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In this Sanar Collagen Wrinkle Formula review, we will embrace the supplement in its utmost entirety and find out whether or not it’s something truly a best-of-list-worthy like so many out there claim.

To make that properly happen, we will start with what the product page has to offer, including the claims they mention, as well as the promotional materials. Then, we will move on to the active ingredients and what the supplement has truly to offer. Which will be followed by examining the additives. And we’ll also look into the customer reviews and global success rates. Lastly, yes, pricing as well.

By The Looks Of it, This Sanar Collagen Didn’t Seem Marketing Heavy

According to the manufacturer, Sanar Collagen Wrinkle Formula is an “advanced Collagen Wrinkle Formula with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Rose Hip [that] reduces signs of aging by boosting skin elasticity and moisture.” Per their words, “Collagen naturally contains essential amino acids your body needs for healthy skin, fast hair growth, strong nails, and joint flexibility.” Which is kind of the whole product page [R].

Sanar Collagen Wrinkle Formula Review

I mean, it’s a very short, straight-to-point, concise type of page. To that end, it definitely reminds me of something like the Great Lakes Gelatin Hydrolysate Collagen (review) and the Nature’s Truth Ultra Collagen (review).

It doesn’t bother itself with marketing and persuasion tactics at all unlike products like Vital Proteins Marine Collagen (review) or Vim & Vigor Collagenate (review) do. I mean, the Sanar Collagen Wrinkle Formula doesn’t even offer a money-back guarantee which is very unlike most.

As far as the gains go, they kind of emphasize the anti-aging aspects. But then, of course, we also get those promises in terms of hair, skin, nail, joint health. Which is something that to me sounds absolutely unrealistic. But we will get to that in a bit.

But the most important question I guess is the following one. Does it have the capacity to justify an investment in it? Are the beneficial (active) ingredients worth it?

To Review Ingredients, They Are Even More A Joke, To Say The Least

Generally speaking, I’m pretty confident that it’s not the case (meaning, the ingredients are not worth it). I don’t think it’s just capable enough. This Sanar Collagen thing feels more like a gimmick than anything. I’ve seen people hyping about it but, as far as I can tell, there is nothing there.

The product per serving (one capsule) offers 150 milligrams of Collagen Hydrolysate and Gelatin, 10 milligrams of Rose Hips, 90 milligrams of vitamin C, and 50 IU of vitamin E. So, let us break that down a little.

Given that Gelatin is basically Collagen, we could say that it provides 150 milligrams of Collagen. But that’s such a ridiculously miserable amount. I mean, capsule and tablet supplements typically offer 1500-3000 milligrams instead. Whereas any truly proper supplement (powders typically) offers 10-20 grams or 10,000-20,000 milligrams. Which is the amount anyone should strive for [RRRR]

In terms of acquiring the benefits, 150 milligrams is not even a longshot. The full range of them is just very, very highly unlikely. Hence, the way I see it, the claimed gains either won’t happen or they will do so very briefly or selectively, or both. I mean, if we want everything, there kind of is no way around 10-20 grams unless, of course, we bring patented Collagen formulations like those in Genacol Collagen (review) or Reserveage Collagen Booster (review) into play [RRRRRRRRR].

Additionally, back when I first reviewed it, there were no claims about the Collagen being sourced from Grass-Fed which is now something that they do have. However, they still don’t promise Hormone-Free which is a bit more advanced characteristic. But it’s very much important, and it’s what we actually should be looking for.

Furthermore, an interesting fact is that it also used to contain 750 milligrams of Collagen plus Gelatin which was a ridiculously low amount already. Now, I assume because it’s Grass-Fed and previously it wasn’t that’s 5 times less to ensure the same or around the same price.

Rose Hips Is One Of The Beneficial Substances In This OneAs for the Rose Hips, that’s not a great amount either. Still, the antioxidative effect may grant some of the typical benefits associated with it.

Such can include lower cholesterol levels, better heart and digestive health, and helping cancer prevention. And, of course, there are other anti-inflammation-related gains as well [RRRRRR].

As for the vitamins, they’re typically fine.

I mean, 90 milligrams of vitamin C is decent if we subscribe to 100% Daily Values. The same for vitamin E.

Whereas as far as their respective forms go, vitamin C probably is a synthetic thing since Ascorbic Acid typically is. But studies have proven it still being very effective, so, no worries there. As for vitamin E, it’s one of the natural forms (D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acid Succinate) [RR, RRRRR]

That said, just to be completely clear, these vitamin amounts, by no means, are something that would in any way make the Sanar Collagen Wrinkle Formula incompatible with a decent multivitamin.

But regardless of that, I have to admit that I’m not really liking the supplement of this review so far.

Additives Are Fine But They Do Do It Kind Of Unconventional

Additives are not something that works out for every single Collagen supplement we’ll ever encounter. To illustrate, Health Direct AminoSculpt Collagen (review) struggled with Potassium Sorbate. Whereas something like the Applied Nutrition Liquid Collagen (review) didn’t do too good with Sucralose. And there are many other examples [RRRRR, RRR, R, R].

Gelatin Sourced From Pig Probably In This OneBut where does this Collagen Wrinkle Formula of Sanar supplement fall?

Superficially, it uses only one additive but that I believe is somewhat deceiving. Because Gelatin (what is supposed to be listed with additives) gets listed with the active ingredients.

You see, the supplement comes in capsules. But as far as I know, it’s technologically impossible (or at least extremely inconvenient) to create capsules just out of Magnesium Stearate (which is completely harmless, by the way) [RRRRR].

Whereas out of Magnesium Stearate and Gelatin that’s an easy one. Many including Vitauthority Multi Collagen and Genacol Pain Relief (review) use almost that exact same approach.

Which is a pretty good way how to go about it. Both are extremely unlikely to cause any health concerns or just negatives in general (apart from ridiculously minor ones like bad breath) [RRRR, RRRRR].

Customer Reviews Are Shockingly High, They’re Rigged Though

Now, moving away from the theoretical aspects, let’s turn to more practical things. Let us look at what we have by the Sanar Collagen Wrinkle Formula reviews.

Generally speaking, it’s pretty common these days for product pages to contain also a section for customer reviews. I mean, we’ve seen such sections with supplements like Skinny Fit Super Youth (review) and Code Age Multi Collagen (review), as well as a plethora of others. But the product of this review doesn’t quite go that road. So, I went hunting for those customer insights by every other seller or retailer online.

Sanar Collagen Wrinkle Formula ReviewsHere’s what I found.

Out of the total of 1748 Sanar Collagen Wrinkle Formula reviews, we have 1697 positive and only 51 negatives at our hands.

Or to be absolute on point mathematically, there are 41 one-star, 10 two-star, 27 three-star, 106 four-star, 1564 five-star pieces of feedback. Which leaves us at a remarkably high global success rate of 97.1%.

I mean, what is this with these ridiculously high success rates while offering barely any Collagen? In the past, I’ve been lately puzzled by similar examples exhibited by other supplements like Purely Optimal Collagen Complex (review) and Dr. Emil Collagen (review).

Other than that, as far as the bad reviews for the Wrinkle Formula, many reported it simply not working. Others were unhappy about it having Magnesium Stearate (which isn’t actually a problem as we discussed). Others yet encountered allergic reactions and side-effects.

Now, but here’s a real interesting thing. The bad ratings also gave some insight as to why this Sanar Collagen thing enjoys such an awesomely high global success rate.

As it turns out, it seems there has been a promotion of some kind where if a person were to leave a 5-star review, they would get an extra bottle of this Sanar completely free. Which, at least in my mind, explains things perfectly.

All in all, quite a fascinating way to get customer reviews on the manufacturer’s side, don’t you think?

It’s Just A Downright Expensive Collagen Supplement

Now, looking at the other half of the practical aspects, we’ve got pricing. In terms of the Collagen Wrinkle Formula reviews, I didn’t really find anyone who was genuinely unhappy about the price. I mean, for sure, people that encountered side-effects or no gains at all weren’t particularly thrilled. But the price wasn’t exactly their blue.

All of that could to an extent give the impression that this Sanar is actually a really well-priced product but is it, really?

So, per container, we’ve got 150 capsules, which are equal to 150 servings. A container costs typically $18.50. Hence, that’s $0.12 per capsule which may seem like a good deal superficially. But then, if we recall, each serving brings only 150 milligrams of the protein. So, that’s 82.2 cents per gram of Collagen. With that cost, expensive is a huge understatement.

This Product Feels Like A Really Bad DealHere are a few examples to illustrate.

Zhou Collagen Peptides (review) price typically at $27.99 per container. A container for them contains 46 servings. Which means that it’s about $0.61 per serving, and a serving for them contains 11 grams of Collagen. Meaning, what it costs is 5.5 cents per gram. That’s 6.7% of what the Sanar Collagen Wrinkle Formula costs.

That’s almost 15 times less. I mean, if that doesn’t blow one’s mind, I don’t know what will. I mean, isn’t that a legitimately crazy difference?

To me, that certainly seems so. Plus, basically any other Collagen powder will display similar efficiency numbers if that makes sense.

Now, if we compare it to other capsule-like supplements, the difference certainly isn’t as crazy. However, I believe it’s still big enough to never want to consider this Wrinkle Formula as an option, again. For example, let’s compare it to the Reserveage Collagen Booster (review).

Yes, it’s something more expensive as it costs about $1.17 per gram of Collagen. But I would prefer that instead of this hoax any time of the day.

I mean, not only is Reserveage third-party tested, but also it offers a patented Collagen form that has been proven through studies to be genuinely helpful even in comparatively low amounts. Plus, the thing also adds Resveratrol which is a very powerful antioxidant known to have a ton of great effects including anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

This Wrinkle Formula Thing Is Terrible, Please Avoid This Product

So, the customer reviews have been effectively rigged. The active ingredients? Absolutely not hot at all. Well, the additives it has are fine but we shouldn’t ever buy a supplement just because it has okay additives. I don’t like Sanar Collagen Wrinkle Formula at all.

I mean, sure, there some added substances to improve the thing overall that kind of do make it a tad more captivating. But it still doesn’t change the fact that total Collagen amounts are, frankly, beyond miserable. Which in turn basically means that it’s pretty unlikely we’ll ever encounter benefits with this one.

I Would Not Go For This SupplementOverall, the way I see it, this Sanar supplement is an absolute waste of time. But guess what?

It still manages to find its way on quite a few best-of lists out there. Best-of lists that due to this reason alone, as far as I can tell, are run by just striking amounts of ignorance, negligence, and probably even greed.

I mean, wow. It’s just such a sad look.

But if we look past that, there are plenty of really great Collagen supplements out there. I’ve searched far and wide. I’ve looked at basically every product I could find. And I haven’t found anything more capable than the Live Conscious (LiveWell) Collagen Peptides (full review with a summary). And that’s both in terms of quality and price.

Whereas if you believe that a Collagen in capsules or tablets is a must for you, I would recommend looking into either Genacol Collagen (full review) or the Physician’s Choice capsules supplement.

Above all, I hope this Sanar Collagen Wrinkle Formula review helped you find the information you were looking for. How did you like their quite unique sales tactic? How many people do you estimate have bought this one because of it? Let me know below.

6 thoughts on “Sanar Collagen Wrinkle Formula Review – The Joke’s On You”

  1. I always like to read your reviews because they are really very detailed, realistic, and argumentative.
    Thanks for this Sanar Collagen Wrinkle Formula review.
    The sales promotion to leave a 5-star review, they would get an extra bottle of this Sanar completely free, is understandable by the manufacturer, but unfortunately very unfair to potential buyers. I am one of those who like to read the opinions of people who have tried the product, and in principle, I trust the general opinion, so such tactics are misleading for people like me, and automatically deter me from buying any product from such a manufacturer. In my opinion, this really raises doubts about the quality of the product.
    I wish you all the best

    • Hey, Nina!

      That’s thoroughly wonderful to hear. I mean, that’s genuinely awesome to hear. You totally made my day!!

      Yeah, that sales promotion is like a really smart way how to go about it. I would probably do the same thing if I was a manufacturer. I mean, it probably helps a ton, especially in the cases when people don’t manage to come across those reviews that actually expose that sales tactic.

      I agree. That’s very unfair to potential buyers. I guess it just shows that we can’t really trust raw customer reviews alone. Because there are plenty of ways how those can be manipulated.

      And, yes, I feel the same way. An approach like this raises a ton of doubts.

      All the best to you, too, Nina!!

  2. Thanks for giving us a heads up on this product, I will definitely steer clear. Collagen is something I have been researching lately and it seems weird that it would actually do anything for you with a pill. I was always under the impression collagen was something that was injected, not ingested. According to some studies, it looks like college actually has some decent benefits for skin and joints.  Thanks for the article, very informative.

    • Hey, AL!

      To tell the truth, I had no idea that it’s something that can be injected. I mean, while it may sound like something along those lines, I’m very sure that it doesn’t really work that way.

      Other than that, it actually is something that can be ingested with a pill with great efficiency. It all depends on the Collagen form used.

      Glad this proved to be informative!


  3. Thanks for this article. Thank you for asking the right questions, because that’s the only way you can get the right answers. It’s great that you critically approach every detail and analyze it with excellent arguments. It’s time for us all to open our eyes and stop being the target of a number of manipulators all around us. I wish you a lot of success.

    • Hey, Jas!

      Uuu-uu, thank you. The genuine words are too kind. They totally made my day.
      I wholeheartedly appreciate it. <3



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