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This PureNature Collagen Ultra review will probably be nothing like any other review on the supplement out there.

Throughout this article, we will explore the promotional materials and all the claims, beneficial ingredients, the potential benefits, additives, customer reviews, assess the global success rates, as well as we will go into pricing aspects, too.

This PureNature Collagen Ultra Review To Uncover All Its Intricacies

I see PureNature hasn’t changed much since I last visited them. Similarly, as it was with PureNature Turmeric Curcumin (review), also Purenature Collagen Ultra kind of overdoes it with two description pages. Both again, are largely very similar. One of them is the slightly more advanced version though [R, R].

Organixx Clean Sourced Collagens (review) had a similar thing with more than one description page. That said, this PureNature thing is I feel nowhere near as salesy, neither does it drown us in information like the Vim & Vigor Collagenate (review). I mean, it does lean into such sales tactics as the more we buy the cheaper, money-back promise, and customer reviews but it’s not that bad (or compelling).

PureNature Collagen Ultra Review

I like the layout; it’s simple and straightforward. And dividing it all into sections I feel really helps with information comprehension. Plus, they also provide a FAQ section and scientific references for the promises. The last of which I’m always a fan of.

And so, as for the gains, the PureNature Collagen Ultra promises joint, gut, and skin health benefits. Namely, it’s said to promote skin elasticity, healthy digestion, and to provide structure to joints and tendons.

All of which are kind of a standard list of improvements associated with Collagen supplements.

What I’m not particularly a fan of is the seals’ section. We’ve got four there. 100% All Natural Ingredients, GMP-certified, FDA registered facility, made in the USA. The first is as vague as they come. As for the other three, I wouldn’t say they’re useless but they are definitely odd ones to put emphasis on because most any somewhat decent supplements will claim the same. Hence, it doesn’t really bring out the uniqueness of this Collagen Ultra at all.

I mean, it would only be significant if we’ve never encountered other Collagen supplements from the US. Which is a crazy thing to think since this primarily is a supplement for the US market. And so, the whole section just feels unnecessary and is kind of an empty placeholder. Which is never a good vibe.

I mean, why did they not create a seal for the third-party purity testing that PureNature does? Because that’s something that has, in a sense, some real meaning through being one of the best ways to attest to the quality of manufacturing.

Other than that, the supplement is said to be free of Shellfish, Milk, Tree Nuts, Soy, Wheat, and Peanuts while being said to contain Eggs and Fish. But is it actually a thing worth investing in?

Ingredients Are As Quality As They Get But Scarce, Generally Speaking

There are a couple of different approaches Collagen supplements tend to take. Some provide only Collagen like Olly Collagen Peptides (review). Others add one or two extra substances on top of Collagen like Nutra Organics Collagen (review). And then there are others more that are almost like multivitamins, for example, It Works! CollagenWorks (review). Of all these approaches, the PureNature Collagen Ultra subscribes to the very first one.

PureNature Collagen Ultra Ingredients (Supplement Facts)

So, per serving (three capsules), it offers 1,500 milligrams of Premium Collagen Protein Complex. It’s a complex made out of 5 different Collagen sources. There’s the Bovine, Chicken, Marine, Eggshell Membrane, and Avian Sternum Collagen Peptides.

As far as sourcing quality goes, seems that the supplement this review is a pretty great thing. Because it has all of the quality promises three always should be looking out for. Namely, the product is said to be of GMO-Free, Grass-Fed, Hormone-Free, and Cruelty-Free sources. So, that’s awesome.

Now, what’s not so awesome is that it only brings 1,500 milligrams of the Collagen-goodness. Which is not a lot at all. I mean, any typical Collagen supplement offers anywhere between 10-20 grams of the protein or brings some kind of advanced form of the ingredient. All this really means is that the benefits of the PureNature Collagen Ultra will likely be very limited at best [R, R, R, R].

To that end, it might be why they don’t promise gains to hair or nail health despite those being kind of the most prevalent gains when it comes to this substance. Still, it’s not like they stick to just promising wellness improvements to the skin either. They promise many. And so, some I feel can become reality but, as said, it will likely be very finite [R, R, R, R, R].

To illustrate that point even further, we’ve got something like the Nature’s Life Marine Collagen (review). It is also a supplement that doesn’t promise anything beyond skin health. Which is likely because it offers only 1,100 milligrams per serving. And so, all I’m saying, it probably isn’t an accident as to why the Collagen Ultra of this review doesn’t claim gains to hair and nails. It makes sense.

To Review Additives, There’s Just One Which Is Kind Of Like Collagen

There are a ton of different additives out there. Some are harmless to consume in the long run whereas others are quite the opposite, to say the least. But what’s most concerning about this is that most people are absolutely unaware that added extra ingredients for the making of supplement can affect us negatively [R, R, R, R, R, R, R].

Gelatin Is Typically Made Out Of Pigs

So, what regards PureNature Ultra Collagen in this regard?

Well, it carries just one. And it’s something that I like to call a beneficial one. Gelatin.

Sure, it can cause bad breath or a bad taste in the mouth (especially, if it’s porcine-sourced). But apart from that, the stuff is actually really beneficial. In a way, it’s almost Collagen, only prepared differently. Hence, overall, I don’t feel it’s something anyone would need to avoid in supplements [R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R].

Unless that someone is a vegetarian or vegan. Then, it won’t work.

Other than that, as for that Gelatin sourcing, it’s very likely that it’s pig-sourced here since it doesn’t claim otherwise (for example, supplements like NeoCell Gummy Glow specifically state Bovine Gelatin). This is because of the fact that porcine is the cheapest source to create that ingredient. Plus, the PureNature does not persist in avoiding it.

Hence, it’s very likely using it.

There Are Not Enough Customer Reviews Still For This Collagen Ultra

Looking at the customer reviews that I managed to scramble together, the picture is not pretty. I mean, it’s so incredibly pretty that it’s not pretty.

Here’s what I mean.

If we look at the customer reviews that we can find on the manufacturer’s website, it’s almost a spit image of what we’ve seen with supplements like Orgain Collagen Peptides (review) or Skinny Fit Super Youth (review). It’s all amazingly positive.

I mean, positive to a point where it’s clearly unnatural. Especially, if we compare that to what we can find by other sellers and retailers.

PureNature Collagen Ultra ReviewsBut with the supplement of this review, it is not that clear cut I’m afraid.

So, the manufacturer’s page holds a total of 199 reviews. Which, by the way, is the exact number that the page had more than half a year ago when I first published this PureNature Ultra Collagen review. Which is odd. But still, all of the feedback is just unnaturally positive, just unrealistic.

I mean, even the best of products do get bad reviews from time to time. But according to the manufacturer, this one doesn’t. It has 14 4-star ratings and 185 5-star ones (almost all of which, by the way, are one-liners or even half-liners). So, not that much trustworthiness.

What makes matters rather confusing is that I wasn’t able to find any negative reviews even among other sellers and retailers. Granted, there haven’t been still many customer ratings, to begin with (a total of 41). Not sure why. Because it doesn’t seem like a new product at all.

But every single one of those PureNature Ultra Collagen reviews was at least a three-star one which would imply that it was something that customers were at least okay with. However, I wouldn’t say all of the three-star ratings sounded like positives.

But be that as it may, as I see it, just 41 pieces of feedback is far too little to assess the global success rates at this time. I’ll have to return to this when there will be more customer insight out there.

I Think The Pricing Is Definitely Not Going For This Supplement

Another practical aspect that I love looking at is the pricing. And the PureNature Collagen Ultra definitely has quite a few options in terms of that.

I mean, on their website, we can get a container of 30 servings (month’s worth) for $44. But it gets a ton cheaper if we decide to go for a three-bottle bundle (33% discount overall) or the six-bottle one (50% discount overall). While I don’t think that the six-bottle bundle is something people often will go for right off the bat, I do see that being possible when it comes to the three-bottles. Hence, we’ll use that for price comparisons.

This Is Definitely Not The Cheapest One So, that’s $33 for a container, namely, $1.10 per serving. Which is 73.3 cents per every gram of capsuled multi Collagen. Here’s how that compares.

It doesn’t look great if we compare it to something like the Purely Optimal Collagen Complex (review) or Dr. Emil Multi Collagen (review).

The former typically costs $21.25 whereas the latter comes for $21.75. Hence, the former costs about 47.2 cents per every gram. Whereas the latter is 41.9 cents per every gram. In other words, that’s 64% and 57% of the PureNature’s price, respectively.

Plus, both of them offer at least as much quality with their third-party testing. And while the Purely Optimal doesn’t claim it, Dr. Emil one does also promise Hormone-Free. So, really a huge difference.

Now, if we compare the Collagen Ultra to the Live Conscious Beyond Collagen capsules, I think the difference is even more significant. Because, yes, it might be an option slightly more expensive per gram with its price as low as $19.99 per bottle but it does also bring in a solid amount of Biotin for that extra layer of gains to hair, skin, and nails [R, R, R, R, R].

It’s Fine To Shortlist If Capsules Are A Must, Otherwise Just Consider

I think a lot of people may be caught by the superficially ridiculously great customer ratings and PureNature Ultra Collagen reviews. But the truth is I feel there’s just not enough feedback yet to say if the supplement’s actually any good but that’s certainly never been everything. That’s the least of things.

On that note, as far as the ingredients go, I love the sourcing they go for. I also enjoy the fact that it’s third-party tested. And I applaud that it also uses decent enough additives. And thus, the only thing I’m not very keen on is the price. Because there are a ton just better priced, at least or almost equal quality multi Collagen capsules out there.

Shortlist For A Multi Collagen Capsules Supplement Otherwise ConsiderThat’s apart from that one other thing we covered in the section on ingredients. Namely, this notion of just likely too scarce in terms of the raw amounts for the full range of benefits.

To that end, generally speaking, I’m not a huge fan of Collagen capsules because these inherently limit the serving size to about 1-1.5 grams of Collagen. Which, in the grand scheme of things, is a rather scarce amount.

Hence, I would recommend preferring a top-echelon multi Collagen powder like the BioTrust Ageless Multi Collagen (review) instead. It’s also like 2-3 times better price per gram of the protein.

That said, if you are, however, specifically after a multi Collagen that would offer the convenience of capsules, I would recommend the Live Conscious Beyond Collagen. It’s the one I would pick.

Above all, I hope this PureNature Collagen Ultra review helped you find the information you were looking for. Did its beneficial contents speak to you? Do you think it might still be worth going for despite the price? Let me know below. Also, feel free to leave your own personal review of this below. I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. I was on Pure Nature Collagen for about 3 months, I switched to Live Well because of reviews.. I have seen no results after 2 and half months. I am still fishing.
    Thanks for review.

    • Hey, Gayle!

      I’m sorry to hear that. Well, yeah, sadly even the most promising products don’t always work out (as can be easily observed from the success rates; they are never at 100%). Personally, if that was the case for me, I would look into the Sports Research option (review) and the Vital Proteins one (review) next.

      But if then, those were not to work, I would completely change my approach. Now, here’s how I see it.

      There are numerous different substances, namely, roads (if I may use that analogy), how we can get to better, in this case, hair, skin, nail health (and this applies to any other potential benefit you’re after as well). But our bodies all are different. I mean, there essentially are no two bodies that are exactly the same in terms of the nutrition they need to work optimally. Granted, the differences are often very subtle but they’re there.

      And because of that, one road won’t work for all people. A single road may work to many or most people but for others, they need a different path. Or, in other words, they need a different substance to attain that same goal. Sometimes it can also be as little as a dosage adjustment, say, one’s unique needs dictate that he or she needs more of that same thing to benefit in the kind of way that others typically do. Other times, it can even be a harbinger that we are lacking in basic nutrition, lifestyle, or there is a bigger underlying problem.

      So, if we would assume that the latter is not the case, it leaves us with two options. Either it’s the wrong dosage or the wrong substance for you uniquely to get to that goal. Between these, it will probably typically be the latter. In which case, I would suggest seeking out other substances that can potentially bring those gains like Hyaluronic Acid. And there are certainly other paths as well.

      I hope that makes sense. It may not be the utmost scientific opinion but that’s how I see it.


  2. My mum and I were looking for a collagen supplement and I’m glad we landed on your review. There are so many different types on the market and it is really difficult to decide. PureNature Collagen is one of the types that was shared by a friend.

    This is a great article and you have shared your reviews about other collagen supplements too. This is so helpful for us. Thank you.

    When I read customer reviews about products, I like to read the good and the bad reviews for me to make a decision. It is hard to convince me if I see all the good reviews only.

    I really like your site, will be back for more information on supplements. 🙂

    • Hey, Christine!

      I feel it’s a great approach. As I see it, reading only the good or the bad can provide a pretty insidious and even fleeting look. So, to me too it’s always both.

      I’m glad the article you found helpful. Totally made my day.

      Cheers, and have a Great One!

  3. Such a nice article. As far as I can say, it covered everything. And I truly have a feeling that it saved me a ton of time, exactly as you promised. I have couple of mates bragging about this; I will have to share this with them. I think it will be the perfect eye-opener. Thank you.

    • Hey, Edahnewton1!

      I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it. Glad it saved you time.
      And I appreciate the kind words. They mean a lot.

      Cheers, and have a Great One!

  4. Wow! This is a great article you have got here. Well, as I see it, the PureNature Collagen Ultra contains 5 sources of Collagen; an ideal blend to support joint, skin, gut, and digestive health. I have a few friends that have tested it and the response is great. Like you said it is not a harmful product. That said, the other two you recommended over this one sound far more compelling.

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

    • Hey, Awinikistevie!

      I am happy to hear you really liked the review. And I appreciate the kind words.

      You also have my gratitude for sharing the experiences of your friends with this one. I’m glad PureNature Collagen Ultra can also do good (not only be harmless).

      Cheers, and have a Wonderful Day!

  5. This is a great article. I’ve been looking into getting PureNature Collagen as I heard about it from a coworker. I have done some research but it just doesn’t stand up to my expectations. I mean, it’s not harmful like you said, and not worth an investment either. I will be staying clear from this product until I see more than 16 ratings to know what I’m really getting myself into. Thanks!

    • Hey, Brandon!

      I’m happy to hear you liked this one. I appreciate the kind words.
      Yeah, I definitely agree. 16 is quite on the low side. As I mentioned in the article, not really sure why that is the case exactly.

      Cheers, and have a Great One!


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