Me First Living Turmeric Curcumin Review – Worth A Buy?

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This Me First Living Turmeric Curcumin review we will entirely devote to explore all aspects of this particular supplement.

To properly do that, we’ll dive through promotional materials and all of the claims associated with it. After that, we will turn to the beneficial ingredients and what to make of them. After this, we will do additives and see whether there are any dangers here. Then, we will turn to customer reviews and global success rates for some further insight. Lastly, we’ll explore pricing.

This Me First Living Turmeric Curcumin Review To Walk Through Truth

According to the manufacturer, Me First Living Turmeric Curcumin “is one of the ONLY turmeric supplements to contain 1000 mg of 95% Curcuminoids.” Per their words, “Most supplements on the market will have turmeric root powder with a splash of standardized turmeric, but this will not give you the results you are looking for. For amazing results, you need 1000mg of standardized turmeric extract.” And to an extent, that’s definitely true [R].

I mean, there are truly a lot of supplements that kind of take advantage of people just not knowing any better. Supplements like Bio Schwartz Turmeric Curcumin (review) or Vimerson Health Turmeric Curcumin (review) are great examples of adding only tiny amounts of 95% Curcuminoids and making the rest to be raw Turmeric.

Me First Living Turmeric Curcumin ReviewWhich is definitely not ideal, the way I see it.

As for the product page, generally speaking, it feels to be a pretty hectic one. It feels very low on readability and user experience. I mean, I know it’s a supplement of a different category, but reminds me of Vim & Vigor Collagenate (review).

It just feels unreadable all and throughout. The only positive thing with the Me First Living Turmeric Curcumin is that there’s not too much of it. And there are some pictures to offset the lack of readability.

Other than that, there’s a lot of marketing with this one. For example, if we order two or more, we get an increasing discount (18% for two bottles, 20% for three bottles, etc.). Also, with at least two bottles, we get shipping free. There’s a 60-day money-back guarantee. Plus, quite a bit of customer reviews which (surprise, surprise!) are all heavily positive. For them, as of now, it’s a 5-star average out of 995 Me First Living Turmeric Curcumin reviews.

What I do, however, appreciate is that they do third-party testing for their supplements. And that’s something that is a great indication that they are actually after quality. Which, frankly, is not a common theme among Turmeric Curcumin ones at all [R, R].

Additionally, the supplement is also said to be Non-GMO, created from organic sources, and Vegan-friendly among few other things. But is it truly worth it at all?

There Are Some Solid Core Ingredients In This Me First Living Product

As we discussed in the previous section, on one hand, it’s definitely not one of those supplements that only add a splash of Curcuminoids. Whereas on the other hand, saying that this is one of the only turmeric products to contain 1000 mg of 95% Curcuminoids is a bit over the top, the way I see it.

Me First Living Turmeric Curcumin IngredientsThe thing is, these kinds of supplements are not actually that rare as they are implying they are. There are a great number of such examples including Stop Aging Now Curcumin2K (review), Youtheory Turmeric (review), and Qunol Liquid Turmeric (review).

Furthermore, it’s not like 1000 mg of 95% Curcuminoids is the pinnacle of quality or efficiency either. No, that’s not even close when compared to patented Curcumin formulations like Novasol, CurcuWin, or Longvida. Hence, it’s likely just an expression to get more sales [RRRRRRR].

So, yes, per serving (two capsules) the Me First Living Turmeric Curcumin offers 1000 milligrams of 95% Curcuminoids coupled with 10 milligrams of Black Pepper Fruit extract by BioPerine.

The way I see it, I believe this configuration is exactly the kind of minimum approach that’s necessary for a chance of a full range of gains. And thus, it can bring such improvements as increased antioxidant capacity, anti-inflammation for joint pain, heart health, improved brain function, reduced risk of brain-related diseases, diminished risk of heart disease, as well as provide help in battling Arthritis, fighting off depression, delaying aging and chronic diseases [RRRRRRRR].

Black Pepper Plays A Vital Role In Many Turmeric ProductsOr, in other words, all of the claimed benefits that they propose I feel are possible with this.

To this end, I think it has to be added that those 10 milligrams of BioPerine play a major role in that. It’s truly as they claim on the product page; the presence of it improves Curcuminoid absorption by 2000%. Which overall, accumulates for a major, major difference in overall gains [RRRRRR].

Frankly, it’s really not worth taking a Turmeric Curcumin supplement if it doesn’t have that or if it isn’t primarily focused on the patented Curcumin formulations like those touched upon before.

All in all, I think it has to be concluded that the choice of beneficial ingredients for this Turmeric Curcumin of Me First Living is definitely a decent one.

A Very Fine Choice Of Additives; Quality & Not Too Many

Additives, also known as the other ingredients, come in all kinds of shapes and forms. These typically are the ingredients added to make easy-to-consume supplementation forms possible. But they can also be used to add certain taste, color, or ensure a specific dissolution mechanism among other things.

One of the most controversial aspects about them though is the fact that not all of them are healthy or even harmless to consume, especially in the long-term. And so, appropriate care to choose those must be taken.

It Is Often Hard To Find Products With Decent AdditivesWith that in mind, Me First Living Turmeric Curcumin is of no concern. It uses two. Hypromellose Capsule and Leucine. Both of which are typically associated with truly high-quality supplements. But, generally speaking, for sure, Turmeric supplements are among the less plagued categories when it comes to bad additives.

Hypromellose is a type of Cellulose that despite some people’s attempts at convincing others that it’s harmful is nothing of that sort. Quite the opposite actually. Proper research suggests it to be actually a slightly beneficial additive. Meaning, not only does it help make capsules possible but also it inherently offers some mild gains as well [RRRR].

Whereas Leucine is a branched-chain amino acid, an irreplaceable amino acid. And as such, it’s something that can’t be produced by our bodies but is essential to good health. Furthermore, additional reasonable amounts of it offer benefits like improved energy and protein production, as well as a bunch of others [RRRRRRRRRRRR].

So, as mentioned, as far as the supplement of this review goes, it does quite well in this aspect. Which is always a good thing.

The Really Positive Customer Reviews I Kind Of Expected

Judging by everything, the Me First Living Turmeric Curcumin should be an extremely viable supplement. But is that truly the case in reality? I mean, what do the customer reviews have to say about it?

But what we should definitely not be looking at are the Me First Living reviews found on the supplement’s product page. Because I don’t care how good a product is; it never gets all positive feedback. It just does not happen.

Me First Living Turmeric Curcumin ReviewsHence, sure, they’re useful for the manufacturer in getting better sales. And that’s fine. But when it comes to the truth, that’s a useless piece of information.

Which is exactly why I went out hunting for every bit of customer feedback out there by third-party sellers and retailers. Here’s what I found.

In total, I managed to find 1,837 Me First Living Turmeric Curcumin reviews. A huge majority of them or 1,715 were of people to the very least a little bit happy about their purchase. Whereas only 122 I managed to find that wasn’t that thrilled with the product, the reasons for which were typically two.

First, there was this typical “it had no impact on me” by the vast majority of the negatives. Second, others reported side effects which mostly came in the form of stomach upset. And then, there was one that was genuinely repelled by hair in the supplement. Another one had what the person believed was a previously opened bottle. And then, there was one that even went as far as saying that what was in the capsules was definitely not Turmeric.

But then, if we look at the positive feedback. It’s kind of the opposite story entirely. I mean, there is just a ton of overwhelmingly enthusiastic reviews of people that this Me First Living product has helped. I mean, that’s kind of what we expect given that it has a global success rate of 93.4%. But still.

By the way, that’s a really high success rate for a Turmeric Curcumin supplement.

It Is Definitely Not The Cheapest Quality Turmeric Curcumin Supplement

When I was researching the Me First Living Turmeric Curcumin reviews, I managed to come across a few that were really cussing the price of this. But is the price actually bad for what it provides?

So, per container, this typically costs $26.95. One such container holds 30 servings. Which means that it is roughly $0.90 per serving. Which is also the same price for every 1000 milligrams of 95% Curcuminoids. But how does that actually compare to its rivals?

This Is Not An Affordable OneWell, not very well. Here are a few examples to illustrate.

Nutrigold Turmeric Curcumin Gold (review) is a very similar supplement in what it provides. Per container, it typically costs $18.38. That’s a bottle of 60 capsules, every two capsules get us to 1000 milligrams of 95% Curcuminoids. Hence, that’s 61.3 cents.

In other words, that’s like two-thirds of the entire price, namely, that’s considerably less than what Me First Living costs. But not only that. I’m certain Nutrigold is just a higher echelon of quality given all of its third-party certifications. Which include Non-GMO-certified, Vegan-certified, Kosher-certified, and third-party tested for purity and potency.

Of all those, the Turmeric Curcumin of Me First Living only has the very last one. Which is great. But not as great as with Nutrigold.

But then, if we look at the patented formulations, there are options like NutriCology CurcuWIN (review). This one typically costs $19.95 per bottle which holds 30 servings of 500 milligrams CurcuWIN. But while it may be half per serving of Me First Living, it has been concluded in research that this patented formulation is 136 times more powerful than simple 95% Curcuminoids [R].

Black Pepper Is Not The Best Way Of Augmenting CurcuminNow, with the addition of Black Pepper, supplements like the product of this review get a 20-fold increase in their efficiency. I know it’s probably very confusing to a lot of you. But Turmeric Curcumin is all about bioavailability which is basically simply how helpful it can be.

With the Me First Living, we have 1000 milligrams of 95% Curcuminoids that get augmented by Black Pepper 20-fold. With NutriCology CurcuWIN, we have 500 milligrams known to be ranked at 136 times better than simple 95% Curcuminoids. Hence, at these dosages, CurcuWIN is about 3.4 times powerful for a price of 66.5 cents per serving.

Or, in other words, Nutricology is not only 74% of the Me First Living Curcumin’s price, it’s also 3.4 times more effective.

So, is the supplement of this review well-priced? I wouldn’t say so. I mean, sure, there are even more expensive specimens that also offer less quality out there. But then, there are also others that subscribe not only to more quality than this, but also come way cheaper. Hence, I wouldn’t say that the Me First Living is a hot deal.

Ranking | Where Does This Turmeric Curcumin Rank (In 2022)?

NutriCology CurcuWIN Now Foods CurcuBrainNutriGold Turmeric Curcumin Gold

Natrol Extra Strength TurmericNatureWise Curcumin Me First Living Turmeric Curcumin

This Turmeric Thing Of The Me First Living I Would Shortlist

I think it’s fair to say that from a pure ingredient perspective, the Me First Living Turmeric Curcumin is really hard to fault.

At its core, it has got a very decent baseline of Turmeric Curcumin augmented with Black Pepper. It is a thing third-party tested for purity, as well as it is said to be Non-GMO, Organic, and Vegan. On top of that, it also uses only quality additives. And a pretty fine success rate when it comes to customer reviews if you ask me.

I Would Shortlist This SupplementIt gets a little un-optimal when it comes to the price though. I mean, generally speaking, it’s fine. It feels like a good amount of quality for the price. Still, there are significantly more both affordable and capable Turmeric Curcumin options.

Hence, (out of avoid it, consider it, shortlist it, buy it) I believe the Me First Living Turmeric Curcumin is an option fine to shortlist.

If you’re interested in the same core ingredients just with more quality and less expensive, do check out the Nutrigold Turmeric Curcumin Gold (full review). Whereas if you are after the best thing there is, I believe NutriCology CurcuWIN (full review) is what you have been looking for.

Other than that, I hope this Me First Living Turmeric Curcumin review helped you find the information you were looking for. Did you like this one? Would you prefer the cheaper and more effective versions of the spice? Or will you try this still? Let me know below. Also, feel free to leave your own personal review of this below. I’d love to hear from you.

8 thoughts on “Me First Living Turmeric Curcumin Review – Worth A Buy?”

  1. Hi,
    Have you ever compared Approved Science Turmeric MD with Me First Living Turmeric Curcumin?
    I am currently torn between the two of them as far as selecting an all-time-favorite. I am obsessed. I just want to know which one is the BEST.



  2. Hi Matiss,

    What a great public service. Your research and publications is an exemplary public service. As always, thanks again for giving your readers information that they can take into consideration when purchasing supplements. There are so many harmful products out there. You are better off Not taking a supplement at all, than to digest one of those “bad” supplements.

    I have often wondered about Me First, I am not motivated to purchase it. My money is currently on Nutrigold Turmeric Curcumin Gold. I can measurably “feel” the positive effects in my body. That’s my measuring stick.

    I have also tried NatureWise Curcumin. Not too keen on the “proprietary blend”, even if they have great customer reviews. But, if it works for you, then the proprietary blend is effective. I have tried Naturewise to test its effectiveness on my body. “For me”, it’s Less effective than Nutrigold brand. [With the remaining suppply of NatureWise, my wife & I open the capsules and sprinkle contents into out vitamin/ mineral shakes. (Including the capsule.) ]

    But, again, great detailed analysis on Me First. I’m experimenting with the Gaia brand of turmeric products as well. So far so good. Many choices.

    I know there are other formulations & methodologies used by companies to try to capture the highest quality and most effective potency of the Turmeric root, so I am always looking for a “better” brand. But for my money, Today, it’s Nutrigold.

    Thank you again for the fantastic useful data and information. Let us know if you are researching, what may ultimately be, a “Better” Turmeric/ Curcumin product.

    • Hey, Joe!

      I wholeheartedly appreciate the truly kind message. It means a lot, thank you. And my utmost gratitude for you sharing your experiences with the three supplements. :)

      I, too, do now believe that Nutrigold is the better option. I use to bet on NatureWise but I was terribly wrong with that call. With some help (which I’m extremely grateful for), I’ve come to realize that recently. And so, that’s something I no longer recommend.

      Also, you kind of reminded me that I have to manage time to finish this one. Never intended to leave it unfinished for that long.

      And I’ll sure do. I am currently working on the best-of list for Turmeric Curcumin supplements. I’ll be able to tell more once that’s done.

      Best wishes to you both!

      • What makes Nutigold a better buy. I feel great on the Me First. Had a lot of surgeries on my back and unless it is my imagination (lol) I feel less pain every day. However, if Nutrigold is better I would jump to that one. Always looking for the best way to treat inflammation and overall well-being. Can you explain the difference? I welcome your input. I also drink fresh ginger tea everyday and I can feel the difference. Thanks

        • Hey, Frank!

          I appreciate the comment. I thought I owe you, fine people, to finish the article. So, I did. :)

          I’d say that it probably isn’t just your imagination. And even if it is, does that matter? Matters you feeling better, right? :)

          And I love the routine with ginger tea. That’s a great habit.

          I’d say that when compared with Nutrigold (if we don’t mind the price difference), it’s basically all about which brand you like better. I mean, they offer the absolutely same product with third-party testing. Sure, Nutrigold brings other third-party certifications to the table, as well as they are just very transparent with all the testing that is done. Hence, personally, I would prefer it over this. But as I said, you definitely can go either.

          I hope that helps!

  3. Matiss,

    Once again, thanks for your review! This one definitely looks promising! You’ve got plenty in line for your upcoming best of article! Just a couple things about customer reviews…at least on Amazon. They’ve got both a question section as well as a review section. A lot of times the questions are answered by the company rep and many others are answered by other customers. Also, in the review section, when you read a review and note their star rating, that is not necessarily the end of that person’s review! You can read additional comments on that one person’s review, however the only way I’ve gotten to see that part is to scroll to the very bottom of the page of the product under the last review on the page and you can click on a link that says “See all reviews from the United States”. After clicking on that, one can see the original review posting as well as any other comments from either the company rep or another customer. You cannot see these other responses to the original review unless you click on that “See all reviews from the United States” link…otherwise you just simply see the original review and their star rating.

    Still talking about reviews, I’m curious how you actually rate a review. Do you just note what each particular commenter rates as a star rating, or do you, so to speak, rate the rater? For example, this Me First Living is a great example on the above. On the Amazon page of this product, the very first comment gives this product 1 out of 5 stars and goes on to complain about the extraction process and the use of petroleum solvents for the black pepper extract. If one didn’t click on that other link, one wouldn’t see the additional 6 responses to this “bad” review. One would then see that the company rep and another person both debunks this “bad” review in their responses. Another example I found was when I was looking for the powder version of pure niacin. I specifically wanted the powder because of the benefits of the niacin flush and the bad things that can happen in your body if you use those so-called delayed or no-flush niacin supplements. Anyway, you don’t know how many “bad” reviews I found for these bulk niacin powder products because of the flush they received! Is this a bad review? Is an ignorant bad review counted as a bad review in your review of reviews or do you actually read and rate each of the thousands of reviews that you say you review? I know thousands and thousands are lots of reviews to review! With all the fake reviews on the manufacturer’s web-sites that you admittedly are in abundance and with more fake reviews even on Amazon and other sites, I do not see how one can even use some kind of percentage rating like you try to attempt, especially evenly across all the different products you’re trying to review! Perhaps if you cut out all the one-liners, all the ones from the manufacturer’s web-sites and then perhaps only use those reviews that supply any kind of meaningful and useful information other than “Great product” or “So far so good”, etc… On all the others, rate that rater and discard bad and ignorant ones, that may work, but I personally don’t see much benefit from seeing a percentage number for reviews. As I noted in my comment about your NatureWise Curcumin product review that you were so hyped about, not even knowing it’s actual curcuminoid amount, you gave it an overwhelmingly positive endorsement based largely on the overwhelming positive reviews. The way I see it, even positive reviews can be ignorant.

    Anyway, it is definitely a lot of work and I do appreciate everything you do and all the information you do supply. Personally, I would like to see more emphasis on the quality of the product, that is the 3rd party testing you refer to a lot as well as anything that can confirm that actual contents of a given product compared to claimed content. Take care for now and good hunting!


    • Hey, Don!

      I appreciate the heads up about that. Thank you. However, I do actually always go to each individual, complete section for star ratings. I find that the percentages and even the total review count available at the top of the Amazon’s page are often misleading or straight out false.

      As for the reviews, I feel what you mean. In theory, it would be the better way to filter those reviews, however, I feel it would take an insurmountable time to process and analyze. At some point, with help from other people I might be doing that. But that being said, I don’t think it would quite fit what I understand with global success rates. The way I see it, global success rates are not about finding the truth and filtering out ignorant reviews (there will always be such, no doubt about it). That’s what the sections on beneficial ingredients and additives are concerned with.

      Global success rates are just this general look at what the star ratings are and how they pan out at the end of the day. I know, not an exact science. But still, I do think it does give at least some idea as to where the supplement is actually at. I mean, the core idea behind that section is actually to help people bust the bubble. As in to say, “I know it’s very well-reviewed, but it’s still not a good product because of Xyz.” Because, as ignorant/negligent/reckless as that sound, I find most people to be too focused in on the reviews when they can’t see the bigger picture and the ingredients that won’t serve them. And so, the section I feel is necessary to help people see that, to help see that I see the reviews but it’s still not a great product to go for.

      Obviously, it’s far easier if the product is bad and the reviews are bad. But that’s not a too often of an occurrence. Whereas an aspect of it all that I haven’t actually embraced yet is to have a graph that compares the global success rates of viable supplements to the supplement of the article. It doesn’t mean too much (I mean, I have tons of reviews of what I believe are bad supplements that have good and great ratings) but I feel it’s still a fascinating statistic to look at and compare.

      Yeah, I’ve been guilty of that. I shouldn’t have ever, and I mean, ever, assumed that it must be decent amount of Curcuminoids in that NatureWise Curcumin. I mean, it is just yet another piece of evidence as to why we should never blindly trust Proprietary blends. And there are no exceptions.

      That said, when I come to think of it, I’m actually glad that happened. I learned. I became more aware. More confident in the idea of proprietary blends being bad. And I found another passionate truth-seeker. All of which I’m very happy about.

      As for more emphasis on the quality of products, I feel you. But I can only do so much without a lab. As I mentioned in the other comment, that’s absolutely a place where I would love to go to with Health Knight but it does require significant funding. Which Health Knight is not capable of generating yet. But it will. I trust and believe that it will. We’ll get there. It’ll take some time though.

      Cheers, and have a Great One!


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