Biotrust PRO-X10 Probiotic Review – Getting Really The Best?

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This Biotrust PRO-X10 Probiotic review is about researching this particular Probiotic supplement properly to learn whether it is worth investing in it or not.

Hence, throughout this article, we will be going over quite a few things. First, we’ll look at the promotional materials and what the manufacturer itself is saying about the products. Second, we’ll discuss and properly look into what the beneficial ingredients are. Third, we will cover additives. Fourth, it will be about the global success rates and researching customer reviews. Fifth, we will dissect pricing aspects and do some comparing.

This Biotrust PRO-X10 Probiotic Review To Let In On Every Insight

According to the manufacturer, the Biotrust PRO-X10 Probiotic is “the advanced Probiotic supplement with Prebiotics.” And not only that. They even go as far as to say that it is the “Best Prebiotic & Probiotic Supplement” out there. Which is a pretty bold statement, to say the least, given the many very, very capable other Probiotic options on the market. But they do state that very confidently and they even do their best to back that up. Hence, it’s all quite captivating if you ask me [R].

BioTrust Pro-X10 Probiotic ReviewAs far as the product page goes, I definitely like it better than what I’ve seen with other BioTrust products. It also just feels better and more readable than something like the Dr. Mercola Probiotics (review) or the Bowtrol Probiotics (review).

That being said, it still uses quite a bit of marketing to help people decide in favor of it, apart from it supposedly being the best thing.

They offer a 60-day money-back guarantee (even on empty containers). They also shed off 20% if we decide to subscribe to regular shipments of the Biotrust PRO-X10 Probiotic. Plus, the subscription comes with free shipping. They also have people-shared pictures, free ebooks on purchase, and unnaturally positive customer reviews. And to top it all off, they donate meals to children in need.

As for the promised benefits, they claim a healthier digestive tract and immune system. They also promise a healthy balance of our gut bacteria, and they imply a few other potential benefits as well. They even have a section where they list a few for every Probiotic strain and the Prebiotic in there.

The PRO-X10 Probiotic of BioTrust is also said to be GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, and Dairy-Free. But is it really worth the money?

I Would Appreciate Higher CFU But I Like The Idea Still

The Biotrust PRO-X10 Probiotic’s ingredient list looks quite promising. It brings more than a few strains to the table. It also adds a patented Probiotic strain to the mix. Also, it doesn’t forget about the notion of Prebiotics and the importance of adding them. Furthermore, it’s a patented option. Overall, it feels very capable.

So, per serving (one capsule), the supplement of this review provides 4 Billion CFU of Microencapsulated Probiotic Blend which is coupled with 1 Billion CFU of Bacillus subtilis (DE111) and 7.5 milligrams of PreforPro. Whereas the Blend consists of Bifidobacterium breve, Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum, and Lactobacillus rhamnosus.

BioTrust Pro-X10 Probiotic Ingredients (Supplement Facts)So, what does it all mean?

While it may seem that the PRO-X10 Probiotic is about bringing just 5 Billion CFU plus Prebiotics daily, it actually is twice that amount. Because what BioTrust recommends is having at least two capsules daily. But even with that total of 10 Billion CFU, it doesn’t really hold up to what the best practices for nutrient amounts recommend.

To be aligned with those, we would need 4 capsules daily minimum. Which means that it’s a lot more costly than it would superficially seem but more on that later.

As far as the Probiotic strain diversity goes, what they claim on their page is what I believe is accurate. It is not enough to just go for one or two strains. In fact, what we should prefer is the notion of the more, the better [R, RRR].

To that end, going for at least 10 I see as the sweet spot. But the BioTrust PRO-X10 Probiotic with its six strains doesn’t actually get to that level. But it does add a patented strain which is always a plus [R, RRR].

As for the promised benefits, it seems that they are persisting only on the most obvious ones that Probiotics are typically linked to. They don’t claim any kind of skin-health-augmenting capacity like the Smidge Sensitive (GutPro) Probiotic (review) or improved mood like the Purely Optimal Probiotics (review). It isn’t out there like that [RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR].

And that’s likely because either they themselves recognize that 10 Billion CFU will likely not be enough for the full range of gains or gains beyond the most typical ones or they’re just being humble. Because every single one of these strains can go further in their positive effects than just digestive health and immune health. Which will, however, be likely limited by the total CFU amount.

Still, one thing I utterly enjoy about the BioTrust brand is that they do third-party testing for purity, potency, and safety. And that’s the highest standard of quality, the way I see it. Which is something that trumps just about any other shortcoming that a supplement can potentially display or have. And, yes, the Non-GMO assertion is also very important. And this PRO-X10 does have that as well.

To Review Additives, I Love How BioTrust Is Doing Things

Now, let us discuss the other ingredients, those that are not present because of the benefits they grant but because they help hold it all together. Or, as I like to call them, the “glue” ingredients due to their essence.  The thing with these is that they are not always healthy. It’s actually pretty easy to come across a supplement that doesn’t use the most optimal ones. Either it’s to cut costs or their manufacturing process is more efficient that way, it doesn’t matter. If it’s a potentially bad additive, even the third-party testing on purity won’t save us from the negative effects.

Just to illustrate, something like the Align Probiotic (review) uses Titanium Dioxide. In the nanoparticle form, that’s something that has proven that it can cause lung damage, kidney damage, liver damage, and even brain damage [RRRRRRRR].

MCT Is Abundant In CoconutsOr take something like the Dr. Ohhira Probiotics (review). It uses a little something known as Carrageenan. It’s likely something that causes inflammation and through that can cause cancer, suppress the immune system, and even promote digestive issues. Which is quite paradoxical for a Probiotic supplement if you ask me [RRRR].

So, what kind of additives does the Biotrust PRO-X10 Probiotic have?

It builds on Rice Dextrin, Gelatin, and Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT). While Gelatin and MCT are typically associated with gains, that is not so clear-cut for Rice Dextrin.

Well, yes, Dextrin does come with quite a mixed message. Meaning, yes, it can provide some benefits. However, at the same time, it can also do some unnecessary damage to one’s own well-being. Which is something that can come in the form of diarrhea, bloating, stomach cramping, flatulence, gas, and a few other negatives. Overall, I think it’s more helpful than harmful but still, the unpleasant potential is something to be aware of. Just in case it happens [RRRRRRRR].

Overall, I think that the additives in the supplement of this review will typically pose no real threat. But here’s one thing that the additives in the Biotrust PRO-X10 Probiotic do ensure.

They ensure that the beneficial stuff is well protected in the capsule, namely, that the capsules are of the delayed-release kind. Because that is something extremely important for Probiotics, otherwise a good portion of them can simply die off in the stomach acid and thus, never bring any gains in terms of health. But that won’t be a problem with the BioTrust product. Which for any Probiotic, is always a great thing [RRR].

The Probiotic Is Well-Received And Pretty Loved Per Customer Reviews

Now, let’s look at some of the practical aspects of the BioTrust PRO-X10. To that end, the first one on the table is customer reviews. And it’s a tricky one. Because there are plenty of ways how to manipulate it. And so, manufacturers can appear more successful with their products than they actually are. And so, never should we ever evaluate a supplement just by its customer feedback. Moreover, because there are other fallacies that can come into play.

For example, while the TruNature Advanced Digestive Probiotic (review) has a 90.9% success rate, I would not ever recommend consuming it. Or take something like the Centrum Silver Men (review). I believe that it’s one of the absolute worst multivitamins out there, and the additives in it will absolutely haunt you. Yet, still, it’s got a 96.8% success rate. And so, many would assume that it’s a great supplement. But as I explain in that article, it isn’t. It just isn’t.

BioTrust Pro-X10 Probiotic ReviewsSo, that’s the story with the supplement of this review?

Well, as we would expect, looking at what we got on the manufacturer’s page, it’s all extremely positive and nice. And that’s something that has been recognized as a cognitive bias of us humans. Meaning, the more we see other people like something, the higher the chance that we will like it, too.

So, those reviews there are great for marketing. What they are not so great for is finding the truth. Hence, I did some digging by all third-party sellers and retailers that I could find.

In total, I managed to find just 138 BioTrust PRO-X10 reviews. Of these, the vast majority of 125 were positive (three-star, four-star, five-star) whereas 12 were negative (one-star, two-star). This means that the overall success percentage for the supplement of this review sits at 91.3%. Which is likely even higher given that people are typically more eager in reporting negative experiences than they are when it comes to positive ones.

So, there certainly are quite a few people very happy with the product. What about those that don’t like it too much?

Well, based on those, it seems that there has been a BioTrust PRO-X10 Probiotic recall what typically is due to contamination. However, I was not able to find any confirmation on that. Hence, I’ve no idea whether that’s true or not and what the reasons were.

Whereas others simply got sent expired products which apparently is a pretty big issue. Others complain about false advertising. Whereas some others experienced bad shipping, namely, the bottle was broken.

Thus, all in all, while there are certain negatives per customers, it definitely isn’t as bad as I’ve seen with some of the other ones. Other than that, I think that it’s actually quite surprising that there is such little total number of BioTrust PRO-X10 Probiotic reviews. Maybe they just recently started to sell in places other than the manufacturer’s website?

Pricing Is Arguably Its Worst Suit

So, pricing. It’s another tricky thing to look at. Because there almost never are two exactly the same supplements. And because people typically look at what the cost per container is and very rarely they objectively (and mathematically) evaluate what they are actually getting for the money. But we’ll do exactly that here.

To that end, a couple of people moaned the BioTrust PRO-X10 Probiotic for being a really expensive supplement while not working for them. But is it a genuinely expensive one or is this just a whim of a few customers?

So, per container (60 capsules), the supplement of this review costs $39. Thus, it may seem that it prices $0.65 per capsule. But a serving size is two capsules, namely, those 10 Billion CFU as they claim on the product page, right? Thus, it is not $0.65, it is rather $1.30. And that’s also what it costs for every 10 Billion CFU.

BioTrust Is The Most Expensive Probiotic I Have SeenAnd that’s quite a lot, to say the least. Here’s how it compares to some of its rivals.

To compare it to the 1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum (review), BioTrust is a pretty sad endeavor. The 1MD costs typically $40.99 per container. Whereas in terms of cost for every 10 Billion CFU, that’s 26.8 cents. So, it’s almost 5 times less.

Both have great additives and success rates. Whereas 1MD offers basically a 2-fold number of Probiotic strains. There’s also a patented Probiotic strain which I would personally prefer over the patented Probiotic that BioTrust brings to the table.

Also, I’d say that the PRO-X10 has the edge in terms of Prebiotics it brings. And then, yes, BioTrust has third-party testing when 1MD does have only an in-house one. But the difference is certainly not the equivalent of 5 times in price. Hence, personally, I would prefer the 1MD option.

BioTrust is also not great when we put it against the Live Conscious Pro-45 (review). Live Conscious is almost seven times less expensive. And it specifies the strains, also does delayed-capsule technology, patented Prebiotic, harmless additives, great success rates, Non-GMO, third-party testing, and it offers more strains, as well as a patented one. It’s just the ideal option over the supplement of this review.

Other than that, even such expensive Probiotics as Natren Healthy Trinity (review) are way more affordable than the BioTrust PRO-X10 Probiotic. Yes, it offers fewer strains and there are no Prebiotics but in every other way, it’s just as good, including it does third-party testing. Furthermore, for the price difference, we can get Prebiotics and more strains separately and still save money when compared to the supplement of this review.

So, yes, I would definitely confirm that this BioTrust Probiotic is a very expensive Probiotic. It’s quality as well but we do get that same level of that in many other supplements that cost considerably less.

Yes, It’s Expensive But I Would Shortlist This PRO-X10

Overall, I think the BioTrust is a really great supplement. But, frankly, it is also a retardedly expensive one. I mean, it feels absolutely stupid how expensive it is.

I Would Recommend To Shortlist This Probiotic SupplementSo, yes, it’s got great beneficial ingredients, although I would prefer a bigger strain variety. I love that it adds Prebiotics and that it uses really decent additives. The success rates and customer reviews are great. And it’s Non-GMO, as well as liberated from all kinds of allergens. Plus, it’s third-party tested.

But then, again, it’s just the most expensive Probiotic I’ve seen. And I’ve seen many. Hence, (out of avoid it, consider it, shortlist it, buy it) I would reckon we should shortlist it.

Meaning, yes, it’s expensive but if money is not a factor for you, this is an absolutely awesome supplement to go for. Whereas if the money aspect is something you take into account when buying supplements, then I would recommend looking into something like the Live Conscious Pro-45 (full review).

Above all, I hope this Biotrust PRO-X10 Probiotic review helped you find the information you were looking for. Do you agree with my conclusion? Would you buy it if it was, say, twice more affordable? Would you buy it anyway even for the current price? Let me know below. Also, feel free to leave your own personal reviews on the product.

14 thoughts on “Biotrust PRO-X10 Probiotic Review – Getting Really The Best?”

  1. I appreciate that they conduct third-party testing for purity, potency, and safety, which is, of course, the highest standard of quality. And knowing that this Biotrust Pro x10 probiotic has a lot of useful ingredients and employs high-quality additives makes me trust the product. However, it is expensive for me.

    Great review!

    • Hey, Lio!

      I really appreciate the kind words. They mean a lot. :)
      And, yeah, I definitely agree. It’s expensive. But it’s real quality. But to that end, it’s definitely much better than affordable but no quality. At least the way I see it. :)


  2. Thank you for writing this highly detailed review about Biotrust. I need to read at least two times because there is a lot of technical details, but I appreciate the work you put in. So to summarize, this is the best probiotic supplement if we’re not considering the price? I want the best for my body, so I will put it in my shortlisted supplements. What is the second-best probiotic supplement that you can recommend?

    • Hey, Alblue!

      Definitely feel free to do so. This article is not going anywhere. Trying to help as many people as I can.
      Yeah, I think that’s pretty accurate. To that end, if the price is not a concern, this is absolutely buyable.

      The Purely Optimal Probiotics (review) would be my second-best. :)


  3. The site is a bit confusing. What does all of the “[R, R, R, R, R]” represent? Or perhaps I’m just missing something. The author discussed two products that he would not recommend, but there was no comparison to the recommended product, no statistics, or feedback to indicate why. I have very little experience with Probiotics, but this review did not convince me to consider this product.

    • Hey, Canty!

      The “R” stands for Reference. Meaning, I always try to back up what I’m saying with authority resources. Which you also always have the option to check out for yourself if you choose to.
      I will look into that. I appreciate the suggestions. :)


  4. This is a very technical and detailed review. I appreciate how much research you have put into this review and the things you have articulated to us about this product. I have never used any probiotics myself, but I can begin to see the benefits of finding the best product for the best price and starting to utilize them. This item, even though it’s pricy, would be near the top of my list for sure.

    • Hey, Chase!

      Uuu-uu, I appreciate the kind words. They mean a lot since I’m all about that, namely, making it as thorough as possible. :)
      Indeed, there is plenty to gain from Probiotics, especially if gut health is struggling. But I feel they can do tons of help to just health in general.

      Also, I definitely agree with that last sentence. :)


  5. Wow, what an in-depth review of the Biotrust PRO-X10. To be honest, I have not heard about it much before but I was really intrigued once I came across it. But, generally speaking, I’ve read quite a lot about supplements. There just are way too many out there to know everything.

    So, it does ward of bad bacteria and helps with the stomach? I know someone who has that problem, and they have tried a lot of things. I bet this supplement and just the category in general is another option that could maybe help. As far as I know, she hasn’t done these before. I’ll have to forward your article to her. :)

    • Hey, Fatoumata!

      I definitely agree. To know everything, that’s quite impossible when it comes to all of supplements. I mean, the category is just tremendously huge. Everything from simple vitamin and mineral supplements to the most advanced herbs and health-enhancing substances.

      Indeed, it is supposed to assist with that. If she hasn’t tried a Probiotic, I would, for sure, recommend trying one. It can make a huge difference, no doubt.


  6. Thanks so much for sharing a great review on the Biotrust-Pro X10 Probiotic, as my doctor told me about the benefits of getting some probiotics, as this could help me to feel better, he gave me a rather small list of some probiotic brands that he considers the best, and I notice the Biotrust-Pro X10 Probiotics was on this list, so I decided to look for more information and your review helped me to learn everything I needed to know, including why my doctor told me about it. 

    • Hey, Alejandra!

      I take that this was very helpful then. I’m delighted to hear that. I’m really happy about it. :)

      And, indeed, the BioTrust Pro-X10 is a very good supplement. Realistically, its only real downside is the price. But with that in mind, it can certainly be very helpful if you’re the kind of person who can or chooses to invest in that.


  7. The way I see it, you did uncover the topic very extensively and in an extremely detailed matter. Indeed, there are some very expensive supplements on the market but this one seems to be worth it from what I read. And even though the way you exposed an alternative for the expensive option of this BioTrust, I think that the PRO-X10 still looks great. But I feel I can’t overstate; this is a really great review. Whereas as far as the supplement, I like the fact that I can get my money back even for an empty container, and I’ve got 60 days to make up my mind. To me, that sounds really great, especially if I don’t end up liking the product after all. Thank you.

    • Hey, Garte3D!

      Uuu-uu, gotta love the kind words. I really appreciate that, thank you. :)

      And I do know what you mean. It’s definitely worth it as far as the quality goes. The price is just an individual thing/policy the manufacturer chooses to follow. As far as the cheer quality of the thing, it doesn’t take away from that at all. Also, I have to relate. A 60-day money-back guarantee is always awesome.



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