RejuviCare Super Collagen Review – Sounds Great But Isn’t

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RejuviCare Super Collagen is one of the worst Collagen supplements I have ever come across. No joke and no exaggeration. Not only does it not care about the sourcing of the protein but it also does not come cheap.

Yes, it has good success rates but just about everything else is bad or terrible. Moreover, that includes the additives. This is just not worth it, and there is an ocean of better options some of which I also point to.

Summary RejuviCare Super Collagen
Claimed Benefits Not Realistic. | It claims to aid joint health and mobility, strengthen skin, nails, and hair, support gut health and muscle health, and even promote metabolism. | The way I see it, there is just not enough Collagen to make this all happen.
Ingredients Bad. | It doesn’t care about Pasture-Raised, Grass-Fed, Hormone-Free sourcing at all. | Likely contains GMO ingredients. | The amounts per serving are miserable.
Side Effects Yes. | It has Artificial Colors for additives. | These can not only cause cancer but have plenty of other negative effects.
Quality No testing. | It’s very possible to contain harmful admixtures and impurities.
Success Rate Above 96.7%. | Based on 3,248 reviews. | The success rate is good but it makes no sense given the poor ingredients.
Price $2.22 for every 10 grams of Bovine Collagen. | The pricing for the value is actually bad.
Ranking Nop. | It is literally one of the worst Collagen supplements I’ve ever encountered, let alone reviewed.
Recommendation Avoid it. | There is nothing good or unique that makes the RejuviCare Super Collagen worth getting.
Better Alternatives? Just about anything else will be better. Personally, I prefer the Live Conscious Collagen Peptides (full review with a summary).

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Marketing | This RejuviCare Super Collagen Promises Many Benefits

According to the manufacturer, the RejuviCare Super Collagen is affordable. Per their words, it will heal achy joints and dry skin. The way they put it, this one will save us from painful injections and expensive spa appointments because with this supplement we can get all of the health without any hassle.

RejuviCare Super Collagen ReviewThe product page of the supplement is really laid-back. To that end, it’s so much the opposite of something like the Landish Marine Collagen (review) or Live Conscious Beyond Collagen (review).

I mean, they’re, essentially, just informing people about their product and its potential. Nothing more.

Sure, they list plenty of benefits. There’s everything from improved hair, skin, and nail health to better joint and muscle health, to improvements to metabolism and gut health. But they don’t use any marketing tactics that so many other manufacturers take advantage of.

And to that end, I think that the RejuviCare Super Collagen has a really clean and fresh look.

As for the free-of-claims, it doesn’t do any. I mean, there isn’t even a Non-GMO claim that we typically see with many Collagen supplements. I guess it doesn’t care about any of it.

So, is this product one to buy?

Ingredients | The Beneficial Contents Are Very Bad (Actually The Worst)

As far as the beneficial ingredients go, it doesn’t seem good. I mean, it offers even less Collagen per serving than something like the Nature’s Life Marine Collagen (review) or AHS Super Collagen (review). And let me just say that the serving sizes for those weren’t exactly optimal either.

And it’s even worse with this RejuviCare here.

RejuviCare Super Collagen Ingredients (Supplement Facts)So, per serving (one capsule), the supplement of this review offers 500 milligrams of Hydrolyzed Collagen. That’s it. There’s nothing more there. And so, with that in mind, I see a couple of problems.

First, yes, we have to address that the serving size is ridiculously low.

It’s so low, in fact, that I don’t think there’s any world where we have a genuine chance at the claimed benefits. I mean, what it should be striving for is, ideally, at least 10 grams per serving. But 500 milligrams is like 20-fold off that [RRRRRRRRR].

Second, another absolutely miserable thing is that it doesn’t offer any insight as to what kind of Collagen is offers. Is it Bovine or is it Marine? Is it a mix, like a multi Collagen, or maybe it’s Chicken Collagen all the way? We’ve just no idea.

And this brings me to the third problem. It doesn’t claim to be from either Grass-Fed, Pasture-Raised, Hormone-Free, or Wild-Caught, Deep-Sea animals. Hence, it probably isn’t. And if it isn’t, it’s nowhere near as good [RRRRRRRRR].

Fourth, it doesn’t claim to be Non-GMO which is actually a pretty huge deal just in general. In other words, this is likely to contain GMO ingredients.

Fifth, it doesn’t do third-party testing. Furthermore, their “about us” page doesn’t convince me about the quality the RejuviCare Super Collagen carries either. They don’t even promise in-house testing. Sure, plenty of skillful words about quality and everything. But, the way I see it, there isn’t anything to really back that all up.

Personally, I don’t like this at all.

Side Effects | Additives Are Just Absolutely Terrible For A Collagen

Side effects are the product of additives. And the RejuviCare Super Collagen does not shine in this aspect either. Frankly, it is the absolute worst out of all Collagen supplements that I have looked at in my reviews.

I mean, the way I see it, this exceeds even stuff like the Vim & Vigor Collagenate (review) and NeoCell Liquid Collagen [RRRRRRRRR].

Artificial Coloring Is A Genuinely Bad ThingSo, the supplement of this review uses Gelatin, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Red #3, FD&C Red #40, FD&C Blue #1, Magnesium Stearate, and Silica. Of these, Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate (despite being rather controversial), and Silica are fine. The other ones are what I don’t like.

Truth be told, Titanium Dioxide used to be this really harmless additive that we didn’t need to ever avoid. That was until the food industry decided they should make nanoparticle Titanium Dioxide because it looks better to the eye [RRR].

And so, that thing became extremely popular. But as it typically is with revolutionary ideas of the food industry, it isn’t good. A couple of studies have found that these nanoparticles are basically too small for our bodies to filter effectively. And hence, they end up in places they shouldn’t be and cause all kinds of damage [RRRRRRRR].

But this would be a small thing compared to the FD&C Red #3, FD&C Red #40, and FD&C Blue #1. These are Artificial Colors.

And there is a reason why so many manufacturers out there boast about being Artificial-Color-Free. It’s because these colors bring genuine havoc to our bodies. They are said to be to blame for all kinds of terrible behavior in children. But the pinnacle of that is probably that they can induce a huge range of different cancers [RRR, RRRR].

So, at the end of the day, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist I think to get that these additives in the RejuviCare Super Collagen are not great. Especially if we care about our health deeply.

Reviews | This Was Kind Of Expected, Customer Reviews Are Great

But, yes, customer reviews. A place where most people get convinced by other people who typically don’t really know any better. And with that in mind, I believe it is so, so, so true for the supplement of this review.

The way I see it, there is just no reason whatsoever for this to ever have an even remotely positive success rate. But it actually does.

RejuviCare Super Collagen ReviewsI mean, yes, it doesn’t try to persuade with reviews on its own product page like the Truvani Marine Collagen (review) or the Andrew Lessman Marine Collagen (review). But it doesn’t have to because there is plenty of positive feedback from third-party sellers and retailers.

I did some research. In total, I managed to find 3,248 RejuviCare Super Collagen reviews.

Of these, 3,140 were positive (2,418 five-star, 519 four-star, 203 three-star) and 108 were negative (57 one-star, 54 two-star). In other words, that’s effectively a global success rate of 96.7%. And that’s bonkers.

I’m actually genuinely surprised as to how high the success rate is. The way I see it, it shouldn’t be this way at all given what kind of active (beneficial) and inactive (additives) ingredients it has. It just makes no sense.

I mean, it’s kind of like Centrum Silver Men 50 Plus (review). It’s an absolute cocktail of potentially harmful additives and very poor choices as far as vitamins and minerals.  Yet still, it has like a 96.8% global success rate. Which is likely the fruit of their really good marketing.

And that’s the danger. Because it’s likely that it’s a marketing thing here with RejuviCare as well.

Other than that, we know that the positive feedback absolutely praises this thing. I mean, many customers report having found real success with it.

Some even went as far as to say that this makes their nails seem like they’re on steroids. It’s that good. Others say that they would give this more than five stars if they could. And there was more.

But what about the negative when it comes to the supplement of this review?

Well, many say that it’s absolutely nothing for nails, skin, or hair. It doesn’t do anything at all. For some, it caused breakouts. Others went as far as to say that buying it is basically like a donation which I believe is a way of saying that you can’t get any value for the money you pay.

And, ultimately, many conclude that, indeed, it is true with this RejuviCare Super Collagen as well. You absolutely get what you pay for.

Pricing | To Review Cost, Being Affordable Is Actually A Joke

So, yes, many RejuviCare Super Collagen reviews pointed out that the Collagen supplement is a cheap one. But how cheap it actually is? Is it cheap just by the standards of Collagen capsules? Or is it cheap even when compared to Collagen powders? Or, is it cheap at all? Let’s look into that.

So, per container, the supplement of this review contains 90 capsules. Being a capsule per serving, that’s a stash for 90 days. A container typically costs $9.99. In other words, that’s $0.11 per capsule. But if we want to put it in more comparable terms, it’s $2.22 for every 10 grams of Collagen.

This Is Not A Cheap Collagen At AllAnd that is not an affordable price at all. In fact, here are a few examples to illustrate.

Take, for example, the Nature’s Truth Ultra Collagen Powder (review). It costs $16.99 per container of 30 servings. To do the math, it’s 85.0 cents for every 10 grams of Collagen.

So, it’s effectively three times cheaper. Yet it manages to not only use Grass-Fed, Pasture-Raised Collagen, but also it uses zero additives whatsoever. Hence, every reason to benefit and none of the reasons to be harmful and cause side effects. Yet way more affordable.

Then, take something like the NeoCell Super Collagen (review). It comes for as low as $12.72 per container. That’s 63.6 cents for every 10 grams of Collagen unlike those $2.22 that we have with the RejuviCare Super Collagen.

Hence, a four-fold difference. And it’s Grass-Fed. Don’t get me wrong NeoCell isn’t the greatest of options. Still, it outperforms the Super Collagen of this review in every way imaginable. And then, do consider that there are even more affordable and more quality options out there.

And, sure, in terms of price, the RejuviCare doesn’t look as bad when we compare it specifically to capsuled Collagens like the Dr. Emil Collagen (review) or the PureNature Ultra Collagen (review). But still, these two offer so much more quality than the supplement of this review.

I mean, to that end, the supposed RejuviCare’s affordability is not worth it at all.

Pros & Cons | The Positives Are Actually Hard To Find

Pros Cons
It has a really high success rate but for no apparent reason. There are plenty of harmful additives in it.
The sourcing is likely absolute rubbish. No Grass-Fed, Pasture-Raised, or Hormone-Free. No claims to be free of GMOs.
They don’t do testing on the product.
While it is marketed as affordable, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Overall | I Would Not Use The RejuviCare Super Collagen Even If It Was Free

Ultimately, I feel I have to stress this. There is nothing “Super” about this RejuviCare Super Collagen. It’s just bad all throughout. The way I see it, there is nothing to love about the supplement of this review at all.

I mean, sure, it’s got some ridiculously high global success rates. But that still doesn’t make it a good product. If anything, it makes it a very dangerous one given how much weight to their decisions customers typically give to reviews posted by other customers.

This Is A Collagen Capsule Supplement I Would AvoidWhat we really need from a great Collagen product is it being of Grass-Fed, Pasture-Raised, Hormone-Free or Wild-Caught, Deep-Sea animals. But this RejuviCare Collagen doesn’t have that.

What we need is harmless or slightly beneficial additives only. But this RejuviCare doesn’t have that either.

What we should prefer is higher Collagen amounts per capsule and some form of testing to ensure purity, safety, and potency. As far as I can tell, the supplement of this review does not have that either. And the pricing, well, let’s just say that the product gets outclassed in this regard, too.

Hence, (out of avoid it, consider it, shortlist it, buy it) I reckon we should avoid the RejuviCare Super Collagen. It’s just not worth it. There is nothing great about it.

On that note, if you’re interested in something genuinely helpful, I would recommend looking into this one (full review with a summary).

Above all, I hope this RejuviCare Super Collagen review helped you find the information you were looking for. If you have any thoughts or questions, I’m here for you. And do feel free to leave your own personal reviews on the product as well.

6 thoughts on “RejuviCare Super Collagen Review – Sounds Great But Isn’t”

  1. This is a good example to show that we should not just absorb positive reviews the way it is. I work in the health care line and have my fair share of meeting customers every day who just buy supplements simply because other people say that it’s good. When asked about the label/ingredients, most of them don’t know anything about it. It seems to me they don’t care to research what they consume into their body or its consequences. 

    • Hey, Cathy!

      Indeed, I also think that it’s a great example of that.
      Yeah, I really appreciate you sharing that. Because it just illustrates the point perfectly. And because it’s what I’ve been encountering and getting vibes of, too.

      Thank you, Cathy!

  2. A great review on RejuviCare Super Collagen. I do not use collagen supplements but if I was a collagen user I would certainly think twice before I would invest in this product.  Your honest opinion is certainly an eye opener and I hope many more people will read this review to become aware of the inferior product that has a costly price.  I  fully agree, manufacturers of collagen supplements should indicate what kind of collagen it is, vegans and vegetarians have the right to know.   I enjoyed your post thanks for sharing.    

    • Hey, Carola!

      I’m happy to hear that. The kind words are very much appreciated. I too hope that many will come across this review. :)
      And 100%. The price is far from optimal when it comes to this supplement.


  3. wow, it is very refreshing to see a website that gives honest opinions. After reading this I would stay well clear of this product. What collagen product would you recommend for an older person?. Also how much should I expect to pay for a product that is safe? I would not like anything that is tested on animals, as I find this practice abhorrent.



    • Hey, Steve!

      I absolutely get you. And I really appreciate the observation. :)

      I’d say that on average $30-40 per bag or container is a decent price for a Bovine Collagen. Then, Fish Collagen is a bit more. Whereas multi Collagen is naturally the most expensive one.
      I think the Live Conscious (the recommendation in the article) should work great. I’m pretty sure they don’t do animal testing.



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