Doctor’s Best Collagen Powder Review – Investment Worthy?

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This Doctor’s Best Collagen Powder review will be fully devoted to exploring every little detail about the particular supplement.

To that end, we will not only be exploring the beneficial ingredients but also the inactive ones (additives). We will also have a look at the promotional materials and claims, assess how true they hold, and do a comprehensive study on every real customer review findable to get a good sense of the global success rates.

As I See It, Collagen Powder Of Doctor’s Best Is Not Marketing-Heavy

It’s not rare to come across supplements that are ridiculously intrusive in how they’re marketed. The promotional materials for those are tailored in a way to tick off every box in the book to simply get people to buy without much concern of whether it’s in their best interest or not. This we’ve seen with supplements like the Skinny Fit Super Youth Collagen.

Doctor's Best Collagen Powder ReviewTo that extent, the description page of the Doctor’s Best Collagen Powder is not like that at all. It’s extremely down to earth, not a marketing-heavy exemplar. And thus, a rather pleasant place to be [R].

Truth told, the description page is extremely similar to that which they have for Doctor’s Best Collagen tablets and capsules. This too offers highlights, general info, supplement facts, decent FAQs, safety information, and, best of all, scientific fact sheet that essentially backs up every single claim they make for the supplement [R].

With the Doctor’s Best Collagen Powder they promise benefits to hair, nail, skin, bone, ligament, tendon health. There’s also promises to better joint health and comfort, as well as mobility and just overall quality of life.

Apart from all that, they also persist on this notion that the supplement “contains pure collagen protein enzymatically hydrolyzed into low molecular weight peptides for optimal utilization by the body.” Which if we paraphrase, basically implies that their Collagen is the better option than the typical one [R].

Oddly enough, the powder version, as opposed to capsule and tablet versions, is not claimed to be GMO-Free, only Gluten-Free, and Soy-Free. At least so it’s noted on that description page. The supplement label itself does, however, indicate that this notion of GMO-Free-ness is to be true.

So, without any real surprises, as far as the promotional material goes, it all looks great. But let’s not stop here, rather let’s explore further.

Not The Beefiest But Still Pretty Solid As Far As Amounts Go

Generally speaking, there is nothing special about the Doctor’s Best Collagen Powder. It doesn’t add any additional nutrients like the AHS Super Collagen or any additional substances like the Health Direct AminoSculpt Collagen. And neither is it like some of the multivitamin-like Collagen supplements out there like the Applied Nutrition Liquid Collagen. Instead, it’s just Collagen.

Doctors Best Collagen Powder Ingredients

And not that great amounts of it.

The Doctor’s Best Collagen Powder offers 6.6 grams or 6600 milligrams of Hydrolyzed Collagen Types 1 & 3 (out of Bovine) per serving (scoop). While this is considerably less with what the Garden of Life Collagen supplements offer, it’s still beyond what you find in something like the It Works CollagenWorks or most other Collagen supplements out there.

I mean, it essentially is as abundant as the Youtheory Collagen or NeoCell Collagen are, both of which have been proven through global success rates to be beneficial.

So, it should be decent as far as that goes. Still, what about their claims of improved absorption and thus, benefits when it comes to this one?

Well, I believe they don’t exactly apply. I feel this claim is sort of a residue of what this supplement used to be. Meaning, if I’m not mistaking they used to use Peptan patented Collagen in the Doctor’s Best Powder but not anymore. Now, it’s only the luxury of the capsule version of the supplement.

Thus, we’re likely, in reality, looking at our typical Collagen. Whereas while it might not be as effective as the Peptan one, I feel it’s still very capable in bringing about the already previously listed benefits and gains [R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R].

Additives Usually Are A Hurdle; What About Them In This Case?

There Are No Added Additives Here

Now, we’ve discussed beneficial ingredients. What about all the other ones that get typically added to supplements (additives)?

While many people fear them (though they’re actually often very necessary) and even more people don’t pay any attention to them, it has to be said that these ingredients (as anything we consume) can affect us in a variety of ways. And yes, that includes negatively.

To avoid that, preferably we should always research them before embarking on a new supplement. But in this particular case, there is nothing additional necessary to research about the Doctor’s Best Collagen Powder.

The reason being is that the supplement literally has no added extra ingredients.

While this is rare and about 99% of the time not possible, on occasion it’s doable. We have seen this to be the case with MCT Oil supplements and Carotenoid ones. And it’s exactly the case also here.

Thus, with this particular product, we’re essentially getting all the benefits with no regard and zero concern about any side effects or just any negatives in general.

There’s A Ton Of Evidence The Supplement Is Delivering

All of the theoretical ingredient aspects out of the way, let’s look into how well the Powder version of the Doctor’s Best Collagen delivers.

There Is Quite A Bit Of Evidence That It Is Delivering Value

Going all out and conducting a comprehensive study considering every single real customer review I could find online, revealed that this particular supplement is considerably better received than most Collagen supplements out there.

Or to be more specific, at the writing of this article, I managed to find a complete number of 2366 reviews. Of these, 2168 were satisfactory and positive ones (3-, 4-, 5-star ones) whereas 198 were negatives (1-, 2-star ones).

Doing the math, this means that Doctor’s Best Collagen Powder is currently enjoying the global success rate of 91.6%. Which if we’re absolutely on point, is likely even higher than that as people naturally are way more eager to report negative experiences than positive ones.

To compare that to it’s some of its viable competitors, Youtheory Collagen hits the above 90% mark whereas Garden of Life Collagen depending on the version averagely enjoys above 88% of people.

So, to paraphrase, at least in terms, of the success rates it compares favorably and thus, seems to be a good bet.

But is it actually worth the money?

Being Worth The Money Is One Thing But Is It The Better Choice?

Given all that the Doctor’s Best Collagen Powder is – 6.6 grams of Hydrolyzed Collagen without a single additive that enjoys above 91.6% global success rate – and given how incredibly affordable it is, I think it’s a great bet.

It’s definitely a good price for the value.

However, is this as good as they get or is there something that would outrank this and thus, would be the preferred choice?

I like to believe that there is a better alternative. It’s something I would go for if I ever felt the need for a Collagen supplement or if my wife would ever ask for one. Here’s my full review with a summary of it.

Above all, I hope this Doctor’s Best Collagen Powder review helped you find the information you were looking for. When it comes to this one which do you believe is its biggest strength? Do you think those success rates are solid? What about them not claiming that their Collagen is Grass-Fed?

10 thoughts on “Doctor’s Best Collagen Powder Review – Investment Worthy?”

  1. So I just read both of your reviews on Doctor’s Best Collagen and Garden Of Life Collagen and I’d like to know which one you think is better for the money and for my health. I am an over 50 woman with Hashimoto’s disease. I thank you very much for your time and your insight.

    • Hey, Ellen!

      I’m no doctor but as far as I can tell, if I were in your shoes, I would probably still go with the Garden Of Life Collagen. It seems to me that Hashimoto’s disease should not affect which would be the better option here. So, ultimately, I believe it more or less all comes down to math.

      So, Doctor’s Best Collagen Powder comes with 6.6 grams of Collagen for a typical price of $9.75 (iHerb). And we’re getting 30 servings of that (30-day container). Whereas Garden of Life Collagen Peptides provides 20 grams of Collagen plus 10 mg of Probiotics for a typical price of 30.79 (iHerb) which gives us 28 servings.

      Thus, per serving of Doctor’s Best Collagen Powder, we’re paying $9.75 divided by 30 which is $0.325. Now, with having 6.6 grams for that price, 1 gram of this powder costs $0.049 (or about 5 cents).

      When it comes to Garden of Life, per serving of that, we’re paying 30.79 divided by 28 which is about $1.01. But with having 20 grams for that price (and Probiotics), it means that 1 gram costs about $0.055 (or about 5.5 cents).

      The added probiotics for the 0.5 cents per serving I think is worth it. Whereas when it comes to manufacturing and all the behind the scenes stuff, I think Garden of Life is clearly a better choice. I mean, as I see it, in terms of manufacturing they’re providing far more value (and third-party testing) for those 5.5 cents than what Doctor’s Best provides for 0.5 cents less [R, R].

      Cheers, and have a Great One, Ellen!
      Carpe minutam/Seize the moment,

  2. I like how in this review you’re talking about how a lot of products will say that they can do everything under the sun. For me, I don’t really like that as well. So in that respect, I agree with you. I like how you are showing the amount of collagen and I guess also the protein that’s in this supplement. I think for people who really want to know what’s going inside of their body, they want to know all of the ingredients and the percentages as well. I think additives are really a big issue when it comes to any type of supplement as well. Isn’t it true that everything also always comes down to the mighty buck? Everybody wants to know is it worth the price that you’re paying. It seems like this product is a pretty good product for what it’s good for.

    • Hey, Mike!

      Glad to hear you liked this one.

      Well, it’s definitely true, to an extent. I mean, if the supplement sucks (bad ingredients, questionable manufacturing, low on amounts, etc.), there’s no amount of money that justifies it, however, low (or high!!) it may be. Whereas I feel while the price does play a role overall, one should never split cents over it.

      As I see it, it’s more about what the supplement actually is at its core and then whether or not the price is reasonable. Or whether is it something that’s amazing value for the price? If it’s not either of the two, then it’s not something to shortlist. Maybe consider but definitely not shortlist.

      So, to me, “always” feels to boldly said.

      Cheers, and have a Great One!
      Carpe minutam/Seize the moment,

  3. Hello Matiss,

    This is one of the best reviews I’ve found. Not just for this supplement, for any supplement ever. It was a very interesting and resource-packed read. You didn’t joke when you said that it’s about exploring every little detail. It truly was.

    And I’m very grateful for that. I think I will definitely be back whenever I’ll find myself shopping for a supplement, again.

    Thank you for all the information you provided, looking forward to your future articles.

    Regards, Tania

    • Hey, Tania!

      You have my utmost gratitude for the big-hearted message. The words are too kind. <3
      And they absolutely made my day. :)

      I'll be happy to hear from you, Tania!

      Cheers, and have a Great One!
      Carpe minutam/Seize the moment,

  4. Hi Matiss,

    To my taste, the Doctor’s Collagen Powder supplement definitely seems like a viable option. Even more so, because of the considering sample of 2366 reviews, of which 91.6% were positive. I love the fact that you’re taking such a broad look at it. 

    But what I liked most was that not only you promised to provide the most comprehensive review, but also you actually delivered on that. That can’t be exactly said about other reviews online. Truth told I believe it’s very rare to come across people that do them to the extent you do.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hey, Boniface!

      I’m glad you found great value in the article. That was the goal. :)
      Other than that, I sincerely appreciate the kind words.

      I’ll do my best.

      Cheers, and have a Great One!
      Carpe minutam/Seize the moment,

  5. Doctor’s Best seems like a solid product. I haven’t really seen adverts about it, so you’re right about it not being marketed heavy. But it does appear to contain good ingredients and the price is fair. I’ve seen way too many similar products with hyped up claims, high prices but not effective. Looks like Doctor’s Best is worth it, though.

    • Hey, Nate!

      Yeah, absolutely. This is not your typical out of proportion blown supplement.
      Way too many hyped-up products out there…

      All the best,
      Carpe minutam/Seize the moment,


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