PB8 Probiotic Review – A Guess-Able Quality GMO Thing?

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In this Nutrition Now PB8 Probiotic review, we will take a look in fine detail what this thing is about and what it has to offer to the world.

We’ll classically start with the promotional materials and analyzing them. This we will then transition into learning about the beneficial ingredients and all the other good stuff it offers (if any). Then, it’s going to be about the inactive ingredients (additives). And then, we’ll also look at the whole thing from a practical standpoint, namely, global success rates and pricing aspects.

Humble Marketing But Is The PB8 Probiotic Thing GMO-Free?

My favorite way of starting this section is by presenting to you, good people, kind of a definition of what the manufacturer believes the product is. And I would have loved to do that here with the PB8 Probiotic, too. But I couldn’t find their official website (at least initially) [R].

It was supposed to be NutritionNow.com. But it wasn’t. Instead, it is something that I found at GummyVites.com. And the page itself is very brief. I mean, it’s basically six short sentences and a customer review section.

PB8 Probiotic ReviewSpeaking of the customer review section, there isn’t much marketing to find here. This section is essentially the only thing apart from the coupon for a small discount that everyone can find on the page and use.

Other than that, the promotional materials boast about them being trusted for 25 years. What can be found on the label is also the fact that they use BPA-Free bottles. Which is a really good thing.

And third, it’s said to be a supplement without Milk (hence, free of Lactose as well), Gluten, and Soy. Fourth, there are also claims to contain no tree nuts, eggs, and peanuts.

On that note, what about GMOs though? Well, that they do not claim to be free of those. Hence, I would assume there is likely something of that nature there. To compare this to supplements like Inner-Eco Probiotic (review) and Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic (review), not only do they claim to be Non-GMO, but they also have third-party certifications for that. To this extent, PB 8 Probiotic is not even close.

As for the benefits, the supplement of this review doesn’t go all extensive on us like Bowtrol Probiotics (review) and ActivatedYou Morning Complete (review) do. Instead, it promises just that one basic benefit. Better digestive health.

So, is this thing truly worth the money?

To Review The Core, It’s Pretty Okay But The Quality Is A Question

While, superficially, it may sure feel that way, I wouldn’t trust that feeling. Yes, the strain count, the total CFUs count, and everything in-between may seem nice. But there is more to that story.

PB8 Probiotic IngredientsSo, per serving (two capsules), the Nutrition Now PB8 Probiotics offers 780 milligrams of the Proprietary Probiotic Blend.

Which is the already mentioned 14 billion CFUs feeding from 8 different strains (Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-14, Bifidobacterium lactis BL-04, Lactobacillus plantarum LP-115, Lactobacillus salivarius LS-33, Bifidobacterium bifidum BB-06, Bifidobacterium longum BL-05, Lactobacillus rhamnosus LR-32, Lactobacillus casei LC-11).

Generally speaking, this is a pretty good setup. It’s not far off the best practices when it comes to Probiotic supplements in general. We’d prefer at least 10 strains; this one provides 8. We’d want 10-20 billion CFUs twice daily; this one provides 14 once daily (their recommended dose). Which is okay. Overall, I believe this should to a decent extent live up to that claim of better digestive health [R, R, R, R, R].

But there are at least two facets that I want to kind of put emphasis on with this PB8 of Now Nutrition.

There Are Two More Facets To DiscussFirst, 14 billion CFUs per two capsules is actually such a minuscule amount, namely, that’s 7 billion CFUs per capsule. And so, to reach that 20-40 billion a day, we’d need 3-4 capsules.

Which is a ton of capsules for a Probiotic supplement. It’s nothing major but still, I feel an inconvenience if we’re also having other supplements regularly.

Second, it’s about quality. Yeah, I know, there will be some of you for who just the idea that the Now Nutrition brand has been around for 25 years will be enough.

But brands like Centrum have been around for about the same time, and those I would not take even if they paid me to. My point is, when it comes to claims like this, don’t just assume that it’s probably decent because it can often not be.

As far as this PB8 Probiotic, it seems that it likely offers decent quality. I mean, in-house testing with the possibility of third-party testing as well kind of speaks for itself. Nevertheless, personally, I would prefer that of supplements like 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum (review) and Purely Optimal Probiotics (review). But it definitely feels better than what I get to see on average with products of this category [R].

Additives Go By 2 & 4, Now Nutrition Has Done Quite Well Here

While being of decent quality, Now Nutrition PB8 Probiotic is kind of expected to offer solid additives. And to that end, they certainly don’t seem to be of the lowest breed. There is a twist to all that, however.

If we look at the supplement label, we see below the beneficial ingredients two extra ones (the ingredients that come after the words “Other Ingredients”). There we have Water and Gelatin.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Water is something highly likely (to say the least) okay to have. Then there’s Gelatin which is a type of additive consisting of all kinds of amino acids. And so, despite the origins of it not being the most appetizing (animal tendons, ligaments, skin, etc.), it is a thing that’s likely to be nothing but helpful [R, R, R, R, R, R].

Gelatin Is Typically Sourced From PigsNow, that twist.

This is actually not the full list of PB8 Probiotic’s additives. There are more. For some reason (and so they’re kind of hiding them), they have been listed in the mix of the beneficial ingredients. Which is odd.

The way I see it, it essentially makes no sense other than for the fact of supposedly trying to camouflage the actual additive count.

So, there are four of those extra. Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, and Inulin (the last of which feels fair to list among the beneficial ones).

Microcrystalline Cellulose is a thing commonly used for placebo pills, and, so, extremely harmless stuff. Silicon Dioxide is of a similar harmlessness level (though that might be changing at some point) [R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R].

As for the Magnesium Stearate one, it’s one of the most misunderstood ones on the planet. A proper look at the research and it becomes clear as day that all of the mud being thrown its way is sloppy, to say the least. Ultimately, a harmless one, for sure [R, R, R, R, R].

Lastly, Inulin is basically Prebiotics, in other words, food for the Probiotics, meaning, something that can augment all the positive effects. We do not get introduced to how much of the substance we have here though. But judging by the fact that manufacturers have to list predominance starting with the heaviest, there’s probably some presence there [R, R, R, R, R].

All in all, properly chosen additives for the PB8 Probiotic which is only commendable.

Customer Reviews Are Typically Very Positive But Potential Fakes?

When it comes to customer reviews, it’s no surprise at all. Meaning, while the product page does hold 31 PB8 Probiotic reviews, all of them are extremely positive. I mean, there’s a single 3-star rating and everything else is 4-star and 5-star. Which can happen but typically is a sign of probably adjusted feedback. Because that helps to sell.

Which is fine but it helps us nothing in terms of finding the truth. And so, it will not work without third-party input. Essentially, just like we had to with supplements like Dr. Ohhira Probiotics (review) and Smidge Sensitive (GutPro) Probiotic (review).

PB8 Probiotic ReviewsIn total, I managed to come across 3968 PB 8 Probiotic reviews. Of these, the huge majority or 3722 were positive (3-star, 4-star, 5-star). Whereas only 246 were negative. This means that the global success rate for this one is exactly 93.8%. Which is pretty huge.

I mean, that’s a really good success percentage.

Moreover, in reality, that’s likely to be even higher given that people are eager in reporting negative experiences than pleasant ones.

Still, it isn’t all great. So, what were some of the stumbling blocks for the PB8?

It seems that the two most prominent complaints are that either it doesn’t work or that it caused a negative reaction. But all that, generally speaking, would be some standard stuff that we commonly see. That is, of course, unless for this one other concern.

From what I gather through the Amazon reviews, it’s quite possible they are selling a fake product on that platform. It’s a thing that sadly hasn’t been rare lately. While it may or may not be true, other potential examples of this include the Optimum Nutrition Fish Oil (review) and Vimerson Health Turmeric Curcumin (review).

The Price Is Decent But PB8 Probiotic Doesn’t Really Keep With The Best

When I researched the Now Nutrition PB8 Probiotic reviews, I didn’t really encounter this notion of it being expensive. And so, supposedly, that may mean that it’s not. But is it though?

So, per container (120 capsules), it typically costs $16.17. Since a single serving is two capsules, that’s the price for a two months supply. Meaning, that’s about $8.09 per month or $0.27 per serving. But to put in more easily comparable terms, that’s 19.3 cents per every 10 billion CFU. Which feels like a decent price.

There Are Some Very Extensive Option Compared To ThisI mean, to compare it to something like the Natren Healthy Trinity Probiotic (review), that’s about three times less. Namely, Natren costs $69.95 per container of 30 capsules. Each capsule holds 30 billion CFU. Which means that this rival costs about 77.7 cents per every 10 billion CFU.

And so, personally, I wouldn’t ever go for Natren between the two purely due to the price difference it has when compared to the Probiotics of PB8.

What I wouldn’t, however, trade it for is the Live Conscious (LiveWell) Pro-45. While it can be even more affordable, typically it will be the cost around $26.99 per container (30 servings).

This would mean that it prices at $0.90 per serving. Now, given it holds 46.4 billion CFU per serving (one capsule), that’s about 19.4 cents per every 10 billion CFU. So, basically the same as the PB 8 Probiotic.

The difference between the two is, however, huge. I mean, not only does the Live Conscious option offers better additives, more different strains, Non-GMO, and quality patented prebiotics, but also it does third-party testing on end-products. Hence, just better in every way.

So, overall, while the Probiotic of this review definitely isn’t the most expensive one on the market, it does have room to grow. Especially, when compared to the very upper echelon of pro-gut bacteria products.

I Do Believe That We Can’t Go Wrong With Just Considering This

So, what’s the overall take with the PB8 Probiotic of Nutrition Now? Is it something definitely worth pursuing? Or is it just another one to steer clear of?

I Think This Qualifies As A Supplement To ConsiderWell, I believe it’s something in the middle.

On one hand, it has got plenty of CFU amounts, good additives, decent manufacturing quality from what I gather, reasonable price, and pretty great success rates.

On the other hand, it’s quite likely it uses at least some ingredients that are GMO and I’m not really a fan of how they camouflage what I believe are more of its additives.

Plus, there’s a lot that just could be better (like a couple more extra strains, specific and disclosed Prebiotic amount, delayed-release capsules, etc.). Hence, (out of avoid it, consider it, shortlist it, or buy it) I think this one qualifies as a supplement to consider.

On that note, if you are looking for a really good Probiotic supplement, have a look at this one (full review).

Other than that, I hope this Nutrition Now PB 8 Probiotic review helped you find the information you were looking for. Would you bet your money on the fact that it holds some GMO ingredients? Would you buy it if you could get it with a 30% discount? Did you like it overall? Let me know below.

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  1. The fact that they don’t have a professional website where they share all of the great things about the products and all of its benefit makes me question how invested these people truly were when creating the product. Another thing that I can’t get past is the lack of information regarding if this probiotic is GMO-free that is really important for me and what I personally prefer to avoid. Anyway, I too think the fact that they don’t mention it quite possibly means that it’s there. Why else would they not mention it? It’s clearly a positive.

    • Hey, Stephanie!

      Yeah, I agree. It’s definitely more likely that they do have GMOs than that they don’t. And, indeed, I too think that professional product pages add a lot of credibility. To any product.

      But here, I believe it’s not that the page doesn’t look good. I think it actually looks pretty great. It’s more about it being hard to find and I’m not really sure about the branding (because of GummyVites).

      Anyway, I really appreciate your opinion, thank you. :)


  2. I think this is a great topic that you’re sharing with your audience. Not a lot of people go as deep as you have when reviewing products. Frankly, this is easily the most detailed one in the supplement niche. And providing great detail on your topics I believe is vital and essential to keep the reader reading and coming back for more. Keep that up! 

    Either way, to improve, I would create a featured page at the top of your website, the visual effect has a way of attracting visitors to your site, and they are more likely to remember your site from that image. 

    Make sure you are using keyword research tools to keep the competition keywords to your advantage. Review how to use them and master them. It will provide SERP’s to your site.

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    • Hey, Joseph!

      Uuu-uu, your words are too kind. I’m always thrilled when the effort is recognized and appreciated. I will most definitely keep it up! :)

      As for the things to improve, thank you. I will consider it, Joseph!


  3. This is an excellent review on PB8 Probiotic! I have been trying to read more about this probiotic because I can never put something in my body or consume something that does not bring true value to the table. This article has explained to me better than most about the pros and cons of PB8 Probiotic. Most articles are biased but this one was thorough and concise. Thank you. I found it to be a ton of helpful.

    • Hey, Misael!

      I’m thrilled to hear that. I’m glad it proved to be profoundly helpful.

      And I absolutely feel you. I mean, I do feel the same way. I’m not fond of going blind with stuff like supplements either.


  4. That’s very bad. Not having an official website or having a dead website is a red flag of the side of the company and their product. In fact, I am of the opinion that having a dead website is enough to avoid buying their products. Well, I guess for the time being you still want to dig deep for more information. Finish strong.

    • Hey, Kelvin!

      Indeed, not having an official website does seem odd in this day and age. It definitely does not play in favor of the manufacturer.

      Yes, you caught me, haha. I just wanted to get it out as quickly as possible.

      Cheers, and have a Great One!


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