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In this Ideal Collagen review, we’ll have a proper look at the supplement and all of its qualities.

Hence, this will be an article examining everything from promotional materials, to claims made, to beneficial ingredients, to their potential benefits, to additives, to customer reviews, and we’ll even dive into success rates.

The Ideal Collagen is Expert’s #1 Rated; That Sure Sounds Awesome, Right?

According to the manufacturer, Ideal Collagen is the “expert’s #1 rated hydrolyzed collagen powder.” Per their words, “no other collagen formula has been made to better support the health of your skin, hair, nails, and joints than Ideal Collagen.” Which are some pretty strong statements, to say the least. Also, they’re not quite the most trustability arising ones [R].

Ideal Collagen Review

Expert’s #1 according to what? What kind of experts are we talking about here? Just a really, really vague, low-quality, over the top statement that I feel is geared towards luring people in to buy and nothing else.

Other than that, the description page uses a number of other persuasion techniques similar to those used by supplements like Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein or Health Direct AminoSculpt Collagen. There’s that of the more we buy, the cheaper it comes. Subscribe to their email newsletter and get 15% off. The 90-day money-back guarantee. And that’s not really all of it.

They also use citations from general studies on Collagen to reassure the potential benefits. Which according to them are as follows: “Boost Natural Collagen Production from Within, Fights Signs of Aging Skin, Promotes Moisture within the Skin, Supports the Joints from Your Neck Down to Your Toes, Promotes Healthy Hair and Nails” as well as it’s a “Strengthens Cartilage” [R].

But other than that, speaking of the description page itself, it seems one much like Organixx Clean Sourced Collagens or Vim & Vigor Collagenate. Namely, it’s something that pretty much tries to drown people in information. And the fact that the whole website is basically 100% about this particular supplement only adds to that notion. Personally, I’m not a fan of that approach.

All in all, superficially, of course, the supplement sounds great. But is it really worthwhile?

This One Doesn’t Just Leave Us Be With Collagen; It’s Much More Than That

Collagen supplements for better hair, skin, and nail health use a couple of different approaches. First, there’s those that provide Collagen and are not trying to stuff anything else in there like Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen or Further Food Collagen. Second, there are those that add one or two extra substances, like Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen or NeoCell Super Collagen + C. Third, there’s multivitamin-like primarily Collagen containing supplements like It Works CollagenWorks or LAC Taut Collagen.

Ideal Collagen IngredientsOf all these, I feel that the Ideal Collagen is best described by the third approach. It offers quite a bit of Collagen augmented by a number of different beneficial substances and a few extra minute-amounted vitamins and minerals.

So, it’s about 10 grams of Hydrolyzed Bovine Collagen, 1.5 grams Chondroitin Sulfate, 1.2 grams of Glucosamine Sulfate, 25 milligrams of Hyaluronic Acid, 100 milligrams of Plant-Derived Trace Minerals, and 60 milligrams on Enzyme Blend consisting out of Bromelain, Papain, and Protease.

Hence, per serving, it provides a similar dose of Collagen as we’ve seen with supplements like Live Conscious Collagen or Amandean Marine Collagen. Which I suspect is a solid enough amount for acquiring all the benefits. Still, I personally believe stuff like Garden of Life Collagen or Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides would do a much better job (they provide twice that) [R, R, R, R].

As for the rest, the amounts of Chondroitin and Glucosamine seem solid and capable of full benefits. Hyaluronic Acid may be not as abundant; standalone supplements typically offer at least 50-100 milligrams. So, this one might not be as profound, however, I’m very sure it’s bound to be useful nonetheless [R, R, R].

As for Trace-Minerals, not a fan of this approach as there are many different ones that fit this category. Plus, this may mean we’re getting an abundance of something we don’t need as much while also providing sparingly those we do need. Moreover, it may or may not be hard to align with a proper multivitamin if you’re embracing one. Whereas as for enzymes, I feel whatever amounts they provide, it will still be useful [R, R].

But what about the actual benefits they might bring?

Well, the next section is all about that.

A Marvel Of Potential Benefits & Many Layers For Hair, Skin & Nails

So, the benefits with this Ideal Collagen thing reach quite beyond just those associated with Collagen. But taken all together, they align quite nicely. Meaning, as I see it, they are bound to provide multiple layers of benefits to hair, skin, and nail health, as well as a number of along-side (extra) ones.

With Collagen, it’s about savoring the youth-like look of our skin, reducing wrinkles, promoting skin elasticity, improving hair growth, strengthening nails, and reversing visible signs of aging,  Moreover, it’s about stronger teeth and bones, better joint health, improved metabolism, healing leaky gut, reducing cellulite, keeping muscles strong, aiding blood sugar regulation and having other significant benefits [R, R, R, R, R].

The Supplement Does Put Emphasis On Joint HealthWhereas the combination of Chondroitin and Glucosamine reminds me of Nature Made TripleFlex, a supplement devoted to joint health. Both of these substances are involved in body’s production and maintenance of healthy cartilage and thus, are paramount to great joint health [R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R].

Additionally, these can also help battle inflammation, lessen bone pain, promote digestive health, aid skin health, enhance recovery after injury and exercise, foster wound healing and above all, help fight off all kinds of joint-related conditions, including Arthritis [R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R].

Hyaluronic Acid is a pretty common addition to any supplement that while prioritizing Collagen also wants to reach beyond that. Great examples of this include both NeoCell Marine Collagen and Pure Gold Collagen. And there are many more.

And this is not without a reason. It’s a substance naturally present in our bodies to help our cells retain water, and thus, keep them lubricated and moist through which adding to the anti-aging aspect of the substance. Plus, it can also help reduce wrinkles and dry eyes, promote skin elasticity, eliminate bags under the eyes, help with dandruff, foster joint health, and make for just overall healthier-looking skin along with some other stuff [R, R, R, R].

Lastly, the Enzyme Blend is basically all about improving gut and helping with nutrient absorption as much as possible. And thus, at least somewhat trying to improve the efficacy of every single other ingredient in the Ideal Collagen [R, R, R, R, R, R, R].

Overall, the claimed improvements definitely seem to fit all of what the ingredients are about.

Additives Do Not Live Up To Its Name; In The Particular Case It’s Not Ideal

Additives are the tricky bit. Quite many Collagen supplements are less than ideal due to this aspect alone. Examples of such include but does not limit themselves to Applied Nutrition Liquid Collagen and the NeoCell Collagen + C. There are quite many supplements that get this wrong

As for the Ideal Collagen, I’d say it’s kind of somewhere on the fence with that. But definitely not living up to the label of the ideal.

This One Does Fruit And Vegetable Juice For ColorThis supplement uses Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Fruit & Vegetable Juice (color), and Stevia. And while it may seem all solid, great, and high-quality due to that presence of Stevia (because it’s usually what’s only found by quality supplements), that’s not the whole story.

Many people would never think that Natural Flavors is something that can be actually bad. But the thing about them is that it all depends on manufacturing quality. If it’s solid, this stuff can even be considered beneficial. Whereas if it’s questionable, it may contain all kinds of admixtures and impurities that can ultimately only harm our health [R, R, R, R, R, R].

To this end, Collagen of the Ideal brand does not look promising. The main problem is that I wasn’t able to find a single page or post on their website related to the quality they pursue with their supplements. Which, at least in my mind, kind of implies that it’s likely that they do not devote that much attention to it. Which, let’s just say, is not the kind of supplement I would want [R].

Of course, the fact that a supplement manufacturer doesn’t disclose anything about its manufacturing quality does not immediately mean that they’re therefore bad. It’s just something that significantly increases that probability. And I feel that’s not something one should ever risk with given how many truly great brands with very high manufacturing standards are there.

Other than that, Citric Acid is not the most desirable ingredient. Truth is, it can really only harm us if it’s GMO or we’re consuming far too much of it (it’s added to many processed foods). Another undesirable trait is that it improves Aluminum absorption which is not a mineral we need in our bodies. Hence, keeping away from aluminum containers or cutlery is all it takes [R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R].

But, yeah, really, the biggest issue is with the void of information on manufacturing and then using Natural Flavor. Personally, I would never risk in picking such a supplement.

A Complete Void When It Comes To Ideal Collagen Reviews

This next section is all about exploring all of the Ideal Collagen reviews made by actual customers. And thus, it’s about learning how well (or bad) any particular supplement is performing in real life.

As far as any customer feedback on their website goes, there’s nothing beyond a few rather random, faceless, one-line testimonials supposedly pulled from Facebook. Or to put it in other words, definitely not the type of real customer feedback to base one’s decision onto. Such feedback is not always entirely accurate anyways as we’ve seen with supplements like Skinny Fit Super Youth.

Ideal Collagen ReviewsHence, let’s jump onto what the reviews by other sellers and retailers say.

In a few words, there’s a complete and utter void.

While there are at least a couple that sells this thing, there are barely any that contain reviews. Amazon had six; by one other seller, I found one more 4-star one.

Yeah, seven is not enough, not even close enough to at least somewhat accurately assess the global success rates. But we could do a prediction given the ratings we do have.

So, given that there is one 1-star review, one 2-star, three 4-star ones, and two 5-star ones, it doesn’t look bright, to say the least. According to them, the probable success rate (subject to great change and deviation) sits at around 71.4%. Which is quite low. Especially for a supplement that contains as much Collagen as this one does.

It May Be A Tempting One; Still, Personally, I Do Prefer A Different One

I reckon the Ideal Collagen might be an incredibly tempting one. After all, it has all these highly beneficial substances added, namely, it’s not only about Collagen. And thus, the potential gains it can bring look truly nice.

However, that’s only on the outside. Truth is, we have almost zero information on what kind of quality the supplement subscribes to. To that end, sure the 90-day money-back guarantee may convince someone to try it but, by no means, does it remove that uncertainty.

An uncertainty that is not worth risk for. Especially given the additives used and all. Personally, I would never go for such a thing. Again, sure, all the beneficial stuff sounds nice. But that likely lack of manufacturing quality is a huge turn-off. It should be one for you, too.

That said, there are proper Collagen supplements out there. Live Conscious (LiveWell) Collagen Peptides (full review with a summary) is my favorite one, both in terms of price and quality it brings. Another great alternative is the Collagen Peptides of Vital Proteins (full review).

Above all, I hope this Ideal Collagen review of the supplement helped you find the information you were looking for. What do you make of the uncertainty as far as success rates? Is this something you would still go for? Did you like the beneficial aspects of things? Let me know below.

10 thoughts on “Ideal Collagen Review – Ideal Is A Clear Overstatement”

  1. Frankly, the Ideal Collagen sounds very good because of what it can do for your health and well being. But as the reviewer has noted that it may be an overhyped, misleading product. There are no reviews except on Amazon and Amazon’s reviews are sometimes questionable in themselves. I would be wary of this product because it has not really proven itself to consumers and I believe should be avoided until more information becomes available. 

    • Hey, Bill!

      I absolutely agree with that. The sheer amount of various beneficial substances did sound incredibly promising. But the lack of reviews is real.

      Also, definitely agree about Amazon’s reviews being quite questionable at times. But personally, I believe this goes far beyond just not being enough reviews there. I mean, having all of the reviews still wouldn’t change the fact that there’s nothing real on manufacturing that they provide. Hence, the whole thing inherently, as I see it, has a high chance to be a bust.

      I appreciate the opinion. :)

      Cheers, and have a Great One!

  2. Hey Matiss, the lack of information on the quality of the ingredients of Ideal Collagen is also making me uncertain if I would buy this product. I would rather have the Garden of Life Collagen Turmeric because of the high rating. With your review, I feel confident in getting this one, but I’ll still read the comments one by one to see more details. These products will require daily intake and results will not appear that fast so we really have to choose the most effective product that worked for many people. Is there any other highly recommended product aside from the Garden of Life Collagen Turmeric and Collagen Peptides of Vital Proteins that I should look into?

  3. Hello dear. I do find it rather paradoxical. It’s called “the Ideal Collagen.” But I agree with you, it doesn’t quite fit great with that title after all. That said, I must admit that without the information you shared I would have assumed it is. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more people like me that are and would be somewhat misled by this. I value your honesty. It was a ton of help. And I’m glad to see there are people like you. Keep it up!

    • Hey, Skuchmane!

      Yeah, I absolutely agree. This is not the “ideal” product. Not by a long shot.

      Other than that, I’m really happy to hear this was helpful. It makes the effort of writing it totally worth it.

      Cheers, and have a Wonderful Day!

  4. Another day, another article, another comment, my friend! I can barely keep up with you. You’re putting out so much useful, high-quality stuff. If you continue like this, I can absolutely see a day when your website will be visited by millions monthly. That would be beyond awesome. I’m looking forward to that for you, mate. I think you deserve it. Best of luck.

    • Hey, Sheddy!

      Yeah, absolutely agree. That would be so awesome. I mean, I would really love that. <3
      You are very kind, my friend. I appreciate it.

      Cheers, and have a Great One!

  5. Hello there, I must say, I really enjoyed this one. The detail you go into is just intense. Wonderfully done.

    But as far as the supplement itself goes, I definitely agree. It’s a very tempting one. I liked the potential benefits a lot. I liked also that it provided sufficient amounts of those substances. But I too believe manufacturing is just too important to flip a coin on that. It’s pretty sad, actually that they don’t give us more info on that. This had so much potential.

    • Hey, Philebur!

      I’m glad to hear this fit your taste nicely.

      Yeah, in regard to the supplement, I can only agree. I feel this notion of flipping a coin characterizes it perfectly.

      Carpe minutam/Seize the moment,


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