Vitafusion B12 Gummies Review – Sugar-Focused Dummies?

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In this Vitafusion B12 Gummies review, we will explore all three B12 gummy vitamins by Vitafusion (despite one of them being no longer made). In essence, this is all about exploring every single detail about the supplements to help you make a much more informed decision.

Thus, in this review, we will first cover the marketing side of things. Then, we’ll look at the ingredients each of them hold. Namely, we’ll assess how effective they are, how much of the good stuff is there, and what “glue” ingredients they use. After that, it will be about the practical aspects in the form of customer reviews and pricing.

This Vitafusion B12 Gummies Review To See If This Actually Makes Sense

According to the manufacturer, all three of the Vitafusion B12 Gummies (Vitafusion B12, Vitafusion Extra Strength B12, and Simply Good Vitamin B12) are both tasty and great for health. I mean, per their words, “each serving of delicious B12 gummies provides an excellent source of vitamin B-12 to help support energy.” All of which sounds great [R, R, R].

The product pages themselves aren’t an extensive endeavor like Stop Aging Now MAX B12 (review) or Global Healing Center B12 (review) at all. Frankly, they’re just a few sentences long with a couple of very short videos on top.

Vitafusion B12 Gummies ReviewBut despite the briefness, they still got some marketing going for them. There are two tactics here.

First, it’s about customer reviews and providing the impression that these are some extremely well-reviewed products. Second, everyone who wants to get a free $2 off coupon for their Vitafusion B12 Gummies.

As for the benefits, the primary one they emphasize is what has to do with more energy. But other than that, we are also promised the fact that they will improve our metabolism of fats and proteins, as well as it will contribute to red blood cell production and nervous system health.

All that aside, two of them claim to be Gluten-Free (Vitafusion B12 and Simply Good Vitamin B12). Whereas the third one (Vitafusion Extra Strength B12) emphasizes not only being Gluten-Free, but also having no High-Fructose Corn Syrup in it. Which kind of begs the question. Do the other two have that?

Either way, I bet all of these three B12 Gummies pages are more than enough to convince most people to buy. Plus, I bet many will be blinded by the fact that, per their words, Vitafusion is America’s #1 Gummy Vitamin Brand.

Which, yes, is a pretty unique claim that I haven’t seen any other brand claim in an effort to create more authority and trust. Still, it makes me wonder as to how true that actually is, how accurate is that, and how they managed to come to that conclusion. Especially because, as far as I can tell, their website doesn’t exactly elaborate on that.

So, are these Vitafusion products truly that good and worthy as lead to on to believe?

There Are 3 Iconic Issues To Review As Far As Ingredients & Additives

Given that there are three different Vitafusion B12 Gummies, I think it would be useful to divide the analysis of them into three separate sections. Otherwise, I imagine it could get quite a bit confusing.

There Are 3 Iconic Issues

I mean, don’t get me wrong. All of these supplements are pretty similar in their contents. However, there definitely are some differences that need addressing.

And it will probably be much easier to follow if we separate them.

Hence, in the sections to come, we will separately discuss the core beneficial ingredients and additives for each.

But there will be a unique approach to all this. Namely, each of the sections for these Gummies will cover and address an iconic issue of the entire brand. So, here’s the first one.

Vitafusion B12 Review – Cyanocobalamin Is Not The B12 Form To Pursue In Supplements

Vitafusion B12 ReviewGenerally speaking, Vitafusion B12 is kind of a flagship supplement of the brand. Meaning, it’s kind of what the other two Gummy supplements build on. And so, with that in mind, it’s not really a great foundation, to say the least.

So, per serving (two gummy vitamins), the supplement offers 1000 micrograms of vitamin B12 (which is a decent amount) in the form of Cyanocobalamin. And that’s the first iconic issue.

One of the most important things when it comes to any supplement is what kind of compounds are used to deliver the benefit (vitamin forms). In other words, it’s paramount to know what kind of active ingredients a product uses because not all of them our bodies are able to absorb equally well (or even at all) [RR, R, R, R].

Vitafusion B12 IngredientsThus, it’s easy to observe a situation where the same amount (for example, 3000 mcg of vitamin B12) of a poor form (like Cyanocobalamin) will be less beneficial than the same amount of a great form (like Methylcobalamin). And that’s exactly the case with Vitafusion B12 Gummies.

Cyanocobalamin is considered the cheapest and most ineffective option of all those that are for B12 supplementation. Generally, we don’t really see this very often. I mean, decent vitamin supplements like PuraTHRIVE B12 (review) or Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW B12 (review) tend to use the more effective and beneficial forms. Frankly, Cyanocobalamin is only forgivable to multivitamins [RRRRR].

That said, it can’t really be denied that the form is still recognized as a pretty good option for curing deficiencies. But an undeniable drawback for it is the fact that when it gets converted in the body to usable B12 shapes it releases a cyanide molecule. Whereas given that this molecule is not something that is exactly compatible with life, it must be removed [R, R, R, R, R, R].

Cyano Means Extra Energy ExpendedConsequently, we’re losing some of the body’s energy that must be used to make this essentially crucial but unnecessary step happen. Unnecessary because this is not really something that is a must when it comes to vitamin B12 supplementation [R, R, R, R, R, R].

To illustrate, the most beneficial forms of the B12 – Methylcobalamin and Adenosylcobalamin – our bodies are able to use for our benefit immediately and there is no need for some kind of waste removal in the process [R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R].

Thus, given that all three of the Vitafusion B12 Gummy vitamins are about Cyanocobalamin (specialized B12 supplements!), I feel it’s fair to say that Vitafusion doesn’t really care as far as providing genuine value.

As for additives, the flagship Vitafusion B12 combines quite a few. They are Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Water, Gelatin, Coconut and/or Palm Oil, Beeswax and/or Carnauba Wax, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, and Natural Flavor. And so, this is where we stumble upon the other two iconic issues.

Vitafusion Extra Strength B12 Review – Sugar Amounts With These Are Just Ridiculous

Vitafusion Extra Strength B12 ReviewVitafusion Extra Strength B12 is the more capable alteration of the flagship Vitafusion B12. It’s kind of like its big brother that’s typically more mature and just better. But while that may be true to some extent, I don’t think it’s how we should view it. Because it isn’t better. It is just as worse.

So, per serving (two gummy vitamins), the Vitafusion Extra Strength B12 offers 3000 micrograms of vitamin B12 in the form of Cyanocobalamin. Which given the low-quality vitamin is bad enough in itself.

However, the issues with it don’t stop there. The second iconic issue is their just ludicrous amounts of sugar contents.

I mean, the tastiness of these things is essentially solely achieved through the power of sugar. Be it through Glucose Syrup and Sugar in the flagship Vitafusion B12, Tapioca Syrup and Sugar in Vitafusion Extra Strength B12, or Honey and Sugar in Vitafusion Simply Good Vitamin B12 – everything’s about sugar.

Vitafusion Extra Strength B12 IngredientsIn fact, it goes even beyond sugar. Both Glucose syrup and Tapioca syrup are recognized as some of the many alternative names for High Fructose Corn Syrup. Names that were created to hide this incredibly devastating and hazardous substance [RR, RRR].

This is the substance that is the very culprit of obesity and heart disease being such an epidemic and literally ruining people’s lives. And like that isn’t enough, it also can be the root cause of cancer, diabetes, leaky gut, liver damage, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, as well as a number of other serious health conditions [RRRRR, RRRRRRR, R, R].

Sure, Vitafusion themselves claim that there is no High Fructose Corn Syrup within their supplements. But is there really no such thing?

What if it’s just another case of General Mills’ Vanilla Chex story? A story of a company that claimed to not have High Fructose Corn Syrup in their product, whereas in the end they actually did but had a changed name for it? That would totally make their customers the suckers, right [R]?

High Fructose Corn Syrup Is Such Frequent In SweetsAnd even if there were nothing like the High-Fructose Corn Syrup, there is still tons of sugar. And sugar quite literally has the capacity to make us stupid. Even beyond that, it’s also linked to diabetes, heart disease, depression, obesity, hyperactivity, aggressive behavior, eating disorders, especially in children also learning difficulties, and, above all no matter our background, cancer [RRRRRRR].

Furthermore, there’s also the chance of it bringing havoc to our digestive health which then will result in poor vitamin B12 absorption. Which kind of defeats the purpose of taking a B12 supplement in the first place. But most people don’t know that about processed sugar [RRR].

All of this as of itself is more than enough to disregard any of the Vitafusion B12 Gummies as a viable, health-oriented, valuable option. But there is more to not be a fan of. There is one more iconic issue creeping through the entire brand.

Simply Good Vitamin B12 Review – Natural Flavors Don’t Necessarily Equal Healthy

Vitafusion Simply Good Vitamin B12 ReviewThe Simply Good Vitamin B12 is actually something that has recently been pulled from the market. That said, it’s still possible to find it here and there. And so, because of that, I decided to leave this one still in the review.

What puzzles me, however, still is the fact that out of these three Vitafusion B12 Gummies it was the best one.

So, per serving (two gummy vitamins), this one offers 3000 micrograms of vitamin B12 in the form of Cyanocobalamin. What’s different about it is that not only does it add 80 milligrams of Calcium in the form of Tricalcium Phosphate on top of it but the additives are relatively better than in the other two.

As for the Calcium contents, 80 milligrams isn’t exactly a meaningful amount. Furthermore, the mineral form can’t really be regarded as something extremely valuable either when it comes to Calcium supplementation. Overall, it’s very average. It’s neither the best nor the worst in terms of the absorption [RRRRRRRRR].

Other than that, the mineral amounts are nowhere near what is regarded as the best practices. Which kind of makes us wonder as to why is it here in the first place.

While this is only a guess, as trivial as it sounds, it’s probably present because the Simply Good brand (a brand by Vitafusion) needed a B12 vitamin. However, originally Vitafusion already had a 3000 mcg version of the thing. So, having two differently named supplements with the same exact nutrients didn’t really make sense commercially.

And so, they added those bits of Calcium. Which I do get but it still makes me scratch my head. Well, I believe originally they could have done so much more with this. Nonetheless, it might be just this idea of trying to make something of less sugary additives (which, as far as I can tell, didn’t exactly work out as a profitable venture).

This brings me to the third iconic issue of the brand. The likely havoc and controversial aspect of Natural Flavors.

Natural Flavors Are Tricky And Not Always HealthyYeah, just because something is labeled as “Natural” does not guarantee its safety and harmlessness in any way. This is true both for colors and flavors. In fact, many manufacturers prey on this exact notion of people typically associating “Natural” with good and healthy [RRRRR, RRRRRR].

In reality, Natural Flavoring can contain harmful admixtures known as “incidental additives”. These usually emerge during the manufacturing process and they are not required to be listed on the label. This also holds true for listing the exact contents of any flavoring, so we’re kind of left in the dark [RRRRRR].

Regardless of which is exactly the case, it comes as no wonder that natural flavoring is truly okay only in the instances where the manufacturer absolutely subscribes to the highest of quality standards. Sadly, in my personal opinion, I don’t feel that it’s something that can be said about Vitafusion [R].

Customer Reviews For Tasty Gummies Is Something To Never Trust

It puzzles me as to how many people spend no time and overlook the actual ingredients that any supplement has. Instead, they typically entirely rely on the often innocently ignorant customer reviews in their assessment and their buying decision.  Which is an extremely reckless thing to do, the way I see it.

There Are Ways To Manipulate FeedbackWhich is even more obnoxious knowing that manufacturers often have ways of manipulating customer feedback. Like it feels to be the case here as some of the Vitafusion B12 Gummies reviews have reported.

Namely, it seems that quite a few of the comments were left by people who got a free additional supplement (as can be derived from the reviews).

The way I see it, that is something very capable of triggering what is called the reciprocity bias.

Meaning, the idea of they gave me extra value for no money, so I should reciprocate (and leave a 5-star review). Which from a marketing perspective is pretty brilliant, however, from a point of objective assessment and finding the truth is utterly useless [R].

Then, like this wouldn’t be enough, gummy vitamins just in general typically get tons of positive feedback and thus, have very high success rates. Something like the Olly Women’s Multivitamin (review) and Olly Glowing Skin (review) are just some of the very many examples of that.

It’s important to understand and fully grasp that the incredibly high positivity has something typically to do with the fact that people only really rate the factors of taste and easiness to take when it comes to gummies. Which, I have to be honest, I feel are the two factors that Vitafusion B12 Gummies definitely excel at.

They are gummies after all. When have those ever been not tasty or not easy to take?

Hence, frankly, I don’t even want to bother researching what the exact success rates for these are. What’s the point? I mean, I’m positive that, based on the Vitafusion B12 Gummies reviews available, they success rate easily over 90%.

But does that matter and does that make them a viable option as far as the important B vitamin?

No, not at all. In fact, that’s kind of a rule of thumb to follow. Namely, whenever it comes to customer reviews and success rates, they only matter when the ingredients that a supplement uses are harmless and pose no health hazard when used long-term (which is not the case with Vitafusion).

While These Gummies Truly Are Cheap, It’s Not Worth It Still

As far as customer reviews go, people typically are pretty content with what the pricing for the B12 gummy vitamins of Vitafusion is. But how do that compare to its competition?

So, per container (70 servings), the Vitafusion B12 flagship costs $10.99. Thus, it’s about $0.16 per serving and about $0.08 per gummy. But if we convert that to a viable way of comparison (price for every 1000 mcg of B12), that’s 15.7 cents. Which feels pretty cheap.

These Supplements Feel Really Cheap GenerallyIf we break down the Vitafusion Extra Strength B12, that typically comes for $11.14 per container. It holds 45 servings which means that it’s about $0.25 per serving or 8.3 cents per every 1000 mcg of B12. Which is even cheaper than the flagship one.

Lastly, as for Simply Good Vitafusion B12, that one comes typically for $10.16 per container of 72 servings. So, it’s about $0.14 or 4.7 cents per every 1000 mcg. Or, in other words, it’s the best deal of all. So, how do they compare?

If we look at something like the MAX B12, it costs 18.9 cents per lozenge of 1000 mcg B12. So, it’s something considerably more expensive. Both do potentially harmful forms of sugar. But what the MAX B12 has over any Vitafusion is the fact that it’s the proper B12 option, Methylcobalamin. That said, from these, I wouldn’t prefer either.

If we do, however, compare them to something truly viable, it becomes very apparent as to why Vitafusion isn’t the way to go despite the cheapness.

What have in mind is the LiveWell Vegan B12 (#1 on this list). It will typically cost about 7.3 cents per every 1000 mcg of B12. The huge difference, however, is that not only does it have the superior B12 form and no harmful additives to its name. No, it also offers third-party testing for potency and purity.

Hence, yes, Vitafusion is probably sweeter but LiveWell absolutely murders them in comparison as far as everything else.

Don’t Waste Your Time With These, You Don’t Need Them

Vitafusion B12 Gummies and Vitafusion as a brand tend to prey on human natural wiring for sugar. I believe this is exactly why so many people out there are so happy with these products.

These Are Supplements To AvoidSure, they can help us battle B12 deficiency or improve our energy levels, to some extent. And, sure, they are tasty and delicious. But at what expense? At the expense of heart disease or diabetes?

Was that really what you wanted when you picked up that supplement or considered buying it?

I seriously doubt that. Hence, I would strongly advise ditching this Vitafusion stuff and just Vitafusion in general. I feel they are not out there to actually help make a healthier society and healthier us. As far as I can tell, they are only about making a buck. And so, (out of avoid them, consider them, shortlist them, buy them) I reckon we should avoid them.

On that note, if you’re interested in learning more about proper vitamin B12 supplements that are there to truly improve one’s well-being, visit this article. There are also tasty options there if it has to be.

Above all, I hope this Vitafusion B12 Gummies review helped you find the information you were looking for. What is the most miserable aspect of these, in your opinion? Did you enjoy the sugar content? Let me know below.

10 thoughts on “Vitafusion B12 Gummies Review – Sugar-Focused Dummies?”

  1. This review was really interesting to me. I’m well familiar with the B12 gummies, and I’ve never thought that supplements can actually be very unhealthy. My sister takes these gummies practically every day, and it’s kind of scary now considering all of the potential issues here. I didn’t ever think of them as too sugary either. To me, they were supplements that combined both enjoyment and pharmaceutical help. I think I’ll share this with my sister. She really needs to read this.

    • Hey, Henderson!

      I’m glad this proved to be insightful. I’m happy to hear that. That was the goal with this. :)

      As with anything in life, so goes also for any product out there. There usually is the right way to do it or as you put it, combine both enjoyment and pharmaceutical, and there’s a wrong way to do it. As for Vitafusion B12 Gummies, I believe it’s the wrong, cheap, revenue-oriented way to do it. But it’s not like that with every tasty B12 supplement.

      The best-of list on those to illustrate. :)


  2. Hi, thanks for the article about these B12 supplements. Personally, I thought it was very informative and very well researched.

    It is unbelievable that companies making supplements would use a form of B12 that converts to cyanide in the body. It is a good indication that they care more about sales than providing a healthy product. What do the R’s after a sentence mean?

    Do they really add so much sugar to supplements? I believe it’s quite probable that the sugar will ruin people’s health more than the benefit that they receive from the vitamin. These supplements are essentially glorified lollies.

    All the best,


    • I’m happy to hear that! Indeed, it really is a little mind-boggling if we really think about it. As for those R’s, those are for references. I tend to link to the resources I take my information from.

      As for whether they truly add much sugar, it’s how you look at it. Sure, it doesn’t seem like much if it’s 3-4 grams per serving, one serving a day. But I think it’s pretty dazzling when we kind of look at the bigger picture. Meaning, that’s 3-4 grams of sugar versus 1-3 milligrams of the beneficial stuff (B12 vitamin). In other words, it’s basically at the minimum 1000 units of sugar per every one unit of B12.

      To me, that’s definitely excessive.

      And, yeah, I feel that calling them glorified lollies summarizes it pretty well. :)

  3. OMG did this ever open my eyes BIG TIME!!! I agree with your conclusion to avoid these gummies. Period.

    Sure, they might improve your energy but I also ask myself how much of that extra energy is a sugar high?

    What I also appreciated about your article is the very thorough explanation of Cyanocobalamin. I will now be looking for that on all of the vitamins that I take as I am sure that this particular brand isn’t the only one to “cheap out” this way. Your observations on “all-natural” is also VERY appropriate as people immediately assume that natural means good for you. Poison ivy is natural too but would you want to rub it all over yourself?

    This article was definitely worth the read and I learned much from it. Keep putting out such informative material!

    • Hey, Feochadan!

      I’ve never actually thought of it that way but the poison ivy example is so true. I mean, that’s a really great way to put it. And I love that point about the sugar high. That’s so true.

      I glad this was insightful. I genuinely appreciate the kind words!


  4. Wow, I’m actually surprised that despite the benefit and a lot of positive reviews, the Vitafusion gummies aren’t recommended due to excessive sugar. Thank you for pointing that out. My uncle consumes the Extra Strength B12 regularly but it seems I should recommend him another safer supplement. Do you have any recommendations to replace Vitafusion gummies? (If possible, with a taste almost the same.) Thank you in advance!

    • Hey, Alblue!

      Yeah, the excessive sugar contents are definitely the Achilles heel of these supplements.
      I’m not sure about the taste but if a tasty one is a must, do have him look into the Bluebonnet option (No. 7 on this list).

      And if you get a chance, do let me know how it goes.


  5. Thanks for your review of these three B12 supplements. I noticed you listed the ingredients in this Cyanocobalamin supplement as being: Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Water, Gelatin, Coconut and/or Palm Oil, Beeswax. I’m wondering if you listed the ingredients in their correct order? The reason I ask is that the first 4 ingredients always has the most (percentage-wise) of those ingredients in the product. It appears to me that these B12 vitamins be it Vitafusion B12, Vitafusion Extra Strength B12, or Simply Good Vitamin B12 all have sugar as the first few ingredients in them. And that’s something I do not like. I won’t be buying these. 

    • Hey, Shalisha!

      Yes, absolutely. I always keep the order of the ingredients intact. Which is exactly due to the reasons you mentioned. Namely, the fact that (on labels) ingredients have to be listed in order by raw weight starting with the heaviest one. Which is a law actually.

      While I didn’t quite include this in the article, here’s an interesting fact. If we look at the label, these supplements typically have 3-4 grams of sugar per serving in them. Whereas if we look at the beneficial ingredient, there’s only 1000-3000 mcg or 1-3 milligrams or 0.001-0.003 grams of B12.

      Which means that on average for every bit of B12, they hold at least a thousand bits of sugar. In other words, for every gram of B12, there are 1000 grams of sugar.

      Needless to comment, a proper amount of sugar, right?



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