldn’t say that this Natren thing goes easy on the marketing.

The thing that springs out immediately is the subscribe and save deal. Here it’s more potent than the versions of the same approach that we’ve seen for Smidge Sensitive (GutPro) Probiotic (review) and Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic (review).

The Health Trinity basically also offers free shipping, a money-back guarantee, and there are both testimonials and customer reviews [RR, R].

As far as promised benefits, it’s much like the Inner-Eco Probiotic (review). Meaning, it’s one of those products that is not in our face at all. They’re mostly just ramming about this notion of “beneficial bacteria.” The biggest thing to an actual benefit that they mention is this idea of the supplement being “formulated for complete GI health” and having our “digestive system working its best.” But that’s kind of it [R].

Other than that, the Natren Healthy Trinity Probiotic is said to be Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, FOS-Free, and Dairy-Free. But it also costs $69.95 per a month’s supply. So, is it genuinely worth it?

I Don’t Enjoy This Whole Notion Of “Super Strains”

Well, that’s a tricky question to answer just by the beneficial ingredients in this case. If we disregard the price completely, it does look somewhat okay, but I’m not a fan. I mean, from the bright side, I feel there are a few neat, rather unique things about it. But, realistically, it’s pretty darn weak.

So, per serving (one capsule), the Natren Healthy Trinity offers 5 billion CFU of Lactobacillus acidophilus, 20 billion CFU of Bifidobacterium bifidum, and 5 billion CFU of Lactobacillus bulgaricus. We only get 30 such capsules per a container. This potency is promised to be the case all until the date of expiry.

Natren Healthy Trinity Probiotic IngredientsSo, given that the good bacteria typically diminish over time, realistically we’re looking at at least 5 and 20 billions CFU. Which is a good thing. But I’m not huge on something entirely else with this.

They call all of those three strains “super strains.” And while that is fine in of itself, I don’t like the vibe that the idea gives. I mean, to me, “super strain” sounds like something really awesome, something others don’t do, something really value (even more so because with other Probiotic supplements we won’t typically find that expression).

And so, unintentionally (or intentially as hell and it’s just marketing), we’re kind of led into believing that these strains are better than what other supplements typically offer. But, frankly, all three of them are extremely common with great Probiotics. Like extremely common. Especially those that offer at least 10 strains like 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum (review) or Purely Optimal Probiotics (review).

So, the Natren Healthy Trinity with just the three is pretty crap. I mean, it’s not entirely crap. Those are still some great strains in great amounts that correspond well with the best practices. But for the price just the three of them. It feels like a straight up rip-off to me [RRRRR].

And that’s despite the added layer of the thing also being third-party tested and they using some kind of patented cutting-edge probiotic science in the form of oil-matrix system to supposedly improve the efficiency of the whole thing (the latter of these is basically just a validated protection mechanism to make sure those probiotics survive stomach acid) [R, R].

To Review Additives, They’re Decent But Not Ideal

As it naturally is, that oil-matrix system asks for a rather unconventional set of additives when it comes to Probiotics. To illustrate, we don’t ever find a set of this kind by such classic supplements likeNutrition Now Pb8 Probiotic (review) and Phillips’ Colon Health (review). Still, luckily, the additives in Natren Healthy Trinity are not bad. Mostly.

Sunflower Oil Is One Of Not That Ideal AdditivesSo, what are them?

The Natren thing uses Sunflower Oil, Gelatin, and Mixed Tocopherols.

Gelatin is basically Collagen. Both are essentially very helpful substances to consume. The only real drawback of it can come in the form of bad breath. Other than that, even vegans should eat that stuff. It’s that healthy [RRRRRRR].

Whereas Mixed Tocopherols are basically different shapes and sizes of vitamin E. Another extremely beneficial thing and an ideal choice for additives [RRR].

What I’m not so fond of is the Sunflower Oil.

Yes, there are some positive characteristics that it can bring to the table. Meaning, it can be helpful. But, generally speaking, it’s one of the cheapest and more revenue-oriented solutions when it comes to picking an oil, at least the way I see it. Olive oil, flaxseed oil, avocado oil are just some of the very many quality choices. I would not consider Sunflower Oil one of them [R, R, R, R, R, R].

Healthy Trinity Get Enough Of Not Great Customer Reviews

With Natren Healthy Trinity Probiotic, it’s what we commonly find with supplements. Absolutely biased customer reviews in their review section. I mean, just 23 Natren Healthy Trinity Probiotic reviews, all of which are basically positive (3-star or higher). Which would mean a 100% global success rate.

But is that the accurate truth?

Hunting for every single review by all other sellers and retailers painted a picture that I do not believe is great. I mean, for the price, the global success rate is pretty darn miserable, the way I see it.

Natren Healthy Trinity Probiotic ReviewsSo, out of the total of 347 Natren Healthy Trinity reviews that I managed to find, 238 were 5-star, 33 were 4-star, 23 were 3-star, 16 I found 2-star, and 37 of them were 1-star. Or a positive-negative ratio of 294 vs 53.

Which isn’t great. Namely, that’s about 84.7% global success rate. Which, granted, is likely higher than that, but it’s still not very good. Not for that price.

On that note, the most common complaint was one related to shipping-packaging. Meaning, when it was promised to be sent with ice packs to preserve the live cultures, it often wasn’t. And people did not exactly appreciate it.

Then, of course, there were those that swear by this being the best one out there (we get those people with every product). And then, of course, there were also those who felt ripped off because, despite the price tag, the supplement did not do anything for them.

Personally, as you can probably already tell, I would have expected a much higher success rate. That said, objectively, it probably would have been significantly higher if people were given what they were promised. Or in other words, if there were those promised ice packs with every shipment of the Healthy Trinity.

But I guess we should not hold that against the manufacturer. Because this second-hand type of shipping wasn’t their doing. It was that of the other resellers.

So, it’s kind of a shame. But I feel it’s another one of those reasons why one should always get any supplement from the manufacturer, directly (at least whenever that is possible).

An Incredibly Expensive Probiotic, A Crazy Price Tag

I feel I’ve mentioned price quite a bit throughout this review. But I truly believe it’s something that kind of defines this one. Because all what the Healthy Trinity of Natren offers is fine, decent, perfectly acceptable if it was for less money. But it isn’t. I mean, unless you managed to snag it off some crazy promotion, I feel it’s difficult to find it cheaper than what the manufacturer offers.

This Thing Doesn't Come Cheap At AllSo, a container of the Trinity which is 30 capsules where each capsule is at least 30 billion CFU comes for $69.95. There’s the option to get it with 20% off if we subscribe to regular shipments. But other than that, it’s $2.33 per capsule or 77.7 cents per 10 billion CFU.

Which is, to tell truth, a ton of money.

Hence, very little value for the price.

To illustrate, something like the 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum (review) comes for about 26.8 cents per 10 billion CFU or $2.6791 per 100 billion CFU. So, just about 34.5% of what the Natren Healthy Trinity costs.

Or it’s 27.2 cents per 10 billion CFU or $2.7178 per 100 billion CFU for something like the Renew Life Ultimate Flora Adult 50+ Probiotic (review). Which is another ridiculous difference as far as price.

I mean, clearly, the supplement of this review might be okay in terms of ingredients. But it’s sure as hell pricey.

Generally Speaking, I Feel We Kind Of Have To Still Consider It

Personally, I’m definitely not a fan of the Natren Healthy Trinity Probiotic. That being said, I believe (out of avoid it, consider it, shortlist it, buy it) it’s still something that we should at least consider.

It Is Fine To Consider This OneI mean, it’s hard to deny. The beneficial ingredients are pretty awesome. The oil-matrix technology also sounds neat. Plus, the additives in of themselves are not the worst.

Then, the success rates may seem not that high. But if they were to correctly package it (which is the most frequent complaint), I think they would probably be at 90% and above. Plus, the third-party testing to ensure quality.

Or, in other words, it’s really great if we’re considering just the sheer characteristics of the thing.

But if we look at the price, it just doesn’t feel worth it. I feel there are quite a few options that easily rival Natren Healthy Trinity’s quality without even coming even close to that price tag. Personally, the Live Conscious Pro-45 (full review) is one of my favorite examples of that.

Above all, I hope this Natren Healthy Trinity Probiotic review helped you find the information you were looking for. What do you think of the product? Is it worth that buck? Or is it absolutely overpriced and 100% not worth it? What’s your least favorite feature of it? Let me know below.

8 thoughts on “Natren Healthy Trinity Probiotic Review – What Tha’ Price?”

  1. Thank you for this Natren Healthy Trinity Probiotic review! This is such an honest review with a great depth of explanation. I have to be honest that I am always so skeptical of these probiotic products as they seem to sometimes sell at super expensive pricing with overpromising results. I totally agree with you that there are so many better oils out there. Olive oil or coconut oil are a few of the good ones but the fact that they chose sunflower oil disappointed me a lot (especially with that pricing!). As for me, I appreciate that they have added quite an amount of great ingredients that no doubt can help our body. Though, like what you have mentioned, this could be easily found in other products as well. I am also disappointed to see that so many people have complaints about the packaging as this worries me to think that the live cultures will be negatively affected without the ice packs. 

    The pricing is way too expensive for what I get from this product but I will be checking out the 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum as you have suggested! All in all, thank you so much for your helpful input on this product, this definitely helped me be more aware of it. Looking forward to seeing more of these and keep it up!

    • Hey, Joeyoung!

      Uuu-uu, I absolutely feel you. They, indeed, are sometimes (to say the least) selling at super high prices with over-the-top promises. I think, yeah, there is stuff to appreciate about this one. But some ingredient choices.. Well, let’s just say they’re not ideal. Yeah, as you noted, that’s especially true given the price. Also, I agree with your concerns given the packaging. It can really mess things up.

      Other than that, I’m happy to hear this proved to be helpful. That’s some genuine music to my ears. Made my day!! :)


  2. This is a very comprehensive review on Natren Healthy Trinity Probiotics. There seems to be so many companies that have joined the probiotic market, and many have quite wild claims about the benefits and what their product can do. Healthy Trinity seems to be another of those. 

    Looking at your price comparison with other probiotic products, I do not think that Natren Healthy Trinity probiotics offer any value for money. I will look into your recommendations.

    • Hey, Line!

      Yeah, I can absolutely agree with that. Many do seem to be quite wild as regards the claims they’re making. Still, most of the time, they are within reason.

      As for the price, it really is a steep one. It may work for some people but I sure wouldn’t recommend it.


  3. Thanks for this very detailed and educating article on the Natren Healthy Trinity. I was looking for something like this. I’m glad I didn’t have to look too far (or too long) for it. I too was very impressed with the claims they made and everything. But from the breakdown you shared, it doesn’t seem to be entirely better than other supplements out there. Moreover, the fact that they offer free shipping and cashback isn’t really an advantage if it costs so much. It’s just awkward.

    • Hey, Nelson!

      I’m beyond happy to hear this fit your taste perfectly. That’s awesome.
      And I agree, the pricing is just awkward. Even with the free shipping and money-back guarantee.

      Cheers, and have a Great One!

  4. It seems to me that there is an ever growing number of companies that are there just to make money from probiotics. What’s even more obnoxious is the fact that many of them are often making such wild claims about their strength and quality. I wouldn’t say Natren Healthy Trinity is necessarily that product. I think they do bring some value to the table with that oil-matrix Trenev Process. But they’re still an overpriced example of things. Especially after some of the comparisons you made. Thank you, Matiss.

    • Hey, Michael!

      I agree with that 100%. But while I definitely see it as something overpriced, I wouldn’t say they ever were a part of the hype train. They were doing Probiotics way before they became “cool.” And they’ve just kept doing it.
      I appreciate you for sharing your thoughts.

      Cheers, and have a Great One!


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